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From ABC‘s official press release:Betty contemplates making a personal decision to help her family on ABC‘s Ugly Betty. Read more »
From ABC‘s official press release:Betty gets a surprise when she delves into Mode‘s finances, on ABC‘s Ugly Betty. Betty makes a surprising discovery when an assignment from YETI finds her and Marc analyzing Mode‘s budget for the past year.  Meanwhile she has to deal with increased attention from Matt (Daniel Eric Gold) and the knowledge that old flame Henry has posted some unexpected news on Facebook, on ABC‘s Ugly Betty, Thursday, March 26 (8:00-9:00pm, ET) on the ABC Television Network. Read more »
Another season of Ugly Betty will be over soon, and this third year of production introduced several new changes to the series.  Even so, the characters that fans have all grown to love are embarking on yet another stage as the show‘s junior run comes to a close.Tonight‘s season 3 finale of Ugly Betty will be brimming with appalling storylines, revolving around the return of someone from Betty‘s past and the departure of a character affecting her future.  It‘s quite a twist for the series, especially since the events are involved with the career of our charming protagonist. Read more »
Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima might have just been a guest star on the ABC series Ugly Betty, but she‘s the leading lady in this real-life story.  The Victoria‘s Secret Angel and her husband, NBA star Marko Jaric, have received the great news of welcoming their first-born. "Adriana and Marko are overjoyed that they are expecting their first child together and are excited to share the happy news and start their family together," said her representatives. Read more »
The decision of ABC to move its Thursday comedy Ugly Betty to Friday has some critics speculating that the America Ferrera-led series will bite the dust soon, as a move to Friday supposedly marks a show‘s last stop prior to cancellation.  ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson, however, quickly denied such rumors and said he was very confident on Ugly Betty."I love the show. I‘d love to see it have a great run on Friday night, the way Ghost Whisperer has," he said, adding that the comedy will hold on to Supernanny‘s lead-in. Read more »
ABC unveiled its Fall schedule today and it features an ambitious lineup of new series to premiere all season long.  The schedule features eight new shows, including a Wednesday night that contains nothing but new programs.  This is identical to the strategy ABC used two years ago when it premiered three new hour-long shows on Wednesdays.The new Wednesday, however, features four new half-hour comedies which I will tentatively title the Back to You reject lineup, as three of the sitcoms star former cast members of that failed FOX sitcom, including Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton and Ty Burrell.  The other big change to the schedule is that Ugly Betty has been bumped to Fridays, wedged between Supernanny and 20/20.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW Read more »
With a new season underway, there‘s plenty of talk concerning who‘s coming back and who isn‘t on Ugly Betty.  There are two stars getting ready for their return on the show, but it looks like there‘s one who won‘t be joining in: Betty.  That is, the "old" Betty.Before we get to that, and most fans probably know about it already, there are other Ugly Betty stars to concern ourselves with.  Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Wilhelmina‘s ex Connor will be back, since actor Grant Bowler has inked a deal with ABC.  Read more »
It‘s been an unusual weekend for Paula Abdul, it seems.Well, not really unusual in the sense that weird things have been going on, but they do seem unusual from where I am.  The Los Angeles Times reports that her negotiations with the folks at ABC‘s Ugly Betty have stalled, and her guest stint on the show isn‘t pushing through.  Read more »
While Paula Abdul‘s career has been on shaky ground lately, there‘s one thing she can be sure of: not making her appearance on ABC‘s Ugly Betty.  Now that her guest stint on the show won‘t see the light of day, there‘s a spot to be filled in.  Luckily, there‘s another actress ready for the challenge.On the upcoming fourth season of Ugly Betty, fans will be welcoming former 3rd Rock from the Sun actress Kristen Johnston.  She‘ll be taking on the part of Helen, a character pegged as Mode‘s crazy new office temp.  She‘s also this elder version of Amanda (Becki Newton), so expect tons of laughs. Read more »
It‘s September already and returning shows are on their way to greet their exciting fans.  Yes, like Christmas or whatever gift-getting holiday you want to celebrate.  Anyway, there‘s new scoop on the fourth season of Ugly Betty even though it won‘t be up ‘til October.  Still, it‘s only just a month away.Moving on, Hollyscoop reports that a model is on her way to a cameo on the show.  It‘s Brooklyn Decker.  We might not be aware of her that well, but we know her better by her alias: Mrs. Andy Roddick. Read more »
There‘s a lot we hope to see on the upcoming fourth season of Ugly Betty - the returning actors, the enviable list of guest stars, and Kristen Johnson taking a role away from Paula Abdul.  Despite all that, there‘s still one thing we should really expect for laughs: Betty.  What‘s more, it‘s Betty as a hotdog.While we already know the lengths to which America Ferrera would go for her character, this has got to be the funniest yet.  Wardrobe-wise.  The star of the hit ABC series was recently spotted in New York filming a scene for the show‘s fourth installment.  She was in a hotdog suit, yes, but she wasn‘t feeling so hot about the idea. Read more »
Wilhelmina Slater might need to tune down her fashion statements.  Reports have it that there have been a few budget cuts plaguing the set of Ugly Betty.  The decision was made, and the ABC series decided to hold back expenses for the character‘s wardrobe.Vanessa Williams, who portrays the character on the show, explained the situation to the press.  On an interview with WWD Fashion, the actress said that the Ugly Betty fashionista will have to take on a new style just to fit the budget. Read more »
She may be playing a lovelorn single mother on ABC‘s Ugly Betty, but there‘s plenty of support for actress Ana Ortiz‘s wishes to keep having babies.  The 38-year-old star of the hit television series welcomed her first child Paloma just two months ago.  Now, however, she‘s excited to have another one.Ana Ortiz told OK! Magazine that she wants her daughter to have some company as soon as possible.  During the Fashion Secrets of the South gift lounge held at NYC‘s Double Tree Metropolitan Hotel, she brought her kid in a stroller and discussed her plans. Read more »
We‘ve got more exciting casting news for the new season of Ugly Betty, since another name has been added to the series‘ guest-star list.  TV Guide reports that Adam Rodriguez of CSI: Miami fame will be heading to New York, hoping to stir some trouble and comedy for the ABC show. It‘s been confirmed that the 34-year-old actor will be playing a former flame of Hilda, the beloved sister of Betty.  We reported earlier that Ana Ortiz, who plays the older Suarez sibling, is hoping to have another baby in real life.  While this doesn‘t really translate into getting a boyfriend on TV, it‘s pretty close.  Read more »
While villains hardly have a kind word to say about their enemies, the resident bad guy of ABC‘s Ugly Betty has proven how he stands out.  Well, it‘s not as if actor Grant Bowler is anything like his TV character in real life though.  He may play the thieving Connor Owens on the hit series, but he‘s no way near that persona when vacationing in hometown New Zealand.On an interview with the Herald Sun, Bowler declared how much he loved working with his Ugly Betty cast-mates.  He‘s had to go back and forth from his native country to the streets of New York for the role and thankfully, the stresses of traveling have been lifted by working with the other stars of the series. Read more »
Is the popular ABC comedy going darker?  Well, not entirely.  But Ugly Betty star Michael Urie says there‘s going to be quite the radical change in the upcoming season of the show.  Of course, that involves plenty of scheming from his character, Marc St. James, and Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams). On an interview with magazine In2Town, the 29-year-old actor revealed what we can expect from the new installment of the series, airing this October . "Well, there‘ll be more drama now," Urie revealed. Read more »
Since Ugly Betty won‘t be around for a few weeks, the fans have to find something else to amuse themselves with.  We‘re not saying you should jump on the bandwagon of an all-new show entirely or betray Betty altogether.  We‘re merely suggesting you check out the return of the spin-off web series "MODE After Hours."Marc (Michael Urie) and Amanda (Becki Newton) are back with their behind-Wilhelmina‘s-back antics, the kind of stuff they won‘t show you on TV.  They‘re still worth watching though, given the hilarity of this comic duo. Read more »
The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday at 8pm on CBS.  Hostedby Neil Patrick Harris, it looks like two shows will have astranglehold on the night: Mad Men for Drama and 30 Rock for Comedy, both coming in with an overwhelming lead in total nominations.But will they really prevail.  Check out the nominees for the majorEmmy Drama categories below and who I think will win, then make yourown picks and watch along with me Sunday night.Read More: Drama Category Predictions>> Read more »
There‘s certainly a lot to be excited about on the new season of Ugly Betty, and here‘s another thing we can add to that list.  Reports have it that America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 3 runner-up YaYa DaCosta has been pegged for a role in the hit comedy series. Broadway World reports that the actress, who isn‘t famous just for facing off with Tyra Banks, will be taking over the role of Nico for the ABC show.  The character was previously played by Jowharah Jones in earlier seasons of Ugly Betty, but it‘s going to DaCosta now. Read more »
It‘s easy to coo at children, and the Ugly Betty stars are no exception to falling for the charms of an infant.  Series star Ana Ortiz who gave birth to her first daughter about a month ago was back on the set of the hit ABC show, and everyone was thrilled to see her.  And the baby, of course.On an interview with People at the Fitness Mind, Body, Spirit Games in New York City, the 38-year-old star revealed how her daughter Paloma enamored her co-stars at one glance.  According to Ortiz, her kid‘s "like a little Ugly Betty mascot." Read more »
Here‘s another casting alert for the new season of Ugly Betty, and it‘s a bit major if you consider Daniel‘s (Eric Mabius) relationship with Betty (America Ferrera).  According to the latest buzz, the grieving Meade will be getting a new assistant and confidante.  Wait, where does leave our brace-faced heroine?Asked if Daniel will be getting a new girlfriend on the fourth installment of the show, TV Guide‘s Mickey O‘Connor said: "Not exactly.  A woman he meets at a bereavement class will become his assistant... and confidante.  And what will this Betty substitute look like?  She‘ll look like Entourage‘s Jamie Lynn Sigler, but with a twist." Read more »
Just what are they doing to Ugly Betty season 4 with all these guest stars lined up?  We just reported yesterday that Jamie-Lynn Sigler will appear as Daniel‘s assistant on the show.  Now, another update has been posted for even more stars on the guest list.  This is certainly some intense name-dropping for such a hit series. According to TV Guide, a couple more ladies will be making their way to the set of Ugly Betty.  The first one is songstress Shakira, who‘s been called up to play herself on an upcoming episode of the show.  The second is supermodel Christie Brinkley, with a role as a competing fashion editor. Read more »
It looks like it‘s uh-oh on the ugly.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC is making us wait a little while longer for the premiere of its hit comedy drama series.  That‘s right, we need a bit more patience before we can see the dawn of Ugly Betty season 4.  Too bad, it was a two-hour special too.Last-minute reports have confirmed that the network has decided to push the series‘ season premiere from October 9 to October 16.  ABC has been using the 8-10pm Friday block to air reruns of new series, causing this mishap to befall the hit America Ferrera starrer. Read more »
We may not be seeing the premiere of Ugly Betty‘s fourth season as early as we expected, but ABC has released several clips to get us going for the show.  The series‘ unexpected move to Fridays was one surprise for the new installment, but it seems as though there‘s plenty more to come.Betty‘s (America Ferrera) got a new job, and she‘d be excited about it if it weren‘t for her boss.  He‘s no Daniel (Eric Mabius), that‘s for sure.  Below, you can catch the first of the several sneak peeks released by the network for the new season of Ugly Betty. Read more »
We were all wondering about what changes Betty (America Ferrera) will be undergoing on the fourth season of Ugly Betty.  Even though we have another week to wait until its premiere, there‘s a bit more news about the show that will surely interest the fans.  It‘s about Betty and her trademark braces. On her co-hosting gig on The View last Thursday, actress Ana Ortiz (Hilda on the show) confirmed the news about the makeover Betty‘s rumored to have.  According to a report from Zap2it, the - year-old mom said, "They [braces] are coming off this season!" Read more »
Betty (America Ferrera) has always charmed us all with her insight, which only makes it right that Ugly Betty‘s fourth season is going to be full of that good deed good feeling.  According to TV Guide, the upcoming premiere of the show has already led its stars to do some altruistic work, as they all turned up at the United Nations recently to promote the fight against malaria.Ugly Betty teamed up with the UN Foundation‘s Nothing But Nets program, which encourages everyone to use bed nets to keep mosquitoes away.  But it certainly won‘t keep fans of the show away since the campaign is necessary to support the show as well. Read more »
Despite the reported dip in ratings for the premiere of Ugly Betty, there‘s one thing that‘s looking up on this season of the show - Wilhelmina Slater.  Now that she was asked to stay at Mode, it seems as though we have to expect a lot more scheming from the character. But that‘s not all there is to Willy, since we learn more about her throughout the season.  Even actress Vanessa Williams told TV Guide about how we‘ll uncover the layers of the character as she faces even more obstacles.  Those are simply the best ways to get to know the different sides of Willy. Read more »
We checked up on Wilhelmina a while back on Vanessa Williams‘ interview with TV Guide, but it seems as though she‘s not the only one scheming on this season of Ugly Betty.  Michael Urie‘s character Marc St. James has a bone to pick with Ms. Suarez as well, especially since he feels she stole his spotlight. Regarding his character‘s disappointment, Michael Urie talked about what‘s in store for Marc this season of the show.  Other than getting behind Willy and plotting Betty‘s downfall, he may just get a surprising hookup in the Bahamas as well.  Read more »
With change comes even more change, and Ugly Betty is starting to prove how much it‘s gone through for this season.  Even though there‘s a significant drop in ratings for the show, there‘s still some fight left in it to survive the move to Friday nights.  It‘s probably because series creator Silvio Horta and his ideas for the show‘s growth.Horta explained to TV Guide how Betty‘s character has been changing over the seasons.  This time, it was a big decision to take up her physical appearance at last.  However, it doesn‘t seem like it‘s going to end there if the show is indeed given more time. Read more »
After the announcement of adding Shakira and Christie Brinkley, along with the appearance of America‘s Next Top Model‘s YaYa Dacosta, you‘d think Ugly Betty couldn‘t get any better.  But it seems as though this season will be welcoming yet another big-shot guest star. Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has revealed that thespian Fisher Stevens of Early Edition fame will be joining the ABC drama.  Maybe this will turn those ratings up at last.Possible spoilers below. Read more »
Jamie-Lynn Sigler‘s character has cast a dark shadow on Ugly Betty, literally.  With all the black makeup she has on and those wigs, she has definitely become quite a presence on the show.  On an interview with TV Guide, the actress discussed her role as Natalie on the ABC series, from joining Mode as Daniel‘s (Eric Mabius) assistant to what‘s in store for the future.First off, one can hardly tell that it‘s that star from The Sopranos under that recent makeover in Betty‘s world.  However, she won‘t always be like that throughout her five-episode arc.  "The look, as we go on, is going to change," Sigler told the publication.  Read more »
This morning the People‘s Choice Award nominations were revealed, andas always, it‘s populism at its best.  On the TV side, the nomineesoften look like the top of the Nielsen ratings list, with a few notableand surprising exceptions.  Shows like True Blood and Gossip Girl crept into the Favorite TV Actress categories while Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show features Lost, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.However, those are the very cool exceptions.  For the most part, the list is full of CSI, NCIS, Grey‘s Anatomy, Two and a Half Men and other top-rated shows.  Here are the major television nominees for this year‘s People‘s Choice Awards. To vote for the People‘s Choice Awards, CLICK HERE. Read more »
There‘s plenty of comic relief on ABC‘s Ugly Betty, and one of the highlights of the show is the banter between the antagonist and her own rival.  Actress Vanessa Williams believes that her character‘s growth in the show has been emphasized thanks to Claire Meade (Judith Light), and there‘s just no stopping these two women.Talking to Entertainment Weekly, the star who plays the wily Wilhelmina Slater revealed her feelings towards the personal challenge her character always has to face - Claire.  "This season we‘ve had some great stuff with Wilhelmina and Claire going back and forth, which is always tasty, because it‘s two women of a certain age," Williams said. Read more »
Sounds like trouble for Ugly Betty and its fans, because the end may soon be approaching for the series. Ratings are crumbling thanks to Fridays, deeply worrying the powers that be.  E! Online‘s Kristin Dos Santos has revealed that insiders from the set believe that this season could be the final one for our favorite brace-faced heroine.  Could it be true?According to an insider, ABC has been working really hard to save the show.  There was even the thought of moving it to Wednesdays.  However, if there‘s just no other way to boost those ratings, Ugly Betty might just get canceled in May next year. Read more »
We‘re used to seeing Becki Newton‘s Amanda team up with Marc to scheme against Betty on television.  However, the Ugly Betty actress isn‘t just limiting herself to that role.  Last week, she made her theatre debut in the City Center Encores! production of the Gershwin musical "Girl Crazy."Newton starred opposite her real-life husband Chris Diamantopoulous on the musical, and played the character Molly Gray.  The actress told TheatreMania about her debut, along with her plans to work onstage alongside her Betty co-star Michael Urie. Read more »
On Ugly Betty, romances hardly end on a happy note.  But there‘s always something new to bring on the table right after, which will be the case for Marc St. James (Michael Urie).  Showrunner Silvio Horta hinted that um, infatuation‘s in the air with the Bahamas episode coming up, especially for this character. Ugly Betty executive producers Horta and Jon Kinnally told about this new storyline, affecting the development of Marc.  We all know about his relationship with Cliff (David Blue) in the second season, but the writer‘s strike hindered the show from pursuing that further.  While Cliff could‘ve been brought back, it was simply a better idea to give Marc a fresh start. Read more »
Even the network heads have noticed that Friday nights weren‘t working out for the ABC comedy Ugly Betty.  Several reports have confirmed that when 2010 rolls in, this series is getting a reboot.  In time slots that is.E! Online reveals that the network will be moving Ugly Betty to Wednesdays, starting on the 6th of January.  It will be occupying the recently canceled Eastwick‘s former spot and filling those nights with comedy for ABC. Read more »
It looks like they‘re really keeping things in the family on Ugly Betty these days.  Following the casting of Becki Newton‘s brother as Marc‘s new romantic interest Troy comes this one.  Vanessa Williams‘ sibling, Chris Williams, has been pulled in by the powers that be to play Wilhelmina‘s twin.Before you raise your eyebrows and wonder what the writers are doing introducing some long-lost sibling to the story, let us explain.  Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly revealed that Williams (the male one) will be portraying a drag queen version of our very own Mode diva. Read more »
Last Friday was one big celebration for Ugly Betty.  Not only did Ignacio (Tony Plana) go all out on his multi-culti party, the network had something to rejoice as well.  The show managed to pull in its largest audience this season, bringing in 4.8 million viewers overall for the episode "Be-Shure."The installment centered on the pregnancy scare for the Suarez sisters, Hilda (Ana Ortiz) and Betty (America Ferrera).  While it‘s not that surprising to see how that can draw in audiences, there‘s also one possible reason for the ratings boost.  The fans have done their part to save Ugly Betty. Read more »
ABC‘s Ugly Betty hasn‘t just shot up in ratings for its last episode of 2009, but when the new year comes there‘s more to celebrate.  Having prided itself in its list of guest stars, the show‘s hauling back one of them for its January return.  Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly reports that the ABC comedy is bringing Jesse Tyler Ferguson back for an episode that marks Betty‘s Wednesday move.  We last saw the actor back in season 1 as our heroine‘s orthodontist.  Three seasons later, he‘s here again and for good reason.  Are Betty‘s braces getting ready to come off? Read more »
Just like many shows this week, Ugly Betty has ended the year with its holiday episode.  But our surprises from the show will be arriving when the series returns on January, because there‘s plenty to be excited about.Silvio Horta talked to The Advocate about what‘s coming on Ugly Betty next year, from the joyous move to Wednesdays to the possibility of a Daniel and Betty romance.  Yes, you read that right.  After years of denying that option, he‘s giving in.  Well, almost. Read more »
Even though Marc (Michael Urie) has met a new man at the Bahamas, his ex-fiancé Cliff might still have feelings for him.  Actor David Blue has revealed that he does want his character to return on Ugly Betty, probably to finish up what happened before he left.On an interview with Digital Spy, Blue announced that he‘s hoping to make a comeback on the ABC dramedy.  He‘s currently starring on Syfy‘s Stargate Universe, but getting a break from there may mean he‘ll be reprising his role as Marc St. James‘ love interest. Read more »
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When she‘s not getting tangled up in crazy romances or fashion mistakes on Ugly Betty, actress America Ferrera is getting married.  On-screen, of course.  The star of the hit ABC comedy has snagged a lead role on the upcoming movie Our Family Wedding, which opens in March this year.The film focuses on a young couple on the brink of marriage.  Unfortunately, their parents don‘t exactly approve of the decision.  One factor that hinders their union is the fact that their families aren‘t too fond of the other. Read more »
Here‘s what most Ugly Betty fans have been anticipating for ages, and now that it‘s finally coming true, will it be worth it?  Show creator Silvio Horta told Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly that it looks like the Betty-Daniel romance is nearing.  Well, when the writers work things out anyway.According to Horta, the crew has been trying to explore a possible relationship between the two characters.  He‘s already discussed it before, but it sounds as though that decision‘s tilting towards yes.Possible spoilers below. Read more »
There‘s been a case of drag queen doppelganging on the set of Ugly Betty, just as we reported last month.  The episode featuring Vanessa Williams‘ brother will air in a couple of weeks, but Entertainment Weekly has already released a sneak peek for it.Chris Williams will be portraying the character Wilheldiva Hater, and the exclusive photo tells all.  Both the Willys look fierce, but the original Wilhelmina seems to have something up her sleeve. Read more »
With all that‘s been going on in Betty‘s life, who would‘ve thought there‘d be more coming in?  Of course, all is in the realm of possibility, as Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta admits.  That just means we‘ll do our best to plead them into making it work.The first step would be hoping the ratings would improve.  We‘ve all noticed how weakly Ugly Betty‘s been doing with the numbers, so it would really help if the show‘s viewership increases. Read more »
What‘s a Betty to do now that Matt has left for a faraway land?  Find another man to keep the Ugly Betty story going.  Well, not that soon, really.  We still have to wait to witness this mad turn of events. Entertainment Weekly reports that there‘s going to be a new flame for our brace-faced heroine soon, and he‘s coming straight from the set of Mad Men.  Actor Rich Sommer has landed a role on the ABC comedy, and it‘s a potentially recurring one.  What‘s more, it‘s as a new love interest for our dear Betty Suarez (America Ferrera). Read more »
Even though a new episode of Ugly Betty airs tonight, it‘s never too early to bring up the guest stars lined up for the next installments.  It‘s just so we‘re prepared and will no longer raise our voices in glee once they appear on screen. Broadway World reports that two notable stage stars will be making their appearance on the hit ABC comedy.  It won‘t be until February 3, but it already sounds quite exciting.  Probably because I‘m an Avenue Q fan. Read more »
Among the names on the Ugly Betty guest star list, this one certainly belongs on the top ranks.  FOX411 has learned that Broadway and Hollywood veteran Liza Minnelli will be joining the cast later this season, and will already begin filming her scenes next week.The 63-year-old Minnelli will be around Brooklyn, New York to work on her role on the ABC comedy-drama, with a role that definitely fits her.  She‘ll be portraying Justin‘s (Mark Indelicato) high school drama teacher. Read more »
We didn‘t think the news about Liza Minnelli coming over as a guest star on the show could be topped, but we were wrong.  Story-wise, things are getting exciting for the Suarezes on Ugly Betty this season. There have been plenty of challenges all throughout, in addition to the introduction of a new character to the family. Oh wait, make that character - a baby and in-laws. Read more »
Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams) may have already snagged Connor in the previous episodes of Ugly Betty, but we‘re pretty sure he‘s not the first guy she‘s targeted.  According to Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, we‘ll be meeting one of Willie‘s old flames soon enough. Sources have revealed that Tony Award-winning actor Brian Stokes Mitchell has bagged a role on the ABC comedy.  He‘ll be portraying Don, a simple guy who used to date our Mode diva.  He‘s not exactly the type of person we‘d expect to see Willie with, since he truly is everything she isn‘t.   Read more »
That‘s it; Ugly Betty will soon be making its fashion fierce exit.  The network has confirmed that they have canceled the series, making this season its last. Variety released the announcement this morning, along with a joint statement from executive producer Silvio Horta and ABC Entertainment Group chairman Steve McPherson.  He knew this was coming and they‘re actually prepared for it. Read more »
Hearing that Ugly Betty will be ending soon is a travesty, but we can all agree that we‘re looking forward to how they‘ll play things out in the finale.  There‘s got to be something big lined up for the last few episodes of the ABC comedy, and we can only guess what it is.But if you‘d like to hear what actress America Ferrera has to say about it and find out what the surprise is, read on.  It‘s a cryptic message we can all ponder though.  However, if you tie it in with what Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has to say, then it‘s pretty clear. Major Spoiler alert! Read more »
If the fans are devastated about hearing of Ugly Betty being axed, we can only imagine what the actors involved must feel.  For years they‘ve taken on the skin of their characters, only to have the show cut off by the network all of a sudden.  It came as a shock to these guys, to say the least.Mark Indelicato, who plays Justin on the ABC comedy, told Hollywood Life how horrible he felt upon hearing the news.  It isn‘t just getting pulled out of the show that bothers him, but he still appreciates all those experiences and lessons he‘s gathered throughout. Read more »
Let the mourning for Ugly Betty continue.  A couple of days ago, we reported that Mark Indelicato was distraught at how the ABC comedy was cancelled.  Now, we‘re hearing more stars of the series worry over the recent axing of the show. Vanessa Williams and Michael Urie, who make up the hilarious boss-lackey duo of Mode, have both expressed their disappointment at the Ugly Betty demise.  Neither of them hoped for it, but the news of the show‘s end wasn‘t as shocking as they thought.  Read more »
Even though the cancellation of Ugly Betty hit us like an oncoming train carrying tons of bricks, we‘ll just have to accept it.  We may have gone through the five stages of grief, plus ice cream, so here we go.  Let‘s look at what insiders have to say about the final episodes of the ABC comedy.As we expected, there are major storylines that need to be wrapped up for the series.  E! Online points out what they are, and even spills the beans on what the ending will be. Possible spoilers below! Read more »
We‘re already sure that Ugly Betty will end with a bang, because it feels like ABC just shot us with a pistol by cancelling the show.  Despite that though, the writers and actors promise that the finale will satisfy the fans, and we all certainly hope so.  Even Ana Ortiz who plays Hilda on the show agrees.Talking to Disney‘s D23, she discussed her feelings about the cancellation of the show and even teased us about the series‘ surprise conclusion.  If you don‘t already know it from previous reports, we better warn you of spoilers ahead. Read more »
One of the most pivotal moments in Betty‘s (America Ferrera) life is coming, and it‘s not just the series‘ finale.  According to Entertainment Weekly, this ABC comedy will be getting a guest star who will play an essential role in the story. Now, if you‘ve read the title of the article, you‘d have guessed it right away.  If you didn‘t, we‘ll tell you anyway.  Stage and screen actress Kathy Najimy has bagged the role of orthodontist on Ugly Betty, and she‘ll be the one yanking out the braces of our metal-mouthed heroine. Read more »
We know how most of the Ugly Betty cast have backgrounds in theatre, so it‘s no surprise our favorite Mode comic duo will return to their roots now that the show‘s been canceled.  Sources say Michael Urie and Becki Newton, who play the very amusing Marc and Amanda are on their way to the stage once again.According to Broadway World, the two actors will be performing a couple of concerts at Feinstein‘s at Lowe‘s Regency on February 21.  Lance Horne serves as musical director for both; one starting at 8pm and the other following at 10:30pm. Read more »
We‘ve been seeing the Ugly Betty stars pan out their options after hearing that the show‘s been axed.  Yesterday brought us a peek into the theatre life of Michael Urie and Becki Newton.  Now, let‘s take a gander at what Mark Indelicato has in store, and he does indeed have a plan.In Touch magazine reports that the 15-year-old actor has snagged an internship at Teen Vogue.  What‘s more, he wants the cameras right behind him to film his every move.  Is this going to be a better take on MTV‘s The Hills or something? Read more »
More casting news for Ugly Betty has come our way, and it looks like quite an interesting development in our heroine‘s life.  According to Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, the series will be welcoming actor Aaron Tveit as its guest star soon. We know you‘re wondering what role he‘ll be playing, but it‘s a rather vital piece of information we can‘t give away that easily.  So let‘s step away from Nietzsche‘s "live dangerously!" maxim and play it safe first.  We‘re warning you:Possible spoiler below! Read more »
A cancellation of a hit television series usually means its stars are on the market, and the market has a high demand for actors from Ugly Betty.  It‘s no wonder Becki Newton already snagged herself a role for the upcoming pilot season. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that the 31-year-old actress will be starring in a new NBC dramedy called Love Bites.  She was given the part of Annie, a social worker and virgin, who‘s also a hopeless romantic. Read more »
If we thought her co-stars were devastated about the cancellation of Ugly Betty, then it must be worse for America Ferrera.  The star of the series expressed how difficult it is to leave her character after all these years, but she knows that she has to grow up and take on other projects.  However, she still has a few messages to say before she embraces the lack of braces in her life."I‘ve lived with this character who I‘ve loved from day one and I have only grown to feel more connected to her and also responsible for making sure her journey is a complete one," the actress told Parade Magazine.  Of course, we fans followed her on that expedition and we‘ve seen how much she‘s changed over four seasons.  Read more »
There has been plenty of speculation regarding Betty‘s past loves returning to haunt her as the Ugly Betty finale draws near.  Sifting through all the comments promoting your favorite pairing, I noticed that there was hardly anyone gunning for a comeback of the Henry-Betty romance.  But the possible return of Christopher Gorham doesn‘t exactly mean the characters are getting back together though.Actually, it‘s really just difficult to imagine anyone ending up with Betty (America Ferrera) in the end.  As Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta said, you just can‘t please everyone. Read more »
The character Bobby has been quite a presence on Ugly Betty‘s recent season, and he‘s really going to make a mark on the finale.  Actor Adam Rodriguez discussed his involvement on the show on an interview with Entertainment Weekly, giving us a few hints on what‘s to come on the series‘ conclusion.If you haven‘t guessed the big but hardly-kept secret or read about it yet, then we might as well warn you.  Spoilers for the Ugly Betty finale below! Read more »
People, being possessive creatures, just can‘t conquer endings without taking something tangible with them to keep the memory alive.  This is usually the case with vacations and other treks to foreign lands, sometimes even relationships.  With Ugly Betty being a journey for us and for the actors, we can bet even they want a piece of the ABC comedy, and lead actress America Ferrera knows just what she wants. Talking to Access Hollywood about the conclusion of the hit series, she pointed out which Ugly Betty object she wanted to take as a souvenir.  It‘s huge, but it really is apt.  And no, it‘s not the braces. Read more »
There‘s been lots of talk surrounding the dreaded end of the ABC comedy Ugly Betty, but we‘re sure we won‘t be getting an ugly finale when the day comes.  From the numerous rumors to confirmed storyline wrap-ups, we‘ve got something to be excited about. Though we‘re pretty much over the fact that Ugly Betty is nearing its conclusion, it‘s still worth getting the shivers about spoilers.  But if you‘d rather not read any, look away now.Possible spoilers below! Read more »
Oh, the excitement. We‘ve been wondering how Betty (America Ferrera) will be getting some closure before the finale rolls around, and it looks like we have our answer.  According to Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, a couple of Ugly Betty veterans have confirmed their return to the show.What Else is Happening on the Ugly Betty Finale?If you don‘t want to know which people from Betty‘s past are coming back to haunt her, look away now.  We wouldn‘t exactly consider this that spoiler-y, but we‘ll warn you anyway. Possible spoilers ahead! Read more »
One of Ugly Betty‘s stars has already moved on from the series‘ cancellation, and her new job‘s a far cry from the comedy.  The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Ana Ortiz has been cast in a drama pilot featuring detectives.  We can‘t exactly imagine Hilda scouring the city streets for criminals, but we‘ll take what we can get.Read: Bits and Pieces on the Ugly Betty FinaleAccording to reports, the 39-year-old Ana Ortiz will be starring in True Blue.  She‘s been given a lead role in the series and is still working with ABC for it.  Sounds like the network really is reluctant to let go of the Ugly Betty cast. Read more »
Joining fellow Mad Men star Rich Sommer on the list of notable guest stars on Ugly Betty is actor Bryan Batt.  And what an actor he‘ll be, since he‘s going to take the stage and sweep someone off their feet for his appearance on the ABC comedy.Read: Ugly Betty‘s Ana Ortiz Stars in True BlueAccording to TV Guide, Bryan Batt will be portraying a handsome soap opera actor named Spencer Cannon.  He won‘t be another love interest for Betty (America Ferrera) though.  He‘s a more likely fit for someone like Marc, or at least Amanda thinks so. Read more »
Since the cancellation of Ugly Betty, its stars have been going all around the entertainment industry circuit for new jobs.  It‘s a race to pilot season for most of the actors, but it‘s the theatre calling for some.  Lucky for Vanessa Williams, she always has the stage to fall back on. Read: Ana Ortiz is a True Blue Pilot StarAccording to the New York Daily News, the veteran actress will be leaving Ugly Betty for a Broadway production.  She‘ll soon be appearing on Sondheim on Sondheim, a tribute to acclaimed composer Stephen Sondheim who will be turning 80 on March 22.  Of course, being part of it all is an honor for the Tony Award nominee. Read more »
From television to a big-screen thriller, Christopher Gorham has come a long way since he played the dorky Henry on Ugly Betty.  Sources say that he‘s been cast on the upcoming movie The Ledge.  That is, considering the writers have decided not to use him for the finale of this ABC comedy.Read: Will Henry Return for Ugly Betty‘s End?Reuters reports that Christopher Gorham will be joining the likes of Liv Tyler, Terrence Howard and Patrick Wilson for the film.  Leading the pack is Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, who will be portraying the title character. Read more »
So there are only a handful of episodes left before Ugly Betty departs the small screen, but is it because it‘s moving on to the big screen? America Ferrera told Zap2it that even she‘s hoping for audiences to rally behind the idea. Certainly this would be able to fill in the oncoming void brought about by the show‘s cancellation.Read: Bits and Pieces on the Ugly Betty FinaleWith America Ferrera enjoying the launch of the 3-D movie How to Train Your Dragon (she voices a young Viking there!), she thought it‘d be great if Ugly Betty could benefit from the same exposure. There have been several sitcoms that gained success when turned into a movie, so maybe writers can give the ABC series a shot. Read more »
Tonight‘s Ugly Betty episode title is brought to you by The Clash, which is incredibly appropriate for what our heroine will experience on "London Calling." There are a couple of surprises on this installment, meaning there are two of the show‘s alums returning for a spell. Big things are ahead for Betty, and we‘re not just talking about the show‘s end.America Ferrera Hoping for an Ugly Betty Movie, Are You?On "London Calling" tonight, Betty (America Ferrera) is assigned to cover London Fashion Week. She can barely contain her excitement, and the fact that Amanda (Becki Newton) is coming with her doesn‘t dampen her spirits. She‘s decided to take Hilda (Ana Ortiz) along too, making the trip a bachelorette party to remember - most especially for Betty.  Read more »
Oh tonight‘s Ugly Betty episode will be legendary, to say the least. If the title didn‘t give it away, "Million Dollar Smile" is the ultimate moment of transformation for our heroine. Betty (America Ferrera) will finally, after three seasons and 16 episodes, finally, have her braces taken out.See Ugly Betty Photos of Betty in BracesA new orthodontist decides it‘s time for our protagonist to be rid of the metal-mouth image. As we expect, Betty gets way too excited and plans out her whole day based on that historic event. Unfortunately, something goes wrong again. Read more »
As we near the finale of Ugly Betty, we didn‘t expect the introduction of a new romance for our protagonist.  However, a young and dashing playwright has Betty (America Ferrera) smitten and we can‘t do anything to stop that.Read: Aaron Tveit Plays it Up on Ugly BettyTonight‘s episode is called "All the World‘s a Stage," where we get to see Justin (Mark Indelicato) perform for acting class.  He obviously loves the theatre, especially since it‘s being headed by the renowned yet eccentric Lena Korvinka (guest star Carol Kane). Read more »
There‘s just one more episode to go before the finale of Ugly Betty airs, and already they‘re preparing us for that big day. It‘s also going to be Hilda‘s big day soon, as we all know she‘s the one getting married tonight. Hopefully it will all go smoothly then, but knowing how things work on this show, there are a couple problems along the way.Head Back to London with Betty on "London Calling"Tonight‘s episode is called "The Past Presents the Future," which of course means someone from long ago will be returning. He isn‘t really coming back for Hilda (Ana Ortiz), who‘s all set on walking down the aisle. This man will apparently be barging into the scene for Betty (America Ferrera). Read more »
Here‘s what not to miss this week on TV.MONDAYLife Unexpected (The CW, 8pm): The first season finale brings Ryan and Cate‘s wedding, but will Baze ruin their perfect day?Plus: Which Life Unexpected character are you? Read more »
So it has come to this. Tonight marks the end of Ugly Betty, as all of the series‘ four seasons culminates to five legendary words spoken by Daniel. You can hear those on the trailer below, but for now let‘s dissect Betty‘s very own "Hello Goodbye."Catch Our Ten Best Betty MomentsOn tonight‘s finale, we come to the end of the past to begin Betty‘s future. But we won‘t really get to see that, so let‘s stick to the happy thoughts. We‘ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces and old friends on Ugly Betty tonight, as alums return to bid adios to our heroine. Read more »
Betty‘s on Fashion Week mode for Mode tonight, as Ugly Betty gets "Smokin‘ Hot."  For this new episode of our nearing-its-end series, diabolic plots are at hand and reunions will take place. First off, Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) hatches a scheme to get Betty (America Ferrera) in trouble as the company takes on Fashion Week.  It‘s a good thing Daniel (Eric Mabius) steps in and helps out our heroine.  She instead gets assigned to cover a low-priority show, which could end up being a big deal for her. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Ugly Betty will leave us in the dark.  "Blackout!" is what we expect it to be, judging from the title.  The whole city will experience a lack of electricity in just one night, but there‘ll be some interesting sparks that will develop between characters.  You can only guess who, or read on below.In an act of neighborly passion, Betty (America Ferrera) decides to host a karaoke party in her apartment building.  However, tragedy strikes and the structure is robbed right before the celebration.  Worse, everyone thinks it‘s partly her fault. Read more »
Once again, Betty must endure the torments brought about by the conniving Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams).  We‘d think she‘d lay low on the sadistic assignments for our Ugly Betty heroine now that Connor‘s back.  Obviously, we were wrong.On "Back in Her Place" tonight, Betty (America Ferrera) becomes the object of her boss‘ ridiculous experiments for Mode.  She‘s become Willy‘s little lab rat, going through whatever is asked for the magazine.  Things don‘t go well for both of them, so our ever-optimistic protagonist tries to find a way out of the rut. Read more »
Ugly Betty‘s return tonight is going to be phenomenal, and it‘s not just because of the show‘s move back to Wednesdays.  Series creator Silvio Horta already divulged the news about this lucky break, so anticipation is high for the new episode "The Passion of the Betty."On tonight‘s installment, we‘ll finally get to see Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson revisiting the set as Betty‘s (America Ferrera) orthodontist, Dr. Farkas.  With the actor‘s success in that other ABC comedy, there‘s no doubt he can bring in more viewers for Ugly Betty. Read more »
Ugly Betty takes a holiday, and this is its last episode for the year.  We‘re getting quite a treat on tonight‘s installment, as Ignacio (Tony Plana) prepares a multi-culti dinner for the family and close friends.  Not to mention, he‘s trying to impress a new woman in his life, a Jewish lady named Jean.The Suarez sisters are taken aback by their father‘s bold move, but they welcome Jean (guest star Faith Prince) into their home for Chrismukkah.  Joining them are the girls‘ boyfriends - Archie for Hilda and Matt for Betty (America Ferrera).  But another knock on the door spells a surprise for this family. Read more »
Betty and the others are off to the Bahamas tonight on Ugly Betty, but it‘s no vacation when work and romance collide.  If that‘s not enough pressure and excitement for our characters, there are several major guest stars appearing on the episode to increase the hype. "The Bahamas Triangle" refers to the love problems Betty (America Ferrera) has been having with Matt (Daniel Eric Gold) and Amanda (Becki Newton).  Their own triangle explodes in chaos, dragging the rest of the others with them. More pairings arise, from these three to Marc to even Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams). Read more »
Mode gets manipulated tonight on Ugly Betty, and our heroine definitely isn‘t happy about it.  Judging from the title (and my knowledge of danger levels), the company risks being controlled by an external force difficult to exterminate.  In other words, Mode‘s in trouble with the Community of the Phoenix running the show.On "Level (7) With Me," Daniel (Eric Mabius) blindly agrees to letting the Community‘s leaders have its way with Mode.  With Bennett (guest star Dylan Baker) promising to reunite him with his dead wife, it‘s as though anything is possible.  Such as sabotage. Read more »
Who would‘ve thought the Ugly Betty changes would go this far?  Betty (America Ferrera) turns bad girl on tonight‘s episode as she tries to impress her teenage crush.  She goes wild - driving fast, drinking too much (Ice Slushes, yes) and even getting a tattoo.  A temporary one, that is.On "Backseat Betty," we meet Bobby Talercio (Adam Rodriguez), a teacher at Justin‘s school.  He‘s the badboy that Hilda (Ana Ortiz) dated back in high school, and Betty‘s got her eye on him.  Again.  Read more »
Is there a love triangle in store for tonight‘s episode of Ugly Betty?  On "Plus None," a charity event brings up some exes and oh!s as Betty (America Ferrera) has to face Amanda (Becki Newton) for the affections of Matt (Daniel Eric Gold).Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) hosts her fund-raiser for Tibetan orphans tonight, and Matt asks someone other than Betty - yes, Amanda - to be his "plus one" to the event.  While she tries not to be so affected by it, she starts to wonder what exactly is going on between them. Read more »
Even Betty‘s donning a costume this Halloween, but it‘s not exactly for the celebration.  Tonight on Ugly Betty, our beloved comic heroine has a lot on her plate to deal with, like a huge hotdog suit. On "The Weiner, The Bun & The Boob," Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) decides to assign Marc (Michael Urie) as the temporary assistant of his nemesis - Betty.  With all the editorial work Betty (America Ferrera) has to do these days, she needs all the help she can get.  However, she didn‘t quite ask for a spoonful of sabotage.  Read more »
Betty (America Ferrera) goes Gucci on tonight‘s new episode of Ugly Betty, a big step for the character on "Blue on Blue."  Her new job offers plenty of opportunities, and Betty is, as always, eager for a scoop.  She goes all out in her pursuit of Gucci‘s fresh designer, Evan York (Hamish Linklater) but she can‘t quite accomplish the assignment on her own.With the help her sister Hilda (Ana Ortiz) and her very social customer Sammy (Adam Ferrara), Betty gets her connections straight and aims for the goal.  Unfortunately, a little sabotage from Marc (Michael Urie) proves to be a huge drawback. Read more »
It‘s time to get ugly again, and we don‘t mind that one bit if it means Ugly Betty is back for its fourth season.  Tonight marks the premiere of a two-hour episode that will certainly get the attention of fans.  Not just fans of the series, but also fans of butterflies.  Or both, whatever suits your fancy.Anyway, the new episode of Ugly Betty is titled "The Butterfly Effect," and it‘s not about that freaky Ashton Kutcher movie that made me fear homicidal children.  Tonight‘s installment is a wave of change.  Betty‘s (America Ferrera) embarking on her new job as associate features editor but the challenges are already flooding in.  The biggest one yet is facing her boss, ex-boyfriend Matt Hartley (Daniel Eric Gold). Read more »
Betty said goodbye to Mode yesterday, and we‘re finally saying goodbye to her on the series finale of the show. There were tears, revelations and a lot of hugs on the Ugly Betty send-off and yes, we expected that. But we also wanted something more.Check Out What Happened on the Ugly Betty FinaleDespite the decline of the show‘s ratings these past few seasons, there was still a handful who are faithful to the ABC comedy. Now we ask you, the fans, to tell us just what you thought about the ultimate episode of the show: its conclusion.  Read more »
Mother‘s Day. It‘s that time of the year again, where we pay tribute to our moms--and what better way to honor motherhood than to recall TV mothers that make us realize just how blessed we are with the ones we have. We asked our readers and Facebook followers who they thought TV‘s worst mom ever wasand compiled the short list.  Read more »
It‘s been confirmed -- Vanessa Williams will hop from Ugly Betty to Desperate Housewives next season to stir up some more trouble for the housewives and fill in Edie‘s (Nicollette Sheridan) much-missed and deliciously evil shoes.‘Desperate Housewives‘ Finale Recap: Angie Wins, Patrick Blows UpFresh from playing she-of-the-hostile-uterus Wilhelmina Slater on the ABC comedy, Williams is suiting up for a regular role on the show‘s upcoming seventh season. Her still-unnamed character, however, will not be at the center of the big season mystery. Nevertheless, ABC has confirmed that she will appear in "almost every episode" next season. Read more »
People has confirmed with Ugly Betty star America Ferrera‘s rep that the actress, 26, is engaged to her longtime beau Ryan Piers Williams.The engagement speculation started this Wednesday, when Ferrera donned a brilliant engagement ring on the red carpet at the Edinburgh Film Festival screening of The Illusionist in Scotland. Congratulations America and Ryan!Missing your Ugly Betty? Here are our picks for the ten best moments of the series, which ended this spring:  Read more »
As expected, Vanessa Williams‘ foray into Wisteria Lane will be of the wrecking-ball type on Desperate Housewives, but unfortunately, she will not be wreaking havoc on Susan (Teri Hatcher).Nicolette Sheridan Tweaks ‘Desperate Housewives‘ LawsuitTV Guide has learned that Williams, who just wrapped up playing Ugly Betty‘s deliciously evil Wilhelmina on ABC, is set to play Renee Filmore-Jones, an old college friend of Lynette (Felicity Huffman). The two are supposedly rivals way back in the 80‘s, and they exactly haven‘t made amends. Read more »
Some things just go hand in hand: Peanut butter and jelly. Surf and turf. Beards and flannel shirts. But one symbiotic relationship will continue forever (or at least until the world ends in 2012): gimmicky celebrity cameos and TV producers‘ lazy, last-ditch attempts to boost ratings.ABC Family has released a clip of Bristol Palin‘s upcoming cameo on Secret Life of the American Teenager (which you can watch with delight, over and over again, below), and it got me thinking: what other embarrassing TV cameos can I find on Youtube today?The answer? Too many to count! The shoe-horned celebrity cameo has a long, rich and varied history in television, from Buzz Aldrin‘s recent awesomeness on 30 Rock ("You dumb moon! I walked on your face!"), all the way back to that time Michael Jackson performed "Do the Bartman" on The Simpsons, and even beyond! Just name a star who couldn‘t act his or herself out of a diamond-encrusted bag, and they probably received one as part of a gift box for that cameo they did on that show you like. But anyway: Watch Bristol Palin "act," and then check out my seven favorite "YIKES!" celebrity cameos of recent TV history. Read more »
This Thursday the 2010 Emmy nominations will be announced, and unlike past years, all eyes will be on the comedy field. With the brightest crop of freshman comedies in a long time, the Emmys could finally get young and hip with shows like Glee, Modern Family and Hung. This would be a nice change of pace from your grandma‘s Emmys where Everybody Loves Raymond and Two and a Half Men have ruled.See our Drama Emmy Preview>>The nominees will tell the tale of whether the old guard keeps the status quo or if the new generation is finally ready to breathe new life into a stale race. Will Glee, Modern Family and more cool new shows make the cut, or will Emmy voters default to Tony Shalhoub in Monk?  Read more »
It‘s the holidays, and you know what that means: Regular TV takes a break, and cheesy made-for-TV movies take over. So warm up the cocoa, kiss the DVR and lower your standards, because we scoured the listings for the best so-bad-they‘re-great holiday made-for-TV movies you should watch this week. If you‘re looking for puppies, time travel, Vanessa Williams or wishing upon a Christmas star, there‘s no need to choose. We‘ve got ‘em all!Fa la la la la, la la la-let‘s see what we‘ve got: Read more »
Unless you‘re still reeling from Monday night‘s rather incredible episode (and kiss!), then you are probably ready for more spoiler-y news about Castle. Even if you‘re not, it‘s coming at you anyway. Get ready! Read more »
Summer used to be a total bummer for us TV fans. As the last of our favorite shows wrote "S.W.A.K." in our yearbooks on their way out of town for the summer, one question haunted our dreams on those hot June nights: "What am I supposed to watch now?"That is, until Netflix Instant was born. For just $8 a month, you now have more hours of quality television living inside your computer (or fancy TV) than you could ever hope to watch. Netflix is not paying me to say this. They don‘t HAVE to, because it‘s a no-brainer. And if you watch enough streaming television this summer, you can be a no-brainer, too. No need to go outside at all this summer. What are you, a settler from olden days?There‘s so much to choose from on Netflix Instant that you may not know where to begin. That‘s what this handy Netflix Instant Summer Guide is for. Just pick your mood and dive head first into the stream.  Read more »
These days, strong female characters dominate our television sets. But sometimes they go a little too far. There are bad girls we love, and there are those we just love to hate. On today‘s quiz, we‘re bringing you ten of TV‘s most cunning and manipulative ladies who have made a mark on our lives. We can‘t help but look up to them despite their ties to drugs, alcohol, sex and well, narcissism.   Read more »
Sometimes, a TV female gets to that point where she‘d rather wish for a parallel universe just to avoid The Big Decision That Will Shape The Show‘s Romantic Storyline. She meets two guys she likes and can‘t make her choice in a heartbeat, so the plot gets drawn out. Usual endings involve picking one and missing the other too much, cheating on both men, or fleeing.  Read more »
This Friday Chiller premiere‘s a new horror film, Remains. Clearly zombie‘s are the new thing and if you‘re a fan of The Walking Dead, you‘re not going to want to miss this. Based on the graphic novel, Remains focuses on survivors of a post-apocalyptic Reno, Nevada as they work together to destroy the zombie population. Sounds cool right? Well, BuddyTV wants to get you ready for the premiere by giving away a Remains Poker set (pictured below).  Read more »
As the 2011-2012 TV season draws to a close, networks are preparing for next fall. Dozens of new pilots are being cast and filmed with the hope of being picked up and placed on a network‘s fall schedule. As the saying goes, many will enter, but few will win.  Read more »