Articles for Ugly Betty Season 3

You can surely bet that Betty‘s back as the third season of Ugly Betty airs tonight on ABC.  After two successful seasons, the cast of the series returns with the episode “The Manhattan Project.”  This time, we‘ll be finding out just who Betty chooses: Henry, Gio or something else?  Decisions will have to be made, and changes will affect almost everyone.The answer to the question of which direction Betty (America Ferrera) will take her life finally becomes clear when she decides to head somewhere to think things over.  During the last season‘s finale, Henry (Christopher Gorham) proposed to Betty while Gio (Freddy Rodriguez) asked her to go on a romantic trip to Rome with him.  Betty‘s perplexity only leads her to go on a vacation of her own.  Read more »
Michael Ausiello of E! Online scoured the networks for news on small screen favorites, and has revealed some minor spoilers regarding ABC’s Ugly Betty.  Recently, the series began its third season and will air “Filing with the Enemy” tonight.  Following that, the fans are already bustling with questions regarding their beloved characters, and Ausiello managed to pacify their longing for bits of Betty.  It’s possible that what was released can be deemed spoilers, but the fans have raised their curiosity towards the shows that it’s hard to hold back.  Ausiello has talked about House, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, and even 24.  But the buzz is on Ugly Betty, and there’s no doubt that many would enjoy the news brought by the insider. Read more »
Following the third season premiere of Ugly Betty, America Ferrera made an appearance on Rachael Ray‘s talk show last October 1st.  The series star talked about her role this year, the changes happening on the Ugly Betty set, and some misfortunes she‘s had to encounter. America comically revealed to the audience that she had an Ugly Betty moment at the recent Emmy Awards celebration.  She almost flashed the entire audience when her wardrobe malfunctioned during the commercial break.  Her designer gown fell apart, but it was lucky that she wasn‘t on stage.   America was merely waiting to present an award with her Ugly Betty co-star Vanessa Williams when the incident left her exposed.  Read more »
Ugly Betty‘s writer and producer Silvio Horta responded to fans‘ questions on Variety‘s Season Pass earlier this week.  He received many queries, but only some were chosen.  He spent some time poring over all that was sent to him, and was very patient and humble enough to reply.  One of the first things Horta chose to answer was the similarities of his version of the show to the international adaptations.  He said that Ugly Betty was based on the Colombian show, Yo Soy Betty La Fea, which translates to “I am Betty the ugly one.”  However, Horta‘s Betty has a personality that makes her stand out.  “[S]he is vastly different. This comes from cultural differences, my writing choices, America Ferrera‘s acting choices, and so on.  The shape and premise of the series is the same, but the characters, their stories, their voice, etc. are different.”  Read more »