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The highly-anticipated second season of Ugly Betty is premiering tonight, and fans can expect a couple of resolutions, one of which promises to pack an emotional wallop. According to ABC, the new season opens with Betty (America Ferrera) trying to regain some order after a series of unfortunate events left her life in chaos.  Amidst all this, she still cannot admit just how much Henry‘s (Christopher Gorham) departure has affected her. Read more »
Members of Young Hollywood who insist on living the high life and staying on the fast lane would do well to heed some simple words of wisdom from the Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning star of Ugly Betty.  America Ferrera, who plays the title role of Betty Suarez, tells other young actresses like herself to work more and play less. Unlike many of her contemporaries in the entertainment world, Ugly Betty‘s America Ferrera seems to shine in the spotlight for her acting skills and commendable behavior.  On the other hand, other young stars like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan seem to match their meteoric rise to fame with equally devastating falls to disgrace and humiliation. Read more »
Victoria Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice and currently the epitome of a real deal footballer wife as Mrs. David Beckham, recently did a cameo on the popular ABC sitcom, Ugly Betty.  But it wasn‘t just mama Beckham who came to the Ugly Betty set.  Her three children with England‘s football god were also in tow and made as huge an impact on the show as Victoria did. Michael Urie, who plays the colorfully gay Marc St. James on Ugly Betty, literally got the butt end of the Beckham brood‘s on-set antics and was lucky enough to live to tell about it. Read more »
Ugly Betty‘s lead star has been forced out of her home for security reasons.  Network execs instructed the actress to find a more secure abode than her Los Angeles apartment. Since assuming the American incarnation of Ugly Betty, America Ferrera has been catapulted to greater fame than she previously enjoyed after starring in HBO‘s Real Women Have Curves and the feature film, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  Because of the increased recognition, she is now at greater risk from would-be stalkers. Read more »
In the upcoming Ugly Betty episode entitled “Nice Day for a Posh Wedding,” Vanessa Williams‘ character, Wilhelmina Slater is set to marry Bradford Meade, played by Alan Dale.  Off-screen, the singer, actress and dethroned first African American winner of the Miss America pageant, has been rumored to be Vince Vaughn‘s latest flame. In more news, the resident Ugly Betty editor from hell has reportedly renewed her contract as a spokesperson for Proactiv Solution by striking a multimillion dollar deal with the acne medication company. Read more »
Ugly Betty lands the cover of Marie Claire magazine.  Well, the actress who plays her did.  America Ferrera got all dolled up and glammed for the cover of the publication‘s latest British edition. Meanwhile, even as Ferrera continues to win over fans, both as herself in real life and as her aesthetically-challenged alter ego on Ugly Betty, her co-star, Becki Newton, is perceived as bitchy on and off-screen. Read more »
First there was Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, now, could it be Lindsay Lohan?  Last month, we reported on the chaos and mayhem which the Beckham brood, particularly David and Victoria‘s three children, brought to the set of Ugly Betty.  The former Spice Girl and current full-time wife of England‘s football hero was filming her guest stint on the popular sitcom with kids Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz in tow.  Now we have unconfirmed reports that the next big-name star that could make an appearance on the series is troubled but talented Lindsay Lohan.And speaking of Victoria Beckham, we have spoiler details on her episode, “A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding,” which airs tonight. Read more »
A new Betty is coming to town and she comes in the form Betty White. The 85-year-old actress is set to make an appearance on the award-winning series, Ugly Betty, in the 10th episode of season 2 entitled “Bananas for Betty,” which is expected to air on Thursday, December 6.Read of to find out how this “Golden Girl” will fire up the show with laughs. Read more »
A number of notable guest stars have already graced the second season of ABC‘s Ugly Betty, but once the writers‘ strike is over, the network just might add another celebrity to the roster. According to the New York Post, singer-actress Lindsay Lohan is set to resume talks with the network when the strike is settled.  While previous reports indicated that Lohan and her party have not confirmed the news, the tabloid is now claiming that Lohan‘s publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, said that Lohan is “looking forward” to the project. Read more »
While singing is not a problem for Emmy-nominated actress Vanessa Williams, it has proven to be a daunting and challenging task for Ashley Jensen, who has been busy preparing for the upcoming musical episode of Ugly Betty. Jensen, who plays stylist Christina McKinney on the show, has already issued a warning to viewers, saying that she will not be as good as Williams, who has been a familiar figure in the music industry since the late 1980s.  However, she is also hoping that Ugly Betty fans will come to appreciate her efforts. Read more »
Ugly Betty is one of the biggest television hits in the U.S., but it‘s going to have a tougher time gaining acceptance in Colombia, which, ironically, gave birth to the show‘s inspiration, Yo Soy Betty La Fea. Ugly Betty has just begun airing in Latin America, but Colombians are apparently not so eager to tune in to the Emmy Award-nominated comedy series, as they feel the show is a pale imitation and counterfeit of the original. Read more »
After attending a party for the cast and crew of Ugly Betty over the weekend, show actor David Blue found himself face-to-face with two men armed with a gun. Blue was walking back to his friends car when the men held him and a friend at gunpoint, stealing his wallet, camera and mobile phone in the process.  Fortunately, neither Blue nor his friend was hurt in the mugging. “There‘s a sad part of me that is just happy that I got away alive and that my friend wasn‘t hurt,” Blue, who plays Michael Urie‘s love interest in Ugly Betty‘s current season, wrote on his MySpace blog.  “There‘s another sad part of me that is happy they got me and not America Ferrera [Betty Suarez], Michael Urie [Marc St. James], Judith Light [Claire Meade] or anybody else at the party with WAY more money than myself.” Read more »
ABC is airing the next new episode of Ugly Betty on Thursday, January 3, and while it won‘t be the much talked-about musical episode, it will feature a couple of personalities from the music industry. To find out which artists are guest-starring in Ugly Betty‘s upcoming new episode, as well as what‘s in store for Betty (America Ferrera) and the rest of the show‘s characters, read on for spoilers.  Read more »
Many know Ana Ortiz as Hilda Suarez on Ugly Betty, but the singer-actress also tried out for another pivotal character in the series: Hilda‘s fashion-challenged but lovable younger sister. “I was super plain.  I just put on some glasses and kept my hair kind of flat and layered on the clothing,” Ortiz told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s Patricia Sheridan, describing what she wore when she was auditioning for the role of Betty. Despite her efforts to “ugly up,” Ortiz said that she knew she was not right for the role. Read more »
After enduring three weeks of repeat episodes, ABC is treating Ugly Betty fans tonight with a new episode called “Zero Worship,” which we have already hinted about in a previous article.  Next week, fans can look forward to yet another hilarious episode entitled “Odor in the Court,” which airs on January 17. Read on for more Ugly Betty spoilers of the 12th episode of the season. Read more »
Ugly Betty airs tonight with a new episode called “Odor in the Court” and as hinted in a previous spoiler article, the storyline has something to do with Betty‘s new perfume.  Meanwhile, fans will also be pleased to know that ABC will be airing another new episode next week that promises to induce yet another round of laughs.  So far, 11 out of the 13 produced episodes have already aired, which means that there are two episodes left to enjoy, including tonight‘s episode. Read on for a preview of the last pre-strike episode of Ugly Betty. Read more »
America Ferrera, star of ABC‘s award-winning series Ugly Betty, is firmly backing up presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton by assuming an active role as the national co-chairman of “HillBlazers,” the presidential campaign‘s youth outreach program."This election is too important to stand on the sidelines, especially for my generation," the Ugly Betty actress told People.  "I believe that Hillary Clinton can turn this country around.  I am confident she will be a champion for young women and men across the country." Read more »
Ugly Betty actor Alan Dale is set to show off his acting chops on stage, having recently landed the role of King Arthur in the London production of Monty Python‘s Spamalot.  Dale is taking over the role for Peter Davidson, who succeeded Simon Russell Beale and Tim Curry (Psych). Alan Dale, who portrayed publishing mogul Bradford Meade on Ugly Betty, is making his Spamalot debut on Monday, March 3.  Appearing with him on stage is the winner of the Swedish reality series, West End Star, who will replace Marin Mazzie as the Lady of the Lake starting on February 9.  West End Star‘s current season is scheduled to conclude on Saturday, February 2. Read more »
Ugly Betty star America Ferrera has been actively supporting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who, if she manages to win the majority of the votes in November, will be marking an important milestone in U.S. history by becoming the country‘s first female president.  However, while Ferrera recognizes the significant impact of Clinton‘s presence in the race, she said that the fact Clinton‘s a woman is not the reason why she is supporting her. “I think it‘s really exciting that she‘s a woman and that the face of politics has been changed because there has been a viable woman candidate,” America Ferrera, who plays the title character in Ugly Betty, told Glamour magazine‘s political blog Glamocracy.  “But I wouldn‘t support a candidate based on whether they‘re a woman or a man or whether they‘re black or white.  I think that voting for a woman because she is a woman is not really progress.” Read more »
The writers strike is over, but so are the professional relationships of two executive producers with the ABC comedy series, Ugly Betty. As per the Hollywood Reporter, executive producers Marco Pennette and James Hyman were fired from the Emmy Award-winning series on Monday, the same day the show was renewed for a third season. This is not the first time Ugly Betty has gone through significant behind-the scenes shakeups.  Between the show‘s debut and sophomore runs, five writers were shown the door. Read more »
Ugly Betty star Michael Urie is heading to his hometown of Plano, Texas next month in order to co-host the 9th Annual Column Awards, a ceremony held in honor and celebration of the works of the Dallas-Fort Worth Theater Community.  Urie is co-hosting the event with Column Awards founder John Garcia, who is thrilled to have the rising television star back for another turn. "If there was one comment that I heard throughout this whole year regarding The Column Awards was that we had to bring Urie back, which I wholeheartedly agree," Garcia said.  Apparently, Urie, who plays Marc on Ugly Betty, wowed the audience greatly with both his wit and personality when he hosted the event last year. Read more »
Ugly Betty star and Emmy winner America Ferrera is serving as a guest in a popular Texas radio talk show called The Ladies Room with Lolis at noon today on 1650AM KHRO El Paso and on Sunday, March 2 on 1370AM KJCE Austin.  The show can also be heard globally via internet streaming on  Ellen Malcolm, Founder of EMILY’s List, will also be a guest on the show. The conversations will be focused on getting more women in office and out to vote. "Women need to stand up and be heard," show host Lolis Garcia Baab said.  "I am thrilled to give America and Ellen a forum to mobilize more women to participate in our election process. Read more »
It‘s been nearly four months since reports first came out about Lindsay Lohan‘s possible guest-starring appearance on ABC‘s Ugly Betty, but with the strike now over and still no deal in place, chances of seeing the singer-actress on the hit comedy series are getting slimmer and slimmer. Despite this, and the possibility that writers will be dropping other guest stars and subplots to properly wrap up Ugly Betty‘s third season, show actor Tony Plana, who portrays Betty‘s (America Ferrera) devoted father Ignacio Suarez, isn‘t closing the book on Lohan‘s appearance. Read more »
Last Wednesday, almost the whole cast of the ABC comedy series Ugly Betty was at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where the Alzheimer‘s Association‘s 16th Annual “A Night at Sardi‘s” event took place.  The show‘s stars, including Tony Plana (Ignacio Suarez), Ana Ortiz (Hilda Suarez), Becky Newton (Amanda), Mark Indelicato (Justin), Vanessa Williams (Wilhelmina Slater), Christopher Gorham (Henry) and David Blue (Cliff), sang tunes from the Broadway musical Bye Bye Birdie for the 900 or so guests at the fundraiser.The benefit was significant to Plana on a deeply personal level, as the 53-year-old actor‘s mother suffers from the degenerative and terminal brain disease. Read more »
Although Christina McKinney is considered as one of the main characters of Ugly Betty, that doesn‘t mean that she‘s safe from getting written out of ABC‘s Emmy Award-winning series.  According to the character‘s portrayer, Ashley Jensen, there‘s a possibility that fashion designer Christina might just be killed off in a lift accident."I still think I am going to get found out and they will send me home," Jensen, who fears her Ugly Betty exit, told the Daily Express.  "I‘ve heard there‘s a favorite soap exit - your character opens an elevator door then disappears down the shaft - so I scan the scripts anxiously for any elevator scenes. Beware the shaft!" Read more »
With the much-awaited return of Ugly Betty hitting airwaves this Thursday, April 24, fans are already hyped to see the funny antics that only Betty Suarez can cook up.  America Ferrera returns as Betty Suarez along with the rest of the Mode crew to entertain us with more laughs and heartfelt drama that is distinctly Ugly Betty.  However, before we all get too excited for Thursday‘s episode, America Ferrera herself has taken the time off to clear out some issues regarding her personal life, and talk about some of her other projects outside the Mode world. Read more »
The day has finally arrived!  Fans are already counting down to 8pm tonight as ABC‘s Ugly Betty hits the airwaves with fresh new episodes that will continue where season 2 left off before the WGA writers‘ strike.  Tonight‘s episode, entitled "24 Candles," will not just feature Betty Suarez‘s (America Ferrera) return, but her birthday as well.  Our favorite Mode girl has just turned 24, and she‘ll be receiving some surprises for her birthday. In fact, it seems like Betty isn‘t the only one to receive some surprises, as Claire Meade is into some financial problems.Read on for some sneak peeks at tonight‘s episode of Ugly Betty. Read more »
With the return of the highly-anticipated second season of Ugly Betty, fans were treated to an episode packed with intrigue and laughter.  On Thursday, we saw Wilhemina‘s (Vanessa Williams) efforts to get in between her sister Renee (Gabrielle Union) and Daniel (Eric Mabius) newfound relationship. We also saw evil little Charlie‘s attempts of getting in between birthday girl Betty (America Ferrera) and Henry (Christopher Gorham).It seems like everyone is trying to get into someone else‘s business on Ugly Betty, but before we tackle spoilers for next week‘s episode, let‘s talk about what is in store for the rest of season 2. Read more »
There have been rumblings for weeks, but ABC has finally made it official: Lindsay Lohan is joining the cast of Ugly Betty.  She will appear in the season finale on May 22, then be a part of five more episodes in the Fall for Ugly Betty‘s third season.  Lohan has done some TV work before, both as a guest on That 70‘s Show and a multiple-time host on Saturday Night Live.  Her role on Ugly Betty will be her most high-profile, however, and is coming at a time when Lohan is trying to get her career back on track.  Her Ugly Betty character will be a former rival who has recently fallen on hard times. Read more »
After months of rumors and talks about former child star/tween idol turned drug and alcohol dependent Lindsay Lohan being a guest star on Ugly Betty, the deal was finally done and the 21-year-old actress began shooting her episodes.  Word has it that the young actress, who is struggling to get her career back on track, is enjoying her stay on the Ugly Betty set.  Moreover, series creator Silvio Horta says that it was fun working with such a great actress.“Lindsay was terrific - a real pleasure,” Silvio Horta told Stuff.  “She came in early and was very pleasant.” Read more »
Tonight on Ugly Betty, we’ll get to see the last episode before next week’s season finale, which the cast and crew have already promised to be one explosive episode.  Episode 2.17, entitled “The Kids Are Alright,” will air tonight at 8pm, and will bring us back one very familiar face into the picture.  Before we move on to some preview clips, though, let’s talk about the recently reported move to New York, which has become quite a hassle for a number of Ugly Betty cast and production staff.  In fact, Ugly Betty News reports that one unnamed cast member that’s reluctant about the move, and many were quick to assume that it was Eric Mabius, who plays Daniel Meade in the series.  TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello, on the other hand, confirms that Mabius will continue working with Ugly Betty for its third season. Moreover, he gave us a little hint on who’s taking the New York move news quite badly.“Mabius will definitely be making the trek.  Can’t say the same for one of his co-stars.  This unnamed individual, who just purchased a new home in L.A., is showing some resistance to the move,” Ausiello reports.  “As a result, this series regular may only make occasional guest appearances next season.  Meanwhile, another Betty thesp is using the coast-hop as leverage for more money — and it’s the last person you’d think.” Read more »
ABC, the number two network in all the land (and only behind FOX because of the Super Bowl and American Idol), had its upfront presentation early this morning.  The network unveiled its Fall schedule, and it‘s pretty hard to get excited about it.  Nothing against ABC – the schedule is good, probably the best, top to bottom, of any network – it‘s just that there weren‘t many openings this time around.  Last season ABC launched eight new shows in the Fall, the most of any network.  For the most part, ABC hit a homerun with Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Samantha Who?, and Eli Stone in the mid-season.Networks rarely have so many returning second-year shows.  Because of this, ABC had very little work to do this pilot season.  There are only two new shows on the Fall schedule, with two more targeted for the mid-season.  Continue reading for a detailed description of the schedule and new shows. Read more »
Tonight is the night Ugly Betty fans have been waiting for, for weeks!  The second season is finally coming to a close, and with that, creator Silvio Horta has made big promises of great twists and cliffhangers coming our way in the last episode entitled “Jump.”Last week on Ugly Betty, we saw some pretty smoking hot scenes as Gio made his feelings known to Betty (America Ferrera) in a bold move.  To further confuse things, Wilhemina Slater (Vanessa Williams) came back into the picture, with a nice grand entrance to meet the Meade family and shake Daniel’s (Eric Mabius) hand.  What’s to come now that Wilhemina is back to cause more trouble?  And what exactly will be that hard decision Betty has to make?  Read on to see what’s in store tonight. Read more »
With the recently concluded second season of Ugly Betty, fans can’t help but think what’s in store next season.  Silvio Horta has already told us that he’ll be refocusing the show to revolve around Betty and Betty alone, and this may mean bad things for some of the characters who might get chopped off.  We recently heard about Rebecca Romijn’s role on the show as being tagged as recurring instead of regular, and fans did get a little bit worried. Now that the show is on hiatus in preparation for its third season, two of Ugly Betty’s cast members spoke up about other possible Ugly Betty ventures, and what’s to come in the third season of the show. Read more »