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The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday at 8pm on CBS.  Hostedby Neil Patrick Harris, it looks like two shows will have astranglehold on the night: Mad Men for Drama and 30 Rock for Comedy, both coming in with an overwhelming lead in total nominations.But will they really prevail.  Check out the nominees for the majorEmmy Drama categories below and who I think will win, then make yourown picks and watch along with me Sunday night.Read More: Drama Category Predictions>> Read more »
Little by little the Fall TV season has been getting started with manyof the CW and FOX shows premiering over the past two weeks.  Buttonight marks the official start of the season with nine season orseries premieres tonight.So set up multiple DVRs and get ready for the busiest night in TV.  Read more »
This morning the People‘s Choice Award nominations were revealed, andas always, it‘s populism at its best.  On the TV side, the nomineesoften look like the top of the Nielsen ratings list, with a few notableand surprising exceptions.  Shows like True Blood and Gossip Girl crept into the Favorite TV Actress categories while Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show features Lost, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.However, those are the very cool exceptions.  For the most part, the list is full of CSI, NCIS, Grey‘s Anatomy, Two and a Half Men and other top-rated shows.  Here are the major television nominees for this year‘s People‘s Choice Awards. To vote for the People‘s Choice Awards, CLICK HERE. Read more »
Just two days after the Golden Globe nominations, the Screen ActorsGuild nominations were this morning, and the TV results are a mixedbag.  The awards are a bit less experimental than the Globes,nominating old favorites like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Charlie Sheen,but they also have a little bit of new mixed in as well.  Glee and Modern Family both earned noms for their ensembles while The Good Wife picked up nominations for both Julianna Margulies and the ensemble.  Read more »
Now that Hannah Montana is marching towards its finale, the show‘s bound to offer up some great surprises to increase the hype.  That‘s not to mention dialing up the comedy for an upcoming episode titled "The Wheel Near My Bed (Keeps On Turnin‘)".Just Jared Jr. reports that actor Jon Cryer will be a guest star on the said installment, and will be playing a crucial part in the series.  He‘s bagged the role of father to Lilly (Emily Osment), the best friend of the series‘ lead character, Miley.  Read more »
Charlie Sheen is once again the subject of controversy. After being charged with domestic violence originating from a squabble with wife Brooke Mueller last Christmas, the Two and a Half Men star has now checked himself into rehab.  Though the reason for Sheen‘s treatment has not been clarified, his rep describes it as a "preventative measure," adding that the 44-year-old actor "will take some time off his series Two and a Half Men."  Read more »
Tax Day is upon us once again--the last day for filing tax returns to avoid penalties. And that means the stress levels are likely to rise as you rush to beat the deadline. The whole process is definitely frustrating, but it doesn‘t have to be. After all, there are people in this world who are far more annoying than taxes--and many of them are on TV. Here at BuddyTV, we‘ve listed our picks for TV stars who make tax time a slightly more enjoyable proposition than watching them.Don‘t see your least favorite star here? Sound off in the comments below! Read more »
It‘s April, the month of taxes, tulips and ... comedy. (We were trying really hard for alliteration, but "terribly funny" just sounded lame.) You probably didn‘t know that April is also National Humor Month. In honor of this auspicious occasion, we thought it would be funny to find out which TV comedies inspire the most dedicated fans.   After some very unscientific investigation--we posed the question to our Facebook fans and here in the office--we came up with one giant list of favorite comedies. And when we say "giant list," we mean massive.  So bring on the subheads! Read more »
Mother‘s Day. It‘s that time of the year again, where we pay tribute to our moms--and what better way to honor motherhood than to recall TV mothers that make us realize just how blessed we are with the ones we have. We asked our readers and Facebook followers who they thought TV‘s worst mom ever wasand compiled the short list.  Read more »
Summer is upon us, as are new Summer Comedies, but we‘re already looking ahead to fall and wondering: what new network comedies may pop up to amuse us?We watched the trailers (you can watch them below) for four half-hour comedies that will hit your cable box in September--$#*! My Dad Says, Mike and Molly, Outsourced and Better Together--and gave our snap judgment on whether each will be a "Don‘t Miss" or a "Definitely Skip" show.Here‘s our take. What do you think? Read more »
Today CBS announced its plans for the fall, and while the vast majority of the schedule comes from returning shows, some of the biggest series are getting new timeslots.  CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Survivor and The Big Bang Theory are all moving to new nights.See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>NBC‘s Fall Lineup>> Read more »
This Thursday the 2010 Emmy nominations will be announced, and unlike past years, all eyes will be on the comedy field. With the brightest crop of freshman comedies in a long time, the Emmys could finally get young and hip with shows like Glee, Modern Family and Hung. This would be a nice change of pace from your grandma‘s Emmys where Everybody Loves Raymond and Two and a Half Men have ruled.See our Drama Emmy Preview>>The nominees will tell the tale of whether the old guard keeps the status quo or if the new generation is finally ready to breathe new life into a stale race. Will Glee, Modern Family and more cool new shows make the cut, or will Emmy voters default to Tony Shalhoub in Monk?  Read more »
The kids of Glee have something to sing about. The 2010 Emmy nominations were announced this morning and as expected, Glee led the pack with 19 nominations. The show had even more steam than expected, earning nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series plus acting nominations in all six categories (Matthew Morrison, LeaMichele, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, Mike O‘Malley, Neil Patrick Harris and Kristin Chenoweth).See Complete List of Nominees>>The comedy side also saw newcomers Nurse Jackie and Modern Family crack the Comedy Series category. Modern Family picked up an impressive five acting nominations in the supporting categories, with Ed O‘Neill the only adult star who didn‘t get nominated.  Read more »
For some, September is synonymous with school, the last breath of summer, and fall wardrobe shopping (OK, well I don‘t really do that, but I know some of you do.) More importantly than sharpened pencils and sweaters however is that fact that September also signals a slew of TV premiere dates.  Read more »
This year the Creative Arts ceremony for the Emmy Awards may be as exciting as the main ceremony with a ton of interesting categories with big stars. The Creative Arts Emmys will be presented Saturday, August 21 and Conan O‘Brien could be the big winner.  Read more »
Monday was the official start of the fall season with 12 shows premiering on the major networks. With all networks going head-to-head, the ratings can predict what shows will succeed and which will fail.  Read more »
It is the considerable opinion of BuddyTV that the people should not be allowed to vote. This morning the 2011 People‘s Choice Award nominees were announced and the choices are less than inspired. Sure, like a broken clock, some of the choices show an impressive exhibition of taste (nominating Ian Somerhalder‘s highly entertaining performance on The Vampire Diaries), but mostly, it‘s an embarrassment. Read more »
There isn‘t a full Moon over Hollywood, is there? Because there‘s a lot of crazy making the TV rounds lately. And I‘m not sure if anything else -- ignoring the obvious explanations of drugs and insanity -- can fully explain what‘s been coming out from Charlie Sheen, Tracy Morgan and Steven Tyler. Read more »
A lot of things bug me about last night‘s TV ratings, but one thing I‘m OK with is Gossip Girl‘s record low rating. Last week when the show returned from its winter break, Gossip Girl had its worst rating ever with 1.58 million viewers. Last night the show beat that record with just 1.5 million viewers. To put it into perspective, that‘s worse than the repeat of The Vampire Diaries the CW aired Friday night, the day after it originally aired.I‘m happy because it‘s proof that I‘m not the only one who grew sick and tired of the dull and ridiculous plots the show was spinning. The viewing public has voted with their remotes, and while Gossip Girl was once the hottest thing on the CW, now it‘s the worst.  Read more »
I‘m not usually one for celebrity gossip, at least in the traditional sense--I don‘t particularly care who‘s dating or dumping each other, who got a haircut (ahem) or who said what behind whose insanely rich back. What I DO enjoy are when celebrities go bonkers. Like, totally off-the-wall lose their minds, preferably in a recorded context. Like voice mail. Or the radio!The hottest craze in celebrity meltdowns these days is the public rant. Christian Bale and Mel Gibson did it, and today it‘s Charlie Sheen‘s turn. But if you don‘t have the energy or tolerance to listen to the full audio of his rant on Alex Jones‘ radio show today (here at TMZ), don‘t worry: I pulled the 14 best (worst? definitely weirdest!) quotes for you. This man is a maniac, whether he‘s serious about this stuff or not. I understand slamming Chuck Lorre ... but Thomas Jefferson?! Now you‘ve gone too far, sir.UPDATE: And what happened as a result of Crazy Pants‘ antics? According to TMZ, Two and a Half Men got shut down for the rest of the season! CBS and Warner Bros. released this statement: "Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen‘s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season." Check out Charlie Sheen‘s response.  Read more »
Really, do we need anything beside Charlie Sheen? Hit TV shows, entertainment news and even the Oscars take a backseat when it comes to the increasing insanity of Charlie Sheen‘s words and actions. And the spectacle is not showing any sign of slowing down. Read more »
It‘s been a long Charlie Sheen Week for all of us, especially (totally guessing here) for Charlie himself. Charlie Sheen Week has revealed itself to basically be like Homecoming Week at Internet High School. "EVERYBODY SHOW YOUR SPIRIT!" "WHO CAN CHEER THE LOUDEST?" "WHO‘S WINNING?" That sort of thing. At first it was really fun, and then it got uncomfortable and weird toward the middle, and now we‘re all just tired. (By "we," I mean me. And hopefully you!)But there‘s one exception to that bizarre metaphorical analysis of the public meltdown of what increasingly seems a legitimately sick man in need of real help, and that is Jimmy Fallon‘s spot-on impersonation, which we previously saw in his fake fragrance ad, ‘Winning‘ For Men. Tonight, Jimmy‘s back with another Sheen short about his upcoming greatest hits compilation, "Things I‘ve Said." It‘s still funny. WATCH:  Read more »
What‘s a show to do? With the firing of Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men is suddenly missing 40 percent of its titular cast. You‘d think that this would mean the doom of any show. On the other hand, Two and a Half Men is a ratings giant. CBS would be crazy (crazier than Charlie Sheen even) to cancel such a program. Read more »
It‘s official. Charlie Sheen has reached the point where not even his warlock powers and tiger blood can save him: as of today, the actor has been fired from Two and a Half Men. Read more »
With the CBS comedies in repeats and The Bachelor airing a reunion special, last night should‘ve been a good night for NBC‘s The Event to return. However, when the dust settled, it turns out people weren‘t that interested.  Read more »
Meta is cool. Through meta, source material is made funnier or more interesting by the investigation of the original ideas. The results can be brilliant. But - usually -- there is a delay between the original art and the meta interpretation. After all, what‘s the point of meta if the source material hasn‘t had time to permeate society?So what happens when social media allows that source material to permeate at super-high speeds? We get "instant" meta. Charlie Sheen may have provided us with a prime example. Read more »
Remember Whose Line Is It Anyway? and the several improv comedy programs that it spawned after its cancellation? Well, we‘re glad to announce that Drew Carey is back with another hilarious game show, wherein the points just don‘t matter.Drew Carey‘s Improv-A-Ganza features a wide range of improv comedians all ready to take the stage this month on GSN. Familiar faces like Ryan Stiles and Kathy Kinney will be back, but you might also be surprised at the roster of guest stars they have.  Read more »
It looks like nobody watched TV last night. Maybe people were too busy taking advantage of the fact that national parks are still open for business, but viewership was down across the board on Monday night, resulting in some of the worst ratings for top shows.Both Chuck and How I Met Your Mother hit all-time series lows for total viewers with their new episodes, while House had its lowest-rated episode since the first seven episodes of season 1 back in 2004.  Read more »
Overtime during the Heat/Celtics game might have contributed to some of the falling ratings for primetime television last night, with Chuck, Dancing with the Stars and How I Met Your Mother all dipping considerably in viewers from last week. However, a few resilient shows managed to weather the ratings slump. Read more »
On Tuesday evening, the FOX network went for all-out decimation with regard to its "bubble" shows. Every program not certain of renewal is gone. Before the cancellation bloodbath was over, Human Target, Lie to Me, Breaking In, The Chicago Code and Traffic Light all fell off the FOX schedule.So what does this mean for the fates of bubble shows on the other networks? Read more »
No, you‘re not being punk‘d, multiple sources, including The Hollywood Reporter, are saying that Ashton Kutcher is finalizing a deal to join the cast of the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, replacing Charlie Sheen.The move ensures that the show will be back next season and also might add a younger audience to the typically older demographic that typically watches CBS. My guess is that, since Charlie Sheen already has nearly 4 million Twitter followers, the studio and network just wanted to find someone with even more.  Read more »
Last year CBS shook up its schedule by moving two of its strongest performers, The Big Bang Theory and Survivor, and now the network is doing it again.CBS has revealed its fall 2011 schedule, and the biggest changes come with moves for two of the networks biggest dramas, CSI and The Good Wife. After years of anchoring Thursday nights, the original CSI is moving to Wednesdays at 10pm, where it will no doubt try to kill Law and Order: SVU once and for all.  Read more »
Stars are dropping like flies from many of television‘s top-rated shows. And the latest casualty comes from NBC‘s newly-renewed Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. According to reports, star Christopher Meloni will not be returning for the series‘ 13th season in the fall. Read more »