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Aside from The Closer, which returns from its four-month hiatus tonight, TNT will be offering viewers a new series about the business of advertising from the creators of the cable‘s number 1 crime drama series.  Formerly called Truth in Advertising, Trust Me stars Tom Cavanagh (Ed, Love Monkey) and Eric McCormack (Will and Grace) as friends and coworkers at a Chicago ad agency whose relationship changes when one of them gets promoted."Eric and Tom play two fascinating, compelling and always interesting men whose unique friendship and working relationship is the core of the show. We are thrilled to be working on this superb drama with the creative talents who brought us The Closer.  And we are especially happy to have such a stellar cast, led by Eric and Tom," TNT senior vice president Michael Wright said in a statement at the time of the 13-episide order for Trust Me.  Read more »
Mason McGuire, V.P. Art Director (Eric McCormack) and Connor, V.P. Copywriter (Tom Cavanagh), sit by the pool discussing their lifelong ambitions of working in advertising. Connor is not phased and even happy that the two are hung over on such a beautiful day. RGM, their work, call and Connor instructs Mason to ignore it, which he ignores as soon as Connor is distracted enough by a beautiful woman sitting across the pool. Gordon Benedict, the V.P. Account Director, asks Mason if Connor is around, to which he lies. Benedicts asks them to return from LA where they are supposed to be doing a Prince photo shoot in order to help out on an Arc Mobile account that’s struggling. Mason’s unimpressed and unresponsive until Benedict mentions that the ad might run during the Superbowl.Connor and Mason race back to Rothman Green & Mohr Advertising in Chicago to give the account their best shot. Connor has a ridiculous idea about an epic coliseum battle between a lion and spar-text-icus, the cell phone and sword-wielding gladiator. As they are arguing about Greek and Roman gods, Stu Hoffman, the V.P. Creative Director, their boss, approaches them, confused as why they are back at home. Benedict has to tell him his campaign is dead and he has a mini-meltdown. Correction: he has a huge meltdown where he screams at Benedict and throws a DVD into the wall. After Stu leaves, Benedict tells them that the campaign needs a new direction. Mason has to break this news to Stu and he doesn’t take it lighly, especially when he finds out that Tony, his boss, has heard about it. Read more »
Last night was the premiere of TNT‘s new drama Trust Me. Trust Me is a drama/comedy about an advertising firm in Chicago. The series centers around a V.P. copywriter named Connor (Tom Cavanagh) and a V.P. art director named Mason (Eric McCormack). The two had been partners for seven years until the untimely death of their boss leads to Mason being promoted to V.P. Creative Director. The promotion threatens to end their partnership and their friendship. Anyone who watched last night‘s premiere of Trust Me knows that Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack have amazing chemistry. Cavanagh‘s quick talking banter mixes well with McCormack‘s resistant straight man (Will & Grace anyone?). What works so well is that McCormack‘s Mason isn‘t judging or trying to control Cavanagh‘s Connor, but rather both men share a mutual respect. In many ways, Connor wants to be more like Mason and Mason more like Connor.  It makes the friendship they share more real and the dramedy of the show more believable. Read more »
After the eight-year run of Will and Grace ended, we‘ve never heard much from Eric McCormack.  That guy who played uptight gay lawyer Will Truman may have been occasionally appeared elsewhere in the time after the much loved sitcom bid farewell, but it‘s only now that he‘s returned to almost everybody‘s collective, as a highly-driven advertising executive in TNT‘s latest drama, Trust Me.So why has it taken long for him to return to series television, and become his latest character, Mason McGuire?  “I remember reading this script two years ago and thinking, ‘Ah! This is a grown-up show!‘ And that‘s hard to do anymore,” he said.  “We live in a High School Musical kind of world these days.  Mason is the next logical step for me.  He‘s the responsible one in a crazy world.” Read more »
Connor (Tom Cavanagh) is trying to convince Mason (Eric McCormack) that he has to buy a ridiculously expensive boat and Mason admits that he hasn‘t actually received his raise yet. When Tony calls him into his office, instead of a fat check, Tony hands him over new business cards instead. Evidently Rothman Green & Mohr Advertising is experiencing a salary freeze in the harsh economic times.Sarah Krajicek-Hunter (Monica Potter) is still angry about not getting a window office. Connor is trying to get Mason to move into Stu‘s old office and makes the mistake of saying it in front of Sarah. This problem is quickly usurped by Peter Derby calling Mason to inform him that they focus groups think the tagline “What can you do with one hand?: reminds them of masturbation. Read more »
By far the most interesting part of TNT‘s new dramedy Trust Me is the relationship between Connor (Tom Cavanagh) and Mason (Eric McCormack). The two are complete opposites but they manage to navigate a partnership and a friendship with finesse. Mason‘s uptight nature seems to have a soft spot for the completely irresponsible and fast-talking Connor. In fact, both episodes have ended in a cute moment between the two best friends. But after taking a close look, it‘s obvious that Connor has been the fuel behind their bromance fire.There are plenty of shows with some mutual bro love. Watching two men venture into the troughs of friendship is a weird, but satisfying experience. There‘s a certain vulnerability to it that doesn‘t often play out on television. The pain caused by a best friend‘s betrayal can be far greater than one experienced in a romantic relationship. Connor and Mason seem to be television‘s next pair. Or at least they should be. Read more »
Some of us may like TNT‘s newest offering, Trust Me, but it seems we‘re just “some”.  Two episodes in, the new comedy-drama saw its ratings drop significantly, with last Monday‘s episode wheeling in only 1.9 million viewers.  It‘s a marked decrease considering that the series premiere, which introduced us to the world of Mason (Eric McCormack) and Conner (Tom Cavanagh), had 3.4 million viewers.  It‘s also surprising considering that its lead-in, The Closer, was scoring huge numbers; the moment that show ended, 65% of its viewers left to tune in to the new drama.The show‘s performance bucks the trend recently seen on TNT, whose newer dramas have gone off to strong starts.  The channel has debuted a few new dramas since The Closer‘s debut in 2005; only two of them weren‘t successful enough to warrant a second season.  Saving Grace premiered in July 2007 with 6.4 million viewers; Raising the Bar, with 7.7 million viewers this September; and most recently, Leverage, with 5.5 million viewers two months ago.  All of those numbers are considerably higher than Trust Me‘s premiere. Read more »
So far, viewers of TNT‘s Trust Me will know what Erin Maguire (Sarah Clarke) is just that—a doting housewife, tending to her children with high-powered advertising executive Mason Maguire (Eric McCormack).  And, as with everything else, there‘s always something else to it—surely, as the show progresses, something is bound to pop up in future episodes.  In an interview with, Clarke revealed these changes—which is pretty familiar, if you remember Nina Myers from 24……anyway, on with the details.  “[There] is a whole other side of her that is slowly starting to redevelop,” she revealed.  “When Erin stopped working—she used to work at [her husband‘s ad agency] RGM—to raise the kids and be a full-time mom and wife, everything else got put on hold. Now that the kids are more self-sufficient and Mason is a workaholic, she‘s spending a lot more time on her own and waking up to who she is again.” Read more »
From TNT‘s official press release:When Mason gets wind that other groups at the agency are working on creative for Chicago‘s Olympic bid, he pushes Tony to give his group a chance.  With the entire group working on the Olympics, Mason reluctantly leaves Conner in charge so he can spend a long weekend with Erin at a posh Chicago hotel.  But Conner‘s management style is decidedly different from Mason‘s.  Meanwhile, Sarah gets a new partner who recently took some time off from the advertising business to have children, but she may not be quite ready to dive back in head-first. Read more »
Trust Me?  Nah, I’d rather not.Or so probably went TNT, when it announced that it is cancelling the series after just one season.  The drama, which revolves around the goings-on inside an advertising agency, starred Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack, and has struggled with ratings since premiering at the start of the year—lately, in fact, it’s resorted to showing two episodes back to back. Read more »