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True Blood is back! Season 5 kicked off by resolving all of its big cliffhangers, especially the fate of Tara. The short answer is: She‘s dead. The long answer is: She‘s undead!  Read more »
The season 5 premiere of True Blood ended with a huge twist: Tara became a vampire. We only see her vamp out for a second as she attacked Sookie, and in the second episode of the year, we‘ll get to see what Tara is like as a vampire.  Read more »
Get ready to meet Alcide‘s family. True Blood has cast Terminator 2 star Robert Patrick as Alcide‘s father, Jackson, in the current season‘s ninth episode. Jackson will appear in flashbacks that feature teenage Alcide and Debbie. The story will also involve Eric, as Alcide‘s father is the reason the Herveaux‘s owe him.  Read more »
It‘s time to finally meet the Vampire Authority on True Blood. This week Bill and Eric get tortured and threatened with the true death, but luckily they have an ace up their sleeves. We also get to see vampire Tara running wild, Steve Newlin getting desperate and the cutest darn werewolf ever.  Read more »
HBO will be offering a one-two punch of its two biggest fantasy shows this year at Comic-Con. Both Game of Thrones and True Blood will be at the annual convention, naturally, but for the first time, Game of Thrones will be featured in Hall H, the largest room at the event.  Read more »
Tara is on the loose and Bill and Eric are at the mercy of the Vampire Authority on True Blood. Both storylines heated up in season 5‘s second episode, and now things are about to get more complicated.  Read more »
Every episode of True Blood is packed with plot, so sometimes it‘s easy to see where the show is going simple by looking at future episode synopses.  Read more »
When we first met the vampires of the Authority this season, they were -- not surprisingly -- quite creepy. Having a young boy as an ancient and powerful vampire only made the group more terrifying. We learned a few details about this childlike vampire from Jacob Hopkins, the actor who plays him on True Blood.Hopkins had plenty to say about his new vampire character, Authority chancellor Alexander Drew. Read more »
This week‘s True Blood is like one of those sandwiches Dagwood used to make in the funny pages. It‘s packed with so much stuff that it‘s almost impossible to wrap your head around. I feel like True Blood would really benefit from a little editing and it could easily drop one or two or three of these storylines. Luckily Mac from Veronica Mars shows up and tells Bill and Eric to take their shirts off, which more than makes up for any problems.  Read more »
The relationship between Sookie and Bill on True Blood might be beyond troubled, but this is definitely not true for the actors who play them. Not at all. In fact, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are about to bring double the pleasure into their relationship: Twins are coming! Read more »
All‘s fair(y) in love and war on True Blood this week. The Debbie Pelt murder case is closed, Sookie gets drunk (and frisky), Bill and Eric return to town and, most importantly, Jason and Andy go to a sexy fairy club where Jason learns some very surprising secrets about his family. It looks like all that fairy stuff the show has been giving us in bits and pieces is finally coming to the forefront.  Read more »
Fans of HBO dramas, we‘ve got some good news for you. HBO has renewed both True Blood and The Newsroom for new seasons next summer. Read more »
There are shocking deaths on True Blood, and then there are really shocking deaths on True Blood. We got an example of the latter when Authority councilor Alexander Drew -- in appearance, a little boy of 9 -- met the true death at the hands of Roman. Jacob Hopkins, the young actor who played the vampire character, had a few words to say about Alexander‘s fate.  Read more »
This week on True Blood, Sookie and the three men in her life team up to find Russell, and sadly for them, they do. There‘s actually a lot of bad news all around,  as Tara and Jessica get into a fight, Sam and Luna get shot and the worst storyline in all of television (that‘s Terry‘s, in case you were wondering) keeps on trucking. Luckily there‘s some gratuitous Jason butt to keep us entertained.  Read more »
The San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, so it‘s time to get planning. We‘ve got all of the television-related panel and event information for Saturday (July 14) right here, so check it out! Read more »
What happens after Sookie, Eric, Bill and Alcide find Russell Edgington in the asylum? The answer to that question lies in the next new episode of True Blood, "Hopeless."  Read more »
I think True Blood is picking up where Game of Thrones left off. This week the show executes one of the major characters of the season, someone who appears in the opening credits. And it was damn shocking.  Read more »
Probably one of the most anticipated panels of the weekend, True Blood, took place just moments ago. Will there be more flashbacks? More romance? More sex? The answer to all three is yes. But what specifically, keep reading.  Read more »
The last episode of True Blood ended with a huge shock as Russell regained the upper hand and staked Vampire Authority Guardian Roman. That‘s one heck of a mess to clean up, and in this week‘s episode, "In the Beginning," we‘ll see the fallout.  Read more »
The Sanguinistas are in charge. Following last week‘s death of Roman on True Blood, this week is all about Russell‘s rise to power and the arrival of a very special guest: Lilith. In fact this episode is all about people coming back because we get Tara‘s mom, Sheriff Bud Dearborn and even Godric.  Read more »
Things got bloody real on True Blood last week when Bill, Eric and Russell‘s Sanguinista entourage got high on Lilith‘s blood and took over Mardi Gras. Then they saw Lilith, the original vampire, rise from a pool of blood. Luckily Eric was snapped back to reality by his own vision of Godric.  Read more »
This week on True Blood we learn the identity of the vampire who killed Sookie‘s parents, though that‘s obviously on the start of something big. Elsewhere Luna becomes a skinwalker, Tara becomes a pet owner, Bill becomes an evil genius and Alcide has hot werewolf sex.  Read more »
The upcoming eighth season of How I Met Your Mother is going to be full of familiar faces from the past. The latest guest star to come back is True Blood and Magic Mike hunk Joe Manganiello, who will reprise his role as Marshall‘s law school pal Brad in two episodes.  Read more »
Something is wrong with Bill Compton on True Blood. The last episode ended with him coming up with the brilliant idea to destroy all the Tru Blood factories so vampires would be forced to drink humans. Was it all an act, or has he truly turned to the dark side?  Read more »
Something truly amazing happened this week on True Blood. Multiple storylines intertwined and two of the most annoying plots (the Ifrit and the Shifter Killings) get wrapped up. It looks like the endgame of season 5 might just make up for how disjointed the rest of it has been.  Read more »
White Collar, Psych, Suits, Necessary Roughness, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains and Burn Notice are making room for new faces in the coming days. Read on to find out who‘s appearing on your favorite USA Network shows.   Read more »
With only two episodes left in True Blood season 5, fans are left with one giant mystery: Who is Warlow?  Read more »
It looks like True Blood saved the best for last. I‘ve been pretty bored with this entire season as we dealt with ifrits and shifter killings that had nothing to do with anything important. But now the show has gotten rid of those distractions and it‘s all about vampires and faeries. This week we see Russell return to his former glory while Sookie gets a huge clue in the mystery of Warlow.  Read more »
Two and a Half Men just added two female guest stars for its upcoming season. Pop singer Miley Cyrus is expected to appear in several episodes while True Blood actress Brit Morgan is set to grace the premiere. Read on to find out about their roles. Read more »
With only two episodes left in season 5 of True Blood, big things are sure to start happening. The vampire uprising has begun, but who will be its next victim?  Read more »
The war is on! Last season True Blood featured a war between the vampires and the witches, but this season its all about the faeries. Russell Edgington strikes first blood while at Vampire Authority HQ, everything is heating up. And there‘s another Veronica Mars star to replace Tina Majorino‘s Molly.  Read more »
The season 5 finale of True Blood had about one million dead vampires. It opened with the shocking death of one of the major characters and ended with an even more shocking death, plus a rebirth. Unfortunately, anyone looking for answers regarding Warlow will be left sorely disappointed.  Read more »
A giant and a mystery man are coming to Once Upon a Time.We still don‘t know what will be going on in Storybrooke when Once Upon a Time season 2 returns. But there definitely will be some new faces. Two of those faces will be familiar to fans of shows like Lost, True Blood and Terriers: Once Upon a Time has cast Jorge Garcia and Michael Raymond-James in upcoming guest roles. Read more »
True Blood is getting some fresh blood for the next season. According to TVLine, Golden Globe winner Rutger Hauer will join the show for season 6 as a new series regular named Macklyn.  Read more »
Castle has a lot in store for us this fall. From a surprising murder suspect to a sci-fi convention, the show‘s fall episodes have plenty going on. What exactly? Check out this video from Monday‘s episode, "Probable Cause," as well as official episode descriptions of the Castle episodes airing in October and November. Read more »
Tonight‘s Castle is not an episode to miss. You will love this episode if you have ever watched a sci-fi series (and, if you‘re a Castle fan who hasn‘t at least watched Firefly, what‘s wrong with you?). You will love this episode if you‘ve ever been to a comic or sci-fi convention. You will love this episode if you just enjoy funny, light-hearted Castle episodes.There really isn‘t a way to not enjoy "The Final Frontier." And here are five reasons why. Read more »
The People‘s Choice Award nominations for 2013 have been revealed, and oddly enough, the People‘s Choices have very little in common with actual ratings.  Read more »
Those of you hoping for more of Alcide and his dad in True Blood season 6 will get your wish. According to Deadline, Robert Patrick will be a series regular for the show‘s upcoming sixth season.  Read more »
The number of votes cast for the People‘s Choice Awards were a staggering 475 million. And the voters have spoken: They love everything Hunger Games and Katy Perry. The usuals won like The Big Bang Theory and Taylor Swift, and the surprise of the night went to breakout artist.Here are some of the highlights from the People‘s Choice Awards, which officially kick off the award season. Read more »