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We‘re looking past the surface with another round of True Beauty, premiering its second season tonight on ABC. The hidden cameras are back, and so are the lying, cheating, individuals they focus on. But among these notorious contestants, there‘s bound to be one who‘s beautiful in and out. Hopefully, anyway.Meet the Contestants of True Beauty Season 2Tonight on "The Stealing Challenge," we‘re introduced to the ten people who believe they‘ve been chosen as contenders in The Face of Vegas. Of course this is all a ruse, and they‘re being watched not for their looks but for their attitude.  Read more »
With a win in Sin City on the line, the contestants of True Beauty are bound to do whatever it takes to get ahead in the competition. We shouldn‘t be surprised by the cheating and the lying though, which has been part of this show since season one. However, there might be a real gem amongst this crowd. Check Out Clips of the Season 2 PremiereHoping to sift out those unworthy of winning True Beauty are judges Beth Ostrosky and Carson Kressley, who recently divulged details of the series‘ new installment. The premiere featured the contestants thinking over the opportunity to steal, but what else is in store for them? Read more »
Las Vegas comedians Penn and Teller will be making an appearance on True Beauty tonight, and do they have a shock in store for the contestants. Aside from the fact that they‘re still keeping mum about the actual contest, there‘s a big trick prepared for the new installment of the series.Check Out Last Week‘s "The Stealing Challenge"On "The Secret," tonight, the notorious duo of Penn and Teller will be revealing the mystery behind a magic act. No one else is supposed to know, but the participants‘ honesty is tested when a reporter comes knocking. After several questions, some of the competitors start to fold. They might even expose the secret just to earn more fame. Read more »
It was magic week on True Beauty and Regina almost got sent home for revealing the secret of the trick before she even got to perform it. She called it a dumb blonde moment but she shouldn‘t worry since several of her castmates had her beat in the "dumbest thing anyone ever said" department.  Read more »
You know the saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?" Well, notif you‘re one of the contestants on ABC‘s True Beauty. With more thenfifty hidden cameras in their lush Planet Hollywood digs and even morecameras covering the morality traps set up by the show, these tencontestants are about to have everything they do in Vegas revealed onnational TV and it‘s not going to be pretty. It‘s a new season of TrueBeauty and already one good looker is on his way home. Read more »
Finding a loser was tricky business on this week‘s episode of True Beauty. The contestants were taught a magic trick by Penn and Teller then were prompted to reveal the secret in a People magazine interview. Who spilled the beans? Hardly anybody, which made choosing the loser very difficult.  Read more »
Listening to criticism can be hard, but for one contestant on this week‘s True Beauty, it was the trigger that forced him to show his true colors. Taylor went off, shouting obscenities when a focus group called him boring, but was it enough to him booted off the show? Almost. Read more »
This week on True Beauty, the contestants were tasked with interviewing tourists on the street in Las Vegas. They had five questions written on a card, so all they had to do was pick a person, read and respond. Not as easy as it looks. Here are the Top 5 Interview Tips you can learn from watching "Grace Under Pressure." Read more »
This week on True Beauty the contestants had to design an ad campaign for the buffet at Planet Hollywood. They had to come up with a slogan and then pose nude with nothing but food covering their private parts. How did they do? Let‘s just say that it‘s a good thing some of them have their beauty to fall back on because Mad Men, they‘re not. Read more »
It was a very revealing night on True Beauty, as the contestants had to pose for a nude photo shoot with only food to cover up the naughty bits. But before that, they had to show their inner beauty in a test that had the compassionate players digging through garbage in order to help a lady in need.  Read more »
Tonight,  season two of True Beauty comes to a close. Three pretty-faced contestants remain to answer the question Snow White‘s wicked stepmother (and producer Tyra Banks) are famous for lamenting: who is the fairest of them all?The show‘s premise (for those of you just tuning in) is a competition to determine which contestant exhibits the most outer and inner beauty; the catch: the contestants don‘t know about the whole "inner beauty" bit and believe they‘re competing on looks alone. Cue the bad behavior. Whoever proves to be the most saintly (as determined by hidden camera challenges) takes home $100,000 and a spot in People Magazine‘s 100 Most Beautiful People issue. Read more »
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