Articles for Tru Calling Season 2

After proving herself worthy of handling various roles, Eliza Dushku grabbed the lead role on the series Tru Calling.  As Tru Davies, she was identified for her power to relive the day, consequently saving the lives of lifeless cadavers.  She persisted to help the diseased although she was occasionally unsuccessful due to the interference of her counterpart, Jack Harper (Jason Priestley), who aimed to restore the order of fate by preserving the state of dead people.  While most of the storylines revolve around her quest to save lives, she also got involved with several men, including Mark Evans, Nick Lakey, Luc Johnston, and Jensen Ritchie.  But the most twisted and mysterious aspect of the show was her father’s conspiracy and clandestine connection to the people around her, which was unknown to her character.  In the coming months, she will be gracing the silver screen with a thriller project and a romantic comedy movie. Read more »
As Davis on the science fiction series Tru Calling, Zach Galifianakis was known as a guide to Tru Davies (Eliza Dushku) in exploring her ability to change events and relive the day.  Throughout the series, he served as a constant companion to Tru, as her supervisor, friend and confidante at the morgue.  Towards the end, he found love in the form of Dr. Carrie Allen (Liz Vassey), and unknown to Davis, she worked as a mole for Tru’s counterpart Jack Harper (Jason Priestley).  Up next, he will be working on a couple of films to be released this year until 2008. Read more »
Tru Calling is an American television series that debuted on October 30, 2003on FOX.  The series revolved around a lead female character named Tru Davies (Eliza Dushku), whose life took a drastic turn when she discovered that she had a strange connection with the dead. Tru had just started her medical internship at the city morgue when she began hearing a murder victim calling out for help.  She did not quite understand what was happening until she woke up at the beginning of that very same day.  She then felt compelled to stop the murder from happening, taking the time to resolve some personal issues along the way. Read more »
Actress Eliza Dushku, most known for her portrayal of Tru Davies on FOX‘s Tru Calling, has signed a lucrative new development deal with the network and 20th Century FOX TV.The deal, which is in the mid-to-high six figures, will have Dushku working on a new project, and will have the network and the studio pitching the 26-year-old actress on existing scripts. Read more »
As reported earlier this month, FX has finally set the return date for Nip/Tuck, the award-winning drama that follows the lives of two plastic surgeons, Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon).  There‘s a lot of guest stars to look forward to this season, including Sharon Gless, Portia de Rossi, AnnaLynne McCord, Bradley Cooper, John Schneider, Jennifer Coolidge, Morgan Fairchild and Katee Sackoff.  However, Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello hints there‘s more.Warning: This article may contain spoilers!!! Read more »