Articles for Top Chef Season 9

Last week we were introduced to a large number of chefs who had to compete for the final 16 spots in the competition. For most of them that meant that they were gone as soon as we got to know them. This week, we continued this scheme. More new chefs, more eliminations.  Read more »
As we all know, and to reiterate a tired cliche, "everything‘s bigger in Texas!" That‘s exactly what the producers of Top Chef thought when they envisioned this new season. More chefs, more competition, more drama, more everything! American audiences looove them some good ol‘ "more of everything." So let‘s round up the most important changes to this season and how the first episode played out. Read more »
"Winning Top Chef requires nerves of steal!" Padma announces ominously at the beginning of the episode. "That‘s exactly what we‘re testing today." Which means the cheftestants have to cook rattlesnake in just one hour.  Read more »
This week, the heat is on. Literally. For the quickfire challenge, the cheftestants have to create a dish that highlights a chili pepper. They have twenty varieties to choose from. The twist? The hotter the pepper they choose, the more money the magical elves will throw their way if they win (plus the usual immunity, of course).  Read more »
This week the contestants are headed to Dallas. As Ed puts it: "We just got used to this beautiful house and now they‘re kicking us out." So everyone embarks on their product-placed vehicles and tells one another about their personal lives. Until they get pulled over by a cop who they somehow mistake for being real trouble.  Read more »
At the very beginning of this week‘s episode, the cheftestants seem to notice a clear divide between men and women. The men keep getting voted off while the women can just sit back and relax. Read more »
This week, the magic elves at Bravo tried to get the very talented cheftestants to screw up over one ingredient. As Ed said, "The best chef doesn‘t necessarily win. You have one night off and you‘re gone!"  Read more »
The first order of business this week? A change of location. And from the way the cheftestants cheered when they were told that the next station was Austin, you would think the holy grail was located there. Read more »
If you‘ll remember, there was kind of a conflict brewing between Beverly and Heather up until two weeks ago, when Heather was eliminated.  Read more »
Every season of Top Chef needs to have Restaurant Wars, and this season it happened this week. This time it was a battle of the sexes. Or to say it less pathetically: girls vs. boys. Read more »
First order of business this week: Tom Coliccio announces that the cheftestants are shipped back to San Antonio. In the product-placed cars, the girls are nursing some weird resentment towards Beverly because she was last week‘s winner of the best dish.  Read more »
This week‘s guest judge was Cat Cora, who was so fierce and strict that you would have thought she‘s competing against other Top Chef guest judges. The quickfire challenge is a perfect showcase of "technical precision against the clock."  Read more »
There comes a time in every season where one has to wonder if the producers have a sense of what the audience wants to see. In the case of this week‘s Top Chef episode, the magical elves decided that the foodie crowd wanted to see Pee-wee Herman.  Read more »
For people who have not been following Top Chef all that closely this season: the magical elves over at Bravo have devised a mechanism this year through which every eliminated chef can fight their way back into the competition.  Read more »
If you‘re seated in front of your telly, anxiously wondering if your favorite show‘s returning to your screens soon... well, if that show‘s on the list, it is getting renewed. Yay for you! And me. I happen to like most of these shows. What are the chances? Read more »
For the elimination challenge, the three remaining cheftestants, Sarah, Paul and Lindsay, have to team up with a Top Chef Master especially flown in for the occasion to create an Asian dish. The twist? They have to take turns cooking without being able to confer about what they are doing. Read more »
The finale is upon us and one must say that this season has been rather rocky in terms of letting the chefs just do what they do best: cooking food. Thankfully, the finale let them do just that. So let‘s dig in. Read more »
Top Chef fans: while you‘re waiting for a new season of Bravo‘s hit culinary competition, host Padma Lakshmi has some suggestions to make your summer.Padma has teamed up with the folks at Nespresso, who know a thing or two about coffee machines, to make espresso more accessible - as in the comfort of your own home.She recently talked with me about her involvement with Nespresso, including giving you a great recipe for a coffee dessert that you can use at your next summer party - and, of course, Top Chef.Check out the video interview below as Padma and I talk about coffee, food and whether you‘ll see a tenth season of Top Chef on Bravo. Make sure to watch carefully as she‘ll show you how to make a great coffee and ice cream desser for your next summer event.  Read more »