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Food and Vegas. You can‘t go wrong with that combination, can you?With the hugely successful spin-off Masters, the regular and, some say, infinitely better Top ChefTop Chef returns tonight on Bravo with 17 brand new chef-testants battling it out for the title of Top Chef on Sin City. The contestants this season, the show‘s sixth, range from 25-year-old Atlanta, Georgia native to a 40-year-old Haiti-born who now lives in Florida. As usual, Tom Colicchio will still head the judging panel, alongside Gail Simmons and Toby Young, while Padma Lakshmi will return as host. Read more »
On the premiere of sixth season of Top Chef last night, it was clear that this season will have an uncontested resident douche bag. 34-year-old Mike Isabella from New Jersey said, "a girl shouldn‘t be at the same level I am" when he noticed that Jennifer C. was matching him clam for clam on the opener‘s quickfire challenge. See, the 17 chef-testants were divided into four teams to compete in a mise en place relay, where hey had to cut and clean different meats (clams, shrimp, lobster, beef). You know what sucks most about douche bags? When they‘re actually pretty good.On Top Chef‘s opening challenge, this happened, but not before a group of showgirls went to the kitchen high-kicking. Perhaps the official way Vegas welcomes people? The chefs were very much amused though. Read more »
No, it‘s not a crossover with the ABC reality shows. On tonight‘s episode of Top Chef, the men take on the women as they prepare competing events for a bachelor and a bachelorette. The quickfire challenge offers a very apt reward for the town in which it‘s located. So that means Vegas? Sin City? Sitting on the judging panel is Todd English, a Boston-based celebrity chef who is best known for his cooking show Cooking With Todd English.One week into the competition, I think we pretty much have an idea how this season will go. Padma claimed that Top Chef has lined up their best group yet, including James Beard nominee Kevin (who coincidentally sports a beard), executive chefs, those who‘ve trained under the best, and two rival siblings who cuss like sailors. There was also someone from France, Haiti, Michigan, one from New York, and a whole bunch from Atlanta. In consonance with its chosen city, luck also plays something major in this season. Read more »
The lone Michigan chef on Top Chef became the second person to be eliminated on the Bravo cooking show, after her shrimp and avocado ceviche didn‘t sit well with the judges - probably because there‘d been far too many ceviche that have been on this show. The elimination challenge was to create a dish for a bachelor and a bachelorette party. After all, what is Vegas without weddings?Starting off the Top Chef episode was a dice roll once again. This time, the contestants rolled the dice and the number they got would correspond to the number of ingredients they would have to use on the quickfire challenge. It‘s tough to tell whether you‘d want something high or low in this quickfire challenge. But almost everyone got high numbers, except Laurine who rolled a 3, which wasn‘t necessarily bad since Todd English was judging and as we all know, he‘s all about simplicity.  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Top Chef, the chef-testants are set to feed the troops (wait, what troops? Thought Obama -), specifically the Thunderbirds, Air Force‘s elite demonstration team. The chefs need to create a plentiful meal for 300 men and women stationed at Nellis Air Force Base and their families in a limited time. As expected, some of the more emotional contestants are overcome with joy when they find out who exactly they‘re serving. To ascertain their output, guest judging is former Top Chef contestant Mark Peel, who owns Los Angeles‘ Campanile restaurant. Previously on Top Chef, the chef-testants were tasked to cater to a poolside bachelor and bachelorette party because Vegas is the land of quickie marriages. Celebrity chef Todd English served as guest judge, but not before the quickfire challenge, where the contestants rolled a pair of six-sided dice in the Top Chef kitchen to determine the number of ingredients they would need to include in their dishes. Pretty awesome things were at stake: immunity plus another $15,000. Read more »
Despite being asked to head home, 33-year-old Californian Preeti said she was thankful to Top Chef for the experience, and contrary to criticism courtesy of Gail, she doesn‘t really give a hoot on being inventive, as she cares more about her customers‘ liking. On last night‘s episode of Top Chef: Las Vegas, the guest judge was Top Chef alum Mark Peel, who brought with him a mountain of potatoes for the quickfire challenge. The chef-testants had around 45 minutes to create an "out-of-this-world" dish using potatoes, which, according to Ash, are boring. Poor potatoes. Later on, the potatoes had their revenge, but with Ashely. With minutes left, she discovered that she had no boiling water for her gnocchi. Read more »
Here‘s the synopsis for tonight‘s episode of Top Chef: Las Vegas from Bravo:The contestants must tap into their traditional cooking skills when they‘re asked to show their mastery of French cuisine, and as if that‘s not stress enough tonight‘s judges are some of the biggest names in the industry: Daniel Boulud, Hubert Keller, Joel Robuchon and Jean Joho.I don‘t know what‘s to be more excited about - how Jennifer will probably kick ass in doing French cuisine or how the aftermath of Michael‘s almost elimination will look. Read more »
On Top Chef tonight, Jesse just showed us that there is such a thing as overdoing the underdog card. Sure, you can be a little unsure of yourself and therefore need a little push here and there, but seriously, Jesse! Cut yourself some slack. As you said, you don‘t suck this bad, and a little confidence would‘vet taken you two, three episodes farther. Also, to your credit, your little tuna tartare with sorrel, gooseberries, fried quail egg and fried bread wasn‘t so bad.Moving forward, it was all French cuisine on tonight‘s episode of Top Chef, and the guests include Hubert Keller, Jean Joho, Laurent Tourondel, Joel Robuchon - I have never heard of these people with the exception of Keller. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Top Chef, everything will be outdoors, where the 11 remaining chefs will perform chuckwagon duties for some local cowboys. So as with the air force challenge two episodes ago, the otherwise used-to-fancy-kitchen chefs will need to make do with less than fancy kitchen tools for their dishes.It‘s exciting whether the girls will be able to stop the bleeding and for a change have one of the guys eliminated. Prior to Hector saying goodbye last week, four girls have gone home - Jen, Eve, Preeti, and Jesse. I wonder if the girls this season just happen to be on either side of the spectrum - either they‘re really good, or they‘re really bad. In the escargot challenge, three girls landed in the bottom three, while Jen (obviously a frontrunner) was among the best. Read more »
It‘s bad enough when Mattin didn‘t win anything on the very French episode of Top Chef last week, but he gets eliminated tonight? Oh, man. At the very onset of the episode, we pretty much got an idea on how upset he was, growing up in the French countryside but not even making it in the top three of the two challenges on the French episode.For the quickfire challenge, Top Chef fans had a say for the first time because they got to vote for whichever featured ingredient they‘d love to see. Cactus won - go figure, and everyone had around 45 minutes to cook something up. For the record, I didn‘t even know you can eat cactus, so this was pretty exciting. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Top chef, there‘s culinary magic, but kind of literally, because the 11 remaining chefs must "deconstruct" a classic dish for illusionists Penn and Teller. We also know that there will be a pressure cooker which explodes (Eli‘s), sending crap all over the kitchen, but mostly on Bryan, which is kind of reassuring, if only it will break that stoic countenance of his. That, plus some bull‘s testicles.On the last episode of Top Chef, Michael informed everyone that he received his first Michelin star at age 26 and he doesn‘t brag about it - but what he did just do? Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Top Chef, the nine chefs arrive at guest judge Charlie Palmer‘s Aureole restaurant at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, with a never-ending supply of wine. For the challenge, they must work in conjunction with Food & Wine magazine to host one of Palmer‘s famous Pigs and Pinot events.On the last episode of Top Chef, the quickfire challenge required the chef to create a dish using three key words via - mood, taste and texture, and kind of cuisine, and in true Top Chef: Las Vegas fashion, they used a slot machine to determine the words. Some of the crazy combinations include: Stressed, crunchy, Asian; blue, cheesy, Middle-Eastern, stressed, umami, Latin American.  Read more »
From the (frankly creepy) comment he made on last week‘s episode, it was almost a given that Ash was next go on Top Chef. Nominated for elimination along with challenge partner Michael V., Ash admitted that he essentially played second fiddle to his partner during the conceptualization and preparation of their dish, the halibut topped with egg yolk ravioli and some salad with asparagus and fennel. He was totally at peace with the idea, even saying that it was OK, since he had high respect for Michael as a chef and it was like washing the paintbrush of Picasso.Needless to say, the judges were pissed, because, after all, they are looking for Top Chef, not Top Sous Chef. And they had something to say about that. So on last night‘s episode, Ash‘s head was in the chopping block for the second week in a row. For a change this week, he was surprised to be on the bottom. According to the judges, his dish wasn‘t strong enough for the wine (they had to prepare pork dishes that would be perfectly paired with wine). In the end, he was axed because he sucked, and because he second-guessed his first instinct instead of following his gut. Read more »
Midway through its Las Vegas edition, Bravo has renewed Top Chef for a seventh season, with the network citing its current 3.3-million strong ratings for the early pickup. It also announced that casting call for Top Chef kicked off yesterday, in The Parlor in San Francisco. Those who are interested can go to the Bravo site to download an application form.The rest of the casting call locations and schedule are as follows: Read more »
Tonight on Top Chef, it‘s time for Restaurant Wars, but since we‘re in Vegas, it‘s Restaurant Wars Sin City style. For this season, the eight remaining chefs take over Top Chef Masters alum Rick Moonen‘s restaurant to focus on the food, service, and front of house. Of course, Moonen will there to oversee the proceedings and act as guest judge.On last week‘s Top Chef, it was all about pork and pinot, as the chefs were tasked to create a dish that will work well with a selected type of Pinot using the cut of pork that they picked (of course everyone was after the belly). The winner of the challenge was Kevin (and not a lot of people, including him, were surprised), with his pork leg pate with mushroom salad and pickled cherries, paired with a 2006 Sokol Blosser Dundee Hills Pinot Noir. Read more »
After the famed Top Chef restaurant war, it was Laurine who got the boot on the last night‘s episode of the Bravo cooking show. The 38-year-old San Francisco native actually started pretty well in the episode, as part of the winning team in the quickfire challenge, along with Jennifer, Mike, and Kevin (what a team right?). but she struggled with the elimination challenge, when she was chosen as front of house for team Mission.For the quickfire, the chefs were divided to two teams for a tag-team cook-off, with Rick Moonen as guest judge. In the knives-drawing, Jennifer and Michael drew the only one with messages, first choice and second choice. Read more »
Tonight on Top Chef, Natalie Portman! Yes, the Star Wars and Closer star will drop by the Bravo cooking show as guest client during the episode‘s elimination challenge, along with friends at Craftsteak, Tom Colicchio‘s Las Vegas restaurant. Meanwhile, for the quickfire challenge, TV Guide‘s editors drop by to complicate things with their list of shows to use as inspiration for TV dinners.Last week‘s Top Chef brought back the famed restaurant wars (not the Facebook variety, OK no that‘s Restaurant City and Mafia Wars, my bad). But prior to that was the very exciting quickfire, where teams of four had to cook one dish, with one person doing it step by step without any idea what‘s going on, or what the first person envisioned.  Read more »
First there was Top Chef, then there was Top Chef Masters, now there‘s Top Chef: Just Desserts.If you‘ve seen enough Top Chef episodes, you probably noticed that desserts haven‘t really been the forte of most Top Chef stand-outs. Apparently, the Bravo bigwigs pay attention too and have ordered another Top Chef spin-off that pits pastry chefs against each other Top Chef style.  Read more »
Things are finally shaking up on this season of Top Chef, when North Jersey native Michael Isabella, previously touted to reach at least the final four, was eliminated last night partly because his dish lacked an important ingredient and partly because he was arrogant.Isabella, 34, was given the walking papers on the Natalie Portman episode of Top Chef with the Closer and Star Wars star, who turned out to be a vegetarian. He landed in the bottom of the elimination challenge where they had to cook vegetarian dishes for Portman and her friends at Tom‘s Craftsteak restaurant at MGM Grand. Read more »
I‘m not cocky, I‘m just vocal.In a nutshell, axed Top Chef contestant Michael Isabella tells TV Guide that he took offense with the judges telling him he was cocky during his stint on the Bravo cooking show.  Read more »
It‘s probably ancient history now on Top Chef and the perpetrator was actually eliminated last week, but Mike Isabella‘s not-so-popular standing on the Bravo cooking show more or less stemmed from a sexist remark he made on the very first episode of Top Chef. It was the season‘s first quickfire challenge, a mise en place relay, when Mike said something like, "a girl shouldn‘t be at the same level I am" when he noticed that Jennifer was right up his pace.After his sort of shocking elimination from Top Chef last week, Mike tells People that the sexist-sounding remark is the only thing he would rephrase given a chance to say anything differently, and that he actually meant it as a compliment. Read more »
A month before the next Top Chef is crowned, we take a break from everything tonight as we welcome past Top Chef favorites with the hosting of Top Chef: All Stars Dinner at 10pm. Season five fan favorite Fabio Viviani take the reins as host of the get-together with a challenge as past chef-testants rehash their favorite moments on the series.The Top Chef returnees include a mixture of both favorite sand winners, such as Harold Dieterle, Marcel Vigneron, Ilan Hall, Dale Levitski, Casey Thompson, Hung Huynh, Richard Blais, Carla Hall, and Stefan Richter. Marcel and Fabio will go head to head, so will Carla and Casey, but in a different fashion, as the two confront each other fro the first time since the controversial season five finale. Read more »
Aside from Mike Isabella, that is. But that‘s hardly an upset, you say. This one promises to be, at least.Anyway, a "shocking elimination" is reportedly in the offing on Top Chef, reports E! Online, where one of the four frontrunners will bite the dust faster than you can say more ceviche. One of these four chef-testants - Jennifer Carroll, Kevin Gillespie, Bryan Voltaggio and Mike Voltaggio - revealed that he or she doesn‘t make it all the way.  Read more »
Hey how about it on Top Chef? The 11th episode on the 11th day of the 11th month? Coincidence? Tonight on the Bravo cooking show, it‘s back to regular programming after the "all-star dinner" last week. On "Strip Around the World" the six remaining chefs are tasked to create the perfect breakfast in bed for Nigella Lawson, an English food writer, journalist, and Padma Lakshmi.As for the show‘s elimination challenge, they must prepare small plates inspired by Vegas casinos (this is after all Top Chef: Las Vegas). So they go through some of Sin City‘s most famous casinos in the Vegas strip to come up with a winning dish. Read more »
And then there were five.After staving off elimination on Top Chef for quite some time, Seattle native Robin Leventhal became 12th person eliminated on the Bravo cooking show, just one chef-testant shy of landing into the top five. The 43-year-old is seen as largely not in the same league as the remaining five contestants (with perhaps the exception of Eli), and the elimination of Mike I. two weeks ago was a shocker. This week, however, no upsets, as Robin was sent packing his knives. Read more »
But not only that, axed Top Chef contestant Robin Leventhal says people have been telling her that it was Eli who should‘ve been eliminated last week on the Bravo cooking show."So many people told me it should have been Eli. People thought it was going to be Eli." Read more »
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Well duh.After everything‘s been said and done, after 12 episodes, after a bunch of ceviches and halibuts, the Top Chef final four turned out to be exactly how most people predicted them - the V brothers, Kevin, and Jennifer. 25-year-old Atlanta-native and self-confessed "fat kid" Eli Kirshtein was eliminated on Top Chef this week, which means there won‘t be any upsets on our midst this season, except the little tumble between Mike I. and Robin a couple of weeks back. Read more »
If 25-year-old Eli were to be believed, he didn‘t cry out of frustration from not winning Top Chef, but because of pure exhaustion and fatigue."You‘re tired and fatigued after being in Las Vegas on a six-week production," he told TV Guide. "When I was doing those exit interviews, it was probably 3 or 4 in the morning. So I don‘t think I was emotional about not winning Top Chef. I don‘t feel I went out too early, I was just tired, beat-up, and exhausted." Read more »
It‘s the finals on Top Chef! Well, almost. Tonight we get to narrow down the four remaining chef-testants to a top three, and because the four who made it are all sort of favorites to win the whole thing, the elimination is bound to be exciting.From the initial field of 17, after tonight‘s episode, three chefs will remain standing en route to the big culmination next week. The four remaining chefs are: Read more »
It‘s a boys party after all.Just when we think Jennifer got her groove back after a win on the last episode of Top Chef (on the quickfire challenge, but still a win‘s a win), she was cut from the Bravo cooking show, barely making it to this season‘s top three. Read more »
It‘s the editing, cries Jennifer Carroll in reference to accusations that she may have had a thing for one of the V brothers on Top Chef. The 33-year-old who was eliminated just shy of a place on the final three tells E! Online that it was all a "joke.""Nothing happened with any of us," she says, laughing. "I like how they kept showing little looks of me looking at them. They don‘t show anything of me looking at Kevin that way. It‘s like, ‘Why not? There‘s nothing wrong with Kevin.‘ I guess they wanted to make something of the blond girl and the two good-looking brothers. Maybe America wanted us to get together, but it didn‘t happen." Read more »
A goat cheese dish that was too salty proved to be the downfall for Jennifer Carroll on her quest to barge into this season‘s Top Chef all-male final three. The Philadelphia-native, for her part, said that other than the little mistakes along the way, she has no regrets overall."I‘m still Chef de Cuisine 10 Arts by Eric Ripert, which is in the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia," she tells TV Guide. "Right now we‘re just living in the afterlife of Top Chef. I have no plans on moving anywhere or doing anything different. I‘m extremely happy where I am. Eric is so proud of me and all of my bosses have been such an amazing support throughout the season." Read more »
Much has been said about the predictability of this season‘s batch of Top Chef finalists - that people have rightly guessed the top four early in the season. However, it also can‘t be argued that the quality of this season‘s finalists is one of the best in recent memory. Too bad they know it themselves, or at least cocky Michael does. While waiting for the results, he told his fellow finalists so.That being said, the three people who reached the finals - Bryan, Michael, and Kevin - seems to be in equal footing. They had different styles, some like things simple, some challenging, but it‘s no question that they‘ve been the most consistent all season long (see how effortlessly things are done without audience voting, Dancing with the Stars?). And as much as we want our girl Jennifer to be there for variety‘s sake, it would be an affront to the awesome seasons of the top three to make reservations for her just to make things interesting. Read more »
Since this season‘s Top Chef is the Vegas edition, betting and odds can‘t be far behind, right? Them Vegas pundits have so far been right on the money, so to speak, up until last week when they predicted lone lady Jennifer to head home, and right now, a couple of days before the finals, guess who these people are putting their money on to win the whole thing?The odds seem to be in favor of bearded Kevin. Starting with an already robust 8 to 1, the odds in favor of 26-year-old bearded Kevin (surprisingly the youngest in the trio) is now an almost insurmountable 6 to 5. Read more »
This is it, Top Chef fanatics. It‘s the finale with the cast that everyone predicted since episode one. The V brothers Bryan and Michael versus bearded Kevin. Will one of the brothers overtake Kevin‘s consistency? Will pregnant Padma eat something not fit for the baby? Will the brothers show a smidgen of emotion?On tonight‘s episode, the conclusion of the two-part finale, still in Napa Valley, the three cook the best meal of their lives to determine who is Top Chef. Last season, the final trio were tasked to cook the best three-course meals ever.Don‘t forget to catch: Who‘s Goingto Win ‘Top Chef‘? and Who‘s Favored to Win ‘Top Chef‘? Read more »
Right off the bat, let‘s say it: there is no "deserve" on reality shows. However, unlike American Idol or Dancing with the Stars or I don‘t know, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, Top Chef doesn‘t have a voting component or an unreasonable central star, so you expect this field of experts to weigh the whole thing wisely and pick the so-called most deserving winner.With that out of the way, did Michael Voltaggio deserve to win Top Chef? Read more »
Oh boy, Robin will not be pleased.Michael Voltaggio, the 30-year-old who isn‘t exactly a bastion of humility, was crowned Top Chef last night on Bravo, beating huge favorite Kevin and his older brother Bryan. Read more »
With the Top Chef finale (and Kevin‘s uneventful third place finish) still fresh on everyone‘s mind, the Southerner concedes that his beard has become an even bigger personality than him, unfortunately or otherwise."It‘s become an entity that is larger than the sum of its parts," he tells TV Guide. "People were like, "We‘re pulling for Kevin‘s beard. We like Kevin, he‘s great, but we would like his beard to win." It has more than 5,000 fans on Facebook!"Don‘t forget to catch: ‘Top Chef‘Winner: Does He Deserve It? Read more »
For Michael Voltaggio, it wasn‘t shameless arrogance, but confidence that won him Top Chef."Throughout the competition, I wasn‘t thinking I had the win but that I was certainly a contender to win the competition," he tells Entertainment Weekly. "I felt that about my food throughout the competition, I always thought, my food looks so good."Don‘t forget to catch: Does Michael deserve it? Read more »
Did Padma make a mistake again?That was newly crowned Top Chef Michael Voltaggio‘s first thought bubble when he heard his name as the new Top Chef, lording it over older brother Bryan and fan favorite Kevin. Apparently, he wasn‘t as confident as he sounded throughout the Top Chef season, especially on the triumvirate‘s final four-course meal. Read more »
If both Michael and Kevin thought Bryan won Top Chef, did Bryan think so as well? Apparently, yes, the 33-year-old V brother of the deep voice tells TV Guide. "I did at one point too, with the plates I put forth and the comments coming back from the judges‘ table," he says. Read more »
Will Robin and Michael patch things up? Will Robin and Eli patch things up? Will the V brothers finally let their guards down? Will Mike I. be a non-jerk? Will Kevin finally shave that beard off? What about the 7,000 fans of the beard on Facebook? Will Kevin be the fan favorite? Or Jesse? Or Jennifer? Will see more of Kevin‘s mommy?To know the answers to these burning questions, tune in tonight for Top Chef‘s reunion episode. Host Andy Cohen hosts a reunion of the chefs participating in the recently concluded season 6. Read more »
Yes, one more bearded chef back in the market. In something that can potentially explain his somehow lax performance toward the homestretch of Top Chef, Kevin Gillespie tells USA Today that the final few episodes of the Bravo cooking show coincided with the "lowest point" of an ongoing split with his wife."My wife and I are going through a divorce," he says says. "So it‘s been really challenging. And all of this was going on during Top Chef, which kind of puts some context around why, in the final two episodes, I seemed out of it. It was kind of at the lowest point for us." Read more »
On this season of Top Chef, much has been said about the following: the sibling rivalry, the predictability of the finale cast, and Kevin‘s beard. On the reunion show where the cast and judges sat down with Andy Cohen, these things were revisited, and then some.Foremost on the agenda, and probably the chef-testant who got the most airspace, was Kevin. While he was the odd one out in the final triumvirate, I think it‘s pretty obvious at this point who the fan favorite is. Early this season, Kevin sat down with a bunch of French culinary legends and on the reunion show, he admitted that he rather cooked for them, not in small part because the French conversations were intimidating him. The what-was-Kevin-thinking subtitles was awesome. Read more »
It had been a fairly long time since Michael Voltaggio was crowned Top Chef and Kevin Gillespie was named this season‘s fan favorite, not forgetting the $45,000 worth of quickfire earnings - not bad for a third place finish - but people still probably remember the I-make-Kevin‘s-food-in-my-day-off comment from Michael. What exactly does Kevin have to say about this?"I actually texted him," he tells E! Online, "and asked what we were having for dinner on his next day off. It doesn‘t really bother me. I‘m not one who has issues of confidence." Read more »
It took a while, but Bravo finally announced that Top Chef Masters will return for a sophomore run with a definite return date. Foodies should watch out for the Top Chef spin-off on April 7 at 11pm. Then after the premiere, Top Chef Masters will move to its regular Wednesday night spot at 10pm.Top Chef judge Gail Simmons will be added as a regular member of Top Chef Masters‘ judging panel, joining New York Magazine food critic Gael Greene, Saveur magazine editor-in-chief James Oseland, and British journalist and broadcaster Jay Rayner, who will all reprise their roles critiquing the show‘s world-renowned contestants. Read more »
To take part in the global relief effort to aid earthquake-ravaged Haiti, Top Chef alum Ron Duprat, who was born in Haiti, has teamed up with four fellow contestants of the Bravo show in organizing an all-chef Relief Benefit program for his native land.Duprat has collaborated with Mattin Noblia, Hector Santiago, and eventual Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio in the all-chef effort, where all participating restaurants donate up to 10 percent of their receipts to Hearts for Haiti: An American Dining Relief Benefit on St. Valentine‘s Day. The funds will be divided between two charities, Hollywood United for Haiti and Kinship Circle Disaster Relief, but everything will go to on-the-ground relief efforts. Read more »
Top Chef finalist and fan favorite Kevin Gillespie has dropped out of the prestigious Bocuse D‘Or competition, citing lack of ample preparation time. Gillespie, known for his cheery personality and beard with a life of its own, was invited to compete in the Bocuse d‘Or USA cooking competition, for the opportunity to be the U.S. representative in the 2011 international Bocuse d‘Or. He won the berth after winning a Top Chef episode."He didn‘t have time to prepare," Gillespie‘s rep Melissa Libby told Toqueland, where the news was first reported. "He didn‘t want to let the country down.  He felt like there was somebody else who deserved that spot. He‘s a perfectionist and didn‘t feel like he could do his best with everything going on." Read more »
Less than two months before Top Chef Masters season 2 kicks off, Entertainment Weekly has revealed the list of the top-caliber chefs that will be competing for the title of, well, Top Chef Masters. If there was much bickering and not-so-professional attitude on the regular Top Chef last season (yes, this guy named Mike Isabella, among others), again prepare to be dazzled by top-quality dishes and less animosity between these world-renowned chef-testants.Among the 22 competitors are six returning chefs from Top Chef Masters‘ inaugural season, including Graham Elliot Bowles,  Wylie Dufresne, Ludo Lefebvre, Rick Moonen, Mark Peel, and Jonathan Waxman. Among the more notable names in the lineup, meanwhile, are Chicago chef Tony Mantuano, New York‘s David Burke, and Los Angeles‘ Susan Feniger. Read more »
It is almost April 7! OK, not really, but Bravo has released a sneak peek into the second season of Top Chef Masters, following the announcement of the cast last week.The sneak peek is after the jump: Read more »
It‘s a long way to go before the return of Top Chef Masters (April) and an even longer wait before the seventh season of the regular Top Chef resumes its culinary operations. But the good news is, a couple of Top Chef alums, not to mention head judge Tom Colicchio are up for  the prestigious 2010 James Beard awards.Runners-up Kevin Gillespie aka Bearded Kevin and Bryan Voltaggio and Colicchio are all semifinalists for the so-called Oscars of Food, aimed to honor the finest chefs, restaurants, journalists, cookbook authors, among others. Read more »
After years of struggling with endometriosis and a pregnancy described as "miraculous," Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi has given birth to a healthy baby girl, People reports.Says her rep, "Model, author and Emmy-nominated host of Top Chef Padma Lakshmi gave birth to a baby girl named Krishna Thea Lakshmi on Saturday. Mother and baby are well and happy." Read more »