Articles for Tim Gunn's Guide to Style Season 2

Last month, we reported that Bravo has announced the premiere of the second installment of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.  That day has finally arrived and fans will get to see another season of the Bravo series, which puts the spotlight on Tim Gunn and his new co-host Gretta Monahan, who replaces the first season’s co-host, Veronica Webb.  Recently, Gunn spoke to Reality TV World about the changes viewers can expect to see on the second season of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style."For our subjects, the women with whom we work, Gretta has her feet planted firmly in the ground," Gunn explained to Reality TV World.  "And there‘s a girlfriend element to Gretta that - and with Veronica it was - she was on a pedestal.  It was more difficult." Read more »
Fashion and Reality Television have formed a special bond over the past television seasons. America‘s Next Top Model just finished cycle 12, Project Runway will be airing its sixth season later this year. TLC, Bravo and Oxygen have dominated our fashion-centric television for years. So how do we navigate our way through the fashion genre?We‘ve put together a list of fashion-centric television that might strike your interest. Within the list, we discuss the type, description and "watchability" of each show to help you better navigate the fashion realm. We‘ve limited to reality TV sorts of fashion shows because including Gossip Girl, American Idol (they have talked about fashion a lot more this season, haven‘t they?) and other quality primetime programming would just get too confusing. Read more »