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It‘s hard to believe, but we still have several months before we will get a new season of Project Runway. However, Bravo isn‘t leaving fans of the show completely high and dry. Starting in September, Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style will possibly help tide the fashion-focused over until Project Runway season 4 begins. It‘s not quite the same as watching a gaggle of colorful characters cobble together a high-fashion dress from some car upholstery, a length of rubber hosing and a pizza box, or whatever outrageous challenge might usually be thrown at the Project Runway designers. However, if you love the part of Project Runway where Tim Gunn makes his rounds and alternates between looks of dismay towards and hyper-articulate albeit occasionally cryptic critiques of the outfits offered, this show might have something for you. Read more »
Heidi Klum may be the host of Project Runway, but the star of the show is mentor Tim Gunn. Next month, Gunn gets his own show, appropriate titled Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style on Bravo. The show will debut on Thursday, September 6 at 10pm ET/PT. At his side, on the show, is former model Veronica Webb. In a press conference today, the two gave us the details on Bravo’s hot new show.Considering how many makeover shows there are, it’s hard to set yourself apart but Gunn and Webb promise that the show will be a standout. “It’s not an intervention. We don’t have family or loved ones contacting us. These women have self-declared their need for help,” Gunn shares. Also, Veronica and I do not tell them what to wear. It’s an education about who they are, with whom they interact, and how they want the world to perceive them. It’s very individualized for each person.” Read more »
Former model Veronica Webb is slated to host Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style, and according to the 54-year-old fashion designer, there is no other person more suited for the job."I was so crossing every finger, every arm, every leg, every toe that Veronica would say yes. It felt like it was a marriage proposal," Gunn said of his show‘s host.  "I have known of Veronica Webb.  We‘d never really met until [her audition] and we just - we really did click.  And she‘s as brainy as she is beautiful and I just thought, ‘This is it.  I‘ve got to have her.‘" Read more »
Ever since his exposure on Bravo‘s competitive reality series, Project Runway, Tim Gunn has made a name for himself as a fashion guru, not just for the contestants of the show but for men, women and gay people as well. In fact, he‘ll be putting out a Man‘s Guide to Style in addition to his own show Tim Gunn‘s Guide To Style. Although his present focus is to address the concerns of women, the 54-year-old television personality also acknowledges the fact that there are also men who are in need of his guidance. Read more »
Anybody who is a fan of Project Runway is certainly a fan of fashion expert and mentor Tim Gunn.  He is also the current Chief Creative Officer at Liz Claiborne, Inc.  As if those jobs don‘t keep him busy enough, he recently launched his own Bravo show, Tim Gunn‘s Guide To Style, along with supermodel Veronica Webb.  On the show, Gunn and Webb take everyday women from drab to fab, giving them a makeover from the inside out.  Together, they teach the women how to organize their closets, choose the right outfits with the right fit for them, and feel good about themselves in the things that they wear.  The show premiered last week on Bravo and returns tonight for a brand new episode.  BuddyTV talked to Tim Gunn today about his brand new show and the upcoming season of Project Runway.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Veronica Webb, Tim Gunn‘s partner in fashion on Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style, has worn a lot of outfits in her years as a model for Isaac Mizrahi, Victoria‘s Secret, Chanel and Calvin Klein.There is one outfit, however, that she‘s sure everyone can do without: the sweatsuit.She says, "If you‘re wearing a sweatsuit and you‘re not going to or from the gym, you‘ve given up…Fashion creates images. It breaks down boundaries. It can be a starting point for anything you want to happen. There‘s something to be said for dressing the part." Read more »
She was the brave soul who underwent the televised makeover at the hands of Tim Gunn and his “fashion accomplice” Veronica Webb. Luckily for Rebecca Pennino, her time on Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style wound up being a wonderful and transformative experience for her. She recently blogged about her time on the show for Bravo.She says it wasn‘t just a stage gimmick, but truly was a surprise when she got the news that Tim Gunn and Veronica Webb were about to show up at her apartment. She said the producer of Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style had to tell her “No Becca, we seriously need you and Brooke to run....Tim and Veronica will be there.” Read more »
On Sunday, Tim Gunn put in an appearance at the Baltimore Book Festival. He was in town primarily for a book signing, but he took the time to give the crowd in attendance a lot of helpful tips about making the most of fashion, much as he does for each individual who appears on Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style.His overarching lesson to the fashion-curious seems to be: to thine own self be true. Read more »
Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style was a welcome addition to the “Watch What Happens” Bravo line-up during the long build-up to the new season of Project Runway. While it might not be quite the same as watching several designers duke it out on the runway, it at least gave us the chance to hear the soothing deep voice of Tim Gunn in the interim.However, now Tim Gunn fans will have to console themselves with re-runs because the show is on hiatus until at least November 8. Read more »
Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style might be on hiatus for a little while (it’s set to return in November), but there’s still plenty of Tim Gunn advice to go around.For one thing, you can always pick up his book or catch a re-run of one of the previously-run episodes of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. Or, check out your local celebrity magazine, and with Tim’s guidance, style yourself according to the celebrity most like your body type. Read more »
Gretta Monahan is in and Veronica Webb is out on Tim Gunn‘s Guide to Style.  Bravo has tapped the personal stylist and owner of Grettacole Spas as Tim Gunn‘s "fashion accomplice" for the sophomore season of his reality series, which returns on the network later this year. "I‘ve been a fan of Gretta‘s for awhile now - she‘s on the edge of fashion with a fresh approach that resonates well with all types of women," said Gunn, who also appears on Bravo‘s Project Runway alongside supermodel Heidi Klum.  "I‘m thrilled to have her as my fashion accomplice." Read more »