Articles for The Wonder Years Season 6

Dan Lauria was popularly identified as Jack Arnold on the award-winning series The Wonder Years.  From 1988 to 1993, he portrayed the husband of stay-at-home wife Norma, and father of Karen, Wayne and the lead character Kevin (Fred Savage).  He was the type of father who was sullen but always strived to be responsible and a good provider for his family.  He worked in a middle management position, which he detested, at a large corporation called NORCOM and later quit to start his own furniture business. As a war veteran, his sensitivity towards war issues was often felt on the throughout the show.  Unfortunately, he died two years after the timeline of the show, which was revealed in the final episode of the series.  At present, the 60-year-old Italian-American actor remains active in the film industry with his series of upcoming movies. Read more »
As Paul Pfeiffer on The Wonder Years, Josh Saviano was distinctly known as the lifelong best friend of lead character Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage).  He was Jewish and was allergic to many substances, which occasionally added comic relief to the show.  Despite being a bit geeky, he remained to be a loyal companion and an excellent student.  For the most part, he shared many joyful experiences, as well as heartbreaking moments with Kevin during his teenage years.  In the last episode of the series, it was revealed that he went to pursue law at Harvard, which was a little similar to what happened in the actor‘s real life. Read more »
Imagine Kevin Arnold and The Wonder Years 20 years into the future.  The Wonder Years writer-producer Bob Brush is set to start filming the ‘80s counterpart of the hugely popular ‘60s-based ABC series starring then 13-year-old Fred Savage.Brush is producing Lost in the 80s with Tantamount‘s Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum, and Mitch Hurwitz.  NBC gave the green light to Brush to do the pilot for the hour-long project, which is described as Fast Times at Ridgemont High meets The Ice Storm. Read more »
Danica McKellar is still remembered by most people as Fred Savage‘s on-screen love interest Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years.  Now, at age 33, she‘s a math whiz and the author of books like Math Doesn‘t Suck and Kiss My Math, which encourages girls in middle school to enjoy and succeed at mathematics.  So far, both books have held steady positions on the New York Times bestseller top 10 list. Read more »
Amy Poehler is pregnant with her second child with husband Will Arnett but don‘t expect her alter ego Leslie Knope to become pregnant anytime soon. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Poehler‘s pregnancy will not be written into Parks and Recreation. NBC, however, is willing to work around the pregnancy, similar to what they did during the birth of Poehler‘s first child in the fall of 2008.  Read more »