Articles for The Wire Season 4

The Wire is an action-drama series created by David Simon. It follows the long-term family business dealing illegal drugs and the actions of the Baltimore police to control their trade. Moreover, the show is told from both points of view and also brings light to the people underneath these organizations. Read more »
As Russell “Stringer” Bell on the HBO series The Wire, Idris Elba portrayed a drug kingpin who was second in command in the Barksdale organization. An intelligent planner with a penchant for business and economics, he attempted to reform the narcotics circuit and make the transition from a criminal to a legitimate real estate developer.  However, his efforts backfired and ultimately led to his ambush at the hands of Brother Mouzone (Michael Potts) and Omar Little (Michael Kenneth Williams).  Although his stint on the show already ended, the 34-year-old actor remains active in the industry with his upcoming action and drama movies. Read more »
J.D. Williams was known as Preston "Bodie" Broadus, one of the soldiers in the Barksdale organization on HBO‘s The Wire.  Loyal and willing to obey his superiors, he gradually rose through the ranks of the gang, proving himself worthy for the position of Crew Chief.  Unfortunately, he got caught in the chaotic world of drug trade and became vulnerable to larger narcotic organizations, which resulted to his murder.  In the coming months, the African-American actor will be featured in various movies that are all set for release this year. Read more »