Articles for The Wedding Bells Season 1

Sultry and sexy, KaDee Strickland entices viewers with her captivating gaze that can possibly melt anyone’s heart. Her versatility in acting landed her a spot on the new FOX television series The Wedding Bells. Oozing with magnetism, she exudes elegance and sophistication in whatever role she portrays. Read more »
Michael Landes transforms the word “neat” into something attractively sexy. His goody image lands him a number of projects on television and in film. A natural sweetheart, he positively establishes himself as a crowd’s favorite. His artistic talent lands him a spot on the comedy-drama The Wedding Bells.  Read more »
KaDee Strickland stars as Annie Bell on Fox‘s newest show by David E. Kelley, The Wedding Bells.  Though she has been in the business for quite a while, KaDee loves working on this set because it is just so much fun.  So much fun, in fact, that even though she has two upcoming movies she has been having too good a time to look at anything else right now.   BuddyTV had a chance to talk KaDee about how she landed her role as Annie, working with a great cast and crew, and her upcoming projects. Read more »