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AMC‘s The Walking Dead shambles back with season 2 tonight! Prepare yourself for its premier with a brief recap of season 1.I Feel Like Death When I Get Up, Too If you slept through The Walking Dead‘s first season, it could have been worse. Imagine slumbering through corpses reanimating then treating the world like a brain buffet. That‘s how the show opens, with sheriff‘s deputy Rick Grimes shot in the line of duty, falling into a coma and reawakening to an undead extravaganza.  Read more »
This week on The Walking Dead season 2 premiere tempers flare among the survivors, a child gets lost in dangerous territory and the group finds Jesus. Oh, there‘s also zombies. Lots of zombies.  Read more »
The Walking Dead rose again on AMC last night, and that familiar feeling of suspense came back with it: What fresh horror is next for Rick Grimes and his ragtag group of survivors? The season 2 premiere ended with a shocking cliffhanger (Entertainment Weekly talked to EP Robert Kirkman about the premiere today, including that "traumatic" ending -- check out his interview here), but don‘t worry if you haven‘t watched it yet -- this sneak peek of episode 2, "Bloodletting," won‘t spoil your surprise, though it does hint at upcoming character conflicts. Everyone wants to survive, but not everyone agrees about the best way to do it.Plus, check out bonus footage from last night‘s post-show Talking Dead premiere, and a fun Walking Dead parody that will tickle your fancy, especially if you‘re a Christopher Walken fan.  Read more »
Warning: If you haven‘t watched the first episode of The Walking Dead season 2, and don‘t want to know about new characters and developments to come, turn back! Turn back now! Read more »
From its introduction to a whole family of new characters to a possible Breaking Bad homage, last night‘s episode of The Walking Dead had plenty of big developments and small details to keep us hooked for the following weeks. Oh yeah, and let‘s not forget there were more disgusting zombies. An army of them. Rattling Shane‘s cage, literally and figuratively.What‘s next for the disjointed group of survivors, all of whom are in some form or another of major trouble? Watch two sneak peeks from next Sunday‘s installment: Read more »
This week, The Walking Dead has a look back at the past, new refuge for the survivors and more bad luck than you can shake a severed arm at. If misery loves company, it calls up all its friends for "Bloodletting."  Read more »
Oh Sunday, Bloody Sunday. Anticipation simply makes the heart grow fonder.Last week‘s episode of The Walking Dead promised drama, and God helps us if it isn‘t delivered.The good news? It is delivered and then delivered again because that‘s how awesome mailmen can be.Recap: Bloodletting  Read more »
Ah, there is no other day like Sunday: sleeping in, skipping church to take advantage short lines at the Cracker Barrel, lounging about the house in nothing but your birthday suit, ect. Did I happen to miss anything?Recap: Bloodletting  Read more »
(Non-)spoiler alert: Rick Grimes is going to live through the year.At least that seems like an easy assumption now that, two episodes in to season 2, AMC has officially renewed The Walking Dead for season 3.There was little doubt that AMC‘s zombie apocalypse drama would get the renewal after its second season premiere once again garnered massive cable ratings in key demos. The 90-minute premiere drew 4.8 million viewers in the coveted 18-49 demo and a collective 7.3 million total viewers. The first season premiere shattered cable ratings records and led to one of the most buzzed-about series of the year -- buzz that has continued into the second season, and even led to a post-episode talk show, The Talking Dead. Read more »
It will never NOT be cool to dress as a zombie on Halloween. Especially if you take your undead makeup tips from the world‘s foremost professional on fake rotting skin, open wounds and mealy mouths: Greg Nicotero, the Emmy-winning special effects artist and co-executive producer of AMC‘s The Walking Dead.Greg and his cohort Andy posted this how-to video a good month after Halloween last year, so even though the video is a bit old, this is the first time that we can actually use his tips on All Hallow‘s Eve. Check out the tutorial, full of surprising, easy and helpful tips for how to be the most convincing zombie at the monster mash: Read more »
In Jonny Cash‘s (or is it Kris Kristofferson‘s?) song "Sunday Morning Comin‘ Down," there is a lyric that, more or less, describes the Sunday of a depressive Southern rocker in the 1960s: "There‘s something in a Sunday that makes the body feel alone."While that may be true for those guys, you know whose bodies aren‘t alone this Sunday? Our rag-tag team of survivors on The Walking Dead, that‘s who!And guess who is providing the company?That‘s right, the zombies!On this week‘s episode, Carl still wavers between life and death, Shane and Otis are still scavenging the high school, Daryl is still being awesome and our favorite characters, the zombies, are still here!‘Walking Dead‘ Recap: Who Will be Left to Save?As the search for Sofia continues, Daryl and Andrea have a discussion about everyone‘s pessimistic attitude about finding the missing girl in the forest: Read more »
The living‘s actions may have you rooting for the undead on this week‘s episode of The Walking Dead. However, in between two children on the brink of death and Shane getting a GED from Ruthless Decisions High School, there‘s still gentle moments keeping hope alive. Too bad just like everyone else on the show, hope seems like it‘s living on borrowed time in one of the best episodes of the series‘ two season run. Let‘s Do The Time Warp AgainSo last week‘s episode started with a flashback. Well, tonight‘s starts with the one thing cooler than flashbacks: flash forwards! While first seeming like a gratuitous man-candy break of Shane buzzing his hair in the shower, there‘s something darker going on here explained later. What‘s never explained though is if he got his clippings out of the drain when he finished. If there‘s one thing everyone hates more than zombies snacking on their small intestines, it‘s messy housemates. Read more »
The end of Sunday‘s Walking Dead episode took a dark turn that, while it meant the sad demise of one character, also meant that one character just got a lot more interesting. Or, as Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman said, Shane has changed the game.I‘m talking, of course, about the flashblack twist that viewers saw at the end of "Save the Last One," showing that -- contrary to Shane‘s story that Otis sacrificed himself to zombies so that Shane could get medical supplies back to save Carl -- Shane actually shot Otis in the leg so he could get away, and then watched as the walkers feasted on the suffering farmhand. Some might call it survival of the fittest. Others might call it cold-blooded murder. Since none of us have ever lived in a zombie-ridden post-apocalyptic wasteland, the morality‘s a little murky.But two things are for sure: Otis is dead, and Shane will never be the same. And I‘m not just talking about his heavily-symbolic shaved head.To that end, check out this preview clip from The Walking Dead season 2 episode 4, "Cherokee Rose," in which Shane attempts to comfort Otis‘s grieving girlfriend Patricia by telling her the (fake) story of how -- and why -- he died: Read more »
It‘s Sunday! So you know what that means, right?Zombies, zombies and more zombies!And everyone had plenty to say in the Twitterverse. The top 10 most awesome tweets are below: Read more »
This episode of The Walking Dead focuses on fleshing out its characters rather than zombies eating their flesh. Even without a mutilation per minute pace this lull showing Daryl‘s sentimental side, rising tension with Herschel and Glenn‘s budding romance stays interesting.You‘re Starting To Lose Me...It‘s one big happy family again when Carl awakes the camper crew rolls and into Greene Farm. Well, almost everyone. Sophia‘s still playing hide-and-seek with the undead somewhere despite constant searching for her. That‘s a little disappointing because we see new dimensions in all the other survivors and Carol‘s still stuck in worried mother mode. Really hope that her daughter shows up soon so Carol can have a different expression on her face other than a mixture of stomach cramps and worry. Read more »
Guess who‘s sharing some skin this Sunday? That‘s right, Zombies! Here are the top quotes from the episode:  Read more »
The people have spoken, and this year‘s nominees for the People‘s Choice Awards are an interesting mix of popular programs and CW favorites.  Read more »
What does a mythological Latin American monster have to do with The Walking Dead? We‘ll find out when episode 5, "Chupacabra," airs Sunday on AMC. But with zombies all over the place, Sophia still missing, Shane off the deep end, Lori pregnant and Rick unaware of his group‘s biggest problems, I‘d say wondering about the existence of the legendary "goat sucker" should be the least of their concerns.In terms of more pressing matters: Check out two clips from the next Walking Dead episode, plus bits and pieces about upcoming big developments, from one-armed Merle‘s shocking return to Glenn‘s uncomfortable girl problems.  Read more »
Here are the best tweets about "Chupacabara": Read more »
Here are the best lines from the fifth episode of The Walking Dead‘s second season:  Read more »
Everyone gets along and a cure for zombie-ism is discovered on this week‘s episode of The Walking Dead. Just kidding! Tensions rise between Herschel and his guests, Shane continues to be at Rick‘s throat over searching for Sophia, and Glenn finds romance challenging. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of The Walking Dead continued the search for Sophia ... unfortunately. Not that I necessarily agree with Shane that the group ought to abandon the search and keep moving to Fort Benning -- though, cold as he sounded, the argument has logic. I just wish the writers would wrap the story up one way or another (the options: Sophia‘s dead or not-dead or un-dead) before the world (our world) literally ends. It seems like we‘ve been searching for that little girl FOREVER! If Sophia‘s not smart enough to stay where she‘s told or go back to the road or find the farm, she‘s probably not smart enough to survive in a zombie-infested forest for a million days without food or water. Your show is called The Walking Dead, not The Crawling Alive. Get a move on.Elsewhere in the hour, Daryl Dixon took a page out of Dexter‘s book and was visited by the specter of his (probably dead) brother Merle, this time in possession of two hands and lots of helpful advice for Daryl, who struggled to climb out of a ravine with an arrow through his gut and two walkers chewing on his boots. Daryl‘s hallucinations of Merle, who inspired him to climb the hill but also told him that he needs to shoot Rick in the face, were the most compelling aspects of the Daryl-centric episode, giving us a glimpse into Daryl‘s self-hating psyche, and also casting an ominous shade over the future of his character: Will he really try to avenge Merle by killing Rick? Will he continue to grow closer to the group, or alienate himself as Merle suggested? And will he make a matching zombie-ear-bracelet to go with his necklace? Read more »
The best quotes from "Secrets" are below: Read more »
The top tweets about "Secrets" are below: Read more »
Take Fleetwood Mac‘s album Rumors and fill it with zombies. Congratulations, you just wrote this week‘s episode of The Walking Dead! News of Herschel‘s pet walkers, Lori‘s pregnancy and Shane‘s secrets begin spreading with surprising results.Breaking Second Hand NewsGlenn seriously can‘t keep secrets. Someone says: "Don‘t tell anyone." He hears: "Make sure everyone knows." It‘s a well known fact elderly bearded men are always wise, so when twin revelations of Lori‘s upcoming stork appointment and Herschel‘s undead barn dwellers confuse Glenn he dumps everything on Dale.  Read more »
This coming Sunday marks the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, after which the series will lay itself down to hibernate for the winter like a bear (or die only to later come back to life, like a zombie), and the kinda-sorta-finale has one hell of an episode title: "Pretty Much Dead Already." A foreboding name, to say the least. But that could also very well be a sub-title for the series, if you think about it. Nobody‘s guaranteed survival on The Walking Dead, no matter how strong or central they may seem.With that in mind, let‘s check out a sneak peek of Sunday‘s episode, plus read some enticing spoilers about the mid-season finale, and beyond. Prepare your "BRAAAAAAAAAINS!" for the drama and action: Read more »
The Walking Dead‘s mid-season finale is soul-crushing yet satisfying. By the end Shane‘s finally snapped, Hershel‘s left powerless and Sophia‘s fate is revealed.BarnstormNothing says "this isn‘t going to end well" than frightened survivors learning there‘s a zombie zoo next door. When Glenn unceremoniously breaks how Hershel‘s barn is chock-full of walkers no one takes the news well. Shane suggests his favorite solution to every problem: shoot it, leave it or both. Rick counters killing Hershel‘s nontraditional pets will also kill their chances of staying on the Greene Farm. Guess even when they‘re undead, murdering the wife and daughter of your host never makes a good impression. Read more »
The top tweets about the mid-season finale "Pretty Much Dead Already" are below: Read more »
The best quotes from the mid-season finale "Pretty Much Dead Already" are below: Read more »
Spoilers ahead!It doesn‘t take a whole lot of brainstorming to realize just how much season 6 of Dexter and season 2 of The Walking Dead have in common -- some good, and some not-so-good.Both shows center on death (though on Dexter, the dead only die once) and feature a whole lot of thrilling gore, punctuated by (sometimes vastly less interesting) character drama. The central characters struggle to do good despite -- or, often, with -- their darkest impulses, and to find hope when everything should feel most hopeless. Yes, most gripping TV dramas also grapple with these issues in one way or another. But not all of them feature lengthy debates about morality between main characters and their cynical Ghost Brothers, or body counts higher than the Chrysler building, or repeated depictions -- whether actual or in "tableau" form -- of the apocalypse. Dexter and The Walking Dead both do. Read more »
When The Walking Dead returns this February, it‘ll be bringing a host of new faces. With seasontwo‘s first half feeling a bit stale, hopefully this mixture of comic book and original characters willmake things more interesting.Check out descriptions for four brand new characters who will join the group in the spring. Warning, spoilers ahead! Read more »
This Friday Chiller premiere‘s a new horror film, Remains. Clearly zombie‘s are the new thing and if you‘re a fan of The Walking Dead, you‘re not going to want to miss this. Based on the graphic novel, Remains focuses on survivors of a post-apocalyptic Reno, Nevada as they work together to destroy the zombie population. Sounds cool right? Well, BuddyTV wants to get you ready for the premiere by giving away a Remains Poker set (pictured below).  Read more »
You‘ve enjoyed our recaps, scoured our site for spoilers and spent countless hours padding your score on our trivia challenges. Now become a part of our team! BuddyTV is looking for more passionate, diligent, fanatical Volunteer Fan Columnists interested in submitting the 10 Best Quotes and 10 Best Tweets for a wide range of their favorite shows in return for byline credit.We‘re looking for Volunteer Fan Columnists for the following shows:  Read more »
The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 12 after a long mid-season break, and this new sneak peek from the next new episode, "Nebraska," shows that the show may not pick up exactly where we left off in November.The 45 second clip starts with something we‘re very familiar with -- dueling patriarchs Rick and Hershel trying to hash out a survival plan -- only to be interrupted by two unfamiliar, dark, possibly foreboding figures. I sure don‘t recognize them, but they seem to know exactly who Rick and Hershel are: "Son of a bitch, they‘re alive," one of the men says. Is that happy or disappointed surprise? And who are those guys? Watch and judge for yourself: Read more »
At its heart, The Walking Dead is just another story of a ragtag family trying to make it in this crazy ol‘ world. Romances, quibbles, misunderstandings, secret pregnancies, the ritual slaughter of undead corpses ... these are the things great network sitcoms are made of.So it was really just a matter of time before the all-knowing internet machine gave us what we didn‘t know we needed until we had it: A remix of The Walking Dead credits to the Growing Pains theme song. Go ahead and press play, and show me that smile again... Read more »
The Walking Dead comes back to life on AMC this Sunday, and it‘ll do so with a bang (how else?), picking up where November‘s mid-season finale left off: The zombie barn massacre that left little undead Sophia decidedly dead-dead.Sunday‘s mid-season premiere episode is called "Nebraska," and the AMC description tells us this much: "Rick and the others try to restore order in the aftermath of a terrible discovery. Hershel takes up an old habit and disappears, Rick and Glenn must follow him into town." Well, that‘s not very vivid. Luckily, the web is abuzz with spoilers and hints about the episode, as well as the rest of The Walking Dead season 2. Here‘s the rest of the scoop before Sunday: Read more »
The PlotAftermath. That is the plot of this episode. That is all you need to know. Read more »
Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Hershel (Scott Wilson) face some new foes while Shane (Jon Bernthal) searches for Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) in tonight‘s intense new episode. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of The Walking Dead, survival tactics and romantic tensions intersected for both of our main couples, Glenn/Maggie and Rick/Lori ( ... and Shane). With his quick shooting at the saloon, it seems that Rick may have finally become the takes-no-prisoners leader that Lori needs to keep her family safe (though his admission to the strangers that he killed their two pals, and his insistence on taking in Randall, may prove otherwise). Meanwhile, Glenn blamed Maggie, and her use of the L-word, for his instinct to run and hide rather than stand and fight.Yes, whether they‘re killing strangers or hightailing it out of harm‘s way, what the men do when they‘re in danger always seems to come down to the women they love -- at least in their minds. This, according to Lori, who gives Maggie little woman-to-woman advice in this sneak peek from next week‘s episode, "18 Miles Out":  Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Shane (Jon Bernthal) come to blows over Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) while the ladies deal with a situation back at the farm. Read more »
Finally, fans of the AMC zombie series can put a face to the reviled villain they‘ve been waiting for since The Walking Dead aired: David Morrissey has been cast as The Governor for next season, according to the Hollywood Reporter.  Read more »
As far as spoilers go, this one is a doozy. In an "unauthorized" ad for The Walking Dead season 2 DVD on the AMC website yesterday (that has since been taken down), an important event in the season finale was inconspicuously revealed. [To state the obvious: major spoilers ahead (read on at your own discretion!)] Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has chosen to follow Shane‘s (Jon Bernthal) advice and kill Randall before his friends come looking for him, but Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) has a different opinion. Meanwhile, Carl (Chandler Riggs) wanders down a dark path that leads to death for someone in the group. Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, the group mourns for Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) and Shane (Jon Bernthal) takes drastic measures to get what he wants. Read more »
There are plenty of exciting additions on TV in the coming weeks so let‘s get on with today‘s casting roundup.  Read more »
Warning: If you haven‘t caught up with The Walking Dead‘s last two episodes, do not read on unless you are prepared to be majorly spoiled! Fans of The Walking Dead have been shocked repeatedly in the past two weeks with the deaths of major characters Dale and Shane (particularly the latter, who was an ongoing counterpart to the group‘s leader, Rick). Now, with the season finale looming this Sunday, many are left wondering what the show could possibly do to top the recent surprises. Well, given what the showrunners have said in recent interviews this week, it seems like fans can expect an blood-filled, utterly chaotic and "jaw-dropping" finale--read on (warning: spoilers ahead) for more details. Read more »
In tonight‘s intense season finale, Carl (Chandler Riggs) barely has time to react to Shane‘s (Jon Bernthal) death as Walkers descend on the farm and the survivors are forced to split up. Read more »
Warning: Major Season 2 Finale Spoilers Ahead!!With last night‘s chaotic finale came many thrilling hints at what is to come next season. The group finally left the barn (and subtly arrived at a new home), Rick revealed the secret that everyone is infected with a virus while also finally stepping up as the ballsy leader the group needs, and a new hooded character was introduced when saving Andrea from a zombie death. Read more to see what the showrunners have to say on these exciting clues and what they mean for season 3. Read more »
Sunday has come and gone, and if you‘re feeling a big zombie-mob-sized hole, we feel you. To ease the pain, here are some extra details about the close of the season, Michonne‘s character and what we can expect when October finally does come around (spoiler alert: do NOT read ahead if you haven‘t watched the last few episodes of season 2).  Read more »
When The Vampire Diaries returns on April 19, the show will bring along more than one returning character with it. One of those characters -- a certain vampire who goes by the name of Rose -- has been missing for a long time. How will she return in "Heart of Darkness"? Keep reading for more details and a video preview. Read more »
Lauren Cohan, who plays Hershel‘s tough eldest daughter Maggie, has been upped to a series regular for the highly anticipated Walking Dead third season (according to TV Line). Adding to the casting of Danai Gurira as Michonne and David Morrissey as The Governor, Cohan‘s promotion brings more good news for fans of the AMC zombie drama that can‘t wait for the series‘ return. Read more »
Though summer seems like a long period to endure without gross zombie killings, The Walking Dead thankfully continues to build hype for its third season during its hiatus. Season 3 production has officially begun, providing fans with a behind-the-scenes video with some enticing actor insights. Plus, we finally get a glimpse of Michonne that does not disappoint. Read more »
Though the thrilling season 2 finale of The Walking Dead has passed, it left us with much to anticipate in the show‘s third season, touted by its producers as the best one yet. To kick off the long wait before October, AMC conducted an on-set interview with Executive Producer (and creator of the comic book series) Robert Kirkman as they began production for season 3 this week. To catch up on all the juicy details, read our summary below.  Read more »
It‘s been a month since the thrilling season two finale of The Walking Dead, but when the show‘s producers and cast members convened for a panel at the TV Academy in Holllywood last Friday, we were more than ready to discuss the exciting second season and - most importantly - tease out any details about the "best season yet," which is set to return this fall.  Read more »
It‘s been a huge week for The Walking Dead fans, so if you missed out on any of the juicy season 3 tidbits, here‘s a convenient roundup of all the exciting news.  Read more »
AMC has announced its San Diego Comic-Con lineup, bringing good news to both The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad fans alike. Though The Walking Dead panel was expected (Comic-Con has played a significant role in building its enormous fan hype), the Breaking Bad appearance will mark the show‘s first at the pop culture convention. Read on for the full schedule details.  Read more »