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This is The Voice! The spinning red chairs and charming coach bickering are back. It‘s a fresh start as this marks the first time The Voice airs in the fall, and there are some new rules and twists lying ahead. But the blind auditions are still the blind auditions.  Read more »
Esta es La Voz! No, you didn‘t accidentally switch to the Spanish language version of BuddyTV, but since the second night of blind auditions for season 3 featured the first person to sing entirely en Espanol, I thought I‘d dust off what I remember from my high school Spanish class. Unfortunately, no one on The Voice is going to la biblioteca or eating pescado, so I‘m done.  Read more »
One thing is very clear about The Voice this season: Nobody likes Cee Le Green. The poor guy presses his button more than anyone else, but no one EVER picks him. In the third night of blind auditions, Cee Lo turned around seven times, but he only added one person to his team. And that‘s only because no other coaches turned around.  Read more »
When NBC‘s The Voice returns for its fourth season this spring, two of the spinning chairs will be filled with new faces. Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera will be taking some time off from the show and stepping down as coaches for season 4. They will be replaced with R&B star Usher and Latina singing superstar Shakira.  Read more »
The Voice is back for its second week of blind auditions of season 3. It‘s been a good week for the show, crushing The X Factor in the ratings on Wednesday. And with that in mind, I assume the first audition of the night being a girl who sings a Britney Spears song is a not-so-subtle dig at The Voice‘s competition.  Read more »
Last week on The Voice I wrote about how no one wanted to be on Cee Lo Green‘s team. Well, what a difference a week makes. In this episode Cee Lo jumps into the lead by scoring four more singers for his team, tying him with Adam Levine for the lead with 11 of their 16 spots filled.  Read more »
The Voice season 3 is in full swing, but it‘s never too early to look ahead to season 4. The news that Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera will be stepping down as coaches makes the next season of the show a big one. How will new coaches Usher and Shakira fit into the show and will they be able to keep up with returning winners Adam Levine and Blake Shelton?  Read more »
Miranda Lambert needs to start worrying about losing her husband. This episode of The Voice was all about Blake Shelton as he added five new members to his team, including a very domineering woman. But the real star was someone Blake lost out on, a hot guy who Blake fell in love with. Yes, it was a major man crush as Blake couldn‘t take his eyes off a dreamy A.C. Slater-esque returning singer.  Read more »
The big red chairs will continue to spin through the end of 2013. Today NBC officially renewed its smash hit reality competition series The Voice for two more seasons.  Read more »
We‘re nearing the end of the blind auditions on The Voice, and you can tell because they‘re running out of steam. Tonight‘s episode features fewer singers than any other episode as just six people take the stage. Four of them make a team, two of them don‘t, and by the end, all four coaches are tied with just two spots left on their teams.  Read more »
And then there were 64! The Voice‘s season 3 blind auditions came to an end as the four coaches finalized their 16-member teams. That‘s a whole lot of singers, but that‘s what the battle rounds are for.  Read more »
The 16-member teams of The Voice season 3 are set and now it‘s time for the Battle Rounds to begin. Each coach will have one singer making it to the finale, and while there is an option to steal battle losers from other teams this year, it‘s never too early to try to predict who will win.  Read more »
The 16-member teams of The Voice season 3 are set and now it‘s time for the Battle Rounds to begin. Each coach will have one singer making it to the finale, and while there is an option to steal battle losers from other teams this year, it‘s never too early to try to predict who will win.  Read more »
The 16-member teams of The Voice season 3 are set and now it‘s time for the Battle Rounds to begin. Each coach will have one singer making it to the finale, and while there is an option to steal battle losers from other teams this year, it‘s never too early to try to predict who will win.  Read more »
The 16-member teams of The Voice season 3 are set and now it‘s time for the Battle Rounds to begin. Each coach will have one singer making it to the finale, and while there is an option to steal battle losers from other teams this year, it‘s never too early to try to predict who will win.  Read more »
The Battle Rounds begin tonight on The Voice, and it‘s going to get very real very fast. Cee Lo Green is putting Trevin Hunte against Amanda Brown, and it‘s unbelievably epic.  Read more »
It‘s Battle time on The Voice! The ridiculous boxing ring set is back as two contestants from one team go head-to-head for a chance to survive.  Read more »
The Voice got off to a great start with the Battle Rounds as we saw some early favorites take the stage (Bryan Keith, De‘borah) and the introduction of the Steal. Stealing proved quite lucrative as Blake Shelton landed one of Adam‘s rejects while Adam Levine‘s team became incredibly strong with the acquisition of Cee Lo Green‘s cast-off Amanda Brown.  Read more »
The Voice is going to expand when the new Knockout rounds begin at the end of October. NBC has scheduled two two-hour episodes on Monday October 29 and Tuesday, October 30 which will feature the new twist that will trim the field down to 20 singers before the live voting rounds begin. As a result, new episodes of Tuesday night comedies Go On and The New Normal will be pushed back to 10pm on October 30.  Read more »
The third night of Battles on The Voice was a very unusual one because a lot of the wrong people wpm. Out of the six Battles we saw, four of the singers I would‘ve chosen to win were actually the losers. And, sadly, only one of those four was stolen.  Read more »
Heading into the fourth night of Battles on The Voice, we‘re more than halfway over and Christina Aguilera has yet to use either of her two Steals while Cee Lo Geen and Adam Levine have used up both of theirs.  Read more »
The Voice is about to go into overdrive at the start of November with the live shows. During election week, The Voice will air Monday, Wednesday and Thursday as the show goes live and the singing competition narrows the field down to the Top 12.  Read more »
With only one hour on The Voice this Monday, things are speeding up. There are six battles to get through and one more steal as we near the end of the Battle Rounds.  Read more »
It‘s the last night of battles on The Voice as we prepare to head into the knockout rounds. We‘ve seen some great battles, impressive steals and more than a few upsets as great singers were kicked to the curb.  Read more »
The Voice has narrowed the field down to 40 singers, and after the Knockout Rounds, that number will be cut in half. Only five singers from each team will make it to the live performance shows.  Read more »
For the first two seasons of The Voice, the finale always featured one artist from each of the four coaches. That may no longer be the case.  Read more »
Things are moving fast and furious this week on The Voice, like the weather on the East Coast. In four hours over two days, the field of singers will be cut in half from 40 down to 20 thanks to the new Knockout Rounds.  Read more »
The competition between FOX‘s The X Factor and NBC‘s The Voice is about to intensify next week as both reality shows go head-to-head with a live performance show. However, that doesn‘t mean that tension isn‘t already brewing.  Read more »
NBC has announced its plans for 2013, and things are changing in a big way. Smash is moving to Tuesday nights, The Voice and Revolution will be off until the end of March and Community will return to its original time slot, Thursdays at 8pm.  Read more »
Viewers on the East Coast who missed out on Monday‘s episodes of The Voice and Revolution on NBC due to Hurricane Sandy coverage will get another chance to watch the shows.  Read more »
The new Knockout Rounds on The Voice proved to be fast and furious Monday night as Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green cut their teams down to five singers each. Early favorites like Avery Wilson went home while previously unknown singers emerged as powerhouses (Loren All-Who?).  Read more »
Two singing competition results shows will go head-to-head Thursday night, each with their own special guests. The Voice and The X Factor will both air live results show Thursday night at 8pm.  Read more »
It‘s finally here, the live shows of The Voice. In what NBC is touting as the second biggest event of the week (the first being that pesky, never-ending presidential election), The Voice will dominate the airwaves with five hours over three nights.  Read more »
The first live playoffs of The Voice season 3 kicked off with a bang. There was a puffy shirt and an unbelievable performance from Amanda Brown as Adam Levine and Blake Shelton‘s top five singers each took the stage.  Read more »
The Voice is back! After taking a night off so Diane Sawyer could pull a Will McAvoy and Karl Rove could complain about math (oh yeah, and President Barack Obama got reelected), the live playoffs continue with another two-hour event where Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera‘s singers take the stage.  Read more »
The singing is over for this exhausting week on The Voice and now it‘s time to find out who‘s moving on and who‘s going home. Let‘s just hope Karl Rove doesn‘t take issue with what Carson Daly reports.  Read more »
It‘s time for the results! The Voice has been full of performing for several weeks, but now the decision is in America‘s hands. Tonight the top two vote-getters from each team will automatically move on to the next round, then each coach will get to pick one other singer from their team to become a part of the Top 12.  Read more »
One week before Christmas, The Voice will be delivering a present to its viewers: a new winner. The show‘s season 3 finale will air Tuesday, December 18 at 9pm with a two-hour results show.  Read more »
The madness is over, let The Voice begin! After an exhausting three-night, five-hour event last week, The Voice is settling into its regular routine for the rest of the season: two-hour performance shows on Mondays and one-hour results shows on Tuesdays.  Read more »
Unlike American elections with the preposterous electoral college, The Voice is now all about the popular vote. The Top 12 have performed and the two singers with the lowest number of votes will go home. This could mean two singers from the same team go home, but that seems unlikely.  Read more »
We‘re a little over a month away from the season 3 finale of The Voice, so every performance counts. The Top 12 took the stage with everything from Pink to Boston to that song from Titanic to that song from Back to the Future. Now it‘s time for two to get eliminated, and the coaches are completely without power.  Read more »
The People‘s Choice Award nominations for 2013 have been revealed, and oddly enough, the People‘s Choices have very little in common with actual ratings.  Read more »
The Voice and The X Factor are both going strong, and while they may not be going head-to-head anymore, they are still in direction competition.  Read more »
It‘s down to the Top 10 on The Voice, with Adriana Louise and Michaela Paige having been eliminated a few days ago. Those two are going to miss out on a fantastic opportunity, because on Monday, the remaining contestants will be mentored by none other than American Idol alum and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson. If you need further proof, here‘s a TV promo that makes it official: Read more »
Are you ready for three hours of non-stop celebrities, music and awards to those you most likely voted against? Of course you are! The 40th Annual American Music Awards are sure to be the topic of conversation for at least tomorrow morning.As always, there‘s a pretty impressive lineup tonight. While One Direction, Drake, Justin Bieber and Maroon 5 are tied for three nominations each, Nicki Minaj leads the pack with four. So gather your friends, place your bets and enjoy performances from artists such as Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera and Psy! Read more »
It‘s time to start off Turkey Week with a heaping helping of The Voice. The Top 10 are here to sing for your votes once again as two will be sent home.  Read more »
Two more singers on The Voice will have very little to be thankful for this week as they‘re going home. The Top 10 delivered arguably the best episode of the season as nearly every single contestant delivered his or her best performance yet. This makes predicting who will be eliminated from The Voice particularly hard.  Read more »
Tonight has the potential to be a very shocking evening for The Voice. The Top 10 delivered some truly amazing performances Monday night, and finding two singers who deserve to go home is nearly impossible.  Read more »
It‘s time to meet the Muppets on The Voice. The results show on Tuesday, November 27 will feature a special appearance by several of the most famous Muppet characters, including a special duet featuring Kermit the Frog.  Read more »
Things are moving quickly on The Voice as we‘re already down to the elite eight and we‘re just three weeks away from the finale. Christina Aguilera is left with just one singer, uber-hottie Dez Duron, while Cee Lo Green is sitting pretty for his potential first win with all three singers still in the competition.  Read more »
The Voice is about to send another two singers home as we get down to the Top 6. Will a coach lose his or her entire team? Will Cee Lo Green finally lose a singer? Those questions and more will be answered on the results show which will also feature appearances by the Muppets and a duet between Cee Lo Green and Kermit the Frog.  Read more »
It‘s time to play the music.It‘s time to light the lights.It‘s time to meet the Top 6 on The Voice results tonight!  Read more »
Christina Aguilera will not win The Voice season 3. Thanks to the new rules, despite the fact that there are still six singers left, none of them are on Team Xtina. The elimination of Dez Duron was the end of the road for Christina‘s third shot at the title, and it may be her last as she‘s leaving the show in season 4 to tour for her new album, getting replaced by Shakira.  Read more »