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Super Bowl XLVI puts the New York Giants against the New England Patriots, and while many fans are excited about the match-up, I‘m proud to admit that I‘m one of those people who watches the Super Bowl for the commercials. Oh sure, I‘m mildly interested in the actual football game, but that‘s just because, if the Giants lose, my brother will cry.  Read more »
The time has come, boys and girls! Welcome to the season opener of The Voice season 2. Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton are all back to find the next big singing sensation to hit America with a brick of vocal talent. Carson Daly also returns as the host with the most. So now that we know the gang‘s all here, why not get this party started?! Read more »
If you were too full of pizza and beer after the Super Bowl to tune in for last night‘s Voice season 2 premiere -- never fear. You‘ll have your second shot to watch those sassy celebrity coaches duke it out in the blind auditions tonight, and you‘ll be rewarded with a Prince medley if you do.Plus: Only five lucky vocalists made it onto Teams Xtina, Adam, Blake and Cee Lo last night, and we‘ve got the videos of their auditions right here. Take a listen and then tell us: Whose team is shaping up best so far?  Read more »
For the third year in a row, there‘s a new most-watched program of all-time. The final numbers for Super Bowl XLVI are in, and the broadcast earned NBC 111.3 million viewers, narrowly beating last year‘s 111 million.  Read more »
It is night two of the blind auditions for The Voice season 2. Things kicked off with a great start last night, Superbowl night. Everyone tuned in to our favorite swivel chair maneuver experts Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton. Team Christina has two out of 12 of her members while Teams Cee Lo, Adam and Blake are all tied with one. Come on, boys! Get with the program!So what can we expect tonight? A Prince medley, that‘s what! You read it right, kiddos. The fab four (Sorry, Carson Daly. We only need you to stand around and read the prompter.) will join together for the first time and sing one of the many Prince classics. Let‘s hope nobody remembered to bring their bottomless spandex jumpsuits! Read more »
Here‘s a sentence you don‘t read very often: NBC was the most-watched network last night. Following the huge Super Bowl, NBC kept the momentum going with the second episode of The Voice averaging 17.7 million viewers during its two hours, easily winning the time slot. That was followed by the series premiere of Smash, watched by 11.5 million viewers, easily beating its competition.  Read more »
The Voice is going global. And this latest iteration looks eerily like the original.This new promo for the Australian version of The Voice reveals that Keith Urban, Seal, Joel Madden and Delta Goodrem will serve as the series‘ coaches. Because, beyond their collective musical talents and accolades, only the mixture of a country star, a leather-clad rocker, a soul singer and a pretty blonde woman can find the nation‘s next vocal superstar. Hey, it‘s working here. Why not down under?Maybe that‘s why The Voice Australia also snagged The Voice USA‘s promo treatment -- with the glamorous, fan-blown coaches leaning on mics and looking at us intently in front of spotlights on a white soundstage -- for their own. It‘s like peeking into an alternate dimension ... even though it‘s just an alternate hemisphere:  Read more »
It‘s Monday again! Now that you‘ve arrived home, figured out dinner, put your feet up and gotten over those Monday blues, the time has come to turn the TV to NBC for The Voice! Tonight marks the third installment of the second season‘s blind auditions.We have already witnessed auditions from a former mouseketeer, a Harvard football player and Alicia Keys‘ backup singer. Who else could possibly be waiting for Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green to swivel those chairs around? Let‘s find out! Send them out, Carson Daly! Read more »
One of the many things we love about The Voice is the way the show doesn‘t shy away from contestants who‘ve enjoyed previous success. With the music industry -- as with fashion, like Heidi famously says -- one day you‘re in, and the next day you‘re out. And sometime you‘ve been out all along, even when you thought you were in. So whether it‘s their first break, or just their latest and biggest, we‘re glad that The Voice has given so many great performers, young and old and in between, a chance to shine in their blind auditions. All of these performers impressed the coaches enough to land on a team, but some are definitely more seasoned than others. Here‘s a rundown of where you might have seen -- and heard -- those Voices before:  Read more »
Tired of blind auditions yet? I hope not, because tonight The Voice is at it once again! Teams Christina, Adam, Cee Lo and Blake are still on the search for 12 members of show stopping talented artists each. I know that we have all seen it firsthand now and I have mentioned the celebrity coaches hesitations, but by golly I‘m going to repeat myself once more. It looks as though the coaches‘ main goal is to find "the winner" and not "strong talent." Yes, the point of the show is to have the winning artist who remains standing in the end, yet let‘s not forget to help those singers/performers who may not claim the main prize but still have so much to offer. It irks me to see everyone looking back and forth, hands hovering over their buttons when they must be acting this way because whoever they‘re listening to is worth checking out their competition. Can I get an "Amen!"? I‘m off my soap box now. Let the games begin, Carson! Read more »
It‘s definitely the beginning of the end for American Idol. After spending the last nine TV seasons as the most-watched show on television, the singing competition is suffering a giant ratings loss this season, while NBC‘s up-and-coming The Voice is taking over.Wednesday night‘s episode of American Idol, where part of the Top 24 was revealed, averaged about 15.9 million viewers over its two hours according to early numbers, though the final numbers may be a bit higher. That‘s down nearly three million viewers from last week and is way down from past seasons. But worst of all for FOX, it‘s also worse than this week‘s episode of The Voice.  Read more »
The weekend has come and gone, but NBC brings reason to sit and relax! That‘s right! It is The Voice night. The fifth and final installment of the season two blind auditions is finally here. Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton are all looking to complete their 12-member teams. Adam, Christina and Blake each seek two members each, while Cee Lo still needs three.  Read more »
After last night‘s conclusion of the blind auditions, the four teams have been officially decided--Cee Lo added three members and the other coaches (Adam, Blake and Christina) added two each. As yesterday‘s final audition installment included some exciting and promising artists to add to an already strong group, let‘s get to know each new member and what they have to bring to the competition.  Read more »
With American Idol‘s Randy Jackson recently taming the fire between his show and NBC rival The Voice, the differences between the two competitions have come under scrutiny. While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday, Jackson clarified his earlier negative comments, calling The Voice "a great show" and saying "the difference is that ours is just new people" (In January, Jackson had commented on last year‘s winner Javier Colon having a previous record deal before the show). Read more »
Tonight, the battle rounds begin on The Voice. Each coach will need to slim their teams of 12 down to 6 to represent them in the live shows. Head to head, contestants from the same teams will be paired against one another. One song, one winner the coaches will choose which one of their own to let go. With battles comes celebrity advisors. Each team has two celeb helpers to give their team members pointers before hitting the big stage. Kelly Clarkson, Ne-Yo, Miranda Lambert, Alanis Morissette, Jewel, Lionel Richie, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, and Robin Thicke are all in attendance!  Read more »
The battle rounds have only just begun, and The Voice is already looking ahead to its next step: Two-hour live performance episodes, which begin Monday, April 2. From that point on, Monday‘s two-hour live performance episodes will be followed the next night by one-hour results episodes on Tuesdays, both starting at 8pm.This schedule will lead up to finale week, with the season two finalists performing their last competition songs on Monday, May 7, and the winner announced in a two-hour live finale on Tuesday, May 8.  Read more »
Last week on The Voice, the battles began. Our celebrity coaches kicked things off with 12 artists per team and now they must shave off the numbers by half. That‘s right, only 6 members in every group will be moving on to the live shows. The stakes are high and the pressure has been turned up as each team is given a chance at head-to-head competitions.Each coach has the power to assign the battle round songs, pair the singers against one another and give the artists some last minute rehearsal time with well known advisers. Team Christina has invited Lionel Ritchie and Jewel, Team Blake welcomes wife Miranda Lambert and Kelly Clarkson, Team Adam hangs out with Alanis Morrisette and Robin Thicke and, lastly, Cee Lo has Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and Ne-Yo.Let night two of the battle rounds begin!  Read more »
The strange world of the FX drama American Horror Story is about to get a bit weirder with its latest addition. According to EW, The Voice coach and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is in final talks to appear in the show‘s second season, scheduled to premiere this fall.  Read more »
May the battle rounds continue! We are still watching the contestants sing, two-by-two on The Voice tonight. I know, I know you may be tired of the celebrity coaches wearing the same outfits every single Monday. I‘m sure tired of that strange, tiny hat sitting atop Christina Aguielra‘s puffy bush of hair. (I love you, Christina, I do.) Tonight‘s episode won‘t showcase just any old battle rounds. Noway! There will be interesting and mind-boggling pair-ups that will leave you saying, "Really??" Yes, really!  Read more »
It has been a long time coming; well, not really. It‘s only been a few weeks. Tonight on The Voice, we will see the final battle round! The celebrity coaches will put their remaining artists against one another with the help of their trusted advisers for the last time this season. The hard part should be behind us, right? Think again! Cee Lo is brought to tears, more than once. Christina pairs a hip-hop artist against a country duo. And Adam ... poor Adam. He faces more than one problem tonight. Could this be a sign that there will be no back-to-back championship for the rocker coach?  Read more »
Now that the battle rounds have concluded, we can look forward to the final phase of The Voice: the live shows! This season the four coaches have narrowed their teams down to six contestants each, giving us a total of 24 singers to compete live starting next week. Over the course of the next several weeks, we will watch all 24 perform and then vote for our favorites. Now, assuming the show follows the same course as season 1 (last season there were only 16 singers at the start of the live shows), both America and the four coaches will have their say in who makes it to the final four in the finale (one singer from each team). Considering the performances thus far and the fact that fans at home help determine the eliminations, here are my predictions of who will make it to the end from each team. Read more »
The live shows commenced last night, clearly emphasizing a good show with full-scale production sets, costumed (some not so much) back-up dancers and a lot of bright lights. For the full run-down of the two-hour episode featuring Team Blake and Christina‘s artists, check out our detailed recap. For an analysis of how the contestants performed with my personal predictions for who will go home, keep reading!  Read more »
This is The Voice! Who doesn‘t like a short and simple theme song? Yes, I am pumped and ready to go with these live performances tonight! Plus, we finally get to see the crew in different outfits! Two hours of random song choices, off-the-cuff fancy voice maneuvers and celebrities watching amateurs do their job... ALL LIVE! It might just be too much to contain. To catch any of you who don‘t know what‘s going on up to speed, coaches Adam Levin, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera have all slimmed down their teams to groups of 6 each and tonight 2 of those teams will face off head to head on-stage. At the end of the show, host Carson Daly will let everyone know that those lines are open for voting and tomorrow the results will be given live. Get it? Got it? Good!  Read more »
Did you vote for your favorite The Voice performance last night? I sure hope you did, because tonight those votes will seal the fate of four unlucky artists from Team Christina and Team Blake. There were highlights such as opener Jermaine Paul, setting the bar high and then there were definite low-lights like Sera Hill‘s performance being over shadowed by her male dancers. Both teams were dealt their share of ups and downs, though.Celeb coaches Christina and Blake may have been dressed professionally, well as professional as one can get working with reality talent shows, yet the usual expectations of watching the men exchange dumbfounded looks as the genie in a bottle herself proves she wears the diva crown were slightly shadowed by Cee Lo‘s Prince-like attire. Yes, I‘m still hung up on that outfit. On a more relevant entertainment note, Gym Class Heroes is in the house to perform live!  Read more »
By 2013, I predict there will be no undiscovered singers left in America. That‘s where we‘re heading with today‘s news that ABC has ordered a new singing competition series for the summer.Duets will take four celebrity judges and have them pick two contestants each. The celebrity singers will perform duets with their partners and America will vote for the best pair. The judges include Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles, Lionel Richie, Robin Thicke and American Idol‘s Kelly Clarkson.  Read more »
Last week on The Voice, Team Christina and Team Blake went head to head for all of America to see. Each member of both teams had a moment in the spotlight, singing a song of their choice with a full fledged production (and their celeb coaches) behind them for support. Some proved worthy to make it into the next leg of the competition, but, of course, there were those who failed to compare. Four contestants were sent home. Well, the party has kicked off again this week! Tonight we will hear from Team Cee Lo and Team Adam. They‘ve had time to sit back, watch and see how things go. Could this give them the chance to wow us more than what we witnessed last week? Only time will tell! Carson, let‘s do this!Remember! This is a live blog, so please feel free to comment along with me and the rest of the viewers!  Read more »
Last night Teams Cee Lo and Adam had their chance to each show off their top six contestants and see how they stacked up against Blake and Christina‘s teams from last week‘s live show. Overall, I‘d say both teams showcased solid vocal ability (with perhaps a few exceptions), but there weren‘t many stand-out performances during the live show (again, a couple exceptions). I also think Team Cee Lo won the night overall, as his star performers earned the buzz, somewhat overshadowing Team Adam.  Read more »
It‘s Tuesday night and time for The Voice live results show! Last night presented some pretty spectacular moments from Team Cee Lo and Team Adam, as I hope you all would agree. On the other hand, there were some performances that we could have done without. You know how this thing goes after last week. America‘s votes will be announced and three from each team will be automatically safe from elimination. The bottom three of each team will then sing for their lives! From those three, their celebrity coaches will choose who will stay and who will walk away empty handed.With all the redundant details out there, now we can move on to the good stuff! Tonight‘s special guest performance comes from Jessie J accompanied by Team Christina, so sit back, relax and let us do all the work. Once again, this is a live blog so feel free to comment below along with the show. Read more »
It seems not everyone is a fan of The Voice - including a former contestant. Last night after the eliminations, Erin Martin of Team Cee Lo had some not-so-nice thoughts to share about the show and her eccentric, cat-loving coach.  Read more »
It‘s the song that you can‘t escape. Gotye‘s "Somebody That I Used to Know" is like an airborne virus, infecting everyone it comes into contact with. You don‘t need to listen to the radio or even know how to pronounce the Australian artist‘s name (it‘s got-eee-ay, if you‘re interested). The song is as much a part of you as your own soul.  Read more »
Now that the first rounds of live performances have concluded, we‘re down to the final sixteen contestants, four for each team. After the next two weeks, that number will be whittled down to eight - and from there the final four will compete in The Voice live two-part finale on May 7 and 8. We‘ve reached that point where we can get a greater sense of each team and who will claim that ultimate title. As this show seems to be as much about the coaches as it is the singers, let‘s take a look at who has the strongest team and is likely to claim bragging rights after the finale. Read more »
It looks like The Voice is trying to up the entertainment factor in their final weeks. In a new twist announced on Friday, the show revealed there will be an instant elimination after tonight‘s live performance episode. After Teams Blake and Christina perform, the two coaches will choose one of their four finalists to go home immediately.  Read more »
With a jam-packed two hours, the Voice‘s first quarterfinals episode was a lot to take in. Despite the brisk pacing, the energy in the studio felt high and I thought all the performers (particularly those that have struggled in the past) really stepped up their game. I think the producers accomplished their goal - the caliber of performances was raised when instant eliminations were brought in. If you‘re still digesting all the performances and results, feel free to check out our recap for the details. Otherwise, let‘s get to the best part -- forming our predictions.  Read more »
Two weeks of live coverage of The Voice have passed and we have already waved goodbye to some favorites. There have been performances to inspire, performances we would love to forget and then those that reside somewhere in between, leaving us with a feeling of, "...what?" I hope you haven‘t tired of these just yet, because we have more singing and dancing headed your way!It‘s the quarterfinals! Tonight we will welcome Team Christina and Team Blake back to the stage. Both groups have been slimmed down to three contestants each and we all know the drill by now. They sing, the celeb coaches give their opinions (even when Carson doesn‘t ask for them), Christina Milian asks odd questions in the Sprint Lounge and then we vote. There‘s an added twist, though. Due to last weeks last chance performances, the show has decided to up the stakes. Get ready for some upsets because one person from each team will be sent home tonight! Let the games begin! "Watching The Voice live? Don‘t forget to Tune In on the free BuddyTV Guide App while you‘re watching." Read more »
Last night millions of viewers watching The Voice experienced a collective shock in the episode‘s last minutes. Coaches Christina and Blake were tasked with choosing one of their four contestants to be eliminated immediately. The clock was ticking and host Carson Daly had to rush the coaches into the surprise twist elimination, creating a sense of urgency in the show‘s final moments. After an incredibly lengthy prologue (giving Blake no time to justify his decision), Christina Aguilera unceremoniously said "Jesse Campbell" and the room went silent in disbelief.  Read more »
Well, as most of you now know, last night‘s episode of The Voice proved to be quite controversial. Team Blake and Team Christina performed first, heading off the quarterfinals. A wrench was thrown into the competition by way of an instant elimination. While Blake sent home Jordis Unga, a well favored voice on his team, Christina blew the minds of all in the live studio and at home when she sent Jesse Campbell packing. Being that I have this opportunity to use my own voice, I‘d like to comment on Christina‘s decision last night. She stated, making it clear, that she is looking for a team of artists that have grown and will continue to grow from this point on. For whatever reason unbeknownst to we little people of America who simply enjoy watching reality television, Christina Aguilera clearly stuck to her job description by eliminating one of her team members. She made a decision and, knowing that fans of the show would be upset no matter who she chose, she followed through. Let‘s not get carried away and call anyone out of their name for doing what it is they are meant to do. I‘m sure someone will see Jesse Campbell and sign him; he will be greatly taken care of. Now it‘s time to look forward to a blossoming career from another young, talented, growing hopeful. That is all; I‘m jumping down from my soapbox. Someone else will be leaving the show tonight, so hopefully you all voted for your favorites! Plus, we can also look forward to a video premiere of Justin Bieber‘s new single. Watching The Voice live? Don‘t forget to Tune In on the free BuddyTV Guide App while you‘re watching. Read more »
Everyone on a singing show thinks they‘re the next Adele. The British singer is insanely talented, and her Grammy-winning single "Rolling in the Deep" is an instant classic. So naturally, everyone has to cover it.  Read more »
If you‘re like me, you were probably surprised when Chris Mann won America‘s vote for Team Christina on Tuesday (though not as surprised as when Christina eliminated Jesse Campbell) - apparently there are a lot of "Mann Fans" out there. This left Christina to choose between beautifully strange Lindsey Pavao and up-and-coming young vocalist Ashley De La Rosa. Pavao‘s rendition of "Please Don‘t Go" left both the singer and the hard-to-please Christina in tears, and Christina emotionally chose to eliminate De La Rosa. Exactly what is it about Lindsey Pavao that draws people in?  Read more »
Compared with last week‘s live performance show for Teams Blake and Christina, I feel like last night‘s episode was paced better and overall more low-key. There were no amazing, blow-your-mind performances, and there was no controversial last-minute elimination decisions made. Still, Teams Adam and Cee Lo seem all-around stronger, and the performances were generally solid. It just wasn‘t as exciting and dynamic as last week, in my opinion. That said, that makes it even harder to predict who will go home today!  Read more »
Monday night means The Voice! Last week, the live shows brought us performances from Team Christina and Team Blake. As the competition nears its second season end, the stakes have been raised higher than ever before. With the newly implemented instant eliminations, fans of the nationwide talent show have been losing their favorite contestants left and right. It‘s the name of the game, though, baby!On tonight‘s live show, Team Adam and Team Cee Lo will battle once again for America‘s votes, this time, in week 2 of the quarter-final rounds. Carson should toss some welcome surprises our way as the celeb coaches perform alongside their team members. Will they hold their own next to fame? Or will they fall and tumble miserably? Let‘s find out! Watching The Voice live? Don‘t forget to Tune In on the free BuddyTV Guide App while you‘re watching. Read more »
It‘s true that all but one artist will hear their name called on NBC‘s The Voice. Yet when a fan favorite goes home, it especially stings - and we lost two of them courtesy of the new "instant elimination" rule on Monday night. Read more »
Tonight is the last night of the season two ending of The Voice quarter-finals! This season has been moving along at an enjoyable pace, I must say. Controversy-filled weeks of blind auditions, Justin Bieber surprises and the unmistakable sexual tension between Adam and Christina have brought us here. We still have a few weeks more to go, but it‘s always good to remind everyone of the buzz-worthy reasons why we all watch.Last night, we watched Team Adam and Team Cee Lo perform. Thanks to instant eliminations, Adam sent Pip home and Cee Lo said goodbye to James Massone. So for this elimination show, Mathai, Katrina Parker and Tony Lucca of Team Adam and Juliet Simms, Jamar Rogers and Cheesa of Team Cee Lo stand in danger of being next on the chopping block. Who has America saved? Plus, we have a live performance from Florence + The Machine! Watching The Voice live? Don‘t forget to Tune In on the free BuddyTV Guide App while you‘re watching. Read more »
The semifinalists are now set on NBC‘s The Voice. We learned who would join the top 8 and who was headed home during Tuesday‘s live results show.Following Monday‘s performance show, America‘s vote protected Team Adam‘s Tony Lucca, leaving Katrina Parker and Mathai to sing for coach Adam Levine‘s save. Adam made Katrina his choice, stating that she had reached a breakout moment that Mathai had in front of her, but perhaps had not attained yet. Read more »
The shows might be over this week, but there‘s still plenty of news when it comes to NBC‘s The Voice.This weekend, coach Blake Shelton and his wife (and Team Blake mentor) Miranda Lambert will be playing the Stagecoach Country Music Festival. Blake will take the stage on Saturday, April 28 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA. The event is sold out, but if you‘re lucky enough to have tickets and need more information, you can visit the Stagecoach official website. Watch this space for my interview with Blake next Monday! Read more »
Welcome to this week‘s Music Show Battle! Two weeks ago, on a whim, I posted an article about how every single singing show (American Idol, The Voice, Glee, etc) performed Gotye‘s "Somebody That I Used to Know" in the same week. The following week it was Adele‘s "Rolling in the Deep" that became the de facto song of the week. It became obvious to me that this should be a regular feature, since every week at least two shows use the same song.  Read more »
What did I learn from this week‘s The Voice? Here are thoughts from backstage and on the red carpet on the competition, someone‘s birthday, and a member of Team Adam bringing down the house. Read more »
Some late-breaking The Voice news for fans: the show‘s Top 4 will be performing at Universal CityWalk on May 3, while the day before, on May 2, Season 2 teammates Justin Hopkins and Tony Vincent will be doing a show of their own - and you can watch both concerts from anywhere in the country!  Read more »
A new promo for The Voice has the show‘s eight semifinalists referencing the current buzz around superhero flicks by starring in a trailer for one of their own. Read more »
NBC‘s The Voice is welcoming back its four finalists from Season 1, who will each perform on this Tuesday‘s live results show. Winner Javier Colon (Team Adam), runner-up Dia Frampton (Team Blake) and finalists Beverly McClellan (Team Christina) and Vicci Martinez (Team Cee Lo) will all return to the show less than a year after the first-season finale. Read more »
When The Voice went looking for a country music star to fill one of its chairs, it found the perfect choice. Maybe even the only choice - because there‘s no hotter star in the country genre right now than Blake Shelton. He has 11 number-one singles, is a two-time CMA Male Vocalist of the Year and multiple Grammy nominee, and is married to multiple CMA Award winner Miranda Lambert. That‘s a resume other musicians dream about having. Read more »
It is Monday night, once again! That means The Voice semifinals! We‘re coming closer and closer to the season 2 finale, crowning the second winner of the series. Aren‘t you excited?! Each of the teams are already down to two members a piece, meaning we‘ve said goodbye to quite a few talented hopefuls. Don‘t fret, though! The show must go on!While the competition heats up, there is also some entertainment worthy of just sitting back and slapping your knee to. Tonight, we‘ll see group performances by Team Adam and Team Cee Lo and Team Christina and Team Blake. Plus, Blake Shelton will perform his new single! Watching The Voice live? Don‘t forget to Tune In on the free BuddyTV Guide App while you‘re watching. Read more »
Monday night was a big night on NBC‘s The Voice: the last in which Teams Adam, Blake, Cee Lo and Christina would exist. Following Tuesday‘s results show, there will be only four individual finalists, each wanting to be named "The Voice" for season two. Read more »
Vicci Martinez, the finalist for Team Cee Lo in the first season of NBC‘s The Voice, released a new four-song EP today, in advance of a full album arriving in mid-June. Read more »
While Blake Shelton was performing his most recent single on The Voice, fellow country artist Eric Church was coming under fire for comments he made about reality TV that specifically mentioned Shelton. Read more »
It‘s getting down to the wire on The Voice - and last night‘s semifinals proved the remaining eight contestants are all at a high level of talent so diverse, it‘s difficult to distinguish any one performer from the pack. In my mind, the elimination process will come down to likability (and how many fans a singer has managed to attain), at least on side of America‘s votes. Half of the results will also come from the coach‘s votes (it will be split 50/50), so the coaches‘ opinions could have sway here as well. That being said, let‘s get to the predictions!  Read more »
If you‘re missing any of the artists from this season of NBC‘s The Voice, a whole ton of them are participating in "The After Party," a massive concert on May 9 that‘s sure to be a fantastic evening. Read more »
Last night on The Voice, spectacles were all the rage. From the celebrity coaches‘ attire to the productions behind individual and team performances, the show was, to say the least, a sight to see. Are we getting away from the big picture here, though, by painting a ... different picture? Someone will be crowned "The Voice" next week! Can we just cut the fluff and get to the goods, people?Of course not! If we cut out the extraneous "we have to fill an entire hour or two-hour time slot" then we would most definitely miss out on tonight‘s performance. Look for performances by season one finalists Javier Colon, Dia Frampton, joined by hip-hop star Kid Cudi, Beverly McClellan, joined by living legend Cyndi Lauper, and Vicci Martinez, joined by former coach Cee Lo Green. Watching The Voice live? Don‘t forget to Tune In on the free BuddyTV Guide App while you‘re watching. Read more »
As the final four were revealed on The Voice, the four finalists from season one came back to pay the show a visit. Here‘s what Vicci Martinez, Dia Frampton, and Javier Colon had to say to their successors - plus parting words from Lindsey Pavao!  Read more »
Season 2 of The Voice might be coming to a close next week, but the music isn‘t showing any signs of stopping! Check out new singles from Tony Vincent and others, plus three concerts over the next week that you don‘t want to miss!  Read more »
What did I learn from The Voice this week? Here are thoughts from stage 17 (and stage 22!) on the semifinals, bringing back old friends and Justin Hopkins and Tony Vincent‘s recent concert.  Read more »
Welcome to another edition of Thunderdome! It seems only appropriate to start this week‘s Music Battle with a Mad Max reference, because this week is all about Tina Turner.  Read more »
With just days to The Voice finale, the Top 4 put on a show at Universal CityWalk Hollywood on Thursday, and I caught up with them there to see how they‘re doing before the big ending.  Read more »
Moses Stone made history as the first MC on The Voice. Now he talked with me about what he‘s been doing since he left Team Christina, and what he believes The Voice has to do in order to survive.  Read more »
As one of The Voice‘s Top 8, Jamar Rogers floored audiences with his musical talent. He tugged at our heartstrings with his history of overcoming an HIV-positive diagnosis. But to know Jamar is to know that he‘s more than just a song or a story - he‘s a truly great individual we could all learn something from.  Read more »
It‘s his good looks that seem to be the talking point when discussing The Voice coach Adam Levine, but lest you forget, he‘s a Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who also happens to be an outstanding coach on the NBC hit series (and not just because he won last season).  Read more »
After 13 weeks of blind auditions, live performances, fluffy white cats and mind boggling outfits we have reached part one of the season two finale of The Voice! Audiences have witnessed shocking eliminations, last minute stake raisers and chart topping performances. What could possibly be left? More performances, of course! Tonight‘s live show will contain tons upon tons of performances not only from the final four but the celebrity coaches, too! Look for duets, drama and surprises! Watching The Voice live? Don‘t forget to Tune In on the free BuddyTV Guide App while you‘re watching. Read more »
Prior to last night‘s part one of the finale, I would have said finalist Juliet Simms of Team Cee Lo would be the clear frontrunner to win the second season of The Voice. Two hours and twelve performances later, my confidence is admittedly shaken. Here‘s what I took away from last night‘s ode to the four finalists (and their coaches), and what that means for who is most likely to be crowned the winner tonight. Read more »
Did you vote for who you want to be the winner of The Voice? Tony Lucca (Team Adam), Chris Mann (Team Christina), Jermaine Paul (Team Blake) and Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo) each made their case for your endorsement Monday night - and then talked with me after the show! Read more »
America has now named its second "The Voice." Less than a year after Javier Colon won the first season of The Voice, the show picked its next winner on Tuesday night. Who was it? And what did their coach have to say about their victory?  Read more »
This is it! The moment we have all been waiting for! Welcome to the live recap of the season 2 finale of The Voice! It has been a long, long road, folks. There have been tears, laughs, yelling, bling-bling flashing, random celebrity pop-ups, really bad song choices, crazy costumes, and shocking game changers, but it all led up to tonight. Tonight the second season winner of The Voice will be crowned.So we‘ve waited for 13 weeks to see who will come out on top. It‘s only right that they make us wait another two hours. You heard it right! Be ready for a two-hour special filled with performances. Each of our celebrity coaches, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton, will perform. Plus, there will be guest performances from artists Justin Bieber, Flo Rida, Lady Antebellum and Hall & Oates. Watching The Voice live? Don‘t forget to Tune In on the free BuddyTV Guide App while you‘re watching. Read more »
The Voice season two finale is only days away, and the stakes could not be higher for the final four: Jermaine Paul, Chris Mann, Juliet Simms and Tony Lucca. Fortunately for us, there‘s no pressure - just sheer excitement. And to add more thrill to the anticipated finale, BuddyTV is offering you the chance to win a snazzy Team Adam poster that‘s signed by the top 8 Voice contestants from this season! (If you‘re not Team Adam, that‘s OK - the poster‘s still cool, and chances are your favorite singer‘s signature will be on there.)  Read more »
Over the past month there have been many Music Battles between The Voice and American Idol. They‘ve done Adele, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner, but this week is quite possibly the hardest one yet.  Read more »
What did I learn from The Voice this week? With season two now officially behind us, here are final thoughts from stage 17 on the finals, the most memorable moments, and the end of a journey. Read more »
The Voice might be off the air but it‘s certainly not over: season two‘s cast threw one heck of an "After Party" on Wednesday night, and several artists are already working on new music. I‘ve got all the details for you...  Read more »
That rumor about The Voice going to two cycles a year is no longer a rumor: it‘s official. According to a report from THR, NBC announced today that it‘s moving forward with double-dipping the hit show, starting in "winter/spring 2013." Read more »
He‘s become the artist that he wants to be - and he‘s still the same humble guy with the baseball cap that America fell in love with. A year after his victory, I connected with The Voice season one winner Javier Colon to ask how his career is going and what it means to pass the title of "The Voice" to Jermaine Paul.  Read more »
While Moses Stone and Chris Mann were applauded for pushing the boundaries on The Voice (and rightfully so), not enough attention was given to the third performer who shook up the second season: former Broadway star Tony Vincent, who went from working with Andrew Lloyd Webber to truly rocking the Voice stage.  Read more »
If you judged Tony Lucca purely on what you saw on The Voice, you didn‘t get to see all of him. While his history and interactions with coach Christina Aguilera made the headlines, what that often eclipsed was the fact that he‘s a dynamic performer whose work ethic and confidence absolutely earned him the honor of being Team Adam‘s finalist.  Read more »
You would think that because season two of The Voice is over, that there isn‘t anything left to talk about. You would also be wrong. Welcome to Big Red Chairs, the blog for all your Voice needs. This week: should there be new coaches? Do we all understand what‘s happening in Maroon 5‘s video for "Payphone"? And how cool is it that Pip has a new video out?  Read more »
We didn‘t really get to know Chris Cauley during his brief time on The Voice, which is a shame. The Georgia native who delivered a unique arrangement of Bruno Mars‘ "Grenade" is incredibly personable, charming and has his own story to tell. We caught up recently to talk about his career past and present, his much-talked-about battle round, and the unique reason why he joined Team Adam.  Read more »
It‘s been a crazy ten days for Jermaine Paul since being named "The Voice." The winner of season two of The Voice tweeted that he‘s been working non-stop since then. Still, he took some time out earlier this week to answer a few questions about the whole shebang.  Read more »
If there is one truth to life, it‘‘s that there is an award show for everybody. Thus, we have the Teen Choice Awards, a competition whose winners are chosen solely by voters between the ages of 13 and 19. What will this year‘s teens be honoring? Keep reading for the first round of 2012 Teen Choice Award nominees. Read more »
I hope you like to laugh. Because that‘s what TV has in store for us this fall. NBC is the first major network to announce its schedule for Fall 2012, and comedy is everywhere. Check out the full schedule here! Read more »