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Yay! As far as I‘m concerned, the more Christina Aguilera messes up, the more we love her. I love that she flubbed the lyrics to our National Anthem, I love that she tripped on stage after singing a tribute to Aretha Franklin, and I even love that she was arrested for public intoxication like a BOSS. Most of all, I love that NBC is giving us more Xtina.Christina Aguilera will join confirmed coaches Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine on NBC‘s new singing competition, The Voice. NBC Executive Vice President, Paul Telegdy, is quoted saying, "Christina has a once in a generation talent--her voice is phenomenally distinctive and instantly recognizable. Her journey as an artist, who started so young in the music business, will be an inspiration to the talent she coaches on the show." You hear that, haters? She‘s an inspiration! Read more »
NBC really, really wants you to know that The Voice, which premieres April 26, is unlike any other musical competition reality series. Because, by all descriptions, it actually is. The premise alone sets the show apart: Four popular recording artists -- Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera (fondly known as "Xtina"), Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton -- will not only be judges, but also coaches, working closely with their unknown musical proteges to win. Competitors will work through three stages of competition: First, the blind audition, when the judges will have their backs turned and focus solely on the voice of each performer, and then have the chance to vie for the best singers to make up their teams. Next, it‘s the "battle" stage, when the coaches will help their teams develop their talents, then pit their team members against each other in a sing-off, with the coach deciding who gets to advance. With only the strongest performers left, the third stage will bring all the performers together to perform in a live broadcast, when viewers will vote to save team members and the coach will decide who stays and who goes. From the final four competitors -- one from each team -- one singer will be crowned "The Voice." Read more »
NBC‘s The Voice premieres Tuesday, April 26 with a special two-hour episode, and guess what: I‘m going to recap it. How exciting! I mean, Christina Aguilera? Cee Lo? Carson Daly? Mechanical rotating judge-thrones? Who could resist?!I hope you‘ll join me in following The Voice for its inaugural season. With its mix of powerhouse contestants, colorful personalities, sassy celebrity banter and a gigantic fist punching the sky on stage, The Voice is sure to be a lot of fun. That may sound a bit sarcastic, but it‘s not (...yet). I really think it will be a fun show!Here, I‘ll prove it: Learn more about The Voice and the superstar coaches in these new interviews. Read more »
I don‘t blame you if you‘re a little wary of The Voice. For one, NBC has been really shoving it down our throats with the constant commercials. Plus this whole thing they‘re doing in pushing back The Tonight Show and SNL to preview the crap out of it. (Pro tip to NBC ad execs: I know you reeeeally want The Voice to do well, but have a little faith in Xtina and the boys. It‘s not a good sign if we feel sick of a show before it‘s even premiered.) Some of you are probably thinking, "I already have American Idol. And The X Factor. Why do I need a third singing competition show?" I hear you. But just watch this extended preview for The Voice, which premieres next Tuesday, April 26, and then tell me you‘re not even a little bit excited to watch this show. Maybe even a lotta bit! In fact, I have several reasons I‘m stoked to tune in, which I have conveniently listed below the video.  Read more »
Tomorrow, The Voice kicks off on NBC, and the format may confuse you a bit at first. Or remind you of a medieval human being auction. It‘s all a little bit Hunger Games, but without the murder:The four celebrity coaches will sit, like kings and a queen, in tall swiveling chairs with their backs to the contestant. Then, when the song is over, they will hold a verbal bidding war (or send them away). Each coach will assemble his/her best team of singers to send into battle against the others‘ teams, and slowly the singers will sing-off and get eliminated until one person is crowned The Voice, and their celebrity coach is crowned the Best Celebrity Coach of The Voice Season 1. (No actual crowns will be present. I think.)But there‘s another contest going on here, a contest nobody is talking about but we‘re all thinking about (right?): Who is THE voice of The Voice? Let‘s decide, right now. Evidence, analysis and the most important poll in the world await you: Read more »
Welcome to The Voice: The Anti-Idol! This is my first time recapping a singing competition, so bear with me as we ease into it and work out the kinks. (That‘s what she said?) But if host Carson Daly is to be believed, any of my experience writing about singing shows wouldn‘t be relevant because The Voice is "unlike any other, because it puts vocal ability first." In other words: DID YOU KNOW UGLY PEOPLE CAN SING, TOO? And that we should judge them with our earballs, not our eyeballs? I know it‘s hard to understand, and that‘s why Cee Lo, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera (heretofore known as Xtina, forever and ever amen) and Blake Shelton will be our shepherds through this journey as they search for The Voice, and we search for the humanity within ourselves to possibly root for a non-hot set of vocal chords.The four celebrity coaches (whom I already know I will mistakenly call "judges" every week) kick off the show with a rendition of Cee Lo‘s "Crazy," and hearing Blake Shelton sing it is like Martian karaoke. He‘s a country singer, his voice was not meant for this! Still, the performance is pretty excellent. Having sufficiently proven that they have the chops to judge the voices who are about to apply to become THE Voice, they plop down in their glowing swivel chairs and get ready for The Draft. Of SOULS.  Read more »
There‘s no denying that NBC has had a bad year. Man of the network‘s new shows for the 2010-2011 TV season have failed (Chase, Outlaw, Undercovers, Perfect Couples, The Paul Reiser Show, The Cape) while other new shows suffer in the ratings (The Event, Law and Order: Los Angeles).But now NBC has something to sing about: the series premiere of its new reality competition series, The Voice, earned the network‘s highest ratings of the year for a TV series (not including Sunday night football).  Read more »
Four celebrity singer-coaches wasn‘t enough star-power for The Voice, which premiered this week to mostly positive reviews (I liked it, even though some of you accused me of being too mean. Ohhh, joookes.) and high (for NBC) ratings. When the competition enters the "Battle Stage," each coach will be joined by another talented, famous "adviser" who will help out his/her team of ingenue singers. The coaches chose their own advisers, and the match-ups will be as follows. From NBC‘s press release:"Aguilera (@therealxtina) will team up with singer/songwriter Sia (@Siamusic), Levine (@adamlevine) with Maroon 5 Music Director Blackstone (@bassicblack), Green (@CeeLoGreen) with singer Monica (@MonicaMyLife), and Shelton (@blakeshelton) with veteran singer Reba (@Reba) -- eventually cutting their teams in half by pitting two of their own artists against each other in a series of dueling duets." Read more »
Last week on the premiere of The Voice, there was a lot to take in and process. For everyone. We weren‘t just judging the singers as they competed for spots on the four celebrity judge-coaches‘ teams, which tonight need to fill to eight members before then getting whittled back down to four in next week‘s Battle Round. We were also judging the show itself, and whether it‘s worth our precious TV time. Thankfully for NBC, lots of you deemed The Voice a great way to spend your Tuesday evening, and even though I wasn‘t totally sold after the premiere, I‘m sticking it out too, and tonight‘s episode was better. Maybe it‘s because I finally understand the rules, or maybe because tonight‘s singers really were, generally speaking, even stronger than last week‘s, or maybe I‘m just getting more invested as we move along. I think it‘s probably a little of each. Here‘s who earned the coveted final spots on each coach‘s team and will move on to next week‘s Battle Round, plus more color commentary from yours truly, but first, just for fun: Read more »
Last night, NBC‘s The Voice proved its worth, fellow singers in Glee fared well and the Dancing stars hit a new low.The Voice, in its second week, saw a 10% increase in viewership from last week, with 12.68 million total viewers. This show has got chops -- and it needs them. It goes up against dominating force Dancing with the Stars, which saw a definite decrease last night. The ABC reality juggernaut‘s viewership was down 19% to 15.6 million, a season low. It looks like The Voice is a viable contender for Tuesday nights, because it‘s definitely sapping viewers from the DWTS results show. What do you think? Does The Voice have what it takes to overtake Dancing with the Stars? Or is it just beginner‘s luck? Read more »
In a jam-packed second night of Blind Auditions on Tuesday, the Voice coaches each filled out their teams of eight who will move on to next week‘s Battle Rounds. Four times eight -- that‘s 32 performers we saw belt it out for the coaches in the course of two episodes! (And that‘s just counting those who made it. Thirty-four if you count our duos.) That‘s a lot of voices. By the end, the coaches were scrambling to fill up their teams, and some performers who made it on to a team didn‘t even make it to air. "How are we supposed to know who to root for if we didn‘t even see their auditions?" you may have asked yourself. "I need more than a couple of seconds to make up my mind!" At least, that‘s what I said to myself.Well, never fear. Here‘s the rundown on each of the coaches‘ final teams as they head into Battle, complete with mini-bios for each singer and links to their NBC blogs and Twitter accounts. Plus a preview for next week‘s episode and a behind the scenes chat with coach Blake Shelton.  Read more »
The Voice, The X-Factor, and Gaga, oh my! Can Idol stay on top?It‘s official! Paula and Simon will be reunited as judges on Simon Cowell‘s American version of The X-Factor. Simon missed our girl Paula, and Paula is just excited to be working again -- oops, I mean nurturing new talent. [Deadline]  Read more »
Are you ready for battle? The Voice contestants better be, because they‘re about to face-off in the ring starting tomorrow evening. And even though they‘ll use voices instead of fists, these fights will still be tough. And, more likely than not, heart-breaking. Then again, a couple fists may enter the picture. According to reports like this one from Hollywood Junket, after Christina Aguilera‘s team members Frenchie and Tarralyn duke it out on tomorrow night‘s episode of The Voice, her decision on who should stay "resulted in a minimal physical attack to her by the competitor‘s family member in which Aguilera called-out for security while off-stage." This comes "according to several audience witness testimonials." C‘mon, people! This certainly puts a new spin on the whole "Battle Round" thing -- a new, shameful spin. But it sounds like Christina came out unscathed, so let‘s put a pin in that and check out four sneak peeks at how the battles will work tomorrow night:  Read more »
I‘ve got to hand it to The Voice: That was one efficient hour of television! That may not sound like a selling point they‘ll want to pitch in their commercials, but it‘s not unnoticed or unappreciated by those of us who are used to multi-night, multi-hour reality shows. Especially viewers who are used to the three hours a week of mostly non-song airtime on that other televised singing competition. Tonight, in just one hour, we watched as eight performers got paired up, sang duets, received their critiques, and half were sent home. Not a dull moment! Unless you count some of Carson Daly‘s voiceovers.A little refresher on how The Voice works: Last week marked the end of the Blind Auditions, and each of the four coaches rounded out their teams of 8. Now, the coaches pair up two of their own team members, coach them on a duet (which is also a duel, and so should OBVIOUSLY be called a "duelet," and that is what I will call them even if The Voice isn‘t smart enough to do it themselves) that they then perform in the Vocal Boxing Ring in front of all the judges and their famous advisers. The coach chooses who stays and who goes.  Read more »
Last week, we saw NBC‘s The Voice make a promising leap forward in ratings. But last night, The Voice, as well as a score of other shows, dipped in ratings. Read more »
In my recap of last night‘s Voice Battle Rounds, I asked you in polls who you thought won each sing-off, and the results indicate that I‘m not alone in this opinion: Tyler Robinson ... was robbed! Well, maybe we shouldn‘t go that far. Where the majority of you clearly agree with the judges‘ decisions on the other three duelets, your take on Patrick vs. Tyler is split 50/50 right now. Patrick‘s got a killer voice, one much better suited for Elvis and, it would seem, for the country-coaching stylings of Blake Shelton. But there‘s no denying that Tyler brought the spice to their duelet last night, and it was just too soon to see him go. Maybe he can go try out for Simon and Cheryl on The X-Factor?Watch each of the battles again, then tell me: Did Blake make the wrong call? Read more »
Last week, the Battle Rounds began, and we watched as the four celebrity coaches each made tough calls after two of their own duked it out in the vocal ring. Tonight, the Voice showdowns continue, and Cee Lo in particular has a hard decision to make, as he‘s decided to pit two early favorites against each other: Tje Austin, the handsome afro‘d R&B singer, and Nakia, the adorable bearded singer who belted Green‘s "Forget You," both from Texas.Watch a preview of Tje and Nakia‘s battle that we‘ll see in full tonight, plus two peeks at Christina Aguilera‘s battle between Beverly and mystery man Justin.  Read more »
Another Tuesday night, another round of battles on The Voice. And so far, I‘m loving this stage of the competition, especially for how cut-and-dry it makes the whole "weeding out" process that can take months on those other singing shows. Comparing two singers with different styles singing different songs can feel like "apples and oranges," as they say, but pitting the voices directly against each other at the exact same time has a way of bringing the winner to the surface a lot more easily. Granted, tonight the judges made some tough calls, but I don‘t think any of their decisions were tearing them apart inside. In these duelets, it‘s pretty tough to end the song on equal ground. Here‘s the recap of tonight‘s battles with more mindblowingly insightful commentary (I‘m so sure) from me, your trusty recapper:  Read more »
CBS‘ drama The Good Wife proved its worth last night, and reaffirmed to viewers why it‘s being renewed for a third season. The season finale was up from last week, and beat last season‘s finale by a hefty margin.Up 25% from last week‘s episode, The Good Wife had a respectable 12.44 million viewers for its season finale last night, easily beating last season‘s finale. And with CBS moving the show to a new night and critics praising it, it‘s obvious that the show is building up steam. Are you excited for TGW‘s third season? Read more »
Hello again, Voice fans! (The Voice fans? Voicers? Voice Boxers?) Tonight, we continue watching the Battle Rounds, and thus we continue pretending that all the battles were not performed on the exact same night. To be honest with you all (as I always am), the battle rounds started out exciting, but now that we‘re in our third week of watching the duelets, they‘re starting to drag. I miss the sassy judge banter that kept things interesting during auditions, but another, even more troubling factor seems to be at play: It‘s been a month since we met some of these vocalists, and I‘ve forgetten who some of them are. It brings to mind what I‘d hope is an important question for this show to consider: Should we (and can we) care who wins these battles when we can barely recall their names, let alone their stories? And will the show ever afford us a better chance to get to know them in the live episodes? I hope so, because otherwise they run the risk of crowning a "Voice," but not a Name and a Personality to go along with it.Just something to think about. But we have more pressing matters: Vocal smackdowns! Here‘s who won in tonight‘s battles:  Read more »
ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars aired its season finale last night and saw a significant rise in viewers. Not only that, but it beat NBC‘s The Voice by a wide margin (which is significant, and you‘ll see why). FOX‘s American Idol, oddly enough, saw a slight dip in ratings from last week. Dancing with the Stars crowned football player Hines Ward as its champion last night. It was up 29% versus last week‘s penultimate episode, and up 15% from last year‘s season finale (which saw a series low), with 22.59 million viewers. Looks like DWTS has still got it where it counts!Read our DWTS finale recap here! Read more »
The Voice has already been renewed for a second season, with all four celebrity coaches vowing to return, and now we have a high-profile premiere date for the sophomore singing show. The Voice will return Sunday February 5, following NBC‘s telecast of Super Bowl XLVI."There is no better showcase on television than to follow the Super Bowl, and we believe The Voice is deserving of such high-profile exposure," said Bob Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, in a statement released Tuesday. "The attention grabbing blind audition phase of The Voice has mass appeal and will fittingly team up with the biggest sporting event of the year." Read more »
It‘s the final battle round of The Voice. Tonight, the judges picked their final team members who will join them when the live episodes start next week. And the episode ended with a (not really) shocking romantic twist!Below, check out who bested in the last of the Voice battles, and then cast your vote for which team you‘re on going into the live episodes. Are you Team Xtina? Team Blake? Team Cee Lo? Team Adam? Time to vote here before you vote next Tuesday! Read more »
The NBA finals game last night between the Heat and the Mavericks did not draw too much attention away from the premiere of America‘s Got Talent, which beat the game‘s ratings by a small margin.The Heat/Mavericks game had 13.9 million viewers, a respectable number (and up 22% versus last year‘s Lakers/Celtics game). But America‘s Got Talent swept the evening with 16.71 million viewers, up 17% versus last year‘s season premiere. Acts on Talent offered singers, dancers and a guy juggling live stun guns.If you missed Talent‘s LA and Atlanta auditions, check out our recap! Read more »
Does The Voice have its own set of star-cross‘d lovers? Eh, probably not. Emily Valentine and Curtis Grimes‘ kiss at the end of their duet of "Need You Now" last night seemed pretty staged to me. But maybe I‘m just cynical from so many hours of reality TV viewing. Still, there‘s no question these two have major chemistry and mutual admiration -- which made Emily‘s immediate elimination after their performance even more bittersweet. Watch the duet again and see what the judges had to say on the instant replay, then weigh in: Was this just an encore after a great performance, or is there something there between Curtis and Emily? Read more »
The Voice may be the anti-Idol, but NBC has decided to take one small cue from the other singing series and added separate live result show episodes to the final two weeks of the competition.Starting Tuesday, June 7, The Voice moves back to 9pm for its two-hour live episodes, in which the sixteen remaining singers will duke it out for the coaches‘ approval as well as America‘s votes. This will go on for four weeks. For the last two weeks of the season, Wednesday results shows have been added: The first will air Wednesday, June 22 at 8pm, and the Voice finale has now been scheduled for the following week: Wednesday, June 29 at 8pm. Both episodes will air live and be an hour long.  Read more »
The Voice coaches have something special planned to kick off the live episodes this evening: A Queen medley. What better way to inaugurate the third and final stage of the competition, at the end of which one of the contestants will be crowned "THE Voice," than a rendition of "We Are the Champions," "Bohemian Rhapsody," "We Will Rock You"? Talk about setting a tone. Here‘s hoping the live episodes will live up to it!Check out a clip of Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine rehearsing the number that they‘ll perform tonight when The Voice goes live and moves to its new time, 9pm, on NBC. Read more »
We made it through the blind auditions and the battle rounds, and we‘ve reached the final stage of the competition: The live episodes, in which two of the teams, eight singers in all, will perform solo in hopes of earning the coaches‘ approval and OUR crucial votes. And since these episodes are live, the recaps are now live updates as well. So keep that refresh button on the ready and join me in the comments section to critique (kindly!) tonight‘s performances and make your predictions for who will make it one step closer to becoming The Voice.Tonight: Team Xtina and Team Blake perform. That means we‘ll hear from Xtina‘s ladies Beverly McClellan, Frenchie Davis, Lily Elise and Raquel Castro (the Jersey Girl, at right), as well as Xenia, Jared Blake, Patrick Thomas and Dia Frampton from Team Blake. But first: The coaches are going to remind us that they can do more than just coach, and perform a medley of Queen. Read more »
The fourth NBA finals game between the Heat and the Mavericks on ABC took the night, with ratings across the board on NBC down from last week. America‘s Got Talent and The Voice both struggled.On ABC, the Heat/Mavericks game had 15.62 million viewers, up 17% versus last year‘s game four between the Celtics and the Lakers.  Read more »
Carla writes about American Idol, the granddaddy of singing shows. Meghan writes about The Voice, the new addition to the reality family. Both watched last night‘s first live episode of The Voice, after which Meghan posed the most important question of all time to Carla: "What‘d you think?" Here is the heated chat debate that transpired.Meghan: As the Idol recapper, I am genuinely interested to hear what you thought of last night‘s live episode of The Voice. Carla: Call me a traditionalist, but I think The Voice is weird.Meghan: It is definitely weird. At least in the rules department. It‘s like the Calvin Ball of singing competitions. They seem to be making it up as they go along!  Read more »
Tonight, coach Adam Levine‘s team will take the stage along with Cee Lo‘s gang to battle for votes on The Voice. Last night, Adam stopped by The Tonight Show to discuss, among other things, what all that bickering is about between Christina Aguilera and him. You may think that was the best part of the interview, but I would argue the best part is actually the clip of Adam as a child, grinding and lip syncing to Bobby Brown‘s "Don‘t Be Cruel" on a low-budget talent show called Closet Stars. I mean, obviously.  Read more »
Welcome to The Voice, week 2 of the live shows. Did you spend all week voting for last week‘s singers via all possible avenues? Team Xtina and Team Blake sure hope so, because tonight, four of them will be saved by our votes and the coaches‘ good graces, while four will lose their shot at becoming The Voice.According to my rankings of last week‘s performances, I‘d put Raquel and Lily from Team Xtina and Patrick and Xenia from Team Blake on the chopping block, but honestly, anything (and anyone!) goes when it comes to a split bracket-style elimination process like this. I‘d be surprised if we didn‘t have a surprise elimination tonight. But please, don‘t let it be Dia!Tonight: Team Cee Lo and Team Adam will get their chance in the spotlight. We‘ll reunite with Nakia, Vicci, Curtis and Tori and Taylor on Cee Lo‘s side, and Javier, Devon, Casey and Jeff on Adam‘s team. Adam was confident on Leno last night that his is the team to beat, but it‘s all up to the vocalists now. Who will get eliminated? Will Nakia, Vicci, Javier and Jeff maintain their fan-favorite status? Will Xtina continue to hit on the contestants? So much to find out tonight! It‘s time to recap The Voice, liiiiiive! Read more »
With the NBA finals over, you‘d think our summer shows would perform better, right? Not the case this week. Two big shows, America‘s Got Talent and The Voice, were actually down versus last week.  Read more »
Whether you watched it or missed it last night, whether you‘re feeling good or feeling glum on this Wednesday, and whether you love or simply like that eccentric Cee Lo Green, I think you‘ll enjoy, as I did just now, watching his team‘s performance of "Everyday People" on The Voice. What‘s not to love about a bunch of happy hippies led by a jolly carnival of a human being? His afro alone inspires joy and laughter throughout the land. This is easily my favorite moment of The Voice so far: Read more »
Christina Aguilera makes more than all of her fellow fella Voice coaches put together: The Hollywood Reporter reports that Xtina pulls in $225,000 per Voice episode, while Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine take away $75,000 a piece. Take that, the gender wage gap. Their story also says John Mayer was originally considered as a coach, and next season, the blind auditions will likely jump from two episodes to five or six.Xtina and Adam have "Moves Like Jagger": The rival coaches, who claim all that "tension" are just signs of fun, friendly competition, will make good on that claim and perform Maroon 5‘s new single together on the June 21 episode of The Voice. Christina is also featured on the studio version of the single, which, like all the Voice performances, will be available on iTunes after the episode. Read more »
They‘re always amazed and grateful to be performing in front of millions of fans and their legendary coaches, but what the Voice contestants may not realize is that they are singing in the same place where many Hollywood legends have performed and many legendary films have been made, including The Goonies, Jurassic Park and Inception.What roles did Marion Davies, William Randolph Heart, and many huge blocks of ice play in the lifespan of Stage 16? Watch this behind-the-scenes tour with Dean, our knowledgeable Warner Brothers tour guide, to find out: Read more »
Tonight on The Voice, we enter the final two weeks of the competition, as two performers from Team Cee Lo and two from Team Adam move on thanks to the audience save and the coach save. Then, the final two from all the teams will sing. And tomorrow night, we‘ll get our first of two final hour-long results shows. Tomorrow, we‘ll find out which of tonight‘s performers will make the cut for the final 4.Are you confused yet? I hope not. Just let the soothing, monotone voice of Carson Daly ease you through the changes, and my silly commentary blow your mind with its hidden profundity (haha, just kidding, let‘s make fun of Xtina and Cee Lo‘s outfits together!) starting ... NOW: Read more »
Two premieres joined America‘s Got Talent and The Voice last night. They might not be threatening the current kings of Tuesday ratings, but hey, at least there‘s something else on!  Read more »
Hey America! Did you get your Voice votes in? I sure hope so, because last night, the top two from each team sang their hearts and throats out for you. Tonight, we find out which single performer from each team will make the Voice Final Four.It‘s a stacked competition, and the judges are even more in love with and attached to their team members than we are, so watching four of The Voice‘s strongest, err, voices tonight is sure to be rough on everybody. As I said today in my performance rankings, my prediction/hope for the final four is Beverly (Team Xtina), Vicci (Team Cee Lo), Dia (Team Blake) and Javier (Team Adam), but I could honestly see any of their teammates moving on instead. I don‘t want to say goodbye to anyone! (This is like the opposite of how I feel about Bachelor eliminations.) What about you? Share your own predictions and hopes for tonight as we await the results out of the mouth of Carson Daly, liiiiive! Read more »
President Obama‘s address on the situation in Afghanistan last night, while brief, still managed to push our Wednesday night programming back 16 minutes. As a result, the ratings below are a little iffy, but still give us a good benchmark for how these shows are doing. FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance dropped considerably, declining at least 10% versus last week‘s Wednesday episode. The dancing competition brought in 6.48 million viewers, fairly low for its timeslot (which is currently being dominated by NBC‘s The Voice).  Read more »
You‘re reading this on BuddyTV, which means you‘re probably familiar with all the things we do on this site: bring you the latest in the world of television, from which House star is appearing on The Good Wife to who got the shocking boot on last night‘s So You Think You Can Dance. Yeah, I think you‘re quite familiar with that. So, let‘s see how much you learned this week, shall we? Read more »
Mrs. Blake Shelton and country superstar Miranda Lambert will stop by next Wednesday‘s Voice finale to share the stage with Team Blake‘s finalist, sweet indie-pop singer Dia Frampton, the singer announced today."I am thrilled to perform on my favorite new show. It‘s been a joy watching my husband grow so attached to his team," Lambert says in a press release. "Truthfully, I am a little jealous that I am not a coach myself. I can‘t wait to be a part of it." The duet will take place during The Voice‘s live hour-long finale at 8pm on June 29.  Read more »
Just in time for tonight‘s final performance show and tomorrow‘s crowning of The Voice, fans of the NBC summer smash have another Voice show to look forward to, if they happen to live near a major metropolitan area. NBC announced today that the show‘s eight semi-finalists will embark on a U.S. tour this summer. Beverly McClellan and Frenchie Davis of Team Christina Aguilera, Vicci Martinez and Nakia of Team Cee Lo Green, Dia Frampton and Xenia of Team Blake Shelton, and Javier Colon and Casey Weston of Team Adam Levine will all perform in the tour, for which dates and venues have not yet been announced.Missing from the Live Nation tour‘s billing are those coaches, though. Talks to get the superstars on the tour broke down over compensation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Read more »
It doesn‘t seem that long ago that we were marveling at the twisting-throne technologies and crazy Christina Aguilera outbursts of The Voice blind auditions. And now here we are, at the final performance episode of the season. Maybe because it really wasn‘t that long ago -- ten weeks, which really isn‘t very long, especially next to the full semester that is an American Idol season. Compared to that grueling season, The Voice is more like summer school -- but, you know, fun.And along the way, we‘ve learned so much! Like what a great dad Blake Shelton is going to be. He practically treats his team members like his children. And how Xtina‘s moods change almost as often as her extensions do. They both seem to alternate between "kicky" and "funny-slutty." And that Adam Levine is the only coach willing to Sophie‘s Choice his final two with his scores. I admire his courage there. And that Cee Lo -- well, I‘m hesitant to say I ever learn anything about Cee Lo. He‘s a riddle wrapped in an enigma immersed in a pitcher of Kool Aid. If the Voice coaches were Wizard of Oz characters (Xtina as Dorothy! Adam as the Tin Man! Blake as the Lion! Carson as Toto and/or the President of the Lollipop Guild!), Cee Lo would be my Scarecrow, for I love him most of all. Look at me -- I‘m already getting nostalgic, and the season‘s not even over yet. Does that mean I‘ll need to shell out the dough to see the top 8 on their tour this summer? Maybe. Or maybe it just means I‘m going to give this recap everything I‘ve got. Who‘s with me?  Read more »
For someone like me who‘s gotten used to the many weeks of American Idol, the fact that The Voice finale airs tonight -- just ten weeks after its premiere -- is a bit surprising. No, I‘m not saying it‘s a bad thing. It‘s just that the thought of seeing four singers go home every week, as opposed to one or two, smacks of assassin-like efficiency.Check out our recap of The Voice‘s final performances Read more »
Today the nominations for the 2011 Teen Choice Awards were announced, and as usual, it‘s a collection of obvious choices. Guess what? Teens still love Twilight, and they also really like Justin Bieber, Glee and Justin Timberlakie (who, at 30 years old, will probably be given a Lifetime Achievement Award next year). Read more »
Tonight, America‘s votes will determine who will become THE VOICE, and one of our four original superstar coaches -- Blake, Adam, Cee Lo or Christina -- will earn ultimate bragging rights for mentoring their performer from contestant to champion. (At least until next season.)Last night‘s final performance episode was full of surprises, as each finalist debuted a completely original single, and performed a duet with their coach. The singles went from sweet to sad to show-stopping, while the duets ranged from touching (Xtina) to terrifying (Cee Lo), but two things remained the same: The finalists gave it their all, and America has a tough decision on its hands tonight. Missed last night‘s episode, or just want to relive the magic of the performances? Check out Javier, Dia, Vicci and Beverly in their last shining moments on the Voice stage:  Read more »
Last night, The Voice hit its highest audience in four weeks, while America‘s Got Talent remained steady, winning NBC the night by a longshot and leaving most other programming in the dust. A few shows that enjoyed decent premieres last week saw dips this week, as expected.  Read more »
Please, stop reading if you don‘t want to know who just won The Voice!For the rest of you, let‘s revisit all of the winner‘s performances from throughout the season and share our thoughts on the journey from Blind Audition to Being The Voice. Yay!With that newly earned $100,000 recording contract, you can be sure this isn‘t the last we‘ll be hearing from...  Read more »
NBC won the night handily with the season finale of The Voice and a fresh episode of America‘s Got Talent. ABC‘s Love in the Wild also premiered, and did fairly well for its timeslot. On FOX, So You Think You Can Dance continued its slow, painful ratings decline, slipping even further down the slope. But with The Voice over, will the former summer giant regain some footing in its timeslot? Let‘s look at the numbers. Read more »
It‘s Friday again, which means it‘s time to look back (again!) on another crazy week of television. We learned of a blast-from-the-past twist on Big Brother this year. We had a winner on The Voice. And weird things happened on the So You Think You Can Dance stage. Oh, and yes, you‘re right, there is a challenge coming -- this week‘s What Happened on TV? quiz! Read more »
Agreed, the point of reality TV competitions is to give the spotlight to a bunch of unknowns who are hoping to make it big in Hollywood. But they wouldn‘t really get anywhere without the guidance of professionals. We‘re dedicating this to the hosts and judges of reality television, who have given their support to dreamers all over the country. There‘s Big Brother‘s Julie Chen, the judging panel of America‘s Next Top Model, probably not Idol‘s Simon Cowell, and more.   Read more »
The Emmy competition for Reality Competition is fairly static. Since the category was first created in 2003, The Amazing Race and American Idol have been nominated every year, with TAR winning for the first seven times (until a surprise upset by Top Chef last year).In fact, for the past four years, the nominees have been exactly the same: The Amazing Race, American Idol, Top Chef, Dancing with the Stars and Project Runway. But hopefully it won‘t be five in a row.  Read more »
It‘s been more than a month since NBC‘s The Voice wrapped up, which means a lot has happened since. The tour‘s coming, careers have kicked off, and life outside a reality competition has dawned. So how‘s real life treating our contestants? Read on below. Read more »
Being a twenty-something watching the Teen Choice Awards is like intruding in your little sister‘s party. You‘re lucky to be let in, but you don‘t understand most of what‘s going on.Like, why did Robert Pattinson still win the Choice Vampire award? I thought Twilight was so five minutes ago? (For now, at least, since the first Breaking Dawn movie has yet to come out, and I haven‘t seen frantic Twilight fans go out on the streets in ages.) And the fact that teenagers picked him rather than, say, True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard or The Vampire Diaries‘ Ian Somerhalder...Then again, it wasn‘t a bad night for TVD, as the show scooped five awards, including a sweep of the Fantasy/Sci-Fi TV category. It‘s pretty much a repeat of last year‘s Teen Choice Awards, really, except for the fact that Paul Wesley did not win; Ian did. Read more »
Each week we scour the internet for the latest and greatest photos of our favorite TV stars. From the latest photos for upcoming episodes to the hottest red carpet events to just walking down the street. It‘s clear that celebrities are working hard this summer. Read more »
The time has come, for the four Voice finalists to find out whose talent and hard work has paid off with the ultimate prize, the four Voice coaches to find out who gets ultimate bragging rights, and for us to find out whether our votes went toward tonight‘s winner. Will it be Javier from Team Adam, Vicci from Team Cee Lo, Beverly from Team Xtina or Dia from Team Blake? Last night‘s original songs and coach duets showed that while the competition between these four is stiff, there‘s only love among them and their coaches.Still, just like the Highlander, as Twitter Girl Alison Haislip reminded us yesterday, there can be only one. Whose name will Carson Daly announce in his signature monotone as the winner of $100,000 and a recording contract? Whose dream will come true, and whose coach will cry tears of joy, pride and superiority? We‘ll have to wait an hour to find out, but until then ... let‘s chat, critique and comment the final episode of THE VOICE, liiiiive!  Read more »