Articles for The View Season 10

Although Heather Mills already left town immediately following her elimination from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, the 39-year old celebrity was still followed by buzzing news. It was reported that Mills went back to England despite having several scheduled guest appearances on television in the United States.According to the New York Post, Mills was supposed to appear on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and The View, immediately following her elimination on Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday night. Having a change of heart, she decided to just do an interview with Extra, taped Good Morning America and expressed her gratitude towards the cast and crew of Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
After the controversial exchange of rants of The Apprentice’s Donald Trump and The View’s Rosie O’Donnell, another controversy surfaced the news. This time it involved a framed set of undergarments worn by O’Donnell in the 1994 movie Exit to Eden.According to E! News, Trump got the girdle-like garment from a fan that purchased it at a charity auction and had it sent to the real estate tycoon. Trump explained to the New York Post, “I sent it to Barbara [Walters] to hang in her office because I didn‘t want it in mine. It was funny, except that it was really gross. It‘s disgusting. I feel sorry for [Rosie‘s] wife. It can‘t be pleasant." Read more »
The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman’s Andy Baldwin has made public that he has already proposed to his “chosen” woman during a guest appearance on the television program The View.Baldwin disclosed Friday when co-host Barbara Walters raised if he has already asked his girl to marry him. Co-host Rosie O’Donnell commented, "You‘re not allowed to say because that‘s part of the show, right?" Read more »
Fox News is citing mysterious unnamed sources as stating that Rosie O‘Donnell will not seek to renew her contract in June. Her recent feuds with everyone from Kelly Ripa to Donald Trump have done miracles for The View‘s ratings, but on a personal level left Rosie looking a bit like a singularity without den-mother Barbara Walter‘s support. Fox‘s reporter insinuates that ABC may make a surprise move and gracefully retire Walters, offering O‘Donnell the coveted moderator spot instead. Imagine the antics that might ensue.  Read more »
Rosie O’Donnell, comedian, television personality and co-host of the award-winning daytime talk show The View, described American Idol as “racist” after the buzzing protests over Frenchie Davis‘ disqualification vs. Antonella Barba’s continued inclusion on the show. Frenchie Davis, a 27-year old native of Washington, D.C., is a former American Idol season 2 contestant. She was disqualified from the talent show after the surfacing of her topless photos on the Internet in 2003. Davis’ ineligibility to pursue the competition rouses a lot of controversy with today’s season 6 Idol contestant Barba, 20, who has been the talk of the town these past few days ever since her controversial pictures appeared on several websites. The photos showed Barba and her friends topless at the beach, as well as Barba consuming alcohol while being underage. In addition, photos from an anonymous source on various gossip blogs contained much illicit exposure of an alleged Barba engaging in a number of sexual acts and titillating poses, exposing much of her private parts. Read more »
Rosie has a new enemy: Paula AbdulThis is great. There are few things on TV nowadays that are quite as entertaining as all these Rosie O‘Donnell antics that just keep popping up. Just when I thought that celebrities may have learned a lesson from her, what do I find on the news? American Idol‘s Paula Abdul giving a drunken tirade to the anchors of Q13 Fox in Seattle. Here‘s the video: Read more »