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We‘ve done vampires. We‘ve done werewolves. We‘ve even done zombies. Obviously, it‘s time the witches had their turn. And, thanks to The Secret Circle, premiering tonight on The CW, those witches arrive as a force to be reckoned with. Read more »
The Vampire Diaries began its third season with an episode sure to infuriate Stefan lovers. His summer with Klaus was very bad indeed as Stefan has embraced the dark side and is now doing some very bad things. I don‘t mean jaywalking, I‘m talking about ripping bodies apart and killing Damon‘s girlfriend. It‘s pretty rough.  Read more »
After a crazy start with Stefan getting violent by killing Damon‘s pet girlfriend Andi, The Vampire Diaries season 3 is only going to get hairier. In the second episode, "The Hybrid," Elena tries to track down Stefan over Damon‘s objections, leading her on a werewolf hunt with Alaric.  Read more »
In the second episode of The Vampire Diaries‘ third season, it‘s all about the werewolves. Klaus finds his pack to create an army of hybrids, but it doesn‘t go as he‘d hoped. Meanwhile, Elena, Alaric and Damon go on a quest to find the werewolf pack Stefan is with, but that too goes horribly wrong. In other bad news, Tyler‘s mom finds out about her son‘s werewolf condition and Caroline gets an unexpected visit from her dad, who isn‘t too thrilled with the idea that his daughter is a vampire.  Read more »
The Vampire Diaries is heading back in time this week for another flashback episode, but instead of the traditional Civil War era story, the show is heading to the 1920s.  Read more »
This is the season of the Originals on The Vampire Diaries, and "The End of the Affair" introduced it in a big way. We met another Original (Klaus‘ little sister), found out that Stefan actually met Klaus before, and learned that Elena‘s necklace is very, very important.  Read more »
Elena finally came face-to-face with Stefan on the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, but he told her to go home and give up on him. In this week‘s episode, "Disturbing Behavior," Elena is back in Mystic Falls and left to deal with the ramifications of meeting Stefan.  Read more »
Despite being one of the few human characters on The Vampire Diaries, Alaric Saltzman has a lot of lives. The vampire hunting history teacher has been killed three times so far, but each time the magical Gilbert ring he wears has saved him.  Read more »
Ex-girlfriends are bad news. That‘s true in real life and it‘s true on The Vampire Diaries. This week Katherine and Rebekah cause trouble for Stefan while Anna causes problems for Jeremy.Oh yeah, and Alaric dies again.  Read more »
On The Vampire Diaries there are nine Original vampires, two parents and their seven children. Viewers have already met Klaus and two of his siblings, Elijah and Rebekah. Now it‘s time to meet the mother.  Read more »
There‘s a reckoning coming to Mystic Falls. This week‘s episode of The Vampire Diaries is sure to be explosive with Klaus returning to town, but Katherine and Damon are also up to something. Read more »
The Vampire Diaries is no stranger to big twists, and this week it looks like the changes might be bigger than ever. In this new video, executive producer Julie Plec describes some of the big events that will shake the residents of Mystic Falls forever.  Read more »
This week‘s huge episode of The Vampire Diaries takes place on Senior Prank Night, but it‘s more like Opposite Day. Tyler and Matt both die, but it‘s actually the best thing that could‘ve happened to either one of them. Klaus does the opposite of what he‘s told and unlocks the secret to making hybrids. And the Salvatore brothers are back under one roof, only they‘re in opposite roles.  Read more »
After a rough summer of The Vampire Diaries that came to a big finish last week, the school year is finally beginning. Matt killed himself and now sees Ghost Vicki, Klaus is MIA after the news that Mikael the vampire-hunting vampire is after him and Tyler is the first successful member of Klaus‘ hybrid army.  Read more »
It‘s back-to-school day on The Vampire Diaries, but classes aren‘t the only things making a return. Several dead characters come back in various forms, some more confusing and crazy than others.  Read more »
This week‘s episode of The Vampire Diaries is called "Ghost World," and they mean it. Not only is Jeremy dealing with his feelings for his ghost ex-girlfriend Anna, but Damon also got a surprise visit from the very dead Mason Lockwood.  Read more »
This week‘s episode of The Vampire Diaries is a bit like an Oprah Halloween special. Jeremy gets a ghost. Bonnie gets a ghost. Damon gets a ghost. Everybody gets a ghost!  Read more »
With last week‘s shocking revelation that none other than Mason Lockwood was back on The Vampire Diaries, fans were left wondering what other ghostly visitors we would see coming back to haunt Mystic Falls. Mayor Lockwood? The ill fated reporter from way back in season one? Perhaps even Damon‘s dearly departed Andie? I was hoping for a good healthy dose of beloved Aunt Jenna. The Twitterverse was abuzz with rumors long before the episode even began though. This collection of the ten best tweets pretty accurately measures the build up to this highly anticipated and incredibly satisfying episode.  Read more »
The CW is getting into business with Hulu. The network has finally signed a deal with the online streaming site to feature all of its programming beginning later this season.Hulu will offer the five most recent episodes of CW shows on its site. Subscribers to the site‘s premium Hulu Plus program will be able to view episode the day after they air, while the free versions will appear eight days after the episodes originally air.  Read more »
It‘s time for another Vampire Diaries flashback episode. Always good, the show frequently goes way back in time to tell the story of the vampires in past lives. We‘ve seen Stefan, Damon and Katherine all become vampires, now it‘s time for the Originals.  Read more »
The CW has set its mid-season lineup, including the premiere date for the ninth and final season of One Tree Hill which moves to Wednesdays.  Read more »
Did you ever wonder where vampires come from? Wonder no more, because this week The Vampire Diaries gives us the origin story of the Originals and it‘s full of some pretty big secrets. There are secrets we already kind of knew (Mikael is Papa Original) secrets that are truly shocking (Mikael‘s wife Esther is the Original Witch) and secrets that will melt your heart (Stefan and Damon love each other).  Read more »
If you follow Joseph Morgan (Klaus) on Twitter (@JosephMorgan) you know that for some time now, he‘s been saying that episode 8, "Ordinary People‘ was going to be a big episode for The Vampire Diaries. After watching, I can state for certainty that yes. Yes, it was. A lot was revealed and there‘s still a lot left to unfold. Am I the only one truly hoping Klaus survives and gets to stick around? Probably. I didn‘t see a whole lot of love for dear Klaus whilst browsing the #tvd hashtag this evening but I did find a lot of people sharing their pearls of wisdom 140 characters at a time. Here are the ten best tweets from this week‘s The Vampire Diaries. Read more »
The track record for school dances on The Vampire Diaries is pretty grim. Someone ends up dead almost every time, and with this week‘s big mid-season finale at the Homecoming dance, things look even grimmer.  Read more »
The people have spoken, and this year‘s nominees for the People‘s Choice Awards are an interesting mix of popular programs and CW favorites.  Read more »
Here comes the bride ... of Paul Wesley. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wesley‘s real-life wife, Torrey Devitto, will join the cast of The Vampire Diaries for a recurring role later this season.  Read more »
This week on The Vampire Diaries, ‘homecoming‘ took on a whole new meaning. Klaus is back but he‘s not the only one. Katherine and Tyler have returned as well after multiple episode absences but despite the familiar faces, this definitely isn‘t the kind of party you want to attend. So what happened? Let‘s jump in.Stefan, Elena and Damon Hatch a PlanStefan, Elena and Damon are working on a plan to bring down Klaus together. This all feels so familiar in such a wonderful way. Stefan calls Klaus and informs him that not-so-dear old Dad, Mikael, is dead. Klaus is naturally suspicious until he speaks with Rebekah. During this time, we get to see what really went down before that phone call took place. Elena really does stake Mikael and he really does die but only so poor compelled Stefan won‘t have to lie. These guys really thought of everything. Read more »
The CW is still keeping it all in the family. After Supernatural and Ringer swapped guest stars (Misha Collins for Jason Dohring), now it looks like the show is doing the same thing with The Vampire Diaries.  Read more »
It seems like forever since there‘s been a new episode of The Vampire Diaries (less than three weeks, actually), and while fans wait for the second half of season 3 to begin on January 5, the show‘s stars have an idea on what you can do while you wait.  Read more »
The Vampire Diaries fans, prepare for another infusion of hot, foreign vampires. TVGuide has revealed that the show has cast the two remaining Original Vampires who will appear later in season 3. British actor Caspar Zafer and Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic will take on the roles of Finn and Kol, Klaus‘ two other vampire siblings.  Read more »
Update: This contest is now over. Winners are listed below and have been contacted via email.The Vampire Diaries is on hiatus for the rest of the year but BuddyTV wants to help fill the loss with an epic holiday trivia challenge. Starting Friday, November 25 you have the opportunity to prove you know everything there is to know about the show for a chance to win Vampire Diaries themed prizes! As an added twist this year you also have the opportunity not only to win prizes with Vampire Diaries trivia but also enter other fan favorites: Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Bones, Glee and Criminal Minds. Each show has its own trivia and its own prizes. For now, lets see what members of Team Damon or Team Stefan can win.  Read more »
The Vampire Diaries finally returns this week with new episodes -- and new twists and new betrayals and new relationship-angst and new deaths and more! With so much newness, it‘s fitting that the next episode is called "The New Deal." What exactly can we expect from this episode? Keep reading for a video preview and all the Vampire Diaries spoilers you could want! Read more »
You‘ve enjoyed our recaps, scoured our site for spoilers and spent countless hours padding your score on our trivia challenges. Now become a part of our team! BuddyTV is looking for more passionate, diligent, fanatical Volunteer Fan Columnists interested in submitting the 10 Best Quotes and 10 Best Tweets for a wide range of their favorite shows in return for byline credit.We‘re looking for Volunteer Fan Columnists for the following shows:  Read more »
After far too long away from our TVs,The Vampire Diaries finally returns tonight with a new episode, "The New Deal." Is this return worth the wait?Yes. Definitely and absolutely yes. All of the romance, horror, violence and beautiful-teenage/vampire angst we love is back in full force. Keep reading if you want to know more. Read more »
What makes a good episode of The Vampire Diaries? Romance, obviously. Creepy mysteries help. A betrayal works. And a dead body or two is always a plus. Fortunately for us, "The New Deal" has all of this and more! Read more »
It feels like it‘s been a long, long time since a new episode of CW‘s The Vampire Diaries has graced my television screen and if Twitter is to be believed, lots of people have been missing it just as much as I have. As the show aired, no fewer than three (but sometimes more) trending topics started thanks to TVD including; "Watching Vampire Diaries", "Go Elena", "OMG! Jeremy", "Jeremy and Tyler", "Alaric" and "Damon and Klaus." Special acknowledgment to the Twitterverse for recognizing the awesomeness that is Torrey DeVitto (Paul Wesley‘s wife) finally making her way to the show. Thanks to all that, it was pretty hard to pick the 10 best tweets from "The New Deal" but I‘ve done just that.  Read more »
If you tuned out at one point during the 2012 People‘s Choice Awards, well, I can‘t blame you. This year‘s proceedings were the usual mix of awkwardly scripted spiels, product placement and winners you could see from a mile off. Well, almost.There were a bunch of pleasant surprises in tonight‘s two-hour ceremony, hosted by The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco. Now, me doing a roll call of said surprises.See this year‘s People‘s Choice nominees Read more »
Dillon Casey joined the CW show, Nikita, at the start of season 2 in the fall of 2011. The show follows the agents of a secret organization called Division. Dillon plays Sean Pierce, an Oversight agent. Read more »
Where does The Vampire Diaries go after a long-awaited kiss?That‘s the question that "Our Town" endeavors to answer. And oh, are there ever answers! So let‘s get to it. Read more »
Want more Vampire Diaries?Sure, we‘ve had our episode for the week, but that doesn‘t mean we can‘t have more of The Vampire Diaries to take us into the weekend. Keep reading for news on returning characters, new arrivals, and that moment between Klaus and Caroline. Read more »
As always, an awful lot happened in "The Ties That Bind." So let‘s get right to it! Read more »
Another round of casting bits, then? Tonight, we have lots, including a new mystery character on Once Upon A Time, a Buffy alum heading to Grimm, and two athletes taking a trip to Hawaii. But let‘s begin in a courthouse... Read more »
The complicated war games on The Vampire Diaries are about to get even complicated-er. With the shocking return of Elijah at the end of the last episode, there are multiple motivations and vendettas that need to get squared away.  Read more »
Everybody loves fairy tales these days, don‘t they? The folks at Castle are apparently no exception to this trend -- the show is planning a fairy tale (and murder, of course) themed episode to air later in Castle season 4. What storybook characters could possibly inspire murderous rage? Keep reading to find out more about the stories and actors coming to Castle. Read more »
Family is everything.Even through all its crazy teen/vampire romances, constant violent deaths and frequent partying, The Vampire Diaries stays true to that ideal. And this episode, "Bringing Out the Dead," is the perfect example of that. Read more »
Everyone knows that just about everything in the current crop of vampire-related entertainment is related to sex. From Twilight to True Blood to The Vampire Diaries, the serious sex-appeal of bloodsuckers cannot be denied. And judging from the cover of this week‘s Entertainment Weekly, no one is trying to deny the sexiness of The Vampire Diaries.But still, there is something very familiar in the covers of the current magazine. We may have seen something similar -- and vampire-related -- before. Read more »
Another week, another party on The Vampire Diaries...But this party stands out for two reasons. One, it‘s being thrown by the newly reunited Original family. And two, nobody dies. No one! A lack of death truly makes for a banner event in Mystic Falls. Read more »
Guess what? Somebody wants Elena dead! Again...For whatever reason -- they seem to have so very many -- the Original siblings appear ready to kill Elena Gilbert one more time. Did they find out about their mother‘s death curse? Is Rebekah getting the revenge she wants? Or is this just your standard Vampire Diaries attempted-bloodshed?Two videos from "All My Children" (The Vampire Diaries season 3, episode 15) might give us a clue. Read more »
A murderous mother who thinks it‘s her duty to annihilate her offspring... Some troublesome Originals... A pretty doppelganger that everyone wants to keep alive... There is no way that "All My Children" could have a happy ending. Read more »
Most of the CW‘s shows are going off the air for a few weeks, gearing up for a big finish. Today the network officially announced the finale dates for its shows so fans can mark their calendars and clear their schedules.  Read more »
In this time of no new Vampire Diaries episodes, we must turn to whatever comfort we can find. And what greater comfort is there than Vampire Diaries spoilers? Keep reading to find out the identities of some characters returning soon to Mystic Falls. Read more »
In a series of panels focusing on some of the most popular TV shows currently airing, The Vampire Diaries just has to make the list. Not for total viewers, maybe, but definitely in terms of fan enthusiasm. Thus, The Vampire Diaries cast and producer took the stage at Paley Fest 2012. Read more »
On this week‘s episode of The Vampire Diaries, the show takes us back 100 years in the past. What mysteries of the past -- and present -- might turn up in this flashback? Keep reading for a promo video and spoilers from "1912." Read more »
In a casting move that does not bode well for one of the main characters on The Vampire Diaries, one of the show‘s actors has landed the lead role in a new CW pilot. Which Vampire Diaries character might have been doomed by this news? Keep reading to find out! Read more »
Is Alaric dead? Who is the Mystic Falls serial killer? Which Salvatore brother does Elena love/hate the most this week?All of these questions found answers in "1912." Keep reading to learn the answers for yourself. Read more »
There are a lot of relationships on The Vampire Diaries. So many relationships, in fact, that it‘s often hard to untangle the show‘s complicated web of love, hate and desire.That‘s where the Vampire Diaries infographic can help.How many men have been in love with Elena? Why does Jeremy have so many dead girlfriends? Who has competed with whom for love? The answers to these questions and more can be found in this Vampire Diaries infographic. Check it out below! Read more »
Life isn‘t so great on The Vampire Diaries these days.The Originals are running amok. Bonnie‘s long-lost mother is a vampire. Alaric might be a serial killer. And Elena is on the outs with both Salvatore brothers. Things can only get better in "Break on Through," right? Maybe? Read more »
You never know what‘s coming next on The Vampire Diaries.But spoilers can help a little bit with the anticipation. For that reason, here is a collection of Vampire Diaries spoilers focusing on relationship dynamics and the timing of character returns. Read more »
Death is rarely permanent on The Vampire Diaries.In case you had not yet realized this basic fact about the show, the Vampire Diaries season 3 finale has a big reminder for you. One year after her sacrificial death in the Vampire Diaries season 2 finale, Aunt Jenna will return. Kind of. How will she be back? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
Now that the good folks at The Vampire Diaries have figured out Alaric‘s identity as a secret serial killer, it‘s time to get back to those pesky Originals and the various plans to kill them. Will the Salvatores finally beat the Originals? Is the white oak from Wickery Bridge enough to end the reign of terror? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
When The Vampire Diaries returns on April 19, the show will bring along more than one returning character with it. One of those characters -- a certain vampire who goes by the name of Rose -- has been missing for a long time. How will she return in "Heart of Darkness"? Keep reading for more details and a video preview. Read more »
We‘re still a few weeks and -- probably -- dozens of murders away from the Vampire Diaries season 3 finale. But, thanks to an official episode synopsis released by The CW, we can start to theorize about what might happen at the end of this season. You know, other than a whole lot of bloodshed. Read more »
Nothing stays hidden on The Vampire Diaries. Feelings, people and occasionally an all-powerful stake cannot avoid being discovered. And that‘s good. Life would be far too easy if everything was obvious. Keep reading to find out exactly what "Heart of Darkness" revealed. Read more »
We are only a few weeks away from the Vampire Diaries season 3 finale, "The Departed," and The CW has just released the very first photos associated with that episode. They don‘t give away all that much about the plot or the various twists we might expect, but the pictures do show us something new: The Gilbert family. Parents and all.Keep reading to check out these Vampire Diaries season 3 finale photos! Read more »
It‘s time for another Mystic Falls Decade Dance! Which means, of course, that lots of people will die. That‘s just what happens at these dances. Who dies and how? Find out in this recap of "Do Not Go Gentle." Read more »
The future of three of the CW‘s shows has been decided. Today the network officially renewed Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and 90210 for the 2012-2013 TV season.  Read more »
"Before Sunset" brought about the return of Alaric Saltzman from the dead, so we know that a lot of trouble had to follow. How much trouble and of what sort? Keep reading for the full Vampire Diaries recap! Read more »
Only one episode remains in The Vampire Diaries season 3, and there is absolutely no way to know how it is all going to end. Will the Originals return to wreak havoc? Will Elena ever decide on a Salvatore? How many dead bodies can we expect before season 4?Check out these two Vampire Diaries videos from "The Departed" for some answers. Read more »
Alaric has to go.This is the sad truth of The Vampire Diaries season 3. With his murderous rage directed at Elena, the Salvatores, Caroline, Tyler and all of the Originals, there wouldn‘t be much cast left on the show if Alaric had his way. I don‘t know how The Vampire Diaries is going to do it. But they have to come up with something! Keep reading for some possible ideas to solve the problem of Alaric. Read more »
At this point, we expect The Vampire Diaries to go out with a bang. And the Vampire Diaries season 3 finale didn‘t disappoint. Check out our full recap -- with all of the twists and heartbreak -- right here! Read more »
As the 2011-2012 TV season draws to a close, networks are preparing for next fall. Dozens of new pilots are being cast and filmed with the hope of being picked up and placed on a network‘s fall schedule. As the saying goes, many will enter, but few will win.  Read more »
The CW has ordered more new dramas than ever before for the 2012-2013 TV season, but that‘s not the only major change. The struggling network is radically moving all of its returning shows to new nights or times except for The Vampire Diaries.  Read more »
If there is one truth to life, it‘‘s that there is an award show for everybody. Thus, we have the Teen Choice Awards, a competition whose winners are chosen solely by voters between the ages of 13 and 19. What will this year‘s teens be honoring? Keep reading for the first round of 2012 Teen Choice Award nominees. Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »
Comic-Con is just a month away, and Warner Brothers has now released its full slate of TV shows that will be featured. The list spans multiple networks, from CW favorites like Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries to FOX‘s Fringe. The network will also be debuting a number of its biggest new sci-fi shows like Arrow, Kevin Bacon‘s The Following and J.J. Abrams‘ Revolution.  Read more »
In its bid to become the largest awards show that ever was or ever will be, the Teen Choice Awards have announced their second round of nominees. On the TV side of things, the new nominees include summer shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Teen Wolf, as well as stars like Joseph Morgan (The Vampire Diaries), Dianna Agron (Glee) and Shailene Woodley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager). Keep reading for all of the new nominations. Read more »