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Tonight is the night when everything changes on The Vampire Dairies. The season 2 premiere, "The Return" picks up right where the show left off, with evil vampire Katherine back in Mystic Falls.  Read more »
Katherine‘s game officially started on The Vampire Diaries with the death of Caroline. However, thanks to Bonnie spilling the beans about Damon healing Caroline when she thought she was talking to Elena, Katherine knew that Caroline‘s death wouldn‘t be permanent.Read My Recap of the Season 2 Premiere>> Read more »
The return of The Vampire Diaries comes with the return of Katherine, and she‘s here to stay. The season 2 premiere kicked off with all the heightened emotions, jaw-dropping moments and a shocking ending that we‘ve come to expect.  Read more »
After a shocking season 2 premiere that ended with Katherine turning Caroline into a vampire, The Vampire Diaries is about to get crazy with a Mystic Falls carnival where the star attraction is Caroline going crazy.  Read more »
The Vampire Diaries is taking a very unusual turn at the start of season 2. After a game-changing season premiere, the second episode will get into the heart of the story, and the plot will feature two unlikely stars. It looks like the first part of season 2 is all about Caroline and Tyler.  Read more »
This week The Vampire Diaries goes to the carnival, and the result is mayhem. There‘s death, fire, blood, a fight, arm wrestling and plenty of other vampire goodness. The episode is really all about Caroline‘s newfound vampire nature and Damon‘s latest obsession with the Lockwood family secret, which isn‘t really a secret if you‘re paying attention.  Read more »
The preview for the next episode of The Vampire Diaries makes it look like it‘s all about Tyler, Mason and the rise of the werewolf. But there‘s a lot more going on, including a road trip with Damon, Elena and Alaric, who finally returns after being tragically absent from the first two episodes.  Read more »
After plenty of foreshadowing, The Vampire Diaries is finally introducing werewolves. In this episode, appropriately titled "Bad Moon Rising," we learn all about the history of werewolves, the history of Katherine, how to be a good vampire and we get some very big relationship status changes. See Photos from This Episode>> Read more »
The biggest gamble of the TV season has paid off. CBS decided to move its hit comedy The Big Bang Theory to Thursday to start a new night of comedy and try to steal the thunder from NBC‘s long-standing Must-See TV lineup.Mission accomplished.  Read more »
Despite the fact that Damon has lost Elena forever, the two are still on speaking terms on The Vampire Diaries. The next new episode, "Memory Lane," will offer more flashbacks to the 1860s to shed some more light on Katherine, but in the present, Damon is cooking up a new scheme. Read more »
The Vampire Diaries is a bottomless pit of surprises. This week‘s episode included some game-changing revelations about what really happened in 1864, but the real twist was an emotional one. Against all my better judgment, I now like KatherineSee Photos from This Episode>>  Read more »
The battle between vampires and werewolves is heating up on The Vampire Diaries after Damon‘s botched attempt to kill Mason. With the Salvatores and Lockwoods ready to do battle, anything can happen.  Read more »
Why do I even bother being surprised by The Vampire Diaries any more? The show has more tricks up its sleeve than any other series on TV, and this week‘s episode, "Kill or Be Killed," changed the game several times by revealing nearly every major secret, including a few we didn‘t know about.  Read more »
While The Vampire Diaries is a repeat this week, the show will be ready to go when it returns Thursday, October 21. Now that we know Katherine and Mason are working together to get the moonstone, the battle lines have been drawn. In a new preview of upcoming episodes first shown at the New York Comic-Con this week, it‘s clear the war is only getting started.  Read more »
When The Vampire Diaries returns the Katherine-Mason story will kick into high gear. They‘re working together, Mason has the moonstone and Jeremy knows all about Tyler‘s family history. Things are about to get serious.  Read more »
If you‘re still curious about what major character is going to die on The Vampire Diaries, a new interview with executive producer Kevin Williamson may shed some light on what‘s to come.  Read more »
More than any show on TV, The Vampire Diaries has no problem killing off its character. We learned that fact early on with the shocking permanent death of Vicki. Now it looks like The Vampire Diaries is at it again.More News on the Major Death>> Read more »
I was prepared for this week‘s episode of The Vampire Diaries to be merely a set-up for next week‘s big masquerade ball. While that was true, there was still room for some major excitement and jaw-dropping shocks.  Read more »
The showdown is on. The Vampire Diaries is coming to a tipping point next week at the Lockwood masquerade ball as Katherine puts her plan into effect for Matt to make Tyler kill him. However, she‘s up against a big challenge: everyone else.  Read more »
Today is apparently International Caps Lock Day on the Internet, and the BuddyTV writers aren‘t just celebrating: We‘re cele-berating, by using our caps lock key to virtually yell at the people on TV who piss us off.They may be kind of hard to read, but isn‘t that the point? It‘s clear these characters are in need of some serious tough love. Read them, then try your own!  Read more »
So The Vampire Diaries decided not to kill off Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig). After revealing Katherine‘s plan to have him force Tyler to kill him, Caroline stepped in to save Matt‘s life, though Katherine still had a Plan C (or possibly D) and Tyler still killed someone to turn into a werewolf.  Read more »
The first chapter of The Vampire Diaries season 2 is over with Katherine being sealed in the tomb, but a new journey is just beginning. At the end of "Masquerade," Elena was kidnapped, Tyler turned into a werewolf and Bonnie and Jeremy were on the road to romance.  Read more »
This week The Vampire Diaries closed the door on Katherine‘s story. Literally. For now.The Lockwood family masquerade ball offered a big set piece for a fantastic episode that saw everyone team up to take down Katherine once and for all. The plan worked, but not without some casualties.  Read more »
The new chapter of The Vampire Diaries is very old, going back to the beginning of vampire history. In this episode we got a brief lesson on the Originals, the introduction of three new vampires and two new romances heating up.  Read more »
It is the considerable opinion of BuddyTV that the people should not be allowed to vote. This morning the 2011 People‘s Choice Award nominees were announced and the choices are less than inspired. Sure, like a broken clock, some of the choices show an impressive exhibition of taste (nominating Ian Somerhalder‘s highly entertaining performance on The Vampire Diaries), but mostly, it‘s an embarrassment. Read more »
This week The Vampire Diaries is all about Elena‘s search for answers about Katherine past and her involvement with the Originals, but that doesn‘t mean there isn‘t room for romance.  Read more »
I know I should stop being surprised by The Vampire Diaries, but it still manages to get me every time. This week we get a lot of answers about Katherine‘s history and the curse. We also meet three interesting new characters, but by the end of the episode, one of them is dead, one reveals a big secret about himself and the other reveals an even bigger, twistier secret about himself.  Read more »
The Vampire Diaries is taking the next two weeks off, but when it returns on December 2, it‘s coming back with a vengeance. The gang in Mystic Falls isn‘t about to just sit back and let Klaus come after them. They‘re fighting back.  Read more »
It feels like forever since there was a new episode of The Vampire Diaries, but all that changes this week. The show returns Thursday at 8pm on the CW with "The Sacrifice," an episode that will find the gang scrambling to find a solution to the Klaus problem.  Read more »
If you like what The Vampire Diaries has to offer, the CW might be getting more of the same. Creator Kevin Williamson is currently developing a new series that would work as a companion to his current hit, though it would NOT be an actual spin-off.  Read more »
Any episode of The Vampire Diaries that start with Alaric half-naked offering Elena a taste of his Chunky Monkey can‘t be bad, even if that is the only scene with him. But "The Sacrifice" isn‘t all warm and fuzzy, it‘s full of characters willing to sacrifice themselves for the ones they love.  Read more »
While fans are eagerly awaiting The Vampire Diaries to cast the pivotal role of Klaus, the big bad vampire of the season, the show has just signed on yet another hot young guy to play an important role.  Read more »
Relationshipsare tricky business, particularly if you‘re either a rich and famous Hollywoodstar or a fictional character. In Shipping News each week, I‘ll break down foryou the three most note-worthy (to me!) relationships -- i.e., ships -- o‘ theweek into the Tip-Top Ship Shape (for the best ship of the week), That Ship HasSailed (for romances that fell apart) and You Sunk My Relation Ship (for the mostdevastating moment in a romance we‘re shipping for). Got a duo you‘re totallyshipping for? Drop me a line in the comments, and you may see them featuredhere.  Read more »
This year shows like Glee, Modern Family, Breaking Bad and Dexter are sure to get a boatload of nominations, but what surprises are in store? I‘m going out on a very far limb with some of my bolder predictions this year, hoping that the Golden Globes will truly recognize some of the less obvious choices.  Read more »
The mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries was more like The Werewolf Diaries as Tyler took center stage and underwent his first transformation. It was fantastic, but sadly the rest of the show was a bit of a letdown. Maybe my expectations were too high because this is the last new episode until January 27, but I wanted a big cliffhanger. Instead, I got a few loose ends.  Read more »
The Vampire Diaries is going into hibernation for the winter, but the Mystic Falls action returns Thursday, January 27. Until then, you can enjoy and analyze every frame of the extended trailer for the show‘s return.  Read more »
The CW finally unveiled its mid-season schedule today, though there isn‘t much new to talk about. The only real gap in the network‘s schedule came from Life Unexpected coming to an end, a problem being solved by the weight-loss reality show Shedding for the Wedding.  Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.   I watch more TV than anyone I know, between 60 and 70 hours each week, every week. Doing the math, that amounts to roughly 3,500 hours, or nearly 40 percent of my life, spent watching TV in 2010.  Read more »
In just one and a half seasons, The Vampire Diaries has already mixed and matched its characters into a plethora of romantic entanglements. Katherine and Elena have both been torn between the two Salvatores, Bonnie and Jeremy have gotten closer, Matt, Tyler and Caroline have started their own love triangle and there have been countless other relationships.  Read more »
Thanks to an interview with an astronomer, the Internet has gone crazy over new truths written in the stars. Instead of the 12 zodiac constellations we‘ve all known and loved, it turns out that there‘s a 13th zodiac sign out there. And it‘s called Ophiuchus. Weird... Read more »
The votes are in for the first-ever BuddyTV Fan Favorites, picked by you, the fans! There was some stiff competition among shows like Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Lost, Chuck, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, House and others.Check out the full list of winners:  Read more »
There‘s a lot of CW casting tidbits and other news going around, so here‘s a quick summary of the bits on all your favorite shows.  Read more »
While Chuck is playing coy with its first episode back after the midwinter hiatus ("Chuck vs. the Balcony," scheduled to air on Jan. 17), there is plenty of information floating around about future episodes of the show. Casting news combined with a few bits of episode information makes deciphering Chuck possible, even without an Intersect. Read more »
Sex sells, and The Vampire Diaries is apparently having a fire sale. Recently billboards have popped up in New York and Los Angeles with the simple tagline: "Catch VD." Now there‘s a video trailer that takes the innuendo-filled slogan to a new level.  Read more »
Between the controversial "Catch VD" campaign and the general gorgeousness (yes, that‘s a word) that is Ian Somerhalder, the buildup for tonight‘s return of The Vampire Diaries is hotter than the sun rays those beautiful vamps have to avoid.Resident witch and all around genuinely nice person Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett) spoke with me about the possibility of a Bonnie-Jeremy hookup, a musical episode of TVD and her favorite hot spots in Atlanta. Here‘s a hint: She‘s a dancing queen. Read more »
The Vampire Diaries is back, and something bad is coming. Well, a lot of bad things are coming. Klaus, a posse of werewolves, Elena‘s dad and Damon‘s dark side all continue their march to Mystic Falls in this episode. There‘s a major death and Damon finally reveals his true feelings.  Read more »
Having just passed what was once a season/series finale but is now but a midway point, it‘s time for more news about Chuck. And, as is fitting for a show with a whole bunch of new episodes on the way, there is a lot of that news. Read more »
We don‘t always agree with the minds behind our favorite shows. There are characters we hate or plot devices we don‘t think are necessary. That‘s why we asked fans of The Vampire Diaries about what they‘d like to change on the series.Don‘t get us wrong. The show is doing pretty well already. Still, fans think there‘s a little room for improvement when it comes to The Vampire Diaries.Take Our The Vampire Diaries Victims Quiz! Read more »
This week‘s episode of The Vampire Diaries has it all. There‘s a huge fight, relationship drama, family secrets revealed, the discovery of a way to kill an Original and, perhaps most important, plenty of naked Damon.Here are my 10 favorite things about this week‘s Vampire Diaries, "Daddy Issues."  Read more »
It‘s hard not to be in love with Jeremy Gilbert. Steven R. McQueen‘s character on The Vampire Diaries is a kid whose had a lot of loss and is just trying to find his way through the world. Whether its his relationship with Uncle John, Damon or Bonnie, Jeremy is looking for something to help him.We spoke to McQueen about his characters upcoming relationships, his daddy issues with Damon and what he does for fun in Atlanta.  Read more »
On the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan brought back another possible threat to the non-human citizens of Mystic Falls: John Gilbert. This guy‘s always been a shady character, and we can‘t make up our minds about him -- so we asked the fans what they thought.As of now, we‘re not sure what‘s going on in Uncle John‘s head. We last saw him telling Damon how to kill an Original. Later on, he swore to get Katherine out of the tomb.Test Yourself on Episode 2.13: "Daddy Issues" Read more »
This week, The Vampire Diaries is filled with heart. Sure, there‘s romance, but mostly I‘m talking about the huge number of hearts ripped from people‘s chests, plus the fact that Stefan, Damon and Luka all get tortured and Alaric gets killed. Happy Valentine‘s Day!Despite the high level of bloodshed, there are also great moments of romance for Caroline and Matt and, most importantly, Bonnie and Jeremy, who finally share their first kiss.  Read more »
This year on The Vampire Diaries was supposed to be the season of the wolf. The arrival of Mason and Tyler‘s transformation helped introduce werewolves into the show‘s mythology. But instead of being scary, the werewolves have turned out to be a real dud.In the past two weeks, the number of dead werewolves has climbed to double digits thanks to the forest brawl and the arrival of Elijah. Early on we were told that werewolves are an endangered species, now we know why. It‘s not the vampires who suck, it‘s the werewolves.  Read more »
The werewolf threat is gone for the moment on The Vampire Diaries, but that doesn‘t mean everyone is safe. Now that the gang knows about Elijah‘s real plan to let Klaus sacrifice Elena, everyone is working hard to make sure that doesn‘t happen.  Read more »
Characters on The Vampire Diaries are constantly faced with choices that put their lives in peril. To stay or to go, to kill or not to kill. Big decisions loom before these Mystic Falls players. So this week, we asked the fans to predict the paths they think Tyler and Elena will take.Test Yourself on Episode 2.14: "Crying Wolf"On the previous episode of The Vampire Diaries, these two shared a rather emotional moment. Tyler surprised us by turning against the wolf-pack and saving Elena and Stefan from Brady. However, he left town with Jules in the end. Read more »
If you‘re not familiar with the traditions of the Passover Seder, a seat is left empty for Elijah, who it is said will visit each house to foreshadow the coming of the Messiah and the end of days. Well, on tonight‘s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Elijah came to the Salvatore house not for a Seder, but for a dinner party. Regardless of the reason, it certainly does spell the end of days for someone and the arrival of someone else, though I‘d hardly call her the Messiah.  Read more »
At best, the Salvatores and Elena made an even trade when they got rid of Elijah, but freed Katherine from the Tomb last week on The Vampire Diaries. They just traded one villain for another, and while Elijah may be stronger thanks to his status as an Original, Katherine is a lot better at mind games and using her resemblance to Elena for her own devious plans.  Read more »
Last week on The Vampire Diaries, the gang‘s defenses were weakened. First, Jonas sapped Bonnie of her powers and endangered the upcoming sacrifice. Then, Elijah was killed and Katherine managed to escape from the tomb to tell the gang about Klaus‘ arrival. Think You Know Episode 2.15: "The Dinner Party"?We left our fans two major questions regarding these twists on The Vampire Diaries, and here‘s what they had to say. Read more »
After Elijah‘s death, I thought it might be a while before The Vampire Diaries killed another major character. How wrong I was, because in this episode, two major characters are killed, a major secret is revealed and a shocking return is sure to cause some trouble.With Katherine back, she‘s up to her old tricks, but she also wants to team up with the Salvatores to kill Klaus, which they understandably have a hard time believing.  Read more »
After Caroline serenaded Matt last week at the Grill, we thought it would be happily ever after for these two. But of course we knew that was impossible, since this is, after all, The Vampire Diaries. Test Your Knowledge About Episode 2.16: "The House Guest"Matt backed away once he found out that Caroline was a vampire, leaving us to wonder what‘s in store for them when the show returns this April. The fans think that there‘s still hope for the couple, and we certainly don‘t want Caroline‘s rendition of "Eternal Flame" to go to waste. Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television. Read more »
It seems as though Mother‘s Day will be coming early to The Vampire Diaries, since we‘ll see more of Isobel on the show this April. Don‘t expect any flowers or hugs though. This vampire mom is more inclined to cause trouble as she makes her way into Mystic Falls again.BuddyTV Showdown: The Best Vampire Diaries FightAs we last saw on The Vampire Diaries, Isobel appeared at the Gilberts‘ doorstep and claimed she wanted to help Elena. However, the trailer showed her with Katherine later on. And we‘re sure we can‘t trust either of them. For all we know, she was sent there by the looming threat that is Klaus.  Read more »
It‘s getting more and more difficult to get through this hiatus of The Vampire Diaries. Instead of just waiting idly by and watching reruns, why can‘t we imagine our own plot twists for the show?We asked the fans what they think could happen to two characters from The Vampire Diaries, namely Uncle John Gilbert and Tyler. Both of them seem to be missing out on the action for now, although that might change when the show returns this April.Quiz: Think You Know the TVD Werewolves?  Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.There have been a lot of actors who started with minor commercial roles, but it‘s hard to transition being a major commercial spokesperson into an actual acting career. We might love them in 30-second doses, but making the movie to actual success on television shows is something not many can do.  Read more »
With all the vampires coming to Mystic Falls, it‘s almost like a plague. But the fans think The Vampire Diaries could get more interesting if some of the human characters transformed into bloodsuckers.The Vampire Diaries Quiz: Parties at Mystic FallsSo we asked: Which TVD character should be turned into a vampire? Read more »
We‘re all waiting for the dreaded (and hugely anticipated) Klaus on The Vampire Diaries. Maybe some of us even have a few ideas on how he‘ll bring chaos to Mystic Falls. But what really has us thinking is the imminent battle between this villain and our heroes. The Vampire Diaries Quiz: Back to 1864 We know the Salvatores, Elena and the rest of the gang are all getting ready to face Klaus. However, there‘s the possibility that they won‘t be powerful enough to defeat him. In which case, they better get some allies to help out.  Read more »
We‘re about a week away from another episode of The Vampire Diaries and we all have our expectations. We‘re sure not all of them will be met. Still, that doesn‘t stop us from hours of speculating and wishful thinking.Quiz: Test Yourself on the Mystic Falls Parties! Read more »
After a lengthy hiatus, The Vampire Diaries returns with new episodes this week, and things are more confusing than ever with the return of Elena‘s vampire mother, Isobel.  Read more »
Even vampires deal with rejection, and who copes better than The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon Salvatore? His problems range from having the girl of his dreams fall for his brother, to having to compel Elena to forget his heartbreaking revelation.The Vampire Diaries Best Friend QuizOther than feed on other females, what else could Damon do? One option is to ask fans of The Vampire Diaries, who probably care about him more than Elena does right now. Read more »
The return of The Vampire Diaries tonight at 8pm on The CW has come with a firestorm of spoilers, most notably from star Katerina Graham, who has said that the final six episodes of season 2 will include plenty of death.  Read more »
After a six-week hiatus, The Vampire Diaries is back, and I was scared I‘d be confused. There‘s a lot going on, and this episode includes plenty of lies, betrayals and more convoluted alliances. Yet, somehow, it all made perfect sense.It doesn‘t hurt that this episode features two majorly shocking twists that change the whole game and the death of a major character.  Read more »
It‘s that time of the year on The Vampire Diaries for a theme party! OK, I know every single week the show has a special event, but the next episode, "The Last Dance," features a Mystic Falls High School tradition: the decade dance. In season 1 it was the ‘50s, but this year it‘s time for the groovy ‘60s.  Read more »
The return of The Vampire Diaries left plenty of new questions for fans to ponder. What are Matt and Sheriff Forbes going to do now that they know the truth? Will Bonnie sacrifice herself? And most importantly, how much longer will Alaric last now that he‘s possessed by Klaus?"Know Thy Enemy" Recap: Isobel‘s Secrets Revealed>>But there‘s one big question that is still open: What happened to Tyler? The teen wolf left town with Jules at the end of episode 14 and we haven‘t heard from him since. Well, now we know exactly when Michael Trevino will return.  Read more »
There are two basic kinds of Vampire Diaries episodes: the set-up and the payoff. Last week saw a big set-up as Bonnie got super-charged on witch power, though killing Klaus would most likely mean killing herself and Klaus possessed the body of Alaric. This week‘s episode, "The Last Dance," provides the payoff.  Read more »
The Save Elena crusade is well on its way on The Vampire Diaries. Last week we had Isobel burn herself for her daughter. Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon remain on the job, trying to protect Elena. But there‘s also best friend Bonnie, who embraced the wrath of a hundred witches just to obtain powers against the big bad Klaus.The Vampire Diaries Episode Quiz: "Know Thy Enemy"We asked the fans if Mystic Falls‘ resident witch will turn martyr and die for Elena‘s sake. We‘re sure Jeremy won‘t allow it; what about the audience? Read more »
All of the big events on The Vampire Diaries happen at a party. Vicki was killed at the Halloween dance. Tyler killed someone and Katherine was captured at the masquerade ball. And now there‘s the ‘60s dance, where Klaus made his presence known in the form of Alaric, facing off against Bonnie in a battle to the death.  Read more »
Klaus has officially begun his reign of terror on The Vampire Diaries by taking over Alaric‘s body, torturing Katherine, taunting Elena and battling Bonnie until she "killed" herself, though he doesn‘t know it was faked.While AlariKlaus is fun, the next episode, appropriately titled "Klaus," introduces the real deal. In flashbacks to the 15th century, Elijah reveals the story of how Katherine met the real Klaus (Joseph Morgan).  Read more »
Meghan Carlson and Carla Patton have problems ... with what they see on TV. Each week, they will pose one problem and talk (or, more accurately, IM) it out. Two will enter, two will leave. This is one of those conversations.Carla: I‘ve got a problem with werewolvesMeghan: with how unsexy they are, but everyone is trying to make them into the new vampires?Carla: yes!Meghan: sorry, america, but i don‘t sign off on your blatant BESTIALITYCarla: here‘s the thing: like, first it was robots and ninjasCarla: then piratesCarla: then zombiesCarla: now vampiresCarla: and I think werewolves are nextMeghan: i think you are right about the trend. all sorts of werewolves are popping up now.Carla: and I‘m upset about it because I felt like werewolves were the one thing I could kind of get into, but now it‘s going to get all Twilight-ed Read more »
When Vampire Diaries and Supernatural Collide Here‘s some juicy Vampire Diaries casting news to sink your teeth into. The mysterious town of Mystic Falls is about to land a new sexy vampire (is there any other kind). The show has cast Lauren Cohan to play the role of 500 year old Rose. We don‘t know much about her character but her character but we can bet that this sexy "young" vamp will make a pass at Damon.Hardcore CW fans surely will remember Cohan as Bela Talbot from season 3 of Supernatural. Bela was a tough as nails character who got the best of both the brothers so she should have no trouble winning over Damon. She will first show up in the eighth episode titled "Rose." What do you think Vampire Diaries fans? Are you excited for Rose? [Zap2it] Read more »
This week‘s episode of The Vampire Diaries is called "Klaus" and with good reason: It‘s all about Klaus! We find out the real backstory of the oldest vampire in history, including the fact that he‘s not actually a vampire. Well, not JUST a vampire.The action unfolds as Elijah wakes up and tells Elena the story of how Klaus met Katherine (or Katerina, as she was called back then). The secrets Elijah reveals are fantastic and change the entire mythology of the series, so I‘m officially in love with this episode, and not just because Joseph Morgan is sexy as hell.  Read more »
The CW typically gets ignored as a second-rate network, especially when compared to the others. Typically, when looking at the ratings, the shows on the CW are the lowest-rated programs of the night. Well, not today.Last night, a new episode of the CW‘s The Vampire Diaries beat the second episode of NBC‘s new comedy, The Paul Reiser Show. The Vampire Diaries was watched by by 2.65 million while The Paul Reiser Show got a measly 2.5 million.  Read more »
This week The Vampire Diaries put half its cast on the sidelines to focus on the arrival of the big, bad vampire (or werevamp) Klaus, and now it‘s time to bring it all together. There are only three episodes left this season, but it looks like the big fireworks of season 2 begin with the next episode, "The Last Day."  Read more »
There are only three episodes left of The Vampire Diaries season 2, and with this week‘s episode ominously titled "The Last Day," things are going to turn south very quickly.  Read more »
The CW has just made a lot of fans very, very happy. Today the network officially picked up The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Gossip Girl and 90210 for next season.In addition, the CW also ordered an all-star cycle of America‘s Next Top Model.  Read more »
Did you know BuddyTV is on Facebook? Did you know we have show specific Facebook Fan Pages too? Well, now is the perfect time to check them out because we‘re currently hosting a big sweepstakes for our old and new fans alike. The prizes: Grand Prize: a 32-inch Flat Screen TVSecond Prize: a $100 iTunes Gift CardThird Prize: 10 lucky winners will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card  Read more »
We‘ve only just met the infamous Klaus on The Vampire Diaries, but the one thing on everyone‘s minds is how to get rid of the guy. It‘s not fair to Joseph Morgan, really. Still, his character is a threat to Elena and that‘s all the reason the Salvatores need to make him disappear.This week, the fans have pooled their ideas to help out Damon and Stefan in bringing the Original to an end. Be warned; there will be bloodshed.How Much Do You Know About the TVD Sacrifice? Read more »
I was ready to write this episode of The Vampire Diaries off as a slow, emotional one where nothing big happens. Then two HUGE things happened in the last minute. There weren‘t a lot of witty one-liners or fierce action, but, as is often the case with The Vampire Diaries, I gasped a lot. Read more »
I know I sound like a broken record, but I‘m amazed at how good The Vampire Diaries is at shocking me. It‘s happened many times, but at the end of "The Last Day," when Klaus turned Aunt Jenna into a vampire to use her for the Sacrifice, I may have been as shocked as I‘ve ever been watching this show.We knew Klaus was a bad guy who enjoyed making people suffer for daring to go against him, but turning Elena‘s innocent aunt into a monster was not something that I even considered. It also raises a big question: What happens to Aunt Jenna now?  Read more »
Another CW hottie is now off the market. After Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki disappointed legions of fan girls by each getting married last year, the hits keep coming with news from Life and Style that The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley has secretly married girlfriend Torrey DeVitto in New York City.  Read more »
It looks like Klaus has it all figured out. His backup plan is ready to roll on The Vampire Diaries, with his all-girl sacrificial line-up. There‘s Greta, Jules, Jenna, and of course, Elena.However, the fans have their own ideas regarding the sacrifice. As we all know on The Vampire Diaries, there‘s always another way to accomplish things. There‘s also death, and plenty of it.TVD Quiz: Where Did It Happen?  Read more »
The Vampire Diaries has tremendous success with guest casting. Earlier this season they added Daniel Gillies as Elijah and now the show has the oldest, baddest vampire-werewolf hybrid around with Klaus. Joseph Morgan‘s performance is perfectly terrifying as the big, bad Klaus, keeping everyone on their toes.  Read more »
Wow, say hello to the most depressing episode of The Vampire Diaries ever, and also one of the best. Klaus finally performed the Sacrifice and it went off exactly as planned, with plenty of major deaths. When Elena dying and coming back as a human is the only good thing to happen, you know things are bad.  Read more »
What a great Thursday night for FOX. Rupert Murdoch broke out the good champagne to fill his pool with last night. Both American Idol and Bones saw sizable increases in viewers over last week. CBS fared well with The Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist.It was announced yesterday that Bones, FOX‘s hit forensic crime figurehead, would be renewed for a seventh season, despite star Emily Deschanel‘s pregnancy. Bones flourished under the news, with a whopping 18% increase over last week, and a total of 11.09 million viewers. Looks like FOX made the right call in renewing Bones. Read more »
The Vampire Diaries is very good at setting up storylines, but it‘s even better at paying them off. The penultimate episode of season 2 saw Klaus perform the Sacrifice, the culmination of a season (and a thousand years) worth of planning. The event led to the deaths of Jules, Jenna, Greta and John, adding one of the highest body counts of major characters ever to the episode‘s list of huge accomplishments.  Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television.Mother‘s Day is upon us, which means it‘s time to celebrate the many ways in which mothers have touched our lives.  Read more »
The Vampire Diaries has also completed the Sacrifice and Klaus is now officially a werevamp. But for the show‘s season 2 finale, there‘s a more important danger: the possible death of Damon.Everybody‘s favorite bad boy vampire was bitten by a werewolf, something that‘s fatal to vampires with no cure. But that won‘t stop Stefan from trying to save the day.  Read more »
Are there worse things than a werewolf bite when you‘re a vampire? We‘re not sure yet, but it‘s not looking well for Damon Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries. Expert at One-liners? Answer the TVD Quote Quiz!Fans of the series are worried about the fate of this major character. We all know what occurred when Rose endured that lethal bite. However, the writers won‘t risk killing Damon off and losing so many viewers, will they? Read more »
At one point in the season 2 finale of The Vampire Diaries, Jeremy does a Bing search for "back from the dead." He should find this episode, because it‘s all about coming back from the dead. Several characters come back from death or near-death, old versions of characters come back after being dead for decades and two very memorable former stars make a shocking return in the final scene that was absolutely perfect.  Read more »
The Vampire Diaries season 2 finale was a brilliant conclusion to a great season, with some fantastic set-ups for season 3. Stefan turned evil and agreed to work with Klaus, Damon and Elena grew closer and, most importantly, Jeremy came back from the dead and started seeing his dead ex-girlfriends, Anna and Vicki.  Read more »
After that impressive season 2 finale, the pressure is on for the writers of The Vampire Diaries. There‘s a lot to tackle for the next installment of the show, but fans of the series are already brimming with ideas as to what might occur. Test Your Knowledge on TVD Weaknesses!We asked these The Vampire Diaries die-hards about their predictions for season 3 of the show. From Jeremy to Alaric to Damon and Elena, there‘s so much to think about during this long, excruciating wait. Read more »
The Vampire Diaries season 2 is up and running with Katherine, werewolves and one big problem for Caroline. With love triangles, mysteries and more, The Vampire Diaries season 2 is sure to live up to the high caliber of season 1.Season 3 Spoilers: All About the Originals>>SlideshowDamon‘s Best Quotes from ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ Season 2SlideshowThe Deadliest Show on TV: 48 Death Scenes from ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ Season 2 Read more »
The CW has an ambitious new line-up with four new fall shows: Hart of Dixie, Ringer, The Secret Circle and the reality series H8R. They include a number of very familiar faces, from The O.C.‘s Rachel Bilson to Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Sarah Michelle Gellar to Life Unexpected stars Kristoffer Polaha and Britt Robertson.The CW Announces Fall Schedule >>Now, check out some video previews to get a taste of the CW‘s newest shows.  Read more »
The CW is the final network to release its fall lineup this week, and the network is a bit more ambitious than in the past. They‘ve picked up four new shows for the fall, moved two shows to new nights and pushed the ninth season of One Tree Hill to mid-season.The big changes include moving 90210 to Tuesdays and Nikita to Fridays to make room for two of the network‘s new shows.  Read more »
The CW is filling up its schedule with two new shows that have earned a lot of buzz early on. The network has picked up Secret Circle, the new witch drama based on a series of books by the author of The Vampire Diaries and adapted by Kevin Williamson, and Hart of Dixie, a drama about a female doctor who moves to the south from the Gossip Girl team of Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz.  Read more »
Pilot season is in full swing, with tons of new shows being made with hopes of getting on the fall 2011 TV schedule Shows are still being cast and worked out, and while there are a lot of them, there are only a handful that I‘m extremely excited for.  Read more »
The Vampire Diaries ended its second season with some big changes. Stefan turned to the dark side and joined Klaus, Damon and Elena grew closer and Jeremy started seeing ghosts of his dead girlfriends. Season 3 is sure to be full of intense emotions, origin stories for the originals and some big stories for the minor characters.  Read more »