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Coming on the heels of the hit suburban dramedy Weeds, the Showtime network is launching yet another dark comedy based on another interesting female character.  The United States of Tara, reportedly shot in single camera, is about a mother of two and wife who has dissociative identity disorder. The titular character, inexplicably and randomly, takes on many weird roles and personalities, including a macho male biker, a lustful teenage girl, and a homemaker, on any given day.  To make matters worse, Tara has to contend with raising a dysfunctional family with her husband.  Tara will be played by Academy- and Golden Globe-nominated Australian-born actress Toni Collette who is best known for her roles in The Sixth Sense and Little Miss Sunshine.  Her husband Max will be played by John Corbett, who is best known for playing former Carrie Bradshaw flame Aidan Shaw on Sex and the City. Read more »
If you haven‘t heard of United States of Tara before today, you‘re in for a real surprise. Showtime posted a first look preview of their new comedy set to premiere January 18th. The new half-hour series stars Academy Award®-nominated actress Toni Collette as a woman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder or otherwise known as multiple personality disorder. In the preview below, we get to see the many different personalities Collette will play. Most notably, United States of Tara was penned by Diablo Cody, the Academy Award®-winning screenwriter of Juno. The show will focus around Tara‘s dysfunctional family and their struggles with her disorder. John Corbett of Sex and the City will play her working husband who juggles her female and male personalities.It‘s not hard to figure out why this quirky new Showtime comedy sounds so appealing. If you‘re still unsure, I‘ll lay it out for you: Read more »
Showtime recently released a Behind the Scenes look at their upcoming comedy series United States of Tara. Before this 4 minute preview, little was known about the series. We knew about Toni Collette, John Corbett, Steven Spielberg, and Diablo Cody (Academy-award winning writer of Juno). We knew that the series revolved around a housewife named Tara who suffers from dissociative identity disorder.According to the trailer, Tara and Max live in Kansas with their two teenage kids, Kate and Marshall. The family is also helped out by Tara‘s sister Charmaine, played by Rosemarie DeWitt. As DeWitt explains it, "Everyone wants Tara to be okay. Sometimes she‘s not, but that‘s something that happens in every family." Read more »
New Years is upon us and this weird thing we call a hiatus is almost behind us. Soon, shows old and new will begin to air and life will seem just a little bit better. Mid-season replacements are on the horizon and reality shows are about to kick into high gear. With so much television to choose from, we thought we‘d share the top nine shows we‘re looking forward to in 2009.Our list is not what you would expect. For instance, I expect a lot of flack for not having Lost or Battlestar Galactica on the list. This will infuriate a lot of people, but Lost jumped the shark a while ago and I think I gave up after all the “we‘ve always had a plan” and the “this is not a science-fiction show” bull. Battlestar is not on the list simply because how can we really bring ourselves to look forward to the end. Essentially, denial is my number one priority. Read more »
Showtime has released the pilot episode of its new half-hour comedy United States of Tara online for your viewing pleasure. They have graciously shared with us the episode and you can now view it right here on BuddyTV.If you haven‘t heard of it before, United States of Tara is a show about a housewife named Tara, played by Toni Collette, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder or, more commonly known, multiple personalities. Her husband Max, played by John Corbett, and their two kids, Kate (Brie Larson) and Marshall (Keir Gilchrist) all struggle to keep the family as normal as possible as Tara transitions from one "alter" to another.Meanwhile, Tara‘s sister Charmaine, played by Rosemarie DeWitt, has the hardest time accepting Tara‘s disorder and often dismisses it as an act. Read more »
Showtime‘s United States of Tara is set to hit screens on January 18—well, television screens, at least, because by now you can watch the full pilot online by clicking here—but already I‘m feeling excited. By now, you probably know some bits about it: Toni Collette plays Tara, your average mother and wife who happens to have multiple personalities.  It‘s written by Diablo Cody, the one behind the hit film Juno, and produced by Steven Spielberg.  And, again, Toni Collette—from what I‘ve seen so far, I feel she‘s going to get a lot of kudos for her performance in this series.For those of you who somehow can‘t watch the pilot—and I know some of you can‘t watch the pilot, for one reason or another—you can still get a glimpse of the entire thing by watching the trailer.  The folks at Showtime were nice enough to upload it on YouTube, and from there, I‘ll begin to pass judgment. Read more »
BuddyTV‘s running a special feature on all of the wonderfully unique families on TV. Within the feature, there‘s a chance to win a flat-screen TV as well as a couple of Showtime prize packages with DVD sets for Dexter season 2, Penn & Teller: BS! season 5, Californication season 1, The L Word season 5, and The Tudors season 1. TV families always seem to be more interesting than our own. In fact, they‘re never normal. At one point or another, we‘ll all wished to be a part of some imaginary clan. Something deep inside draws us to the craziness, the tenderness or the drama. So we salute all these unique TV families. Read more »
We, over here at BuddyTV, decided to run a big user contest to kick off the new year. The concept is simple. Watch the pilot episode of United States of Tara and take the user quiz to enter. Watch carefully because you need a score of 80% or better in order to be eligible. You can enter once per 24 hour period up until midnight January 18th, the night of the premiere of United States of Tara. Then, the winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. First prize gets a 26‘ flat screen television and a Memorex DVD player. Runner-up will receive a Showtime tote bag full of DVD sets: Dexter season 2, Penn & Teller: BS! season 5, Californication season 1, The L Word season 5, and The Tudors season 1 and other great Showtime goodies. It‘s simple, it‘s fun, and it‘s easy to win!So, head over to the entry page and check it out. Read more »
BuddyTV is currently hosting a caption contest for the United States of Tara. First and second prize receive a Showtime tote bag with Dexter season 2, Penn & Teller: BS! season 5, Californication season 1, The L Word season 5, and The Tudors season 1 and other great Showtime goodies. Entering is easy and the more you enter, the better your chances of winning!The concept is simple. Watch the pilot episode of United States of Tara and then head over to the caption contest to enter.You take a look at the picture of T, one of Tara‘s many personalities and you simply give her a caption. Think of something funny, think of something poignant, whatever you want. And enter as many times as you want. The winners will be decided via stars. Read more »
I‘m obviously one of the many who was excited about United States of Tara.  No, it wasn‘t because of the involvement of both Steven Spielberg and Diablo Cody, and it wasn‘t because Toni Collette‘s sure to turn out a good performance, but it‘s because of the premise itself.  How exactly does a family deal with the confusion of having one of its members have different personalities?  Let me expand that—how, in a way that doesn‘t insult, degrade or simplify the condition into a scenario in a comedy?After seeing the pilot, I was convinced that they can do it, although obviously there‘s still a lot of ground to cover during the next eleven episodes.  Gathering from other critics, though—not that I‘m calling myself one, but everyone‘s a critic nowadays, isn‘t it?—it‘s not exactly as good as it initially seemed to be.  They‘re not saying that Tara is a waste of time, but with these people, who probably had the chance to watch more episodes than the rest of us have, well, we might as well take their word for it. Read more »
Looks like there will be twelve more episodes of Tara and her three other personalities.  Showtime has announced that United States of Tara, their latest television series headlined by Toni Collette, has been renewed for a second season, after only four episodes into the first.“It has been pure pleasure working with Diablo Cody, Toni Collette, Steven Spielberg and everyone at Dreamworks on [the show],” Robert Greenblatt, Showtime president of entertainment, said in a press release.  “This is a perfect fit for our premium brand and we‘re thrilled that critics and audiences have responded to this groundbreaking show so well.  I look forward to many more alternate personalities emerging from this unique series.” Read more »
The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday at 8pm on CBS.  Hostedby Neil Patrick Harris, it looks like two shows will have astranglehold on the night: Mad Men for Drama and 30 Rock for Comedy, both coming in with an overwhelming lead in total nominations.But will they really prevail.  Check out the nominees for the majorEmmy Drama categories below and who I think will win, then make yourown picks and watch along with me Sunday night.Read More: Drama Category Predictions>> Read more »