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Recently, we reported on the events to come in the anticipated new season of The Unit, which returns to television screens tonight at 10pm.  On the show’s third season, we saw Jonas in the middle of an investigation involving the link between a Russian uranium dealer and his old friend at MI5.  The show’s third season spanned 11 episodes due to the writers’ strike, but this time, they’re ready to come back with new episodes that would pick up where we left off last season.The Unit star Scott Foley recently talked to IGN, sharing his thoughts about the new season and how he has adapted to the show, given his drama series roots. Read more »
We recently reported that a new recruit on The Unit will come in the form of a blonde woman named Bridget Sullivan, who will be played by Nicole Steinwedell.  TV Guide was the first to grab an interview with the former Dawson’s Creek actress, who is honored to be The Unit’s first female crew member."Women aren’t supposed to be in the Unit, or people underestimate their strength or fortitude," Steinwedell told TV Guide in a recent interview.  "[Bridget] illustrates the ‘constantly surprising‘ in the first episode by being resourcefulness in the line of duty and under pressure.  She keeps on surprising them with her education and her ability to help out in certain situations." Read more »
Recently, we let you in on the scoop with Nicole Steinwedell, the newest recruit of CBS‘ The Unit.  In fact, based on the comments of our last article, it seems that the viewers like her presence in the show.  Steinwedell is a fairly new actress who first appeared on television on the drama Dawson‘s Creek.  She recalls her stint on the show in a recent conversation with TV Guide, saying, “That was my first job in Hollywood and I had watched Dawson‘s Creek in high school, so it was sort of surreal.  Joshua [Jackson] was incredibly sweet to me, and very helpful one educating me on how to work with things.  I was so new, it was ridiculous — I was such a dork!” Read more »
More action and drama will be featured on The Unit as it returns tonight for the episode “Dancing Lessons.”  The fifth installment of the show‘s fourth season continues the story of team‘s top-secret pursuits tonight, on CBS.  They will have to learn that sealing a deal with someone requires extensive planning, as well as striking the right balance to perfectly close an agreement.  In order to get what they want, the team has to give up something as valuable.On “Dancing Lessons” tonight, the unit is assigned to retrieve a nuclear scientist.  However, it‘s not as easy as it seems since he initially refuses to go with them.  He makes a proposition, which is that he‘ll only agree if they do something for him as well.  The team needs vital information from him, concerning a terrorist attack in a major U.S. city.  The scientist though, turns them down until they accomplish what he asks of them. Read more »
Last week on The Unit‘s fifth episode, we saw the team as they took on a complex transaction that required extensive planning.  In fact, the team needed to give up something as valuable to get what they wanted.  Last week, we saw the unit as they were assigned to retrieve a nuclear scientist.  The task wasn‘t as east as it sounded as the scientist initially refused to cooperate.  When he finally succumbed to their demands, they came to an agreement in which the team had to get vital information from him concerning a terrorist attack. Read more »
Last week on The Unit, fans watched as the team created false evidence of a terrorist attack in Boston to mislead an extremist into revealing his accomplices who attempting to blow up a tunnel in the city during rush hour.  Mack also confessed to Tiffy that he had affairs in the hopes of getting her to confess to him as well.Tonight, the action and drama ensues as the first part of “Into Hell” airs at 10pm on CBS.  Fans will get to see Jonas‘ daughter Betsy as she deals with her kidnapping in Iraq while he and the team go in to rescue her.  Back at home, Mack plots his revenge against Ryan for having an affair with Tiffy. Read more »
Blonde 5-foot-11 actress Nicole Steinwedell, who plays Bridget Sullivan on The Unit, revealed that she landed the role, which went from a guest spot to recurring to eventually a regular one on the CBS show, thanks to her gig as a math tutor.  She moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting professionally in 2002 after obtaining a double major in history and theater from Northwestern University.  Then after three years of tutoring a teenager who lived her mom, she said she was “floored” when she found out that her father was playwright, filmmaker – and The Unit creator – David Mamet."Here I‘d been dispensing all that wisdom about acting and the business, while her dad is a staple in the performing arts, a living legend!" Read more »
This is just a personal observation, but I can‘t really help but share.  CBS‘ Sunday night drama, The Unit, is performing reasonably well on its time slot.  In theory it‘s supposed to air at 10pm, but thanks to coverage of NFL games, things have moved around quite often.  Two weeks ago, the games ended 20 minutes after it was supposed to, and ratings results for the show aren‘t exactly definitive—ratings tables show a merged entry for The Unit and Cold Case, which preceded it.Last week, things were a little more different.  Football ran for an extra thirty minutes, and CBS‘ schedule got incredibly bumped off.  60 Minutes began at 7:30pm rather than 7pm, and viewers of The Amazing Race had to watch a little bit of current affairs before seeing teams get lost in some foreign country.  But ratings were good for the network, with them getting a really big lead over the other networks.  Point that towards the Barack Obama interview and the football that preceded it. Read more »
Four seasons later, The Unit is still The Unit.  It is not a big hit (although it averaged at #14 on the ratings during its first season), but it isn’t an embarrassing failure either.  It’s just there, cruising along, although the change of time slot for the current season put some viewers in a little panic frenzy about its future. I t’s doing what it does best, and the expectations aren’t really pitted against them.But the show’s got a dedicated following, and the move to its current Sunday night time slot hasn’t made much of a dent on the ratings.  It’s in a pretty comfy position—nobody really worries about it, and nobody bothers about it.  (But don’t take me wrong: the fans care, of course.)  The question is pretty simple: is The Unit underappreciated? Read more »
While looking for the latest updates on CBS‘ military drama The Unit, a write-up about something a little different caught my eye.  Well, it relates to the show because of Dennis Haysbert, who obviously plays an African-American character, Jonas Blane.  His wife, Molly, is played by another African-American actress, Regina Taylor.  The article pointed out that it‘s the closest we have to a black family on prime time television nowadays, and apart from that, most minorities are still given supporting or recurring roles on these shows.So, where exactly have the black families gone?  It‘s been a while since we‘ve seen these kind of folks on television—the closest that come to mind are the stars of Everybody Hates Chris and, further back, The Bernie Mac Show—but apart from that, they aren‘t really represented prominently on screen.  Although The Unit doesn‘t have to trot out the fact that their primary protagonist is black, it certainly works in their favor—Haysbert is a good actor, does his role wonderfully, and (thanks to his role on 24) provides a subtle sense of elegance and sophistication in an otherwise gritty, bloody setting. Read more »
Last week, like most other channels on the remote, CBS went to “holiday special” mood.  Sweep out some of the shows, they figured, and plug in the stuff that you‘ll only see once in a while—last week, for instance, they aired a television movie on someone suffering from Tourette‘s syndrome and proving himself to the world.  Which means, it‘s an interruption of your regular programming.  So, you most probably had to contend with a repeat of The Unit a day earlier than expected.Yeah, it can work well sometimes.  Of course, some people might not be able to catch the episode when it originally aired; to add to the mess they probably were sleepy enough to forget to set the DVR to record the entire thing, football overruns and all, and end up with no way of catching up.  Or, you might feel like watching it again—either you want a second look (I‘m guilty of that), or you‘ll probably go, “ahh, I don‘t want football and I don‘t want cop chases, so I‘ll just watch this then.”  It still draws some eyeballs, and networks love eyeballs.  It does serve its purpose, after all. Read more »
Last week on The Unit, Jonas and the team were deployed to a casino in Macau, tasked to regain the services of a vital CIA asset who‘s gone over to the other side.  Other than this, though, there was more at stake in this mission.  Since if they were successful, the charges against Bridget would be dropped.  Meanwhile, they also had to break into the casino‘s safe deposit vault in order to ruin the mark‘s reputation with his Chinese patrons.  Of course, things didn‘t go according to plan, as Bob was kidnapped mid-caper and tortured in a terrifying way that made him want to give up the mission and the team. Now after catching terrorist money launderer Isaac Reed, Tom Ryan found himself unable to break Reed and get him to admit that he had something to do with the terrorist attacks. Read more »
This is my viewpoint, from the far end of the interview with actress Julie Ann Emery, spending part of my Memorial Day weekend with Adam Ferrara, and talking up TV writers who don‘t get enough credit. Read more »