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The new season of CBS‘ action-drama series, The Unit, begins airing tonight with the first hour of the two-part third season premiere. The opening episode, "Pandemonium, Part One," will have Ryan attempting to put the team back together, while Jonas runs from a dangerous assassin.  Meanwhile, Bob may be working as a double agent.  Guest stars include Carlos Lacamara as Luis Reale, Chris Ellis as Congressman Bruce Gelber, Conor O‘Farrell as General Heath, Michael O‘Neill as Ron Cheals and Rebecca Pidgeon as Charlotte Canning-Ryan. Read more »
Actress Regina Taylor is proud to be part of CBS‘ The Unit, not only because the show continues to be followed by viewers, but because it spearheads the representation of the African-American community in today‘s roster of television drama series. “Jonas Blane [Dennis Haysbert] is the only black lead in a drama on national television,” Taylor wrote on her TV Guide blog.  “Jonas and Molly Blane are the only black couple in a drama on national TV.” Read more »
Supporters of The Unit have been looking forward to a new season packed with a suspenseful military action.  As season 3 unravels, viewers will soon find Command Sergeant Major Jonas “Snake Doctor” Blane (Dennis Haysbert) and the rest of the covert team of special forces operatives as they take on more risky undercover missions around the world, while their wives maintain the home front, protecting their husbands‘ secrets.  Expect the action to intensify in the episode entitled “Every Step You Take,” which is scheduled to air on Tuesday, October 16.Read on for spoilers. Read more »
The Unit returned by tying off the loose ends from season 2 while setting up some new rivalries that could mean trouble for Command Sergeant Major Jonas Blane (Dennis Haysbert) and the rest of the top-secret military unit in the future.  As the show tramples onto upcoming season 3 episodes, the action and drama build up while deception and conspiracies intensify. Robert Patrick, who portrays Colonel Tom Ryan, tries to give his views on what transpired in the two season 3 openers of the show, in light of the unit‘s extinction as he tried to help Jonas and his hunted comrades uncover the identities of those behind the team‘s dismantling. Read more »
In addition to another suspense-filled episode, fans can expect several celebrities to grace next week‘s episode of The Unit.  Guest starring in the sixth episode of season 3 is mixed martial arts fighter and five-time UFC champion, Randy Couture, who will be stirring up some action on the CBS military drama. Couture, who is considered by many to be the most popular fighter in mixed martial arts history, holds notable wins over Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Gabriel Gonzaga and Tim Sylvia, just to name a few, and is also the only athlete in UFC history to win a championship after becoming a Hall of Fame member. Read more »
While others consider The Unit as a ground-breaking military drama that depicts heroism and a number of dangerous missions, others regard it as a complex and unconventional show that strongly addresses real-world relevant issues with cleverness and audacity.  This is what show executive producer Shawn Ryan and the rest of the people behind the action thriller series created by David Mamet want to convey to its viewers, distinctively channeling their sentiments in two of the show‘s upcoming episodes which airs tonight and on November 13.Read on for more spoilers on The Unit.  Read more »
Death is something inevitable for a military series that deals with heroism just like The Unit.  While viewers have already been accustomed to tragedies arising from the perilous missions of the top-secret military squad, many are still astonished with the idea that one of the key players of the team no longer exists.  Now, millions of fans are mourning for Sergeant First Class Hector “Hammerhead” Williams, portrayed by Demore Barnes, as he was fatally shot in the neck by a sniper while the team was trying to escape from Hezbollah during the rescue mission in Beirut in the episode entitled “Five Brothers.”Williams was an experienced marksman who was a Unit operator assigned to Alpha Team of the 1st Special Actions Group.  Aside from frequently serving as a sharpshooter, he also served as the team‘s medic. He was a favorite among many fans, and judging from the reaction of BuddyTV readers, most of them aren‘t happy with the producers‘ decision to take out the character. Read more »
After watching Sergeant First Class Hector “Hammerhead” Williams (Demore Barnes) die last week, fans are now eager to find out how this shocking tragedy will shape the future storylines of The Unit. Mourning viewers will hopefully gain some perspective of the show‘s intent and credibility in tonight‘s episode entitled “Play 16,” which depicts the impact of Hector‘s death on his colleagues, friends and family.Read on for a preview of tonight‘s episode of The Unit. Read more »
After painfully dealing with Hector‘s (Demore Barnes) death, Jonas (Dennis Haysbert) and the rest of the top-secret squad go on board for yet another dangerous assignment in tonight‘s episode of The Unit entitled “Binary Explosion.”Created by David Mamet, The Unit is a military series that follows a covert team of Special Forces operatives as they embark on classified missions around the world, putting their lives at stake while their wives maintain the home front protecting their husbands‘ secrets.  The show features Dennis Haysbert (Jonas Blane), Regina Taylor (Molly Blane), Scott Foley (Bob Brown), Audrey Marie Anderson (Kim Brown), Max Martini (Mack Gerhardt), Abby Brammell (Tiffy Gerhardt), Robert Patrick (Tom Ryan), and Michael Irby (Charles Grey), just to name a few. Read more »
In last week‘s episode of The Unit, Grey went undercover to penetrate a Hispanic street gang serving in the United States Army that has been stealing weapons from a California base, while Jonas and Bob dealt with the army‘s Criminal Investigative Department to impede a volatile explosive before it lands in the wrong hands.  This week, the team will be in Southeastern Europe to tackle yet another perilous mission.  The action unfolds in the episode “Gone Missing.”Read on for a preview of tonight‘s episode of The Unit. Read more »
Previously on The Unit, Bob got caught in a moral dilemma, while Tiffy (Abby Brammell) and Annie discovered a shocking story about Molly‘s (Regina Taylor) father.  On December 18, the military drama returns to give its fans a fresh episode entitled “Side Angle Slide,” where a person‘s loyalty is tested as another conspiracy arises.Read on to find out what‘s in store for the upcoming episode of The Unit. Read more »
It‘s been a little over a month since Hector Williams was killed by a sniper as the team made its escape from Hezbollah during the rescue mission in Beirut in the episode “Five Brothers,” yet many fans are still saddened by this tragic incident that will fatefully change The Unit forever.While many have expressed their frustrations on writers of The Unit for taking out one of the key players of the group, there are those who consider Williams‘ death a clever twist that confirms the authenticity of the show‘s depiction of the real military world.  After learning about fans‘ sentiments, Demore Barnes shares his own views about the death of his character and the commotion it caused on the internet. Read more »
Aside from the top-secret military group that embarks on dangerous missions abroad, the appeal of The Unit also comes from wives of the team members and how they deal with their lives as part of the military. Among the female cast members of The Unit, Abby Brammell has distinctly established herself as Tiffy Gerhardt, the wife of MacDonald Gerhardt (Max Martini) who is hiding her own dark secrets.  Though she has played various roles on Six Feet Under, The Shield, Birds of Prey, and CSI, just to name a few, Brammell says that there‘s something special about playing Tiffy that has attracted her more with the role.  Read more »
The Unit star Dennis Haysbert is gearing up to once again participate in the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament (MJCI), where he will compete against other personalities from the both the entertainment and sports industries. The five-day event will kick off on Wednesday, January 16, at the Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas, with guest arrivals and registration, and practice rounds taking place during the day. At night, there will be a welcome reception hosted by Jordan Brand. Read more »
Television actor Robert Patrick has been a very busy bee.  Not only did he spend the previous year working on the third season of CBS‘ The Unit, he also split his time between portraying roles on various film productions. Coming out in August is the animated movie Fly Me to the Moon, in which Robert Patrick voices the character Louie.  The film revolves around three tween houseflies who become stow aways on the Apollo 11.  Other cast members include Nicollette Sheridan (Desperate Housewives), Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., Christopher Lloyd, Tim Curry, Ed Begley, Jr, and Kelly Ripa (All My Children). Read more »
While CBS has already brought some of its beloved series back into production, The Unit is still among the shows whose fate remains to be seen. Production of the show has been halted during the WGA strike with only 11 episodes produced and aired for the third season.  At present, it is unknown if any more episodes are to be produced since no official confirmation regarding the fourth season has been announced. Created by David Mamet, The Unit is an action-drama series that centers on a top-secret military unit patterned after the real life Delta Force. The show features both the domestic lives of the team members and their perilous missions abroad that primarily aim to counter terrorism.  The show stars Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Scott Foley, Audrey Marie Anderson, Abby Brammell, Max Martini, Robert Patrick, and Michael Irby, just to name a few. Read more »
The Unit is certainly not returning with new episodes this spring but there is a possibility that Jonas Blane and the rest of the team will return next season.  While the CBS military drama‘s fate will not be decided for a few more weeks, executive producer Shawn Ryan remains positive about the show‘s chances for renewal. The Unit has enjoyed three seasons of moderately successful ratings, averaging about 10 million viewers, but the program has become one of the CBS shows that seems to be on the bubble. Production of the show has been halted during the WGA strike with only 11 episodes produced and aired for the latest season.  At present, it is unknown if any more episodes are to be produced since no official confirmation regarding the fourth season has been announced.  As expensive as it is to produce, it needs to be doing consistently better. Read more »
While CBS has announced its pickup and confirmation of a number of shows, many of which are new series, we continue to await the final word on the fate of The Unit.  There are reports that the network is considering bringing it back on a Friday 9pm time slot but the definitive say is yet to come down shortly.As the show wallows in limbo for now, several cast and crew have found good use of their time with a series of visits to United States forces stationed in Iraq and Kuwait. Read more »
Fans of the CBS military drama, The Unit, got wind of some extremely gratifying news by the middle of last week.  The series was among a host of shows CBS deemed fit for renewal.  The official word came just as some of the stars of the series were returning from a weekend of spreading goodwill and cheer to United States troops stationed in Kuwait and Iraq. The Unit got the nod for another run along with comedy favorites How I Met Your Mother and The New Adventures of Old Christine. Read more »