Articles for The Tudors Season 1

Handsome and hunky, Jonathan Rhys Meyers graces the entertainment world as a talented singer and as a versatile actor as well. His distinct Irish façade makes him one of the sought after actors in film and on television. Ultimately, he lands a spot on the television series The Tudors. Read more »
 Fiercely entrancing, Natalie Dormer impresses fans with her clever approach to acting which separates her  from contemporaries. Ultimately, she makes positive impact on the show The Tudors with her sophisticated beauty and quirky performance. Read more »
The Showtime Network announced that its‘ historical drama series, The Tudors, has been renewed for a second season, giving actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers an additional ten episodes to portray the controversial king of England, Henry the VIII. The first season of The Tudors, which began airing on April 1, also consists of ten episodes and features King Henry the VIII’s reign prior to his separation from the Roman Catholic Church. It also highlights King Henry the VIII’s troubled marriage with Queen Catharine of Aragon and his extramarital sexual conquests. Read more »