Articles for The Singing Bee Season 3

A friend once told me about how his friend‘s rich parents would have their children play something they called "the money game," where they would throw bills of various high values into the air and watch their sons beat the crap out of each other to grab whatever they could. Upon hearing this, my first thought was, "I would love to watch that." I can‘t help myself. My favorite part of staying home sick when I was a kid was watching The Price is Right. I love watching people try to win money.By the sound of it, Fox‘s new game show, Million Dollar Money Drop, aims to tap into that same guilty pleasure of our brains that made us tolerate Who Wants to be a Millionaire and gave old people the stereotype of loving Wheel of Fortune. Million Dollar Money Drop, hosted by Kevin Pollak premieres on Dec. 20 and gives teams of two $1 million up front and lets them wager amounts over seven multiple-choice questions. Money placed on incorrect answers will literally drop out of grasp (and into an alligator-filled cavern below?). [] Read more »