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Last night, The Sing-Off premiered with a new judge and lots of new (and familiar!) talent in tow. The first eight groups sung their heads off and hearts out, showing that this season‘s a cappella-off will be the toughest yet. In case you missed ‘em or just want another listen to those smooth a capella sounds, here are my picks for the three best performances of the night: Read more »
Tonight, The Sing-Off is back with part two of its finale, which means digital correspondent Sam Tsui is back to give us the high notes and the low down on the eight groups taking the stage.Last week, eight impressive and diverse a cappella groups performed (watch my three favorite numbers from the night!), and two -- The Fannin Family and Cat‘s Pajamas -- were eliminated by the judges. Tonight, these eight groups will fight for Ben, Sara and Shawn‘s approval, and again, two will be sent home before the night is over.Who‘s it gonna be? Get a sneak peek of tonight‘s performers and make your predictions now:  Read more »
From a collective of Nashville vocalists to a group of Liberian gospel singers to a bunch of high schoolers calling themselves "the real life Glee," last night‘s Sing-Off groups ran the gamut and owned the stage with diverse performances of their signature songs.In case you missed ‘em or just want another listen to those smooth a cappella sounds, here are my picks for the three best performances of the night: Read more »
As the only high school group on The Sing-Off this season, Wilsonville, Oregon‘s Soul‘d Out came into the competition with a lot to prove, but also a lot of automatic props. Most high school a cappella groups wouldn‘t be able to pull off a number on this stage and at this scale. Soul‘d Out not only held their own, they went full-out for their first performance, with a rendition of "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In" from Hair.It was a challenging number, and one that unfortunately led to their elimination against some older, more experienced groups, but the response was positive all around for these "real life Glee" kids, especially from judge Sara Bareilles, who said they were "well on [their] way" as performers and called lead Ethan Crystal "adorable."  They may not have made it past the first round, but that‘s high praise for a high school group with plenty of talent and time to grow. As Ethan said when I spoke to him this afternoon about Soul‘d Out‘s Sing-Off experience, "the only place to go is up." Read on for our interview: Read more »
Before we even heard them sing, Messiah‘s Men won over Sing-Off fans with their inspirational story of struggle, survival and, ultimately, salvation through song. Now based out of Minneapolis, the Afrocentric gospel group is made up of former Liberian refugees who use their music to portray a message of hope. Unfortunately, the Messiah‘s Men were eliminated in the first round of the show (along with high schoolers Soul‘d Out), but that message definitely came across in their stirring renditions of "People Get Ready" and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." Ben Folds applauded their "moving" performance, while Shawn Stockman said the group was made up of real "storytelling voices."Though their time on The Sing-Off was short, Messiah‘s Men member David told me it was a "wonderful ride" for the group when we spoke this afternoon -- even for the members who worried their Christian message might not translate to a reality show. And the ride is far from over. Messiah‘s Men have big plans ahead, including raising money and awareness for orphans in their native Liberia (more on that, and how you can help, below!). Read on for our interview: Read more »
Last night the remaining six groups of The Sing-Off bracket one went back in time, then back to the future, each performing a current Top 40 hit and a 1960s classic. The pressure of performing two numbers from two completely different eras got to some of the groups, but for the most part, the episode was jam-packed with gorgeous vocals and creative arrangements that showed off each group‘s unique strengths.Sadly, at the end of the night, we had to say goodbye to Kinfolk 9. The brand-new nine-piece L.A. group gave a sweet though stiff performance of "Price Tag" by Jessie J and a warm and earnest rendition of "Let It Be" by The Beatles, but couldn‘t quite make up for their lack of experience performing together, and the judges sent them packing. I was sad to see them go, but their awesome swan song definitely eased the pain.In case you missed ‘em or just want another listen, here are my picks for the three best performances of the night:  Read more »
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Tonight, The Sing-Off season 3 comes to a close, and for the first and final time of the season, America‘s votes will determine which of the three final groups will take home the title, and that sweet recording contract.But we can‘t fault the Sing-Off judges for holding all the cards this season, because they‘ve picked three incredible groups to headline tonight‘s finale (8pm on NBC): Pentatonix, the five-member group with endless vocal creativity; Dartmouth Aires, the all-male college group who are as talented as they are all-out fun; and Urban Method, the group who blend a cappella and hip hop with smooth style and flair.Each group is different and amazing, but only one can win. Watch each group‘s "mastermix" performance from last week again, and then vote in our poll ahead of tonight‘s finale: Who should win The Sing-Off season 3?  Read more »
Tonight‘s Sing-Off season 3 finale may have been 110 minutes of filler and 10 minutes of results, but at least it was smile-inducing, soul-lifting, toe-tapping filler. In between performances by the final three groups -- the Dartmouth Aires, Urban Method and Pentatonix -- we learned about each group‘s charity efforts, and heard reunion songs by the male and female members of the Sing-Off Top 10 acts. Judges Sara Bareilles and Ben Folds and host Nick Lachey also got in on the fun, taking turns performing medleys with the final groups. (Nick Lachey singing 98 Degrees with Pentatonix? Equal parts awesome and hilarious. It was a nice reminder that he‘s better at singing than hosting.) Plus, no big deal, the legendary Smokey Robinson popped in for a spell, as did rapper Flo Rida. If the show had stopped there, you might have thought you were watching an NBC holiday special about the emotional and cultural power of a cappella. (But no, because that airs next Monday, and it‘s called The Sing-Off Christmas special, and it‘s not a joke! It is a real thing that is happening!) Read more »
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Following the Olympics, NBC is setting its sights on the heartland with its new reality competition Stars Earn Stripes. The show features eight celebrities going through various forms of military training to see if they can handle the rigors of the armed forces. The show will be hosted by Dancing with the Stars‘ Samantha Harris and retired general Wesley Clark.  Read more »
The Sing-Off has officially been picked back up by NBC, and I couldn‘t be more excited! The fourth season of the a capella competition show has yet to find a time or premiere date, but a casting website announced the dates of auditions starting in late April in Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles and New York.Here are 5 reasons to look forward to the show‘s return. Read more »
While we‘re all absorbed in summer shows like Under the Dome and America‘s Got Talent, let‘s not forget our favorites that are returning in the fall. We‘ve got a lot of new cast members coming to shows like Revolution, The Good Wife, Switched at Birth and more. Also, there‘s a new judge in town. Read more »