Articles for The Return of Jezebel James Season 1

Fox’s upcoming sitcom The Return of Jezebel James follows the tale of two estranged sisters who decide to live together when one says yes to carrying the other’s baby. Sarah Thomkins is a successful children’s book editor who finds out that she is incapable of getting pregnant.  She turns to her younger sister, Coco, for help and asks her to be surrogate mother. At first, Coco is unwilling to take on such a responsibility, but when Sarah says she has turned Coco’s imaginary childhood friend, Jezebel James, into a book, Coco changes her mind.Produced by Daniel and Amy Palladino, The Return of Jezebel James is scheduled to air next year as a midseason replacement for Back to You. To know more about the cast of The Return of Jezebel James, read on. Read more »
Lauren Ambrose, star of FOX‘s upcoming comedy series, The Return of Jezebel James, has been cast in the film version of Where The Wild Things Are, a children‘s picture book authored and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Ambrose is taking over for Dawson‘s Creek alum Michelle Williams.  A production source told The Hollywood Reporter last month that while the “filmmakers enjoyed working with Williams,” they realized that her “voice did not match their original vision of how the Wild Thing should sound.” Read more »
Fans of Six Feet Under alum Lauren Ambrose should tune in to FOX tonight, as the actress makes her television comeback on the new comedy series, The Return of Jezebel James.  Starring alongside Ambrose is Parker Posey, who most recently appeared on the big screen as Lex Luthor‘s right hand woman Kitty Kowalski in Superman Returns. To find out what‘s in store for viewers in The Return of Jezebel James‘ one-hour series premiere, read on for a preview. Read more »
You think Amy Sherman-Palladino wishes she had stayed on for the final season of Gilmore Girls?  Today, FOX canceled The Return of Jezebel James after just three episodes.  The Return of Jezebel James was the first post-Gilmore Girls production from creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.  It starred Parker Posey as a book editor and Lauren Ambrose as Posey‘s difficult sister who is going to carry Parker Posey‘s baby – a baby who now will never, ever be born.  There probably aren‘t a lot of people out there upset by this news. The Return of Jezebel James received abysmally low ratings and universally terrible reviews.  This early and abrupt cancellation has become something of a pattern over at FOX.  Last Fall, Nashville was canceled after just two episodes and, before that, Bryan Fuller‘s beloved Wonderfalls was axed after only a few episodes.  Jezebel James is only the latest casualty. Read more »
The CW liked what it saw from Sean Faris.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, the hot young star who recently showed up on The Vampire Diaries as a hunky bloodsucking bartender landed the lead role in a new series the network is developed currently known as The Wyoming Project.The show, created by Gilmore Girls mastermind AmySherman-Palladino, centers on a young horse trainer (Faris) who takesover the family ranch and watches after his three younger sisters afterhis parents‘ death.  Think Party of Five meets Little House on the Prairie.  Read more »