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Last Wednesday saw the premiere of Real Word: Denver, a season likely to go down, with Real World: Las Vegas, as one of the long-running series most debaucherous seasons. Really, words can‘t explain the things that went down in that first episode. The premiere episodes of Real World tend to follow similar scripts. We get introduced to the characters, everything is happy-go-lucky, the initial meet and greet is filled with hugs and jubilation, the cast members embark on the obligatory “first night on the town”, everyone gets drunk and they all start to really get to know each other, and towards the end of the episode we get the first inklings of conflict that end up plaguing the rest of the season. Let‘s just say the premiere Real World: Denver went a little further.  Read more »
MTV has posted the first five episodes of Real World: Denver on their website, giving fans the opportunity to catch up on any of the action they‘ve missed. This whole posting of full episodes online is a new trend this year that‘s being employed by, seemingly, everyone. It‘s a good ploy by the networks, allowing them to showcase their websites while providing a convenient service to fans.Oh, and, by the way, you may just want to check out Real World: Denver. It is setting the bar redonculously high in terms of poor behavior and drunken shenanigans. If you thought Real World: Vegas was debaucherous, you haven‘t seen anything yet. The amount of hooking up, fighting, and all around chaos that has ensued this early in the season is unprecedented in Real World history, which is crazy, because these are the things that the show is known for. Read more »
Reality Blurred is reporting that ads have begun popping up for production assistants to work on a new production of The Real World to be filmed in Sydney, Australia (Link courtesy of TVSquad). If this is true, then it will only be the third time that The Real World has filmed outside of the United States (although Las Vegas might as well be a foreign country). Australia fulfills all the necessary requirements for a Real World host. These requirements are:1. Full of young people.2. Non-Communist country.3. Readily available alcohol.  Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, April 18, 2006Episode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5)Episode Overview: Run out of Key West by Hurricane Rita, the castmates are forced to break in new bars in West Palm Beach. John, already on the outs with castmate Paula, makes a misstep with Tyler. Paula has another breakdown, and makes a painful disclosure. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, June 27, 2006Written by BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The gang returns to the Key after Hurricane Wilma. There‘s plenty of physical fall-out from the storm - and they also have to deal with the emotional fall-out of Tyler‘s treatment of Svetlana. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, June 20, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: More meteorology! Hurricane Wilma is bearing down on the Key and the castmates have to evacuate. Paula has a conflict with Tyler, but also gets a happy surprise in Fort Lauderdale. Read more »
Originally Aired Tuesday, June 6, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: * (1 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Zach is smack dab in the middle of an internal debate between his head and...well, let‘s just say another part of his anatomy. Svetlana gets some tragic news from home. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, June 13, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: John is feeling frisky for Janelle. The group prepares for the Key West "Fantasy Fest" (a Mardi Gras-style bacchanalia) but there are, once again, those dark clouds on the horizon - literally! Read more »
Originally Aired Tuesdat, May 30, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Paula prepares for an upcoming visit from her ex-boyfriend, Keith, who has been abusive to her in the past. Svetlana gets on Tyler‘s bad side by meddling in the tensions between him and John. Read more »
Originally Aired Tuesday, May 23, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: * (1 star out of 5) Episode Overview: The quiet ones - Janelle and Jose - finally get some screen time as tensions between them come to a head. The Mystic Tan salon has its grand opening. Read more »
Originally Aired Tuesday, May 16, 2006Written BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The Mystic Tan salon opens, and "Paulie Walnuts" and John have yet another confrontation after a night of drinking. Read more »
Originally Aired on Tuesday, May 9, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: A quiet week on the Key: Tyler gets some action with a hunk of "Beef" and this Beef gives Svetlana some food for thought. Read more »
I used to not have a problem with reality TV casting. Really. I took it as a fact of life that without the irritating, the outrageous, and the attention-starved, reality shows wouldn‘t be worth watching and for the most part I accepted this simple truth. Then I met Paula, insecure, rail-thin, mentally unbalanced Paula Meronek from MTV‘s REAL WORLD: KEY WEST and I couldn‘t help but think, "Why is this girl on TV when she should be in a hospital?"Since arriving in Key West, Paula has confessed to having body issues (she‘s about a hundred pounds and looks it), starving herself and taking laxatives to maintain her absurd weight - and that‘s just when she‘s sober. After a few drinks (few being, like, two) she becomes a violent maelstrom of shouting, swearing, and crying on par with any tropical storm. Calling her "Hurricane Paula" is not too far out of bounds. More disturbing, the brunt of her attacks seem to be leveled at John, the rowdy but good natured frat boy, who vaguely reminds her of her abusive ex-boyfriend. Again, I was shocked to see someone this damaged make it to primetime - yet somehow not surprised. After all, it‘s not like the show hasn‘t been playing this card for years. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, 08/15/2006Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The house prepares for a last bash: "Fantasy Fest" is here at last! But the festivities are bittersweet as they will all soon be leaving MTV‘s THE REAL WORLD for the actual one.  Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, 07/11/2006Written by BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The REAL WORLD castmates are goin‘ to Spain! Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, July 18, 2006Written by BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The Real World castmates return from their trip abroad to the good ol‘ US of A...and as usual, conflict ensues. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, July 25, 2006Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: It‘s Janelle‘s turn! It‘s been a while since she‘s had any REAL WORLD drama, so her on-again, off-again boyfriend Kasib flies in to stir things up. And if it‘s Janelle‘s turn for screen time, it‘s must be Jose‘s too: He meets a cute girl. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, 08/01/2006Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Tyler is running a marathon, and it‘s not just a monumental test of endurance and commitment, it‘s also a chance to foment unrest among the roommates! Meanwhile, while Tyler stirs things up with the roommates, Jose takes a few tentative steps to reach out to them. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, August 8, 2006Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: As this season of THE REAL WORLD winds down, milestones are reached and bridges are built for the return to the actual real world. Read more »
Stephen Nichols has been a divisive force among viewers of The Real World: Denver.  Known early on for his no-nonsense, outspoken political and social views, Stephen is nothing if not decisive.  Now finished filming his season of The Real World, Stephen is back at Howard University, finishing up his senior year of college.  He graciously stopped by and talked with us at BuddyTV last week about his time on The Real World.How did you initially get involved with Real World: Denver?I auditioned like everyone else.  They came to my school, I go to Howard University in Washington, DC, and there were auditions here on campus and I was actually urged by a few of my friends just to take a look at, you know, what it was about.  I wasn’t a big fan of the show myself, but I went to the interview, had a conversation with the people and just kind of went from there. Read more »
Brooke LaBarbera hails from Nashville, TN, the daughter of two clinical psychologists.  After moving out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, Brooke was discovered by MTV and cast in the 18th season of The Real World, which was filmed in Denver, Colorado.  Brooke took time out of her schedule to talk with us about her time on The Real World. How did you get involved with the Real World?Um, well, I was actually found on MySpace.  What happened was I had moved out to Los Angeles about this time last year and about two weeks after I moved to Los Angeles I got an email on my MySpace account and it was from Bunim and Murray and they just said that they were looking at different profiles and mine had sparked an interest for them and they were interested in me coming and trying out for the show.  So, a few meetings later I ended up landing it. I never thought in a million years that I would be interesting enough to get on the show so that’s why I never really tried myself to do it.  Read more »
Davis Mallory, a native Georgian, enter the Real World: Denver house as a newly out of the closet gay man, and has become a dynamic character on the MTV show.  Davis took some time out of his schedule to speak with us recently about his time on The Real World.BuddyTV:  How did you get started with the Real World?  Did you go through the audition process?Davis:  Yeah, I was in college in Florida and I had always wanted to be on the Real World before and I was getting ready to graduate and my degree was pre-med and I really didn’t want to be a doctor immediately and it sounded like a fun idea.  So I went online after one of my classes and saw that they were having open calls on campus and I went over and tried out and that’s how I got the ball rolling.  It was just an open call. Read more »
Alex Smith is the “playboy” of The Real World:Denver house.  While this might be partially due to MTV’s editing, Alex does admit that it is a part of his personality.  Alex took time from his schedule of procrastination to talk to BuddyTV about his love triangle with Colie and Jenn, his attempt to escape all of the drama, and who he disliked the most in the house. Read more »
Filming has just begun in Sydney, Australia for Season Nineteen of The Real World, and the producers are already starting the audition process for Season Twenty. So far the location for Season Twenty has not been disclosed, but rumors have begun swirling that this might be the final installment in this long-running reality series. MTV has only contracted for twenty seasons, and so far this has not been extended. Read more »
After 19 seasons, The Real World goes back to a more classic approach with its upcoming season twenty. According to The Real World’s supervising cast director Damon Furberg, “We‘re trying to get back a little bit to the roots of the show, getting some people on who come into the house with goals, career goals and certain things they want to achieve like way back at the beginning of the show.”The Real World, a reality show on MTV premiered in 1992. The show follows a group of teens, aged 18-25, brought together in one house. Throughout the show, the housemates are filmed to capture their everyday activities, as well as their intimate moments.  Read more »
Tonya Cooley, who made her MTV debut with The Real World: Chicago back in 2002, has since become a regular on the Real World/Road Rules Challenges participating in six challenges as of 2007. Tonya is currently and fittingly competing with the “Bad Asses” on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno III which airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Tonya took some time to talk to BuddyTV about the show, how it compares with past seasons, and what we can expect to see from her in the upcoming weeks.Read the full interview transcript and listen to the MP3 audio below. Read more »
Frankie Abernathy, cast member on The Real World: San Diego in 2004, passed away Saturday night at her mother’s home in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Although the official cause of death was not yet disclosed, her death was believed to be the result of her suffering from cystic fibrosis.The 25-year old former reality TV participant was diagnosed with the hereditary disease that affects the entire body, causing progressive disability and early death, when she was just three years old. Previously, she even discussed it openly during her time on The Real World’s 14th season, in which she and 6 other participants lived in a converted restaurant and served as tour guides for a company the organized cruises around San Diego Bay. Read more »
The 20th season of MTV‘s groundbreaking series The Real World is taking their casting in a whole new direction.  In an attempt to cater to the ever-increasing Web 2.0 presence, MTV decided to make casting for season 20 entirely online, as cast hopefuls upload videos of themselves and make blog posts stating why they should be selected to join the cast of the upcoming Real World season.  Based on user votes, a certain amount of entrants move from one round to the next..  Round two ended this morning at 9am ET, and round three will begin at 9pm ET tonight.  Real World 19 recently wrapped filming in Sydney, Australia and will premiere on August 8.  Real World 20, whose destination is rumored to be Los Angeles, should begin filming later this summer. Read more »
After learning about the death of Frankie Abernathy, cast member on The Real World: San Diego, her former housemates expressed their sentiments in an interview with MTV News.Frankie Abernathy, who didn’t make it through the entire season as a housemate on The Real World, passed away on June 9 at her mother’s home in Shorewood, Wisconsin.  Although the official cause of death was not disclosed, her death was believed to be the result of her suffering from cystic fibrosis. Read more »
Five years after MTV aired season 12 of The Real World: Las Vegas, a spin-off called Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas was launched to bring back together old cast members for a seven-episode mini-series, which began filming in April in Palms Hotel and Casino. One of the stars, Arissa Hill, revealed her sentiments on the reunion that recently concluded on Wednesday, July 11.In an interview with the Malden Observer, Arissa Hill shared her thoughts on the reality show that changed her life. Read more »
Coral Smith has come out of the closet. The former reality television star who first appeared on MTV’s The Real World: Back to New York in 2001 and also competed on Road Rules Challenge, has finally dealt with her inner battles and has come to terms with her true identity.In an interview with Outlook Magazine, the 28-year-old native of San Francisco, California, who was known to date men during her stint on The Real World, has opened up about her struggle to come out. Read more »
As we reported earlier The Real World has taken its casting approach in a different direction.  For the upcoming season 20, MTV has decided to host an online casting call to fill in the spot of the final housemate.With the objective of having the most number of votes, thousands of cast hopefuls have participated by making blog posts and uploading videos to prove them worthy of joining the new season of The Real World.  Wannabe housemates go through a virtual casting process, consisting of five rounds that entail tons of questions and requirements, not to mention the necessary votes, to determine the who gets to be the seventh cast member.Read on to find out the identity of the final housemate. Read more »
Tonight‘s Real World casting special is hosted by Blair and features a panel comprised of Randy, Colie, Wes, Paula, and Svetlana.  They‘ll be weighing in on the new housemates as we‘re introduced to them one by one.  This season of Real World will give you more of what you love: fights and hook-ups and promises not to disappoint.  Let‘s meet the cast.Isaac is 20 years old from Cleveland, OH.  He is used to getting picked up by the police for underage drinking, dumping sugar into gas tanks, lighting fireworks.  He calls himself "a boob guy" and admits being obnoxious during first impressions.  Shauvon is 23 years old from Sacramento, CA.  She hopes to be a news reporter someday and already has her own column, "Sexcapades", giving you everything you need to know about dating and relationships.  Shauvon just got out of a long distance relationship and describes herself as competitive with other women. Read more »
Episode Overview: Seven new strangers move into a new house.  Immediately, sparks fly and tensions flare.  In the first episode, two hook up and more than two get into fights. It‘s a new season of Real World complete with seven strangers to shake things up down under in Sydney, Australia.  We first meet Trisha, who promised her parents she wouldn‘t have sex before marriage but that went out the window a while ago.  Next we meet Cohutta, a Southern guy who‘s hardly traveled anywhere.  Kelly Anne is used to teasing guys and has a temper.  Cohutta and Kelly Anne meet up on a boat and she thinks he‘s cute.  Read more »
Given the popularity of MTV‘s long-running reality series, The Real World, it is not unusual for cast members to emerge from the series with newfound celebrity.  However, Dunbar Flinn, one of the seven people on the show‘s current edition, The Real World: Sydney, said that becoming a big television celebrity was the least of his concerns when he tried out for the series. "I didn‘t do this to become a celebrity. I did it because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Flinn told the Clarion Ledger.  “It‘s going to be interesting with 20 million people watching it.” Read more »
Last Week, the USA Network announced that former The Real World: Las Vegas star Trishelle Cannatella has signed up for the new reality series, Dr. Steve-O.  The show, which will document the former Jackass star as he tries to toughen up men across the United States, will premiere on October 1 on the cable network. Cannatella will serve as Steve-O‘s assistant.  She has been deemed by the network as Steve-O‘s “Nurse on Duty.”  Together, they will use a “specifically tailored” series of "shockingly hilarious stunts and embarrassingly funny and demented dares" in order to get their subjects to discard their dorky ways. Read more »
On this past week‘s episode of Real World Sydney, cast member Trisha Cummings came under fire for her racist remarks regarding a McDonald‘s employee.  The 19-year-old California native put herself in hot water for ranting about an Asian employee after not receiving a free sample of a McFlurry.  On national television, Cummings described the incident to her housemates.  "I‘m like, you know what, keep the money, maybe take some English lessons - I‘m leaving cause you don‘t know how to speak English," she said.Her manager, Michael Martin, was quick to dispel the talk that she was a racist.  "The only thing Trisha is guilty of is a both a lack of patience & empathy for others but of course that can said of most of us in The Real World," he wrote on his website. Read more »
Since the show debuted two weeks ago, Parisa Montazaran of Real World: Sydney has stood out.  She felt, early on, like she didn‘t fit in with the other girls in the house.  Then, she quickly butted heads with housemate Trisha Cummings.  Raised Muslim, and of Middle Eastern descent, Montazaran is still finding out who she is but isn‘t afraid to speak her mind.  She is a graduate of NYU, with a degree in International Relation Studies.  Parisa took the time to talk to BuddyTV about her experiences in Sydney and how her "crush" on housemate Dunbar Flinn was over before you can say, "This is the true story..."Below, you will find the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview Read more »
The New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has called on the producers of The Real World: Sydney to take responsibility for airing negative comments made by cast member Trisha Cummings. On a recent episode of The Real World: Sydney, Cummings, 19, was shown complaining about a Bondi McDonald‘s cashier who failed to give her a Crunchie McFlurry sample.  "I‘m like, well I‘d take the f....n‘ Crunchie one but I don‘t know what it tastes like because you wouldn‘t give me a sample,‘‘ she relayed to her housemates.  “I‘m like, you know what, keep the money, maybe take some English lessons - I‘m leaving cause you don‘t know how to speak English.‘‘ Read more »
Ruthie Alcaide, one of the seven cast members of The Real World: Hawaii, was at Odessa Community College on Tuesday, August 28, telling students about the unpleasant side of alcohol consumption and how it has affected her life.  The talk was held at the school‘s Deadrick Hall Auditorium. “People were telling me I actually passed out at the bar,” Alcaide said, describing her experiences during the taping of The Real World: Hawaii.  “It‘s kind of funny now, but I think I just wanted to crawl under a rock after the show aired.” Read more »
MTV is going green with the 20th season of The Real World by housing the next cast in an energy-efficient and sustainable home in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Solar energy solutions, bamboo flooring, recycled glass counters, sustainable furniture and recycled vintage décor, energy star appliances, a solar-heated swimming pool and energy-efficient lighting are some of the environment-friendly features that make up the house. Read more »
It goes without saying that if you appear on a reality show, you are going to lose some privacy. Additionally, you will suddenly find that a whole new group of people – mainly complete strangers – will now have opinions about you and your life, and, potentially most frustrating, some stuff you did about sixth months ago when the show was taping that may or may not have anything to do with your current life.While it‘s surely tempting to check in with blogs and forums to find out peoples‘ opinions, one would suspect that a majority of reality show veterans eventually have to avoid such venues if they want to keep their sanity intact. However, completely avoiding the audience isn‘t quite possible. And while some people might not be quite as free with their opinions face-to-face as they would be in the anonymity of the internets, sometimes reality stars still have to listen to the unfiltered views of the public. Especially, as The Real World cast member Parisa Montazaran recently learned, when the public gets a hold of your phone number. Read more »
For The Real World: Sydney cast member Shauvon Torres, being real is a top priority.  An admitted bisexual, Torres told the State Hornet in a recent interview that she made it a point to present herself in a truthful way on the show. "There are people in the house who have their issues, but I just try to be myself… not to have a label on things," Torres said, noting that she did not feel any animosity from her housemates nor from the people of Sydney, a city known to have a thriving gay scene.  Torres also said she is satisfied with the way The Real World: Sydney has portrayed her and her housemates, though she admits there are some things lost in editing. Read more »
For most college students, graduation means moving out into the real world, and navigating the challenges of finding a full-time job, place to live, and new adult life.For Parisa Montazaran, graduation from college meant moving into The Real World: Sydney, and navigating the challenges of being filmed 24-7, living with six total strangers, and newfound fame as a cast member of one of MTV‘s longest-running series.Now that she is done with both experiences, she recently reflected upon them with the newspaper from her alma mater, New York University. Read more »
Cohutta Lee is a good ol‘ Southern boy on The Real World: Sydney.  He was born and raised in Georgia and had never been outside the United States before filming.  So far this season, his storyline has mostly revolved around his budding romance with roommate Kelly Anne Judd.  Fellow roommate Isaac Stout has tried repeatedly to warn Cohutta against hooking up with a roommate but on last night‘s episode, he ignored all the advice and did it anyway.  Yesterday, Cohutta took a few minutes to chat with BuddyTV about his time in Sydney and what he likes so much about Kelly Anne.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight‘s The Real World, the roommates find out that they‘ll be involved in a special travel project with Contiki involving Sydney.  It seems the cast members are about to get their job on!  The girls are immediately excited while the boys feel they don‘t even know what they‘re in for.  They say the girls have never worked a real day in their lives.  We‘ll see!Dunbar gets annoyed that Parisa wakes him up every day and disturbs his sleep.  She sings at the top of her lungs in the shower while the roomies remind each other that they WERE, in fact, given a sound studio.  Why isn‘t Parisa singing The Star Spangled Banner in there? Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, the roomies hear that gay and lesbian Mardi Gras is going to take place in Sydney and most plan on going.  Cohutta feels apprehensive about going while Isaac is all about it.  Trisha gets an email from her family, telling her to treat herself and others well while in Australia.  If only she‘d take their advice.The roomies pile into the car to head to Sydney Harbor and walk around.  While out, Cohutta starts to get sick of Trisha‘s complaining.  The seven head in separate directions. Trisha hears one of her favorite church songs be played and takes Kelly Anne with her who also knows the song.  Trisha worries that she‘s going against God‘s plans by drinking too much and especially by making plans to go to gay Mardi Gras. Read more »
On tonight‘s The Real World, romance is blooming in Sydney for some and dying out for others.  While Kelly Anne and Cohutta seem to get closer, Parisa begins losing interest in Dunbar, who has been treating her poorly almost since they stepped foot in Australia.  Kelly Anne says she doesn‘t want to be interested in Cohutta, but her actions betray her words.  However, she met a guy in Sydney named Carey who‘s interested in her and sets up a date with him.Carey sends Kelly Anne flowers, which for some reason strikes a chord in Dunbar.  He says he won‘t let his money define himself with a woman and screams at his housemates.  Despite her suitor, Kelly Anne can‘t stop thinking about Cohutta.  Tensions continue to build between Dunbar and the women of the house, after they get into an argument about religion. Read more »
On tonight‘s Real World, Kelly Anne bedhops this week from Dunbar‘s bed to Cohutta‘s but says she never would normally like someone like him.  Could‘ve fooled us!  She tells Trisha that she and her boyfriend have an agreement not to tell each other if they do anything while apart.  Trisha convinces her not to tell her boyfriend that she kissed Cohutta in the confessional.  Minutes later, she‘s on the phone and talks about Cohutta and of course, the boyfriend isn‘t thrilled.  She‘s reduced to tears by the end of the conversation. Read more »
Kelly Anne doesn‘t seem to have any problem flirting with a guy, as long as he‘s hot.  She swears nothing is going on with Dunbar, besides some good fun.  Parisa hasn‘t appreciated the way he pays more attention to Kelly Anne than her.  Who detects jealousy?  Dunbar refuses to respond to her letter that she gave him on the last episode and pretends it never happened.  He calls her "interesting" instead of "hot", which she takes offense to.Dunbar complains to Trisha about Parisa‘s clingy behavior, then trashes her in the confessional to America.  Trisha then tells Kelly Anne, who swears she doesn‘t have any feeling at all for Dunbar.  Kelly Anne heads into the confessional with Shauvon to give Dunbar a reality check.  Still with me? Read more »
It‘s a tough life being a Real Worlder, living in the best house ever and sitting on the beach all day.  Life could be worse, right?  Dunbar feels Parisa is too uptight and she needs to chill out, though it‘s unclear why.  As time goes on, she wants to get to know him better but it‘s unclear if she‘s romantically interested him still or not.  Kelly Anne thinks Parisa needs to take it down as well.  She‘s not making many friends in the house thus far, which is unfortunate.Cohutta and Dunbar head out into Sydney wearing overalls with Isaac who dons a track suit.  Believe it or not, Isaac meets a girl and gets her number.  Dunbar tries to get Parisa to lighten up and have fun.  Kelly Anne walks into the confessional with Dunbar is talking and they discuss Parisa.  Parisa gets jealous when the two flirt constantly and wrestle all over the house.  Read more »
Down Under on The Real World, Trisha is on the phone with her boyfriend Jarod, having a variation on the classic Real World game of: "how can I keep my boyfriend back home, but get his permission to have wild sex with everyone I can while I enjoy my 15 minutes of fame on a well past its prime MTV reality show."Her answer comes in the form of the fact that he isn‘t e-mailing her every day, so she lays this gem on him: "I think we should take a break until you can be yourself and actually call me."  Weak, but effective as a requirement for all at-home boyfriends on this show is a willingness to be cuckolded.  She‘s all sad and conflicted, but since this is the 19th season, we‘ve all seen this exact scenario about a hundred times, and it loses its punch after a while. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, Trisha and Parisa go to war over the same guy.  Kelly Anne seems to be falling for Cohutta more and more.  Before fighting it out with Parisa, Trisha calls her boyfriend to tell him that she loves him and tells him he has nothing to worry about.  Afterwards, she finds herself very attractive to that Aussie hottie, Alex.  Parisa warns Alex not to mess with her and she tells her housemates that Trisha would never go for him back home.  That player Alex wrote both Trisha and Parisa love poems.  I smell a catfight. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, the female roommates go to war over a boy.  Parisa, Kelly Anne, and Trisha laugh in the kitchen about their night out.  When Trisha leaves, Kelly Anne tries to convince Parisa to come clean with her roommate.  Parisa doesn‘t think she has anything to be sorry for, since Trisha has a boyfriend.  On their way out, Shauvon recounts Trisha‘s drunken night for her, telling her that she kissed Alex.  She also betrays Parisa‘s trust, telling Trisha that they kissed as well.  Trisha says she doesn‘t care, but her friends don‘t believe her. Read more »
We are still right in the thick of things with the current season of The Real World: Sydney. But preparations are already underway for the next season of the show, which will be set in Hollywood.For this, the twentieth season of the ground-breaking reality program, the house itself will be a tribute to the 19 seasons that have gone before. Read more »
It didn‘t take long for Christian cast member Trisha Cummings to raise a little hell on The Real World Sydney.  So far, in the first half of the season, she has gotten into multiple fights with her roommate, Parisa Montazaran, over a good looking Aussie guy.  She has been accused of cheating on her boyfriend, making racist comments, and being unsupportive of the gay community.  Finally getting a moment to speak her mind and set the record straight, Trisha spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.  She claims she‘s been portrayed unfairly, saying she never cheated, and many of her less than stellar moments on the show are just clever editing.  Keep reading to hear Trisha‘s side of the story!Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of The Real World is a continuation of last week, and we last left Trisha and Parisa with their claws out over Alex.  Parisa goes running to Dunbar, to vent about the situation.  Trisha grabs him soon after to confront him about his opinions of her.  He avoids the subject and says he just wants to go to bed.  Good answer!Trisha tells Cohutta that she doesn‘t remember kissing Alex and cheating on her boyfriend.  Still, she‘s going to have to figure out a way to tell Jarod what she did.  The girls talk out the fight that occurred and attempt to make amends. Read more »
With all the turmoil in the house of the current season of The Real World: Sydney, it might be nice to take a breather from that tension, and instead, check back on some of the Real Worlders from previous seasons to find out what they‘re up to.Although most Real Worlders usually find themselves embroiled in some kind of drama on the show, after they return home, away from the cameras, most return to a relatively normal life of careers, relationships, and hobbies like everyone else. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, Shauvon tries to get in touch with David back home, who is having cell phone issues.  He is waiting for her decision as to whether or not she‘s going to leave Sydney to go work out her relationship with him.  Kelly Anne tells her to go home if she loves him and wants to build a life with him.  Shauvon doesn‘t seem too convinced about the right thing to do yet.Dunbar gets ready for his girlfriend, Julie, to come visit him in Sydney.  And by get ready, I mean take an attitude while Parisa does most of the cleaning.  Parisa just wants Julie to get there because maybe if Dunbar gets a little love, he‘ll calm the heck down! Read more »
Last week‘s episode of The Real World focused on the drama between Dunbar Flinn and Parisa Montazaran, but there were more ominous rumblings about Shauvon Torres and her trouble back home.Her ex-fiance, David, was making ultimatums about her returning home, and Shauvon is feeling torn about what the right thing is to do. A surprise for The Real World castmates forces her to come to a decision. Read more »
This season of The Real World is an educational one. We have learned the concept of the “girl code,” which means, apparently, that if one girl has already marked a man as a potential love interest, he is hands-off to any female acquaintances. This rule would see, to be in effect regardless of an extenuating circumstances. For example, in the case of the Trisha Cummings-Parisa Montazaran-Aussie Alex triangle, Trisha‘s flirtation with Aussie Alex, despite her “commitment” to her boyfriend back home, makes him clearly off-limits to Parisa.Once again on the new episode of The Real World airing this Wednesday, Parisa, however, would appear to be missing the “girl code” page from her girl manual. Read more »
On this week‘s The Real World, the sexual tension is high. Once again, the housemates with significant others back home find it hard to stay focused on their relationships with all the flowing booze and sexy accents.Aussie hottie Alex is working both the blonde and brunette ends of The Real World girl spectrum. While Trisha Cumming has recently re-committed herself to her hometown boyfriend, she can‘t help but continue to be distracted by the lanky local and his accent. She tells her boyfriend and her housemate that being around Alex just makes her even more certain that her boyfriend is the one for her. But when Alex comes around again, she‘s seems irresistibly drawn into his personal space.The talk of her boyfriend, though, makes her an iffy bet, so meanwhile, Alex is also attempting to make time with Parisa Montazaran. Read more »
Can‘t wait until next Wednesday for your The Real World: Sydney fix? No worries, MTV is here to help your habit, and has released a sneak peak into the next new episode. The episode is titled “Wake Up Call,” and this is when things start getting even realer…the housemates have to go to work.That‘s right, it‘s time for the kids to buckle down and learn what their collective job will be for this season of The Real World. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, the roommates find out they‘ll be going on a trip.  Shauvon reaches a decision on whether or not she should leave Sydney for her boyfriend back home.Kelly Anne has a hard time letting go of Sutton, her ex, while trying to form a new relationship with Cohutta.  Noticing how much time she spends on the phone and emailing Sutton, Isaac and Dunbar corner Cohutta, telling him to drop Kelly Anne.  What guy wants to be the next best thing?  No one in his right mind, of course! Read more »
In a sneak peek for the next episode of The Real World, Shauvon Torres is gone from The Real World house, and the remaining gang is wondering what on earth their next new roommate will be like.Kelly Anne Judd tells Trisha Cummings that they are placing bets on what they think the new person‘s personality will be. Trisha says she thinks the new person will try to establish early that he or she can‘t be walked all over just because they arrived at the house later than anyone else. Read more »
On last week‘s The Real World: Sydney, Shauvon Torres made a tough decision to leave Australia and head home to work things out with her boyfriend, David.  For the last few episodes, David has been demanding that Shauvon leave as soon as possible and come home to him.  Shauvon‘s roommates were understanding and supportive as she said her tearful goodbyes to go home to the man she loved.  A new roommate will be joining the remaining six in Sydney.  Before we meet her, Shauvon called BuddyTV today to talk about her decision to leave and the status of her relationship with David today.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, the new roommate, Ashli, arrives in Sydney.  Ashli‘s arrival makes Parisa feel further distanced from everyone.  Isaac gets close to woman he met a few weeks earlier.Isaac calls his Aussie lady, Noirin, after two weeks of ignoring her.  To be fair, sort of, he told her that he wasn‘t going to call her.  While on the phone, he fills her in on Shauvon‘s departure from Sydney.  She heads over to hang out with him and his roomies notice that he‘s a lot calmer when she‘s around.  On their date, she learns a lot more about him, and they seem to have a good time together. Read more »
This week, it looks like The Real World is taking a little detour to The Surreal World. And will the arrival of new young, adorable and frisky roomie Ashli upset the delicate balance of the house? Will Dunbar‘s love for his girlfriend Julie be tested?In the preview for this week‘s episode, we first see Isaac leaving a cryptic note to his roommates on their fridge message board (something about faxing himself to China?). Read more »
Jose Tapia was an understated presence on the Key West season The Real World, and he has seemed to return to a life outside of show biz since his time on that show. However, he still does use the relative level of celebrity he achieved to do some good.Most recently, he appeared at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA, with fellow The Real World alum Robin Hibbard (from the San Diego season), to talk to the students about the importance of voting.The event was associated with MTV‘s Rock the Vote, and aimed to illustrate for the students the power they have as voters. Read more »
On this weeks episode of The Real World: Isaac gets a bad omen, the group gets divided into work teams, and Ashli puts the flirt on Dunbar.This weeks episode begins with Isaac writing a note to the roommates on the dry-erase board. It says he‘s leaving. Read more »
Ashli‘s arrival at The Real World: Sydney house meant more temptation for Dunbar Flinn. She‘s a triple threat: cute, single and apparently not afraid to go after what she wants even if her target is taken. Actually, there‘s a fourth threat: she thinks Dunbar is cute too.This week‘s episode, airing on Wednesday at 10pm Eastern, will continue to follow this ominous development, while tensions of a different sort boil up between other housemates. Read more »
On this weeks episode of The Real World: Ashli and Dunbar continue their endless flirtation, and what we‘ve all being waiting for, Trisha‘s and Parisa‘s dislike for each other gets physical. Place your bets and pick your corner, this one should be interesting. Read more »
On this weeks episode of The Real World: it‘s decision time for Parisa. After Trisha pushed Parisa to the floor, Parisa will choose whether she stays or she goes. Place your bets. Read more »
If it‘s true that Trisha Cummings has never hated anyone like she hates Parisa Montazaran, then at the end of the last episode of The Real World, she must have been beside herself after her shove left her fate directly in Parisa‘s hands. What will happen next?Well, it looks like on the next episode of The Real World, not much is going to happen until there‘s still some additional – and ugly – angry words between the two mortal enemies. Read more »
You love them. You hate them. This years The Real World cast has had its share of controversy. But let‘s be honest, they‘ve also had their moments. Actually, so much so that this has been one of the most entertaining casts in quite some time. Read more »
The Real World isn‘t an elimination contest, but this season is sure starting to feel like one. We‘ve lost Shauvon Torres to a fiancé and Trisha Cummings‘ shoving of Parisa meant she got the boot. ‘Tis not the season to be blonde and female on The Real World.  I wonder how many times they‘re going to have to re-shoot the group shot of the housemates?Well, a shaved-headed guy is making his way back to the house. Isaac Stout returns to the happy welcome on the next episode of The Real World. Read more »
If you‘re a lover not a fighter, this season of The Real World must be a little frustrating. Just when you think, after last episode, that it‘s finally going to be all about the lovin‘, some drama pops up once again.Last week, Trisha Cummings‘ departure and Isaac Stout‘s return has a salutary effect on the group. Ashli reconsidered her anger towards Parisa Montazaran, and convinced Kelly Anne Judd to do the same. Kelly Anne made amends to Parisa and the two eased their way back to friendship. Isaac made friends with the goldfish when he took a dip in their tank, and everybody got into the hot tub together in a sort of rebirth-cleansing ritual, The Real World style, meaning with booze.But there are clouds on the horizon that might start storming again this week. Read more »
After being exiled from The Real World house by Parisa Montazaran, you might expect that Trisha Cummings would be digging her heels in even further about her stance against Parisa. However, it‘s clear that she is listening to the advice of her father, who advised her to take responsibility for her actions, no matter how justified she might have felt in her anger.She spoke to BuddyTV a while back about the fact that after the show, she and Parisa made amends. This fact has even more significance now that we know the full story. Between that interview and the recent episode‘s airing, however, she went even further, publishing another apology on her MySpace blog. Read more »
It appears to be a rite of passage for some of the women in The Real World: Sydney house. Meet Dunbar Flinn, become mildly infatuated, get treated with disrespect, become totally disillusioned. Now, after weeks of “spooning” with Dunbar for “comfort,” you can add Ashli to that list.Last week‘s episode saw the tension between the two growing and coming out into the open. They ended that episode with making some peace, but it looks like it won‘t last long. Read more »
While it might be hard to imagine a world in which you won‘t be watching members of the The Real World: Sydney house alternate between sleeping with and yelling at each other, at some point, you will, in fact, have to say good-bye to this crew, and meet the young men and women who will populate the Hollywood-based house for season 20.But if you‘re feeling like you‘re tired of just sitting and watching, and really want to start getting real yourself, The Real World is casting for season 21. Read more »
Other than his initial scuffle with Shauvon Torres, Isaac Stout has been staying out of both the romantic entanglements and arguments that the other The Real World housemates have found themselves in with the other cast members. He‘s found gone outside the walls of The Real World house to find a hookup, landing himself a fun local girl (Noirin) that everyone seems to like.  While he did recently have to go home to attend the funeral of his grandfather, he returned “ready to party” as he put it.But is there something deeper to Isaac than first meets the eye? What‘s more, has he been keeping a giant secret from the other The Real World cast? Or is the funny guy just being…well, funny?  Read more »
Ashli Robson didn‘t have it easy when she joined the cast of The Real World: Sydney.  She became a midseason replacement after Shauvon Torres decided to leave the show in order to work on her relationship with her boyfriend.  She walked in the middle of a storm brewing between housemates Trisha Cummings and Parisa Montazaran.  No sooner did Ashli step in the door when Trisha pushed Parisa to the ground.  The move got Trisha removed from the house and sent home for violating the rules of the show.  Ashli brought her own drama to the show, tempting Dunbar to cheat on his girlfriend one second and getting into screaming matches with him the next.  She doesn‘t feel she was portrayed accurately on the show but talked to BuddyTV today to give us a little insight into the real Ashli.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
To be honest, I don‘t know much about this season of The Real World.  I watched some early episodes, then lost interest, but now that it‘s ending, I‘m back to pour the dirt on the Sydney season‘s coffin.  All I really know about this season is that The Soup constantly replayed an awesome clip in which Isaac "apologizes" to Shauvon for calling her a slut.  That was a good clip.  That was a good clip.Previously on The Real World Sydney: Cohutta and Kelly Anne paired off, while Dunbar got a Lewinsky from Ashli. Read more »
Last night, The Real World: Sydney came to a close as the six roommates left Australia behind and went home to their regular lives.  They‘re in their own little fishbowl when those cameras are on but after last night‘s episode, they headed back to their family, friends, and loved ones.  All of the roomies had moments this season that probably made them cringe when they watch it back but none as much as Trisha and Dunbar.  Every reality star who does or says something stupid always blames editing.  Every Top Model, every Survivor, every Real World housemate.  Nobody edited the words that came out of your mouth, though, so when you get home, you have to live with yourself and what you did.  Here‘s a look back at two of the season‘s biggest villains and you can decide which one takes the cake. Read more »
I admit it.  I live for the MTV challenges.  I want it all: The Duel, Fresh Meat, The Inferno, and especially, The Gauntlet.  Later this month, The Gauntlet returns with 32 people competing for the grand prize.  The trailer went up on this week and it looks like bigger and badder than ever.  The cast features 16 rookies to the challenges and 16 veterans battling it out in Mexico.  Just when you thought the drama couldn‘t soar any higher, MTV outdoes itself with this explosive new season.  Here‘s a look at the Real Worlders in the cast and what juicy things we can expect from them. Read more »
As previously reported, MTV‘s The Real World season 21 has started accepting 5-minute audition videos only until January 4.  But now, those who are interested to participate in a show that focuses on the lives of strangers who to live together in a house for several months, as cameras record their interpersonal relationships, have another chance to come on board on the world of reality TV. Read more »
Now that The Real World: Sydney has already wrapped up its run, viewers can look forward to yet another season of MTV‘s reality television series that focuses on diverse strangers living together for several months as cameras follow their lives and interpersonal relationships.  The 20th season is called The Real World: Hollywood and is expected to premiere in the first quarter of the year.The first to incorporate environmentally friendly household and lifestyle choices, including a solar-heated swimming pool, energy star appliances, bamboo flooring, recycled glass counters, some sustainable furniture, and energy efficient lighting, The Real World: Hollywood is also the first season in which a cast member was chosen by the fans via multistage online poll from a pool of 20,000 applicants.Read on to find out more about the cast of The Real World: Hollywood. Read more »
Many participants of MTV‘s The Real World have graced several universities, but only a few have visited to share some positive words to help unify students.  This has been one of the accomplishments of Parisa Montazaran, who gave a lecture about her experiences with cultural diversity yesterday at the Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.The daughter of Iranian immigrants, Montazaran joined The Real World: Sydney, the 19th and the most recent season of the reality series that focuses on seven diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, as cameras follow their lives and interpersonal relationships.  She was the first female Muslim on the show, joining Mohammed Bilal of the 1994 San Francisco season in the distinction of being the first male Muslim cast on The Real World.  Read more »
The Real World is going Hollywood for its twentieth season, but after that, it‘s going back to the formula of real people in an unreal situation. Casting has been underway for The Real World 21 for over a month now, with recent events in Miami, FL, San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; and Pittsburgh, PA. Next Saturday, February 9, as we‘ve reported previously, another open casting call will be happening in College Station, TX. Now, the producers of The Real World 21 have added new locations for that date, and as well as other dates and locations throughout the country.  Read more »
After 19 years of fights, romance, hook-ups and other things that happen when people stop being polite and start being real, MTV has decided to take a look back at 19 seasons of The Real World with a special awards show called The Real World Awards Bash: Roast ‘Em and Toast ‘Em.The event will be a retrospective of the influence the show has had on the culture, and will feature highlights of the most memorable moments of each season. Awards will be given out in a variety of categories, and you, the viewer, get to make the call. Read more »
The twentieth season of The Real World has yet to premiere, but the show is already busy looking for the next batch of participants for season 21.  Casting director Damon Furberg said that for the next edition of the hit reality series, they intend to cast people who they believe have something new to offer to the show. "We want something new this year from the cast," Furberg told The Kentucky Kernel.  "We have seen the break-up story almost every season, and we want something different.  Hopefully someone can bring something new." Read more »
Gathering all of the past The Real World cast members and reliving some of the show‘s most memorable moments for the upcoming awards bash is sure to make for an exciting and fun evening, but viewers can expect for a more serious and somber tone to hit the event as well. Former Real World cast members Pedro Zamora and Frankie Abernathy will be posthumously honored at the special, which is scheduled to air on Saturday, March 29.  Pedro Zamora was originally from The Real World: San Francisco, the third season of MTV‘s hit reality series.  Zamora had been HIV-positive at the time of his participation in the series, and romantically involved with Sean Sasser.  The couple‘s commitment ceremony was featured on the season finale.  Zamora lost his battle with AIDS the day after the finale aired. Read more »
Shauvon Torres, one of the seven cast members of The Real World: Sydney, is competing to be on the cover of nightlife magazine 944.  The winner of the contest will receive a one-year contract with the magazine for promotions, tours and events, as well as earn more modeling opportunities, go on photo shoots and television hosting gigs. Fans of Shauvon Torres who wish to cast their vote for the journalism major from Sacramento, California can go to the magazine‘s official website.  Before a vote can be cast, however, visitors must be willing to register.  Votes from both fans and staffers of the magazine will be tallied, with the model with the most votes being proclaimed “People‘s Choice” and “Editor‘s Choice” each month.  The monthly winners will be moved to the Winners Circle and entered into the Cover Model Search Contest.  The final winner will be announced at 944‘s 2009 New Year‘s Eve Party.  Read more »
As previously reported, the seven participants of MTV‘s The Real World: Hollywood have already been revealed.  The  cast reportedly include Kimberly Alexander, a 25-year-old aspiring reporter from Columbia, South Carolina, Joey Kovar, a 24-year-old aspiring actor from Evergreen Park, Illinois, David Malinosky, a 22-year-old aspiring actor from Hagerstown, Maryland, Brianna Taylor, a 20-year-old singer from Warminster, Pennsylvania, William Gilbert, a 25-year-old music producer from Oak Park, Michigan, Sarah Ralston, a 21-year-old aspiring reporter, and last but not the least, Greg Halstead, a 20-year-old model from Queens, New York. Ever since the names of these entertainment industry types, who could best take advantage of the return to Los Angeles to forward their career goals, have been leaked to the public, fans of The Real World have been eagerly waiting to find out what‘s in store for the upcoming 20th season.  Unfortunately, casting changes have already started, which means fans will soon have to say goodbye to some of the participants knowing that they won‘t be sticking around for the rest of the new season. Read on to find out more about the casting changes of The Real World: Hollywood. Read more »
Next month, viewers will be treated to the latest edition of MTV‘s groundbreaking reality program, The Real World, when the show comes out with its 20th season, which is set in Hollywood.  A lot has changed since the series began, with The Real World even giving rise to a spin-off, Real World/Road Rules Challenge. For the host of cast members that have come and gone on the reality show, the years since their stints on The Real World have also produced both major and minor changes in their respective lives.  Mallory Snyder from the 13th season of the show is one of the lucky ones, having scored enviable and high-profile modeling contracts, including in this year‘s J. Crew spring collection. Read more »
693,082 FIGHTS, 367,301 TEARS, 20 SEASONS, 1 UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT… So goes MTV‘s official press release for the upcoming broadcast of The Real World Awards Bash early next month.Eighty-five cast members encompassing 19 seasons of the groundbreaking MTV reality show, The Real World, descended upon the Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles on March 15 for the live ceremony of The Real World Awards Bash: Roast ‘Em and Toast ‘Em.  All the good-natured fun, drama and humor will air April 2nd on MTV from 10-11:30pm. Read more »
Here’s what happens when you let a bunch of teenagers vote for The Real World Awards. Almost everyone from recent seasons win because there’s zero appreciation for great, classic seasons like San Diego and Seattle. I loved the idea of the awards ceremony but was slightly disappointed when I saw Jeffrey Ross was hosting. I also didn’t get why there wasn’t an audience, really. I would think that fans would have loved to be there and see all the cast members come together for one night. Still, the night brought back great memories and made me smile when I got to see my favorite cast members of the past. Read on to find out the winners of last night’s Real World Awards bash! Read more »
When The Real World debuted on MTV back in 1992, most people had never seen or experienced reality television.  The cast of the first season has said on several occasions that they were the "guinea pigs" which have paved the way for future seasons and future shows of its kind.  With 19 seasons under their belts, MTV has had to find new and inventive ways to spice things up and keep viewers in front of the television.  For their 20th season, they went big - they went Hollywood.  The Real World brought on 7 new cast members who all have one dream, to be famous.  Meet the young crop of Hollywood hopefuls and get to know them before the new season premieres in a few weeks! Read more »
One week from tonight, The Real World will kick off its 20th season on MTV, set in Hollywood.  This season features a special twist.  The housemates are all aspiring singers, actors, and models looking to make a name for themselves.  Among the group are a conservative religious college grad, a football playing cheerleader, a tough girl who displays volatile behavior, and a self proclaimed rebel.  Obviously, these roomies won‘t always get along but one felt that it was too much and decided to quit.  Read on to find out who it was and how it all played out.** WARNING!  SPOILER ALERT!! ** Read more »
The 20th season of The Real World kicks off this Wednesday and is set in Hollywood. The show is changing things up this season, bringing in 7 cast members with one thing in common: they all want to be famous. MTV has brought on aspiring singers, actors, and models to try to make it big in Hollywood. Of course, they’ll do more than just perform. They’ll hook up, scream, cry, fight, make up, and laugh their way through this new season. Here are some more details about The Real World: Hollywood. Read more »
Every day, we here at BuddyTV will let you know all the new shows airing that night to help you plan your TV-viewing schedule. In addition, we’ll highlight two episodes we think are worth checking out to help diversify your love of TV.Wednesdays are slim pickings for quality TV, unless you fall for FOX’s promos that say Til Death and Back to You are two of TV’s funniest comedies (a claim that makes me want to sue the network for false advertising). And while ABC is dedicating two hours to yet another debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, I have an alternate suggestion for your political news, which brings us to tonight’s word… Read more »
Tonight is the premiere of season 20 of The Real World.  It‘s hard to believe that there have been 19 seasons that have come and gone.  Every cast member this season, which takes appropriately in Hollywood, is looking to become famous.  They want to be singers, actors, models, directors, and producers.  We first met Joey, 24 years old from Chicago, who wants to be an actor.  He‘s very concerned with his looks, feeling that a good body is the key to success in Hollywood.  Kimberly, a 24 year old from South Carolina, is introduced next.  She wants to be an entertainment reporter for E! News.  The two meet up in the airport and head over to their new apartment, which should be absolutely amazing.  We wouldn‘t expect anything less. Read more »
In its 19 seasons on the air, MTV‘s The Real World has tried to make a habit of bringing timely social issues to the forefront of reality television. Its 20th season, which premiered Wednesday, follows in the tradition of the long-running program, with a focus on environment and eco-friendliness. While MTV asserts its thrust to promote awareness of socially relevant matter, there are still those who criticize the series, along with other similar MTV reality fare, for showcasing more adversely affecting content.  Critics have alleged that behavior shown on The Real World only leads to public detriment, more than its socially relevant themes contribute any genuine concern and awareness. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Real World, Sarah celebrated her monumental 21st birthday by giving her phone number and address to a random guy in a bar. Instead of being upset that Sarah would do such a thing behind her boyfriend’s back, Will took it as a good sign that their relationship was even rockier than he thought. Still, Sarah seems to be keeping her distance from Will, who enlisted Brianna’s help in winning her over and breaking up her relationship. Can anything good come from breaking up a serious relationship? We’ll find out this season. Read more »
This season, The Real World brought together seven strangers to live in a house in Hollywood. The roomies all have one thing in common, though: they want to be famous. Brianna wants to be a singer, Will wants to produce music, and Kimberly wants to be an entertainment reporter. All seven cast members have dreams of making it big and they felt that this would be their best shot at fame. Which one has the best chance of making it big? Let’s examine the housemates a little closer and see whose Hollywood dreams could become a reality. Read more »
Previously, on The Real World, Brianna saw Joey‘s dark side after a heavy night of drinking.  Kimberly and Brianna had it out on the streets of Hollywood over how many guests they can have in the house.  Greg overheard what his roommates think of him and vowed to live up to his reputation.Dave tries to figure out where Kimberly‘s head is at.  The two flirt and cuddle but have yet to form a real relationship.  She teases him and says that she‘d sleep with him if he were hotter but ends up in his bed later that night.  Neither of them wants a title of boyfriend or girlfriend, so I guess they‘ll just sleep together all season. Read more »
Brianna Taylor started things off on The Real World: Hollywood with a bang.  Within days of arriving at The Real World house, she was contacted by police in her home state of Pennsylvania and notified that there was a warrant out for her arrest.  Before heading out to California, Brianna was arrested for harassment and assault of her ex-boyfriend.  In tonight‘s episode, Brianna heads home to face the music and decides to bring one of her roommates along with her for moral support.  Yesterday, Brianna spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview about who she brought, if things went her way in the courtroom, and if she‘s happy with her Real World experience.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight‘s dramatic episode of The Real World, Joey took his drinking problem to a whole new level while Brianna faced her criminal charges back home in Philly.  Brianna decided to take Will back with her for moral support.  He got to meet all of her friends and see the strip club that she worked at before coming on the show.  She even did a routine for him at the bar.  Brianna‘s main focus didn‘t seem to be on her court case and Will kept trying to steer her in the right direction.  Read more »
It‘s all systems go for the record-setting 21st season of The Real World.  MTV has given the nod for production on the next edition of the longest-running reality series to begin.  Season 21 moves the show from the west coast to the east for The Real World: Brooklyn. The current Real World: Hollywood, the 20th installment of the pioneer reality series, has elicited a resurgence in viewership, with the series posting an increase from last year‘s numbers.  The improved ratings has effectively propelled MTV to the number one post during the 10-11pm bracket on Wednesdays. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, Dave gets frustrated with Kimberly when she pushes him away at the bar.  Out to prove that it doesn‘t bother him, he finds the first girl he can and starts making out with her.  Kim gets overly drunk and breaks down crying back at the house.  Dave cuts his night short with Justine, the girl from the bar, after feeling uncomfortable with the situation.  Kimberly decides that if he‘s going to bring home "dirty hookers" from the bar, then she‘s not having sex with him anymore. Read more »
The Real World used to be about more than a bunch of 20-somethings, without direction, who liked to party and hook up with each other. Once upon a time, they dealt with social issues such as race, religion, and sexuality. These days, most scenes for the MTV reality show are filmed in the bar or the bedroom. The fights are bigger, the meltdowns are scarier, and the booze is always flowing while cameras wait to capture a television worthy moment. With so much debauchery to be had in Hollywood, why did MTV choose to cast not one, but two former addicts on their show this season? Read more »
One has to wonder why Greg even wanted to be on The Real World: Hollywood in the first place.  After winning an internet contest on MTV‘s website, Greg became the seventh and final roommate this season on The Real World.  He has yet to form friendships with anyone and, on tonight‘s episode, finds the entire house against him.  Greg has seemed unimpressed with his surroundings and uninterested in anyone or anything involving The Real World.  Today, Greg spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview about what sets his roomies off, if he liked his job with the improv group, and if he left the show with any friends.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Real World, Sarah’s boyfriend came to Hollywood to visit the house. At dinner that night, Sarah and Will engage in a burping contest while her boyfriend awkwardly looks on.  Greg meets him later on in the night, after all the roomies, and immediately assesses Ryan as a "dweeb".  Dave and Greg bring some girls that they met out at the bar home, which doesn‘t sit well with Kim, considering they just hooked up.  When one of the girls disrespects Brianna, she calls the girls "whores" and Greg fights back. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Real World, the house was divided. On one side, we had Greg and on the other … well, we had everybody else. Greg has had a difficult time making friends with anybody in the house since the season began. It could have something to do with the pranks he plays: putting rocks in people’s beds, wiping toothbrushes in grease, and stealing the underwear of the female roomies. Tonight’s episode featured a full fledged meltdown in the house with one cast member removed for a night by production. Read more »
The Real World is many a college co-ed’s dream. You live in one of the sweetest houses, get a trendy job, surround yourself with beautiful people, drink every night, and oh yeah – you get to be on television. In 20 seasons, thousands upon thousands of people have applied but only a little more than 100 have made it onto the show. Some have milked their Real World fame for all its worth, like Beth from the Los Angeles cast. Some have never been seen or heard from again, like Irene from Seattle. However, no cast member has ever behaved the way Greg of the Hollywood cast has and we’re still trying to figure out what the heck he’s doing there. Read more »
Last month, we reported that The Real World was renewed for its 21st season, which is set to take place in Brooklyn, New York.  Now, further reports have surfaced, talking about what’s in store for the next season and where our MTV housemates will be residing.  The men behind the production have already promised viewers that the new season will focus on individuals who are “genuine” and have “meaningful conflict” that would eventually tell “powerful stories.” Read more »
I‘m a little bit of a fight with MTV.  On Monday night, some friends and I caught the premiere episode of Legally Blonde: The Search For The Next Elle Woods when a commercial for The Real World aired.  In it, they said right out that Greg gets kicked off the show, leaving no mystery about tonight‘s episode.  We also didn‘t have to wonder what happened when Joey came home from rehab, since we all pretty much figured that the roomies wouldn‘t have the common sense or tact to keep their binges to a minimum.  Brianna headed home to Pennsylvania again to face the music in her court case and Will tried to start a showmance with a Real World alum! Read more »
Things were definitely a little quieter in the house without Greg.  Last week, he was kicked out of The Real World house after getting fired from his job.  This week, though, there was still enough drama to fill up 60 minutes.  After getting out of rehab, Joey is seriously struggling with staying on the wagon.  It must be tough, considering Hollywood is, by far, the worst place someone could be while trying to stay away from drugs and alcohol.  His insensitive roommates don‘t help much, barely listening to him, never mind respecting any of his wishes.  Brianna got some opportunities to advance her singing career and worked hard to get noticed. Read more »
The Real World: Hollywood has already lost 2 cast members this season and with the finale in sight, it doesn’t seem a new roomie will be joining the show. The first casualty was Greg, who put his modeling career ahead of his job. According to Real World rules, if you lose your job, you lose your spot on the show and that’s exactly what happened. The second to go was Joey who, after getting out of rehab, came to the conclusion that The Real World house was probably the last place he should be. Michael Martin, of the MM Agency, represents many Real World cast members, booking them for appearances and special events. He spoke to BuddyTV this weekend about how getting kicked off or quitting the show can affect a cast member down the road Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, we received the answer to our burning question: Would the show put two new roommates in the house?  The answer is YES and tonight, we met Brittini and Nick.  Brittini is a 22 year old aspiring model from Arizona and Nick, a 23 year old resident of Florida, hopes to become a television host.  The two brought a new dynamic into the house, and Brittini threatened Will‘s budding relationship with former Real Worlder Janelle. Read more »
I’m not sure what I think of the new roomies on The Real World: Hollywood. Not that I was sad to see Greg go. Or Joey for that matter. They both needed to get out of Hollywood for different reasons. Greg was just flat out crazy – playing pranks, causing drama, and seeming to have zero desire to be there. Joey needed to go home and finish what he started, attempting to get off of drugs. One left after the other and last night, they were replaced by two new house guests, Nick and Brittini, who seem to waste no time going into full drama mode with their new frienemies. Read more »
Reality television star and Playboy model Trishelle Cannatella, the resident promiscuous alcoholic party girl of The Real World: Las Vegas is set to star in yet another reality show.  This, after appearing on The Surreal Life, The Real World / Road Rules Challenge, Kill Reality, Fear Factor, and Dr. Steve-O. CMT recently revealed the cast for the new reality show called Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, featuring the wrestler as the teacher who will teach the ten celebrities to "master complex wrestling moves, talking trash and working a live audience," things that perhaps made him who he is today. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, Brianna finds out that she‘s going to get to record some backup vocals for Alex Band, of The Calling.  The entire time, though, she second guesses herself and talks after every take.  Nick wastes no time jumping into the Hollywood lifestyle, partying and bringing home a groupie from the bar.  When he stays up all night giggling with her, it really rubs the other roomies the wrong way, particularly Sarah and Kimberly.  When Sarah tells Charna at work, Nick is angry, feeling that he‘s been thrown under the bus.  He approaches Sarah and asks her to talk to him to his face, which just results in an argument. Read more »
As The Real World: Hollywood wraps up the season, MTV will be cooking up a drama-packed marathon that will lead to the suspenseful finale of the 20th season of the network‘s popular reality series on Wednesday, July 9.Adding some edgy commentaries to The Real World marathon, which begins on Friday, July 4 from 11am to 6pm ET/PT, is none other than Coral Smith, who is known for her stint on The Real World: Back to New York and for her appearances on various spin-off shows like Real World/Road Rules Challenge and The Gauntlet III. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World: Hollywood, the roomies find out that they‘re going to Mexico for a little vacation.  Almost nothing good can happen when you combine alcohol and the Hollywood house.  Things got started on a booze cruise where, while trying to show off his moves on a stripper pole, Dave knocked a man over who was dancing on a box.  Immediately after, Will and Briitni decided to do body shots off of each other and the two ended up kissing.  Things ended with a blowout between Brianna and Sarah, after she made a comment about the warrant out for Bri‘s arrest.  Read more »
On tonight‘s season finale of The Real World, it‘s just about time for the roomies to say goodbye to each other.  Everyone starts to worry when they don‘t hear from Joey for a while.  Back home, he worries that he missed out on networking and furthering his acting career by focusing on his sobriety.  At the end of the day, though, he knows that he did the right thing.Back in Hollywood, Dave gets punched by a guy in a bar for talking to his girlfriend.  Everyone tries to leave but he is jumped again outside and his friends rush to his defense, resulting in an all out brawl. Read more »
I don‘t know how I feel about these live shows on MTV during the weekend. For starters, who is around at 2pm on a Saturday to watch The Real World reunion? Secondly, do you really want to put eight loose cannons live on national television? If you were expecting something explosive or dramatic, you didn‘t get it on today‘s live reunion. In fact, the best part of the show came when Janelle surprised Will to confront him about his sexual adventures and fake tears. The worst part, by far, was host Lindsay Rodriguez, who not only couldn‘t keep the cast members‘ names straight but I‘m not even sure she watched the show this season. Read more »
Kevin Powell may have thrown down with Julie Oliver on the very first season of The Real World over racial and social issues, but that’s a scene at least one of them would like everyone to forget. Since appearing on MTV’s reality show 16 years ago, Powell has gone from pseudo-celeb to hopeful politician. He is currently running for running for Congress in Brooklyn, New York’s 10th district. "A lot of folks know me from The Real World, but this is something I‘m very passionate about," he told "My life‘s calling is public service. Civic engagement should be a part of our values as much as MTV and Xbox." Read more »
After a very explosive season including the customary lying, cheating, fake tears, coed car brawls and so much more, perhaps it‘s time to check what The Real World Hollywood guys and girls have been up to.According to MTV, Will is back in Los Angeles and is starting his music career.  According to him, The Real World failed to portray him as a DJ. So far, he‘d been doing the rounds in North America to pick up deals and even sell tracks and produce.  He said he and Janelle broke up six hours after production wrapped up.  He then dated several Real World girls and came to the conclusion that the show and the network breed “pretentious divas” who are only after exposure.  As for his thoughts on his Real World experience, the best thing about it was it allowed him to be a leader. Read more »
Whether you like it or not, MTV’s The Real World is rolling on. The mother of all reality shows turns 21 with its upcoming season, currently filming in New York. The people at caught a glimpse of the new cast members leaving their home at the Pier 41 building in the Red Hook district of Brooklyn. According to the Michael Martin Agency, who reps many cast members after their stint on television is over, there looks to be 8 cast members instead of the usual 7. The cast appears to be mostly white and Martin thinks he even spotted a gay cast member in the crowd, which would be nice since Hollywood didn’t feature any gay cast members. That still didn’t stop the girls from making out with each other, though! Read more »
The 16th season of Real World / Road Rules Challenge premieres tonight 10pm on MTV.  According to teasers, the contestants, 20 Real Worlders and Road Rulers are dropped off into shark-infested waters in Panama, the southernmost country of Central America that connects North and South America.The Real World / Road Rules Challenge cast members will face off in Cocas del Toro, yet in an unexpected turn of events, MTV is promising that this season will be different - no free-flowing alcohol at will, no cushy house, and no challenges “that call for sneaky alliances,” which, on all accounts, have been quite the main attraction / turnoff (whichever way you look at it) of The Real World / Road Rules Challenge.  Looks like things might turn into something akin to a booze-laden edition of Survivor. Read more »
Last week on Real World/Road Rules, The Island, we saw how Abe desperately wanted to get voted off because of a phone call that told him his business was in grave danger.  Dave on the other hand, whined more about going home because he missed some important people in his life.  We guess that his story was more believable than Abe’s, so he was sent home, but he clearly asked the producers to give him a call if they were still interested in casting him for another season.Recently, Dave blogged about his departure, spilling some thoughts on the challenges, his castmates and his experience on the island. Read more »
Season 21 of The Real World is currently filming in Brooklyn, NY. Though MTV has not officially released the cast list, the information has already been leaked onto the internet. The upcoming cast will reportedly include: a former pageant girl looking to become a singer, a dolphin trainer who once dated Anderson Cooper, a Mormon virgin who his housemates are looking to help become a man when they head out to the bars. It has been said that the Red Hook district of Brooklyn, where this season is being filmed, has not welcomed the show so the cast has instead been socializing and partying in Manhattan.  Taking a page from Tyra Banks and America‘s Next Top Model, this season will also include The Real World‘s first transgendered contestant.  Read more »
As BuddyTV reported late last week, The Real World is in full swing filming their upcoming 21st season in Brooklyn. The show has also begun casting for it’s 22nd season, with a location yet to be announced. MTV has been heading around the country, hosting open casting calls, looking for 7 new strangers to live in a house and have their lives filmed. Casting directors for the show have said that they’re looking for people who possess some of the following attributes: leadership experience, musical ability, seasoned travelers who speak Spanish, life saving skills (such as a lifeguard or ETM), and athleticism. Recently, MTV casting director Damon Furberg spoke to RealityWanted, a reality casting website, about what the network is looking for and how the average person can turn into the next reality star. Read more »
As reported previously, The Real World season 21 is currently filming in Brooklyn, New York, while casting for season 22 is already underway.  But just like The Real World Hollywood, MTV will also be casting one participant of The Real World season 22 through an online voting contest, which will run until December 10. Read more »
Last week, BuddyTV gave you an overview of The Real World‘s online voting contest that will determine which hopeful will earn a spot as one of the seven housemates for the upcoming season 22.  As mentioned, the first round which started on Wednesday, October 8, is called Meet and Greet, which gives interested participants a chance to introduce themselves.  You can read more about this in this article.  With nearly two weeks left before the end of the first round, here‘s a heads up for what‘s in store for the next round. Read more »
The first round of MTV‘s The Real World online casting contest for season 22 is about to come to a close in a couple of days, specifically at 9pm ET/PT on Tuesday, November 11.  The initial leg, which is called The Meet and Greet, gives hopefuls the chance to introduce themselves to the community while stating why they should be considered as a good fit for the show.  Consequently, the top 50 percent will be moving to the next round, called Narrowing it Down, which kicks off on November 12 and will last until 9pm ET/PT Sunday, November 23.  At this point, hopefuls are required to ask more questions to find out what sets them apart from the rest of the other applicants.  You can read more about this in this previous article. Read on to find out what‘s in store for the next round. Read more »
Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus is certainly eager to move on from doing tween sitcoms.  While promoting her movie Bolt, which hits theaters today, the 15-year-old singer-actress told E! News that she‘d like to try her hand at reality television, specifically MTV‘s The Real World, the show that features seven diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, as cameras follow their lives and interpersonal relationships."I would want to be on a reality show like The Real World because I think that‘s crazy," Miley Cyrus told E! News.   "Anyone who would do that has some serious guts." Read more »
As hinted before, The Real World: Brooklyn will consist of a cast of colorful personalities.  At the time, details about the participants were scarce but intriguing enough to get fans excited about the 21st season, especially since it will reportedly include The Real World‘s first transgender contestant.  Now, more information has been revealed as MTV announces the eight roommates who will live in one house and go through the self-discovery process together.Read on to meet the cast of The Real World: Brooklyn. Read more »
Let it be known that I am absolutely in love with the cast of The Real World: Brooklyn.  The new season of MTV‘s hit reality show premieres this January, with 8 strangers moving into an amazing apartment in the Red Hook district of Brooklyn in New York City.  Earlier this month, BuddyTV was invited to the house for a tour and to meet up with all of the cast members.  If you think you know The Real World, think again.  Where as, in recent seasons, the cast is comprised of people who love to party, pick fights for no reason, and basically do nothing with their lives, the people of Brooklyn are quite another story.  They are intelligent, driven, interesting people who are looking to not only make a difference in their lives, but the lives of others.  As we lead up to the premiere, BuddyTV will be helping you get to know the roomies better in our series of exclusive interviews from The Real World: Brooklyn house.  Today, let‘s get a little bit closer to Devyn and Katelyn! Read more »
New Years is upon us and this weird thing we call a hiatus is almost behind us. Soon, shows old and new will begin to air and life will seem just a little bit better. Mid-season replacements are on the horizon and reality shows are about to kick into high gear. With so much television to choose from, we thought we‘d share the top nine shows we‘re looking forward to in 2009.Our list is not what you would expect. For instance, I expect a lot of flack for not having Lost or Battlestar Galactica on the list. This will infuriate a lot of people, but Lost jumped the shark a while ago and I think I gave up after all the “we‘ve always had a plan” and the “this is not a science-fiction show” bull. Battlestar is not on the list simply because how can we really bring ourselves to look forward to the end. Essentially, denial is my number one priority. Read more »
For some reason, I can‘t believe that this is the 21st season of The Real World.  Yes, reality show onslaught, and then there‘s this other reality show which isn‘t getting much attention as the others that have become big over the years, but undeniably started the genre in the first place.  It‘s become a ubiquitous presence already that we‘ve not really paid attention, and as the show went to many places, showing many lives and annoying some viewers along the way, here we are.  In Brooklyn.  Same recipe?  Not exactly.Finding details about The Real World: Brooklyn outside what MTV already said is a very hard thing.  For some reason, you can‘t find that much people talking about this upcoming season, which puts eight diverse personalities in one house and, as the blurb says, sees what happens when people “stop being polite and start getting real”—well, except perhaps for New York media outlets, because it‘s happened in their backyard, after all. Read more »
That‘s right everyone, it‘s the 21st season of The Real World and this year, it‘s set in Brooklyn. Ryan, 23, who comes from Ghettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a 3 ½ year veteran of the United States army. He smashes his guitar after singing a rendition of “You suck Iraq.” Next, we have Katelynn, 24, who greets us from Missula, Montana but she was originally born in West Palm Beach, Florida. She was originally born a lot of things, because evidently she was born male.  Chet, 23 joins us from Salt Lake City, Utah. He‘s an aspiring fashion designer? He also profoundly remarks, “I just don‘t want to get shot down here.” Isn‘t he a nice boy? Devyn, 20, introduces herself and tells us she‘s from Kansas City, Missouri – that‘s going to confuse some of the housemates later. Ten bucks within 3 episodes, they tell her she‘s from Kansas. Anyways, she was Miss America Teen 2005 and evidently we all have more of a chance of getting into heaven than getting into Devyn. I really admire people with catchphrases so I‘m guessing Devyn‘s my girl. Devyn and Chet meet and hug and Chet proves me wrong by telling Devyn his dream job would to be to host MTV‘s TRL. Sorry Chet, but I think they canceled it. That‘s gotta sting, to have someone cancel your dream. He then tells us that he‘s Morman and he‘s here to show us all Mormans are fun. I can‘t wait. Read more »
Chet snoops through JD‘s stuff and finds lubricant and an extra large condom. He‘s extremely curious. He congratulates JD on his assumedly large penis. Chet then admits he‘s seen a fair amount of sizes in his frat. Right, that‘s how he knows large ones are abnormal.Katelynn tells Sara that she‘s transgender. Sara‘s extremely supportive and kind. Chet and Ryan decide to play pranks and use an alarm clock to get the whole house searching for the phone and to find who could be at the door. JD, who looked all around the house, is not amused.Katelynn and Sara start a religion and society discussion and Ryan is upset that someone would try to have an intelligent conversation in The Real World house. Oh no, how dare someone show that they can do something other than black out on a bi-nightly basis?!? Someone puts a banana in a condom in the fish tank. It was probably Chet and it was probably JD‘s condom. Once again, JD is not amused. Read more »
Ryan and Baya go out to bars and it doesn‘t take them long to start flirting. Ryan meets some music guy who works for Crush management who definitely won‘t help our army man make music. You have to be talented to pull that off. Mike hasn‘t called Katelynn.  Baya comforts her about it over a workout. Devyn and Scott have a raw chicken slapping fight which, is actually gross and not at all cute or attractive. Scott and Devyn both admit to flirting with one another. Devyn and Sara have a conversation about it and Sara is convinced that Scott likes Devyn. They make a bet that the two of them will hook up in 30 days for 30 dollars. Chet and Ryan show up to meet the Crush guys. Chet really wants to be a television host. Baya wants to learn how to spin because she‘d be an awesome DJ. Ryan starts talking to them about a music career and he asks for constructive criticism. I‘m sure he‘ll get a lot more than that. Back at home, Ryan starts serenading them with a song he wrote about a fellow army guy who found out his wife was cheating on him. He repeats the words “Liar” and “No, please don‘t lie to me anymore.” I‘m going to hazard a guess and say those are original lyrics. Read more »
The Real World has wrapped up yet another season. Last night, fans witnessed the roommates go head-to-head as pranks were taken too far.  While this nearly destroyed the bond between the girls and the guys, the Brooklyn cast ultimately learned to love and hate each other while pursuing their lifelong dreams.  But the emotion, excitement and suspense didn’t end there as viewers were also treated with a Brooklyn Reunion Special, in which the cast gathered for a full update of the season. The Real World: Brooklyn cast included Chet Cannon, Ryan Conklin, Scott Herman, J.D. Ordonez, Sarah Rice, Devyn Simone, Baya Voce and Katelynn Cusanelli, the first transwoman on the series. Read more »
From Brooklyn to Cancun, from Cancun to Washington?  As the MTV reality show The Real World moves to its astonishing 22nd season, some are asking how successfully it can make the transition from being set in the haven of spring break-like debauchery (The Real World: Cancun)  to the nation‘s center of politics (The Real World: Washington, D.C.).The June 24 premiere of The Real World: Cancun is pegged almost simultaneously with the start of filming for The Real World: Washington, D.C. on June 20, slated for a 2010 launch. Also, it‘s easy to see the connection between the choice of the city and the recent euphoria over hugely popular Barack Obama, but critics are skeptical on whether it‘ll be politically tingled at all. Read more »
As if the past seasons of The Real World aren‘t wild and crazy enough, the long-running MTV franchise heads to the debauchery courtesy of the spring break capital of the world for its latest installment, set to kick off tonight 10pm on MTV.The Real World: Cancun, starring eight brand new strangers, is the twenty-second season of the MTV reality show, marking the fourth season that the series moves outside the US, after The Real World: London, The Real World: Paris, and The Real World: Sydney. Read more »
After the launch of Real World: Cancun, we finally got to meet the eight roomies.  Twenty-one-year-old Massachusetts native Joey immediately got into our radar because he got so drunk that college footballer CJ had to put him in bed before the festivities can commence, followed by the sight of another 21-year-old Bronne puking on the floor of a bar. From the looks of things, this season will indeed be the Real World that its fans got to know.Meanwhile, one of its stars Ayiiia (three i‘s if you‘re counting) and winner of the, says in an interview with LAist that MTV knew full well what it was doing when it brought eight strangers to spring break capital Cancun and that it won‘t be a letdown. Read more »
The Real World: Cancun viewers may have been amazed at how the house this season looked, but for 21-year-old Bronne Bruzgo, it felt like a "giant tropical prison city.""We‘re not allowed to watch TV or play video games or listen to music," he tells Reality Wanted.  "I mean, yeah it was really pretty but it was kind of like a giant tropical prison cell.  I love video games and there was a game I had been waiting for to come out.  It came out 3 weeks after I got to Cancun and I was reading reviews and looking it up online.  I finally got home and downloaded it and it sucked!" Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World: Cancun - "A Breaking Point" - there‘s some fighting between two roommates, and it reaches a, well, breaking point, and Joey finally decides to teach Ayiiia a lesson by spitting in her food. "She thinks she‘s better than everyone else.  I just want to spit in her face. Straight up," Joey says, referring to her original plan.Later, however, he decides to direct his saliva somewhere, avoiding what is by no means the first spitting incident in the world of MTV reality television.  "She‘s just a stupid girl who gets away with giving everyone attitude and nothing ever happens to her.  So I‘m going to spit on her tacos."  Read more »
Now infamous after the taco-spitting accident, Real World: Cancun cast Joey Rozmus does not have qualms about owning up to his own brand of insanity, he says in an interview with Boston Herald.  Rozmus, 21, of Methuen, Massachusetts, spit on the tacos of fellow Real World cast member Ayiiia on the latest episode of the MTV reality series. Reacting on the large number of Massachusetts natives on the show‘s 22 seasons, he reasons it‘s probably how Bay Staters live."I think a lot of us are just kind of stubborn and we are definitely kind of (expletive). We are bitter for six months of the year because of the winter. People around here have such crazy personalities, from being mean to nice, to really crazy. The people from the area who have been on the show, you can tell we have something different going on," says Rozmus. Read more »
The Real World: Cancun hasn‘t even reached its third episode, but already the MTV reality show has started filming the next season, which, as we all know, takes place on the nation‘s capital. This early, The Real World: Washington, D.C. has already attracted attention, but mostly of the negative kind for the supposed disturbance it has caused to the vicinity of where it is being filmed."MTV‘s newest season of The Real World is being filmed 20 feet from my house," announces the blog‘s header. "This blog will chronicle the pain and annoyance they put me through as well as the heckling my friends and I plan for the newest crop of ‘real worlders.‘" Read more »
Oh boy. Things are going to get steamy on tonight‘s episode of The Real World: Cancun. Things get steamy between Emilee and Ayiiia after they realize their mutual crushes. Of course, it can very well be the alcohol talking. The two are so drunk that they can barely walk up the stairs and end up waking the other Real Worlders because of all the ruckus they‘re making.On the last episode of The Real World: Cancun, however, it wasn‘t just the spitting episode that caught everyone‘s attention. Of course, that was pretty big, too. After a fight where Ayiiia accused Joey of having herpes, Joey was so pissed that he first threatened to spit at her face. Eventually, he ended up spitting in Ayiiia‘s tacos. As retaliation for continuing to taunt her, the girls doused Joey‘s thousand-dollar guitar and ruining it in the process. Read more »
In her bio, 21-year-old Massachusetts native Emilee of The Real World: Cancun was described as "sensitive" and emotionally well-adjusted because her parents, after all, are both therapists. "She is also on of the few people in the house who is looking to learn and grow and change as a result of every new situation." We should be cautioned, though, since Emilee can let her emotions can the best of her. As we see in one clip, they really do.As Real World: Cancun moves to its fourth week, the most emotion we got out of Emilee so far was when she quietly ranted about Joey making fun of her Hooter‘s background and taking pleasure when she, Ayiiia and Jasmine ruined Joey‘s thousand-dollar guitar because of that taco-spitting incident. Read more »
Even though it was back in the 1990s that Sean Duffy rose to fame, he still managed to make things work for his career.  He became known for his stint on The Real World, part of the cast stuck in Boston.  Since appearing on the sixth season of the hit show, he has moved on to pursue politics and his family life.According to Politics Daily, the notoriously conservative Sean Duffy has announced that he‘ll be running for a spot on the United States Congress.  He has already become Ashland County‘s district attorney, beginning his term in office in 2002.  Now, he‘s ready to move on to bigger things.  That is, vying for the Wisconsin 7th Congressional District seat, held for the past 40 years by Rep. Dave Obey, D-Wausau. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World: Cancun, Emilee and Ayiiia continue to butt heads, and at one point in their separate confessions, used the word "annoying" to describe each other and "grow up" as unsolicited advice (with varying degrees of profanity). Elsewhere, CJ is testing his Spanish, by asking a seemingly Mexican girl, "Tienes un novio?" (Do you have a boyfriend?) When the girl says no, he says, without missing a beat, "We gotta work on that."Meanwhile, tattooed rocker Joey gets emotional, while CJ tries to comfort him. "I‘m gonna give you a minute, but if you need anything, I‘m just here," CJ says after patting his back, and Joey answers, "Thank you," in between sobs. Lastly, Derek has trouble following the rules of the house. Emilee is not pleased, as she has to drag an inebriated Derek, who can barely stand up. "It‘s pretty simple. Don‘t go out and don‘t fall on your face. I really hope no one gets fire. I hope it doesn‘t get to that point. Read more »
While some fans of The Real World franchise may balk at the idea of a drama-less Real World house, let‘s face it: it can get tiring at times. On its 22nd season, The Real World: Cancun had a lot of promise of drama starting from day 1. When Ayiiia apologized to Emilee after calling her "annoying" several times, Real World: Cancun fans and MTV itself, truthfully or not, were alarmed that maybe the show is losing the drama which it has made its ultimate selling point for the past 20 or so seasons.Talking to someone on the phone, Ayiiia said of Emilee, "I think she‘s so annoying. Grow the f up." Outside, talking to Jasmine, meanwhile, Emilee said that "She has never said sorry, and the day she says sorry, this is all going away, pigs are gonna be flying in the sky, that‘s the day that Ayiiia says sorry." Read more »
We already know that some of the guys on the Real World: Cancun house are not exactly fond of Ayiiia. But just in case you still have some doubts, tonight‘s episode "Nobody Likes You!" should set the record straight once and for all.Tonight, CJ and Joey have it out with Ayiiia. "You know what, no one likes you," CJ screams at Ayiiia on the pool. Cut to Joey, who tells the camera, "I am happy that CJ is yelling at Ayiiia because he‘s been wanting to let out for the whole time. And not only am I happy I‘m joining in because I have some things to say, too." Read more »
"It‘s a very controversial episode," says Ayiiia, talking about the most recent episode of The Real World: Cancun which witnessed her reverting to an old habit - cutting, something she said she has dealt with since 13 years old. "There are roommates that are very supportive of the situation and a few that do realize that this is a serious problem. And there are other roommates that just throw the typical, ‘She wants attention, this isn‘t serious.‘ "Ayiiia further explained that prior to appearing on The Real World: Cancun, she was "very healthy" and "levelheaded" because she was surrounded by nurturing people who supported her. "I didn‘t really have to get an outlet, to kind of let me get my stress out." When she got to Cancun, however, her surroundings and the people she was living with pretty much ruined her peaceful disposition. Read more »
Talking on the after show on the last episode of The Real World: Cancun, CJ and Joey cleared the air regarding the most recent of squabbles they had with Ayiiia on the last episode of the MTV reality show. "It‘s a lot of built up stuff that was behind it. It just wasn‘t that night," said CJ, who had a very serious tiff with Ayiiia over personal space and the fact that she annoys everyone on the house. Read more »
After getting into a nasty tiff with Ayiiia (which resulted to her going back to an old nasty habit of cutting herself), it seems like Joey is set to get into more trouble, as The Real World: Cancun goes into its second half. With just five episodes remaining, Joey is revealed to be more interested in enjoying Spring Break than chaperoning a bunch of students. No surprise there, though. In a clip, he rants about locking horns with Student City over something."I missed work the other day, because I didn‘t feel good," he says. "I didn‘t go to work. I know it‘s a big deal, and it‘s so annoying. Let me know. Am I fired? Am I going home? Cool. Am I staying? Sweet. It‘s just really annoying. Just tell me. Call me and tell me what‘s going on. Don‘t sit there and be like, well I‘ll call you tomorrow. What, you don‘t have five minutes to talk to me right now? I‘m just aggravated by this whole situation." Read more »
Tsk tsk, don‘t go there, Ty.When push comes to shove, the girls have each other‘s backs on The Real World. And when someone makes a comment on something as sensitive as weight, you expect the girls to make a case out of it. So when the girls find out that Ty said something about Callie‘s weight, they‘re up in arms! Callie calls it her main insecurity. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World: Washington, the girl roomies teach Andrew on how to properly woo a girl. Apparently, it‘s an art that he has yet to master. "There is a way of doing things, Andrew, and you need to get some 101 charm school going on," says Emily, adding these wonderful piece of advice: no talking about Wolverine and Pokemon, no grabbing a girl and throwing her to bed, no whispering in her ear creepily, and less sexual innuendos."When it comes to females and Andrew, he has absolutely no idea what to do," chips in Callie, for her part. "You can‘t say to a girl, this is a bottie call." "But she already knows," Andrew protests. Right. Long way to go to be chivalrous, boys. Read more »
Following the car crash that hospitalized him and his eight-year-old son last week, Real World: San Francisco cast Puck, real name David Rainey, was arrested on charges of driving under the influence in his University of California, San Diego, Medical Center hospital room, TV Guide reports."Due to a level to his level of intoxication, he was unable to negotiate a curve in the road way," highway patrol spokesman Brian Pennings says. Read more »
Exactly a couple of months after the finale of The Real World: DC aired, the $5 million lawsuit filed by a woman who appeared on one of the show‘s episodes remains unsettled.‘The Real World D.C.‘ Season Premiere: Meet the CastGolzar Amirmotazedi sued Viacom, MTV and Bunim/Murray Prods in early May for invasion of privacy, false light, disclosure of private facts and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Read more »
Long-running MTV series Real World (yes, it‘s still on) is making a U-turn this season as it returns to New Orleans, the city that hosted its ninth season way back in 2000. Yes, 10 years ago.Woman Sues ‘The Real World‘ For $5 MillionThe Real World will kick off season 24 on June 30 in New Orleans, with the eight cast members checking out the city‘s post-Katrina revival. But The Real World is not The Real World if there are no parties, so the eight gets to experience not only Mardi Gras in The Big Easy but also the Saints‘ Super Bowl victory.Promos after the jump: Read more »
Ten years after the Real World franchise went to New Orleans, it‘s making a u-turn back to The Big Easy for its 24th season. The cast will reportedly engage in post-Hurricane Katrina activities, but we know mischief and mayhem are always staples in this long-running MTV series. Already, there‘s that whole my-housemate-scrubbed-the-toilet-with-my-toothbrush debacle.Which ‘Real World‘ Cast Member Are You?Says co-creator and executive producer Jon Murray, "Hurricane Katrina threw New Orleans for a punch, but the city is coming back and we‘re hoping our cast members and the series can play a small role in the city‘s rebirth."Promo after the jump: Read more »
Washington D.C. is about to get another dose of The Real World. Earlier this year MTV aired a season of its iconic reality series The Real World in the nation‘s capital, but now a former star of the show is heading there as a congressman.  Read more »
Last night on Community, Annie and Jeff squared off in a battle to become Greendale‘s student body president, and things got ugly when Annie showed her "multimedia presentation": Jeff‘s 1997 audition for The Real World: Seattle, which featured him singing a cover of George Michael‘s "Faith," in which he‘d changed the lyrics to "You gotta have Jeff," while sporting a leather jacket and an earring. Haha, yikes! It was embarrassing, and also the best: Read more »
Reality television can be good or it can be bad. More often than not, it falls under the category: so bad it‘s good. Either way, BuddyTV is a big fan which is why we‘re excited to announce a brand new contest! Thanks to Reality Rocks, we‘re giving one lucky reader the chance to win the new SlideHD Flip Cam. To learn more about the upcoming Reality Rocks Expo, the SlideHD Flip Cam and how to enter on BuddyTV, keep on reading.   Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘sepisode of The Challenge: Rivals, "Welcome to the Jungle."Basketball and hockey‘s seasons have concluded and football remains deadlocked inan argument over who should ultimately be the most filthy rich. So America‘s sportslandscape is ready to welcome The Challenge‘s most eagerly anticipated season, featuringtheir best gimmick yet.  Read more »
Today the nominations for the 2011 Teen Choice Awards were announced, and as usual, it‘s a collection of obvious choices. Guess what? Teens still love Twilight, and they also really like Justin Bieber, Glee and Justin Timberlakie (who, at 30 years old, will probably be given a Lifetime Achievement Award next year). Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of The Challenge: Rivals, "Through the Looking Glass." If you missed last week‘s episode (first of all, you got some nerve), MTV was there for you by taking the hour before tonight‘s and cramming in one more episode of the vile "16 and Pregnant." Adam was kicked off last week and now Leroy and Mike Mike are forced to take on their first challenge together. Tonight will be the first time a male team will get sent home.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of The Challenge: Rivals, "Underdog Day Afternoon." This week‘s episode was teased very effectively by showing Mike Mike suffering a big foul and making a ridiculously wimpy whine about the pain. CT starts to turn up the pressure on Wes and makes Adam start to wonder how long they can stick around.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of The Challenge: Rivals, "Ill Communication." Tonight‘s episode is a female elimination and thus the intensity of interest is ramped down a great deal. The guys celebrate by relaxing around the pool watching the majority of the girls in the house skinny dipping.  Read more »
For a jaw-dropping twenty-six seasons, MTV has been bringing reality show junkies drama wrapped in a nicely arranged package. It‘s a simple recipe, seven strangers picked to live in a house in a predetermined city and ultimately forced to work together and get along. This is The Real World: San Diego, more specifically La Jolla. Now this package has a well-known breakdown for those who have kept up with the show throughout the years. MTV knows exactly what they are doing when choosing who will fill those lavish rooms in the Real World house. They pick clashing personalities in order to pique interests and get ratings to skyrocket. Drama sells. So while a lot of things that may happen this season on The Real World: San Diego can be expected, it could still be fun to pinpoint who we might catch in a bar fight, who will cry, who will get arrested, which roommates will sleep together, etc. If you don‘t like potential Real World spoilers, turn away now!  Read more »
Once Upon a Time, Riverdale, The Originals, Star Trek: Discovery, Gotham, Stranger Things, Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow are just some of the major TV shows being featured at Comic-Con 2017 on Saturday, July 22.To help you plan for the convention, check out all of the television-related panels and event information for Saturday. Read more »