Articles for The Real World Season 23

Tsk tsk, don‘t go there, Ty.When push comes to shove, the girls have each other‘s backs on The Real World. And when someone makes a comment on something as sensitive as weight, you expect the girls to make a case out of it. So when the girls find out that Ty said something about Callie‘s weight, they‘re up in arms! Callie calls it her main insecurity. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World: Washington, the girl roomies teach Andrew on how to properly woo a girl. Apparently, it‘s an art that he has yet to master. "There is a way of doing things, Andrew, and you need to get some 101 charm school going on," says Emily, adding these wonderful piece of advice: no talking about Wolverine and Pokemon, no grabbing a girl and throwing her to bed, no whispering in her ear creepily, and less sexual innuendos."When it comes to females and Andrew, he has absolutely no idea what to do," chips in Callie, for her part. "You can‘t say to a girl, this is a bottie call." "But she already knows," Andrew protests. Right. Long way to go to be chivalrous, boys. Read more »