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For some reason, I can‘t believe that this is the 21st season of The Real World.  Yes, reality show onslaught, and then there‘s this other reality show which isn‘t getting much attention as the others that have become big over the years, but undeniably started the genre in the first place.  It‘s become a ubiquitous presence already that we‘ve not really paid attention, and as the show went to many places, showing many lives and annoying some viewers along the way, here we are.  In Brooklyn.  Same recipe?  Not exactly.Finding details about The Real World: Brooklyn outside what MTV already said is a very hard thing.  For some reason, you can‘t find that much people talking about this upcoming season, which puts eight diverse personalities in one house and, as the blurb says, sees what happens when people “stop being polite and start getting real”—well, except perhaps for New York media outlets, because it‘s happened in their backyard, after all. Read more »
That‘s right everyone, it‘s the 21st season of The Real World and this year, it‘s set in Brooklyn. Ryan, 23, who comes from Ghettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a 3 ½ year veteran of the United States army. He smashes his guitar after singing a rendition of “You suck Iraq.” Next, we have Katelynn, 24, who greets us from Missula, Montana but she was originally born in West Palm Beach, Florida. She was originally born a lot of things, because evidently she was born male.  Chet, 23 joins us from Salt Lake City, Utah. He‘s an aspiring fashion designer? He also profoundly remarks, “I just don‘t want to get shot down here.” Isn‘t he a nice boy? Devyn, 20, introduces herself and tells us she‘s from Kansas City, Missouri – that‘s going to confuse some of the housemates later. Ten bucks within 3 episodes, they tell her she‘s from Kansas. Anyways, she was Miss America Teen 2005 and evidently we all have more of a chance of getting into heaven than getting into Devyn. I really admire people with catchphrases so I‘m guessing Devyn‘s my girl. Devyn and Chet meet and hug and Chet proves me wrong by telling Devyn his dream job would to be to host MTV‘s TRL. Sorry Chet, but I think they canceled it. That‘s gotta sting, to have someone cancel your dream. He then tells us that he‘s Morman and he‘s here to show us all Mormans are fun. I can‘t wait. Read more »
Chet snoops through JD‘s stuff and finds lubricant and an extra large condom. He‘s extremely curious. He congratulates JD on his assumedly large penis. Chet then admits he‘s seen a fair amount of sizes in his frat. Right, that‘s how he knows large ones are abnormal.Katelynn tells Sara that she‘s transgender. Sara‘s extremely supportive and kind. Chet and Ryan decide to play pranks and use an alarm clock to get the whole house searching for the phone and to find who could be at the door. JD, who looked all around the house, is not amused.Katelynn and Sara start a religion and society discussion and Ryan is upset that someone would try to have an intelligent conversation in The Real World house. Oh no, how dare someone show that they can do something other than black out on a bi-nightly basis?!? Someone puts a banana in a condom in the fish tank. It was probably Chet and it was probably JD‘s condom. Once again, JD is not amused. Read more »
Ryan and Baya go out to bars and it doesn‘t take them long to start flirting. Ryan meets some music guy who works for Crush management who definitely won‘t help our army man make music. You have to be talented to pull that off. Mike hasn‘t called Katelynn.  Baya comforts her about it over a workout. Devyn and Scott have a raw chicken slapping fight which, is actually gross and not at all cute or attractive. Scott and Devyn both admit to flirting with one another. Devyn and Sara have a conversation about it and Sara is convinced that Scott likes Devyn. They make a bet that the two of them will hook up in 30 days for 30 dollars. Chet and Ryan show up to meet the Crush guys. Chet really wants to be a television host. Baya wants to learn how to spin because she‘d be an awesome DJ. Ryan starts talking to them about a music career and he asks for constructive criticism. I‘m sure he‘ll get a lot more than that. Back at home, Ryan starts serenading them with a song he wrote about a fellow army guy who found out his wife was cheating on him. He repeats the words “Liar” and “No, please don‘t lie to me anymore.” I‘m going to hazard a guess and say those are original lyrics. Read more »
The Real World has wrapped up yet another season. Last night, fans witnessed the roommates go head-to-head as pranks were taken too far.  While this nearly destroyed the bond between the girls and the guys, the Brooklyn cast ultimately learned to love and hate each other while pursuing their lifelong dreams.  But the emotion, excitement and suspense didn’t end there as viewers were also treated with a Brooklyn Reunion Special, in which the cast gathered for a full update of the season. The Real World: Brooklyn cast included Chet Cannon, Ryan Conklin, Scott Herman, J.D. Ordonez, Sarah Rice, Devyn Simone, Baya Voce and Katelynn Cusanelli, the first transwoman on the series. Read more »
From Brooklyn to Cancun, from Cancun to Washington?  As the MTV reality show The Real World moves to its astonishing 22nd season, some are asking how successfully it can make the transition from being set in the haven of spring break-like debauchery (The Real World: Cancun)  to the nation‘s center of politics (The Real World: Washington, D.C.).The June 24 premiere of The Real World: Cancun is pegged almost simultaneously with the start of filming for The Real World: Washington, D.C. on June 20, slated for a 2010 launch. Also, it‘s easy to see the connection between the choice of the city and the recent euphoria over hugely popular Barack Obama, but critics are skeptical on whether it‘ll be politically tingled at all. Read more »
As if the past seasons of The Real World aren‘t wild and crazy enough, the long-running MTV franchise heads to the debauchery courtesy of the spring break capital of the world for its latest installment, set to kick off tonight 10pm on MTV.The Real World: Cancun, starring eight brand new strangers, is the twenty-second season of the MTV reality show, marking the fourth season that the series moves outside the US, after The Real World: London, The Real World: Paris, and The Real World: Sydney. Read more »
After the launch of Real World: Cancun, we finally got to meet the eight roomies.  Twenty-one-year-old Massachusetts native Joey immediately got into our radar because he got so drunk that college footballer CJ had to put him in bed before the festivities can commence, followed by the sight of another 21-year-old Bronne puking on the floor of a bar. From the looks of things, this season will indeed be the Real World that its fans got to know.Meanwhile, one of its stars Ayiiia (three i‘s if you‘re counting) and winner of the, says in an interview with LAist that MTV knew full well what it was doing when it brought eight strangers to spring break capital Cancun and that it won‘t be a letdown. Read more »
The Real World: Cancun viewers may have been amazed at how the house this season looked, but for 21-year-old Bronne Bruzgo, it felt like a "giant tropical prison city.""We‘re not allowed to watch TV or play video games or listen to music," he tells Reality Wanted.  "I mean, yeah it was really pretty but it was kind of like a giant tropical prison cell.  I love video games and there was a game I had been waiting for to come out.  It came out 3 weeks after I got to Cancun and I was reading reviews and looking it up online.  I finally got home and downloaded it and it sucked!" Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World: Cancun - "A Breaking Point" - there‘s some fighting between two roommates, and it reaches a, well, breaking point, and Joey finally decides to teach Ayiiia a lesson by spitting in her food. "She thinks she‘s better than everyone else.  I just want to spit in her face. Straight up," Joey says, referring to her original plan.Later, however, he decides to direct his saliva somewhere, avoiding what is by no means the first spitting incident in the world of MTV reality television.  "She‘s just a stupid girl who gets away with giving everyone attitude and nothing ever happens to her.  So I‘m going to spit on her tacos."  Read more »
Now infamous after the taco-spitting accident, Real World: Cancun cast Joey Rozmus does not have qualms about owning up to his own brand of insanity, he says in an interview with Boston Herald.  Rozmus, 21, of Methuen, Massachusetts, spit on the tacos of fellow Real World cast member Ayiiia on the latest episode of the MTV reality series. Reacting on the large number of Massachusetts natives on the show‘s 22 seasons, he reasons it‘s probably how Bay Staters live."I think a lot of us are just kind of stubborn and we are definitely kind of (expletive). We are bitter for six months of the year because of the winter. People around here have such crazy personalities, from being mean to nice, to really crazy. The people from the area who have been on the show, you can tell we have something different going on," says Rozmus. Read more »
The Real World: Cancun hasn‘t even reached its third episode, but already the MTV reality show has started filming the next season, which, as we all know, takes place on the nation‘s capital. This early, The Real World: Washington, D.C. has already attracted attention, but mostly of the negative kind for the supposed disturbance it has caused to the vicinity of where it is being filmed."MTV‘s newest season of The Real World is being filmed 20 feet from my house," announces the blog‘s header. "This blog will chronicle the pain and annoyance they put me through as well as the heckling my friends and I plan for the newest crop of ‘real worlders.‘" Read more »
Oh boy. Things are going to get steamy on tonight‘s episode of The Real World: Cancun. Things get steamy between Emilee and Ayiiia after they realize their mutual crushes. Of course, it can very well be the alcohol talking. The two are so drunk that they can barely walk up the stairs and end up waking the other Real Worlders because of all the ruckus they‘re making.On the last episode of The Real World: Cancun, however, it wasn‘t just the spitting episode that caught everyone‘s attention. Of course, that was pretty big, too. After a fight where Ayiiia accused Joey of having herpes, Joey was so pissed that he first threatened to spit at her face. Eventually, he ended up spitting in Ayiiia‘s tacos. As retaliation for continuing to taunt her, the girls doused Joey‘s thousand-dollar guitar and ruining it in the process. Read more »
In her bio, 21-year-old Massachusetts native Emilee of The Real World: Cancun was described as "sensitive" and emotionally well-adjusted because her parents, after all, are both therapists. "She is also on of the few people in the house who is looking to learn and grow and change as a result of every new situation." We should be cautioned, though, since Emilee can let her emotions can the best of her. As we see in one clip, they really do.As Real World: Cancun moves to its fourth week, the most emotion we got out of Emilee so far was when she quietly ranted about Joey making fun of her Hooter‘s background and taking pleasure when she, Ayiiia and Jasmine ruined Joey‘s thousand-dollar guitar because of that taco-spitting incident. Read more »
Even though it was back in the 1990s that Sean Duffy rose to fame, he still managed to make things work for his career.  He became known for his stint on The Real World, part of the cast stuck in Boston.  Since appearing on the sixth season of the hit show, he has moved on to pursue politics and his family life.According to Politics Daily, the notoriously conservative Sean Duffy has announced that he‘ll be running for a spot on the United States Congress.  He has already become Ashland County‘s district attorney, beginning his term in office in 2002.  Now, he‘s ready to move on to bigger things.  That is, vying for the Wisconsin 7th Congressional District seat, held for the past 40 years by Rep. Dave Obey, D-Wausau. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World: Cancun, Emilee and Ayiiia continue to butt heads, and at one point in their separate confessions, used the word "annoying" to describe each other and "grow up" as unsolicited advice (with varying degrees of profanity). Elsewhere, CJ is testing his Spanish, by asking a seemingly Mexican girl, "Tienes un novio?" (Do you have a boyfriend?) When the girl says no, he says, without missing a beat, "We gotta work on that."Meanwhile, tattooed rocker Joey gets emotional, while CJ tries to comfort him. "I‘m gonna give you a minute, but if you need anything, I‘m just here," CJ says after patting his back, and Joey answers, "Thank you," in between sobs. Lastly, Derek has trouble following the rules of the house. Emilee is not pleased, as she has to drag an inebriated Derek, who can barely stand up. "It‘s pretty simple. Don‘t go out and don‘t fall on your face. I really hope no one gets fire. I hope it doesn‘t get to that point. Read more »
While some fans of The Real World franchise may balk at the idea of a drama-less Real World house, let‘s face it: it can get tiring at times. On its 22nd season, The Real World: Cancun had a lot of promise of drama starting from day 1. When Ayiiia apologized to Emilee after calling her "annoying" several times, Real World: Cancun fans and MTV itself, truthfully or not, were alarmed that maybe the show is losing the drama which it has made its ultimate selling point for the past 20 or so seasons.Talking to someone on the phone, Ayiiia said of Emilee, "I think she‘s so annoying. Grow the f up." Outside, talking to Jasmine, meanwhile, Emilee said that "She has never said sorry, and the day she says sorry, this is all going away, pigs are gonna be flying in the sky, that‘s the day that Ayiiia says sorry." Read more »
We already know that some of the guys on the Real World: Cancun house are not exactly fond of Ayiiia. But just in case you still have some doubts, tonight‘s episode "Nobody Likes You!" should set the record straight once and for all.Tonight, CJ and Joey have it out with Ayiiia. "You know what, no one likes you," CJ screams at Ayiiia on the pool. Cut to Joey, who tells the camera, "I am happy that CJ is yelling at Ayiiia because he‘s been wanting to let out for the whole time. And not only am I happy I‘m joining in because I have some things to say, too." Read more »
"It‘s a very controversial episode," says Ayiiia, talking about the most recent episode of The Real World: Cancun which witnessed her reverting to an old habit - cutting, something she said she has dealt with since 13 years old. "There are roommates that are very supportive of the situation and a few that do realize that this is a serious problem. And there are other roommates that just throw the typical, ‘She wants attention, this isn‘t serious.‘ "Ayiiia further explained that prior to appearing on The Real World: Cancun, she was "very healthy" and "levelheaded" because she was surrounded by nurturing people who supported her. "I didn‘t really have to get an outlet, to kind of let me get my stress out." When she got to Cancun, however, her surroundings and the people she was living with pretty much ruined her peaceful disposition. Read more »
Talking on the after show on the last episode of The Real World: Cancun, CJ and Joey cleared the air regarding the most recent of squabbles they had with Ayiiia on the last episode of the MTV reality show. "It‘s a lot of built up stuff that was behind it. It just wasn‘t that night," said CJ, who had a very serious tiff with Ayiiia over personal space and the fact that she annoys everyone on the house. Read more »
After getting into a nasty tiff with Ayiiia (which resulted to her going back to an old nasty habit of cutting herself), it seems like Joey is set to get into more trouble, as The Real World: Cancun goes into its second half. With just five episodes remaining, Joey is revealed to be more interested in enjoying Spring Break than chaperoning a bunch of students. No surprise there, though. In a clip, he rants about locking horns with Student City over something."I missed work the other day, because I didn‘t feel good," he says. "I didn‘t go to work. I know it‘s a big deal, and it‘s so annoying. Let me know. Am I fired? Am I going home? Cool. Am I staying? Sweet. It‘s just really annoying. Just tell me. Call me and tell me what‘s going on. Don‘t sit there and be like, well I‘ll call you tomorrow. What, you don‘t have five minutes to talk to me right now? I‘m just aggravated by this whole situation." Read more »