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Every day, we here at BuddyTV will let you know all the new shows airing that night to help you plan your TV-viewing schedule. In addition, we’ll highlight two episodes we think are worth checking out to help diversify your love of TV.Wednesdays are slim pickings for quality TV, unless you fall for FOX’s promos that say Til Death and Back to You are two of TV’s funniest comedies (a claim that makes me want to sue the network for false advertising). And while ABC is dedicating two hours to yet another debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, I have an alternate suggestion for your political news, which brings us to tonight’s word… Read more »
Tonight is the premiere of season 20 of The Real World.  It‘s hard to believe that there have been 19 seasons that have come and gone.  Every cast member this season, which takes appropriately in Hollywood, is looking to become famous.  They want to be singers, actors, models, directors, and producers.  We first met Joey, 24 years old from Chicago, who wants to be an actor.  He‘s very concerned with his looks, feeling that a good body is the key to success in Hollywood.  Kimberly, a 24 year old from South Carolina, is introduced next.  She wants to be an entertainment reporter for E! News.  The two meet up in the airport and head over to their new apartment, which should be absolutely amazing.  We wouldn‘t expect anything less. Read more »
In its 19 seasons on the air, MTV‘s The Real World has tried to make a habit of bringing timely social issues to the forefront of reality television. Its 20th season, which premiered Wednesday, follows in the tradition of the long-running program, with a focus on environment and eco-friendliness. While MTV asserts its thrust to promote awareness of socially relevant matter, there are still those who criticize the series, along with other similar MTV reality fare, for showcasing more adversely affecting content.  Critics have alleged that behavior shown on The Real World only leads to public detriment, more than its socially relevant themes contribute any genuine concern and awareness. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Real World, Sarah celebrated her monumental 21st birthday by giving her phone number and address to a random guy in a bar. Instead of being upset that Sarah would do such a thing behind her boyfriend’s back, Will took it as a good sign that their relationship was even rockier than he thought. Still, Sarah seems to be keeping her distance from Will, who enlisted Brianna’s help in winning her over and breaking up her relationship. Can anything good come from breaking up a serious relationship? We’ll find out this season. Read more »
This season, The Real World brought together seven strangers to live in a house in Hollywood. The roomies all have one thing in common, though: they want to be famous. Brianna wants to be a singer, Will wants to produce music, and Kimberly wants to be an entertainment reporter. All seven cast members have dreams of making it big and they felt that this would be their best shot at fame. Which one has the best chance of making it big? Let’s examine the housemates a little closer and see whose Hollywood dreams could become a reality. Read more »
Previously, on The Real World, Brianna saw Joey‘s dark side after a heavy night of drinking.  Kimberly and Brianna had it out on the streets of Hollywood over how many guests they can have in the house.  Greg overheard what his roommates think of him and vowed to live up to his reputation.Dave tries to figure out where Kimberly‘s head is at.  The two flirt and cuddle but have yet to form a real relationship.  She teases him and says that she‘d sleep with him if he were hotter but ends up in his bed later that night.  Neither of them wants a title of boyfriend or girlfriend, so I guess they‘ll just sleep together all season. Read more »
Brianna Taylor started things off on The Real World: Hollywood with a bang.  Within days of arriving at The Real World house, she was contacted by police in her home state of Pennsylvania and notified that there was a warrant out for her arrest.  Before heading out to California, Brianna was arrested for harassment and assault of her ex-boyfriend.  In tonight‘s episode, Brianna heads home to face the music and decides to bring one of her roommates along with her for moral support.  Yesterday, Brianna spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview about who she brought, if things went her way in the courtroom, and if she‘s happy with her Real World experience.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight‘s dramatic episode of The Real World, Joey took his drinking problem to a whole new level while Brianna faced her criminal charges back home in Philly.  Brianna decided to take Will back with her for moral support.  He got to meet all of her friends and see the strip club that she worked at before coming on the show.  She even did a routine for him at the bar.  Brianna‘s main focus didn‘t seem to be on her court case and Will kept trying to steer her in the right direction.  Read more »
It‘s all systems go for the record-setting 21st season of The Real World.  MTV has given the nod for production on the next edition of the longest-running reality series to begin.  Season 21 moves the show from the west coast to the east for The Real World: Brooklyn. The current Real World: Hollywood, the 20th installment of the pioneer reality series, has elicited a resurgence in viewership, with the series posting an increase from last year‘s numbers.  The improved ratings has effectively propelled MTV to the number one post during the 10-11pm bracket on Wednesdays. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, Dave gets frustrated with Kimberly when she pushes him away at the bar.  Out to prove that it doesn‘t bother him, he finds the first girl he can and starts making out with her.  Kim gets overly drunk and breaks down crying back at the house.  Dave cuts his night short with Justine, the girl from the bar, after feeling uncomfortable with the situation.  Kimberly decides that if he‘s going to bring home "dirty hookers" from the bar, then she‘s not having sex with him anymore. Read more »
The Real World used to be about more than a bunch of 20-somethings, without direction, who liked to party and hook up with each other. Once upon a time, they dealt with social issues such as race, religion, and sexuality. These days, most scenes for the MTV reality show are filmed in the bar or the bedroom. The fights are bigger, the meltdowns are scarier, and the booze is always flowing while cameras wait to capture a television worthy moment. With so much debauchery to be had in Hollywood, why did MTV choose to cast not one, but two former addicts on their show this season? Read more »
One has to wonder why Greg even wanted to be on The Real World: Hollywood in the first place.  After winning an internet contest on MTV‘s website, Greg became the seventh and final roommate this season on The Real World.  He has yet to form friendships with anyone and, on tonight‘s episode, finds the entire house against him.  Greg has seemed unimpressed with his surroundings and uninterested in anyone or anything involving The Real World.  Today, Greg spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview about what sets his roomies off, if he liked his job with the improv group, and if he left the show with any friends.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Real World, Sarah’s boyfriend came to Hollywood to visit the house. At dinner that night, Sarah and Will engage in a burping contest while her boyfriend awkwardly looks on.  Greg meets him later on in the night, after all the roomies, and immediately assesses Ryan as a "dweeb".  Dave and Greg bring some girls that they met out at the bar home, which doesn‘t sit well with Kim, considering they just hooked up.  When one of the girls disrespects Brianna, she calls the girls "whores" and Greg fights back. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Real World, the house was divided. On one side, we had Greg and on the other … well, we had everybody else. Greg has had a difficult time making friends with anybody in the house since the season began. It could have something to do with the pranks he plays: putting rocks in people’s beds, wiping toothbrushes in grease, and stealing the underwear of the female roomies. Tonight’s episode featured a full fledged meltdown in the house with one cast member removed for a night by production. Read more »
The Real World is many a college co-ed’s dream. You live in one of the sweetest houses, get a trendy job, surround yourself with beautiful people, drink every night, and oh yeah – you get to be on television. In 20 seasons, thousands upon thousands of people have applied but only a little more than 100 have made it onto the show. Some have milked their Real World fame for all its worth, like Beth from the Los Angeles cast. Some have never been seen or heard from again, like Irene from Seattle. However, no cast member has ever behaved the way Greg of the Hollywood cast has and we’re still trying to figure out what the heck he’s doing there. Read more »
Last month, we reported that The Real World was renewed for its 21st season, which is set to take place in Brooklyn, New York.  Now, further reports have surfaced, talking about what’s in store for the next season and where our MTV housemates will be residing.  The men behind the production have already promised viewers that the new season will focus on individuals who are “genuine” and have “meaningful conflict” that would eventually tell “powerful stories.” Read more »
I‘m a little bit of a fight with MTV.  On Monday night, some friends and I caught the premiere episode of Legally Blonde: The Search For The Next Elle Woods when a commercial for The Real World aired.  In it, they said right out that Greg gets kicked off the show, leaving no mystery about tonight‘s episode.  We also didn‘t have to wonder what happened when Joey came home from rehab, since we all pretty much figured that the roomies wouldn‘t have the common sense or tact to keep their binges to a minimum.  Brianna headed home to Pennsylvania again to face the music in her court case and Will tried to start a showmance with a Real World alum! Read more »
Things were definitely a little quieter in the house without Greg.  Last week, he was kicked out of The Real World house after getting fired from his job.  This week, though, there was still enough drama to fill up 60 minutes.  After getting out of rehab, Joey is seriously struggling with staying on the wagon.  It must be tough, considering Hollywood is, by far, the worst place someone could be while trying to stay away from drugs and alcohol.  His insensitive roommates don‘t help much, barely listening to him, never mind respecting any of his wishes.  Brianna got some opportunities to advance her singing career and worked hard to get noticed. Read more »
The Real World: Hollywood has already lost 2 cast members this season and with the finale in sight, it doesn’t seem a new roomie will be joining the show. The first casualty was Greg, who put his modeling career ahead of his job. According to Real World rules, if you lose your job, you lose your spot on the show and that’s exactly what happened. The second to go was Joey who, after getting out of rehab, came to the conclusion that The Real World house was probably the last place he should be. Michael Martin, of the MM Agency, represents many Real World cast members, booking them for appearances and special events. He spoke to BuddyTV this weekend about how getting kicked off or quitting the show can affect a cast member down the road Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, we received the answer to our burning question: Would the show put two new roommates in the house?  The answer is YES and tonight, we met Brittini and Nick.  Brittini is a 22 year old aspiring model from Arizona and Nick, a 23 year old resident of Florida, hopes to become a television host.  The two brought a new dynamic into the house, and Brittini threatened Will‘s budding relationship with former Real Worlder Janelle. Read more »
I’m not sure what I think of the new roomies on The Real World: Hollywood. Not that I was sad to see Greg go. Or Joey for that matter. They both needed to get out of Hollywood for different reasons. Greg was just flat out crazy – playing pranks, causing drama, and seeming to have zero desire to be there. Joey needed to go home and finish what he started, attempting to get off of drugs. One left after the other and last night, they were replaced by two new house guests, Nick and Brittini, who seem to waste no time going into full drama mode with their new frienemies. Read more »
Reality television star and Playboy model Trishelle Cannatella, the resident promiscuous alcoholic party girl of The Real World: Las Vegas is set to star in yet another reality show.  This, after appearing on The Surreal Life, The Real World / Road Rules Challenge, Kill Reality, Fear Factor, and Dr. Steve-O. CMT recently revealed the cast for the new reality show called Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, featuring the wrestler as the teacher who will teach the ten celebrities to "master complex wrestling moves, talking trash and working a live audience," things that perhaps made him who he is today. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, Brianna finds out that she‘s going to get to record some backup vocals for Alex Band, of The Calling.  The entire time, though, she second guesses herself and talks after every take.  Nick wastes no time jumping into the Hollywood lifestyle, partying and bringing home a groupie from the bar.  When he stays up all night giggling with her, it really rubs the other roomies the wrong way, particularly Sarah and Kimberly.  When Sarah tells Charna at work, Nick is angry, feeling that he‘s been thrown under the bus.  He approaches Sarah and asks her to talk to him to his face, which just results in an argument. Read more »
As The Real World: Hollywood wraps up the season, MTV will be cooking up a drama-packed marathon that will lead to the suspenseful finale of the 20th season of the network‘s popular reality series on Wednesday, July 9.Adding some edgy commentaries to The Real World marathon, which begins on Friday, July 4 from 11am to 6pm ET/PT, is none other than Coral Smith, who is known for her stint on The Real World: Back to New York and for her appearances on various spin-off shows like Real World/Road Rules Challenge and The Gauntlet III. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World: Hollywood, the roomies find out that they‘re going to Mexico for a little vacation.  Almost nothing good can happen when you combine alcohol and the Hollywood house.  Things got started on a booze cruise where, while trying to show off his moves on a stripper pole, Dave knocked a man over who was dancing on a box.  Immediately after, Will and Briitni decided to do body shots off of each other and the two ended up kissing.  Things ended with a blowout between Brianna and Sarah, after she made a comment about the warrant out for Bri‘s arrest.  Read more »
On tonight‘s season finale of The Real World, it‘s just about time for the roomies to say goodbye to each other.  Everyone starts to worry when they don‘t hear from Joey for a while.  Back home, he worries that he missed out on networking and furthering his acting career by focusing on his sobriety.  At the end of the day, though, he knows that he did the right thing.Back in Hollywood, Dave gets punched by a guy in a bar for talking to his girlfriend.  Everyone tries to leave but he is jumped again outside and his friends rush to his defense, resulting in an all out brawl. Read more »
I don‘t know how I feel about these live shows on MTV during the weekend. For starters, who is around at 2pm on a Saturday to watch The Real World reunion? Secondly, do you really want to put eight loose cannons live on national television? If you were expecting something explosive or dramatic, you didn‘t get it on today‘s live reunion. In fact, the best part of the show came when Janelle surprised Will to confront him about his sexual adventures and fake tears. The worst part, by far, was host Lindsay Rodriguez, who not only couldn‘t keep the cast members‘ names straight but I‘m not even sure she watched the show this season. Read more »
Kevin Powell may have thrown down with Julie Oliver on the very first season of The Real World over racial and social issues, but that’s a scene at least one of them would like everyone to forget. Since appearing on MTV’s reality show 16 years ago, Powell has gone from pseudo-celeb to hopeful politician. He is currently running for running for Congress in Brooklyn, New York’s 10th district. "A lot of folks know me from The Real World, but this is something I‘m very passionate about," he told "My life‘s calling is public service. Civic engagement should be a part of our values as much as MTV and Xbox." Read more »
After a very explosive season including the customary lying, cheating, fake tears, coed car brawls and so much more, perhaps it‘s time to check what The Real World Hollywood guys and girls have been up to.According to MTV, Will is back in Los Angeles and is starting his music career.  According to him, The Real World failed to portray him as a DJ. So far, he‘d been doing the rounds in North America to pick up deals and even sell tracks and produce.  He said he and Janelle broke up six hours after production wrapped up.  He then dated several Real World girls and came to the conclusion that the show and the network breed “pretentious divas” who are only after exposure.  As for his thoughts on his Real World experience, the best thing about it was it allowed him to be a leader. Read more »
Whether you like it or not, MTV’s The Real World is rolling on. The mother of all reality shows turns 21 with its upcoming season, currently filming in New York. The people at caught a glimpse of the new cast members leaving their home at the Pier 41 building in the Red Hook district of Brooklyn. According to the Michael Martin Agency, who reps many cast members after their stint on television is over, there looks to be 8 cast members instead of the usual 7. The cast appears to be mostly white and Martin thinks he even spotted a gay cast member in the crowd, which would be nice since Hollywood didn’t feature any gay cast members. That still didn’t stop the girls from making out with each other, though! Read more »
The 16th season of Real World / Road Rules Challenge premieres tonight 10pm on MTV.  According to teasers, the contestants, 20 Real Worlders and Road Rulers are dropped off into shark-infested waters in Panama, the southernmost country of Central America that connects North and South America.The Real World / Road Rules Challenge cast members will face off in Cocas del Toro, yet in an unexpected turn of events, MTV is promising that this season will be different - no free-flowing alcohol at will, no cushy house, and no challenges “that call for sneaky alliances,” which, on all accounts, have been quite the main attraction / turnoff (whichever way you look at it) of The Real World / Road Rules Challenge.  Looks like things might turn into something akin to a booze-laden edition of Survivor. Read more »