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Episode Overview: Seven new strangers move into a new house.  Immediately, sparks fly and tensions flare.  In the first episode, two hook up and more than two get into fights. It‘s a new season of Real World complete with seven strangers to shake things up down under in Sydney, Australia.  We first meet Trisha, who promised her parents she wouldn‘t have sex before marriage but that went out the window a while ago.  Next we meet Cohutta, a Southern guy who‘s hardly traveled anywhere.  Kelly Anne is used to teasing guys and has a temper.  Cohutta and Kelly Anne meet up on a boat and she thinks he‘s cute.  Read more »
Given the popularity of MTV‘s long-running reality series, The Real World, it is not unusual for cast members to emerge from the series with newfound celebrity.  However, Dunbar Flinn, one of the seven people on the show‘s current edition, The Real World: Sydney, said that becoming a big television celebrity was the least of his concerns when he tried out for the series. "I didn‘t do this to become a celebrity. I did it because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Flinn told the Clarion Ledger.  “It‘s going to be interesting with 20 million people watching it.” Read more »
Last Week, the USA Network announced that former The Real World: Las Vegas star Trishelle Cannatella has signed up for the new reality series, Dr. Steve-O.  The show, which will document the former Jackass star as he tries to toughen up men across the United States, will premiere on October 1 on the cable network. Cannatella will serve as Steve-O‘s assistant.  She has been deemed by the network as Steve-O‘s “Nurse on Duty.”  Together, they will use a “specifically tailored” series of "shockingly hilarious stunts and embarrassingly funny and demented dares" in order to get their subjects to discard their dorky ways. Read more »
On this past week‘s episode of Real World Sydney, cast member Trisha Cummings came under fire for her racist remarks regarding a McDonald‘s employee.  The 19-year-old California native put herself in hot water for ranting about an Asian employee after not receiving a free sample of a McFlurry.  On national television, Cummings described the incident to her housemates.  "I‘m like, you know what, keep the money, maybe take some English lessons - I‘m leaving cause you don‘t know how to speak English," she said.Her manager, Michael Martin, was quick to dispel the talk that she was a racist.  "The only thing Trisha is guilty of is a both a lack of patience & empathy for others but of course that can said of most of us in The Real World," he wrote on his website. Read more »
Since the show debuted two weeks ago, Parisa Montazaran of Real World: Sydney has stood out.  She felt, early on, like she didn‘t fit in with the other girls in the house.  Then, she quickly butted heads with housemate Trisha Cummings.  Raised Muslim, and of Middle Eastern descent, Montazaran is still finding out who she is but isn‘t afraid to speak her mind.  She is a graduate of NYU, with a degree in International Relation Studies.  Parisa took the time to talk to BuddyTV about her experiences in Sydney and how her "crush" on housemate Dunbar Flinn was over before you can say, "This is the true story..."Below, you will find the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview Read more »
The New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has called on the producers of The Real World: Sydney to take responsibility for airing negative comments made by cast member Trisha Cummings. On a recent episode of The Real World: Sydney, Cummings, 19, was shown complaining about a Bondi McDonald‘s cashier who failed to give her a Crunchie McFlurry sample.  "I‘m like, well I‘d take the f....n‘ Crunchie one but I don‘t know what it tastes like because you wouldn‘t give me a sample,‘‘ she relayed to her housemates.  “I‘m like, you know what, keep the money, maybe take some English lessons - I‘m leaving cause you don‘t know how to speak English.‘‘ Read more »
Ruthie Alcaide, one of the seven cast members of The Real World: Hawaii, was at Odessa Community College on Tuesday, August 28, telling students about the unpleasant side of alcohol consumption and how it has affected her life.  The talk was held at the school‘s Deadrick Hall Auditorium. “People were telling me I actually passed out at the bar,” Alcaide said, describing her experiences during the taping of The Real World: Hawaii.  “It‘s kind of funny now, but I think I just wanted to crawl under a rock after the show aired.” Read more »
MTV is going green with the 20th season of The Real World by housing the next cast in an energy-efficient and sustainable home in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Solar energy solutions, bamboo flooring, recycled glass counters, sustainable furniture and recycled vintage décor, energy star appliances, a solar-heated swimming pool and energy-efficient lighting are some of the environment-friendly features that make up the house. Read more »
It goes without saying that if you appear on a reality show, you are going to lose some privacy. Additionally, you will suddenly find that a whole new group of people – mainly complete strangers – will now have opinions about you and your life, and, potentially most frustrating, some stuff you did about sixth months ago when the show was taping that may or may not have anything to do with your current life.While it‘s surely tempting to check in with blogs and forums to find out peoples‘ opinions, one would suspect that a majority of reality show veterans eventually have to avoid such venues if they want to keep their sanity intact. However, completely avoiding the audience isn‘t quite possible. And while some people might not be quite as free with their opinions face-to-face as they would be in the anonymity of the internets, sometimes reality stars still have to listen to the unfiltered views of the public. Especially, as The Real World cast member Parisa Montazaran recently learned, when the public gets a hold of your phone number. Read more »
For The Real World: Sydney cast member Shauvon Torres, being real is a top priority.  An admitted bisexual, Torres told the State Hornet in a recent interview that she made it a point to present herself in a truthful way on the show. "There are people in the house who have their issues, but I just try to be myself… not to have a label on things," Torres said, noting that she did not feel any animosity from her housemates nor from the people of Sydney, a city known to have a thriving gay scene.  Torres also said she is satisfied with the way The Real World: Sydney has portrayed her and her housemates, though she admits there are some things lost in editing. Read more »
For most college students, graduation means moving out into the real world, and navigating the challenges of finding a full-time job, place to live, and new adult life.For Parisa Montazaran, graduation from college meant moving into The Real World: Sydney, and navigating the challenges of being filmed 24-7, living with six total strangers, and newfound fame as a cast member of one of MTV‘s longest-running series.Now that she is done with both experiences, she recently reflected upon them with the newspaper from her alma mater, New York University. Read more »
Cohutta Lee is a good ol‘ Southern boy on The Real World: Sydney.  He was born and raised in Georgia and had never been outside the United States before filming.  So far this season, his storyline has mostly revolved around his budding romance with roommate Kelly Anne Judd.  Fellow roommate Isaac Stout has tried repeatedly to warn Cohutta against hooking up with a roommate but on last night‘s episode, he ignored all the advice and did it anyway.  Yesterday, Cohutta took a few minutes to chat with BuddyTV about his time in Sydney and what he likes so much about Kelly Anne.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight‘s The Real World, the roommates find out that they‘ll be involved in a special travel project with Contiki involving Sydney.  It seems the cast members are about to get their job on!  The girls are immediately excited while the boys feel they don‘t even know what they‘re in for.  They say the girls have never worked a real day in their lives.  We‘ll see!Dunbar gets annoyed that Parisa wakes him up every day and disturbs his sleep.  She sings at the top of her lungs in the shower while the roomies remind each other that they WERE, in fact, given a sound studio.  Why isn‘t Parisa singing The Star Spangled Banner in there? Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, the roomies hear that gay and lesbian Mardi Gras is going to take place in Sydney and most plan on going.  Cohutta feels apprehensive about going while Isaac is all about it.  Trisha gets an email from her family, telling her to treat herself and others well while in Australia.  If only she‘d take their advice.The roomies pile into the car to head to Sydney Harbor and walk around.  While out, Cohutta starts to get sick of Trisha‘s complaining.  The seven head in separate directions. Trisha hears one of her favorite church songs be played and takes Kelly Anne with her who also knows the song.  Trisha worries that she‘s going against God‘s plans by drinking too much and especially by making plans to go to gay Mardi Gras. Read more »
On tonight‘s The Real World, romance is blooming in Sydney for some and dying out for others.  While Kelly Anne and Cohutta seem to get closer, Parisa begins losing interest in Dunbar, who has been treating her poorly almost since they stepped foot in Australia.  Kelly Anne says she doesn‘t want to be interested in Cohutta, but her actions betray her words.  However, she met a guy in Sydney named Carey who‘s interested in her and sets up a date with him.Carey sends Kelly Anne flowers, which for some reason strikes a chord in Dunbar.  He says he won‘t let his money define himself with a woman and screams at his housemates.  Despite her suitor, Kelly Anne can‘t stop thinking about Cohutta.  Tensions continue to build between Dunbar and the women of the house, after they get into an argument about religion. Read more »
On tonight‘s Real World, Kelly Anne bedhops this week from Dunbar‘s bed to Cohutta‘s but says she never would normally like someone like him.  Could‘ve fooled us!  She tells Trisha that she and her boyfriend have an agreement not to tell each other if they do anything while apart.  Trisha convinces her not to tell her boyfriend that she kissed Cohutta in the confessional.  Minutes later, she‘s on the phone and talks about Cohutta and of course, the boyfriend isn‘t thrilled.  She‘s reduced to tears by the end of the conversation. Read more »
Kelly Anne doesn‘t seem to have any problem flirting with a guy, as long as he‘s hot.  She swears nothing is going on with Dunbar, besides some good fun.  Parisa hasn‘t appreciated the way he pays more attention to Kelly Anne than her.  Who detects jealousy?  Dunbar refuses to respond to her letter that she gave him on the last episode and pretends it never happened.  He calls her "interesting" instead of "hot", which she takes offense to.Dunbar complains to Trisha about Parisa‘s clingy behavior, then trashes her in the confessional to America.  Trisha then tells Kelly Anne, who swears she doesn‘t have any feeling at all for Dunbar.  Kelly Anne heads into the confessional with Shauvon to give Dunbar a reality check.  Still with me? Read more »
It‘s a tough life being a Real Worlder, living in the best house ever and sitting on the beach all day.  Life could be worse, right?  Dunbar feels Parisa is too uptight and she needs to chill out, though it‘s unclear why.  As time goes on, she wants to get to know him better but it‘s unclear if she‘s romantically interested him still or not.  Kelly Anne thinks Parisa needs to take it down as well.  She‘s not making many friends in the house thus far, which is unfortunate.Cohutta and Dunbar head out into Sydney wearing overalls with Isaac who dons a track suit.  Believe it or not, Isaac meets a girl and gets her number.  Dunbar tries to get Parisa to lighten up and have fun.  Kelly Anne walks into the confessional with Dunbar is talking and they discuss Parisa.  Parisa gets jealous when the two flirt constantly and wrestle all over the house.  Read more »
Down Under on The Real World, Trisha is on the phone with her boyfriend Jarod, having a variation on the classic Real World game of: "how can I keep my boyfriend back home, but get his permission to have wild sex with everyone I can while I enjoy my 15 minutes of fame on a well past its prime MTV reality show."Her answer comes in the form of the fact that he isn‘t e-mailing her every day, so she lays this gem on him: "I think we should take a break until you can be yourself and actually call me."  Weak, but effective as a requirement for all at-home boyfriends on this show is a willingness to be cuckolded.  She‘s all sad and conflicted, but since this is the 19th season, we‘ve all seen this exact scenario about a hundred times, and it loses its punch after a while. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, Trisha and Parisa go to war over the same guy.  Kelly Anne seems to be falling for Cohutta more and more.  Before fighting it out with Parisa, Trisha calls her boyfriend to tell him that she loves him and tells him he has nothing to worry about.  Afterwards, she finds herself very attractive to that Aussie hottie, Alex.  Parisa warns Alex not to mess with her and she tells her housemates that Trisha would never go for him back home.  That player Alex wrote both Trisha and Parisa love poems.  I smell a catfight. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, the female roommates go to war over a boy.  Parisa, Kelly Anne, and Trisha laugh in the kitchen about their night out.  When Trisha leaves, Kelly Anne tries to convince Parisa to come clean with her roommate.  Parisa doesn‘t think she has anything to be sorry for, since Trisha has a boyfriend.  On their way out, Shauvon recounts Trisha‘s drunken night for her, telling her that she kissed Alex.  She also betrays Parisa‘s trust, telling Trisha that they kissed as well.  Trisha says she doesn‘t care, but her friends don‘t believe her. Read more »
We are still right in the thick of things with the current season of The Real World: Sydney. But preparations are already underway for the next season of the show, which will be set in Hollywood.For this, the twentieth season of the ground-breaking reality program, the house itself will be a tribute to the 19 seasons that have gone before. Read more »
It didn‘t take long for Christian cast member Trisha Cummings to raise a little hell on The Real World Sydney.  So far, in the first half of the season, she has gotten into multiple fights with her roommate, Parisa Montazaran, over a good looking Aussie guy.  She has been accused of cheating on her boyfriend, making racist comments, and being unsupportive of the gay community.  Finally getting a moment to speak her mind and set the record straight, Trisha spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.  She claims she‘s been portrayed unfairly, saying she never cheated, and many of her less than stellar moments on the show are just clever editing.  Keep reading to hear Trisha‘s side of the story!Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of The Real World is a continuation of last week, and we last left Trisha and Parisa with their claws out over Alex.  Parisa goes running to Dunbar, to vent about the situation.  Trisha grabs him soon after to confront him about his opinions of her.  He avoids the subject and says he just wants to go to bed.  Good answer!Trisha tells Cohutta that she doesn‘t remember kissing Alex and cheating on her boyfriend.  Still, she‘s going to have to figure out a way to tell Jarod what she did.  The girls talk out the fight that occurred and attempt to make amends. Read more »
With all the turmoil in the house of the current season of The Real World: Sydney, it might be nice to take a breather from that tension, and instead, check back on some of the Real Worlders from previous seasons to find out what they‘re up to.Although most Real Worlders usually find themselves embroiled in some kind of drama on the show, after they return home, away from the cameras, most return to a relatively normal life of careers, relationships, and hobbies like everyone else. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, Shauvon tries to get in touch with David back home, who is having cell phone issues.  He is waiting for her decision as to whether or not she‘s going to leave Sydney to go work out her relationship with him.  Kelly Anne tells her to go home if she loves him and wants to build a life with him.  Shauvon doesn‘t seem too convinced about the right thing to do yet.Dunbar gets ready for his girlfriend, Julie, to come visit him in Sydney.  And by get ready, I mean take an attitude while Parisa does most of the cleaning.  Parisa just wants Julie to get there because maybe if Dunbar gets a little love, he‘ll calm the heck down! Read more »
Last week‘s episode of The Real World focused on the drama between Dunbar Flinn and Parisa Montazaran, but there were more ominous rumblings about Shauvon Torres and her trouble back home.Her ex-fiance, David, was making ultimatums about her returning home, and Shauvon is feeling torn about what the right thing is to do. A surprise for The Real World castmates forces her to come to a decision. Read more »
This season of The Real World is an educational one. We have learned the concept of the “girl code,” which means, apparently, that if one girl has already marked a man as a potential love interest, he is hands-off to any female acquaintances. This rule would see, to be in effect regardless of an extenuating circumstances. For example, in the case of the Trisha Cummings-Parisa Montazaran-Aussie Alex triangle, Trisha‘s flirtation with Aussie Alex, despite her “commitment” to her boyfriend back home, makes him clearly off-limits to Parisa.Once again on the new episode of The Real World airing this Wednesday, Parisa, however, would appear to be missing the “girl code” page from her girl manual. Read more »
On this week‘s The Real World, the sexual tension is high. Once again, the housemates with significant others back home find it hard to stay focused on their relationships with all the flowing booze and sexy accents.Aussie hottie Alex is working both the blonde and brunette ends of The Real World girl spectrum. While Trisha Cumming has recently re-committed herself to her hometown boyfriend, she can‘t help but continue to be distracted by the lanky local and his accent. She tells her boyfriend and her housemate that being around Alex just makes her even more certain that her boyfriend is the one for her. But when Alex comes around again, she‘s seems irresistibly drawn into his personal space.The talk of her boyfriend, though, makes her an iffy bet, so meanwhile, Alex is also attempting to make time with Parisa Montazaran. Read more »
Can‘t wait until next Wednesday for your The Real World: Sydney fix? No worries, MTV is here to help your habit, and has released a sneak peak into the next new episode. The episode is titled “Wake Up Call,” and this is when things start getting even realer…the housemates have to go to work.That‘s right, it‘s time for the kids to buckle down and learn what their collective job will be for this season of The Real World. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, the roommates find out they‘ll be going on a trip.  Shauvon reaches a decision on whether or not she should leave Sydney for her boyfriend back home.Kelly Anne has a hard time letting go of Sutton, her ex, while trying to form a new relationship with Cohutta.  Noticing how much time she spends on the phone and emailing Sutton, Isaac and Dunbar corner Cohutta, telling him to drop Kelly Anne.  What guy wants to be the next best thing?  No one in his right mind, of course! Read more »
In a sneak peek for the next episode of The Real World, Shauvon Torres is gone from The Real World house, and the remaining gang is wondering what on earth their next new roommate will be like.Kelly Anne Judd tells Trisha Cummings that they are placing bets on what they think the new person‘s personality will be. Trisha says she thinks the new person will try to establish early that he or she can‘t be walked all over just because they arrived at the house later than anyone else. Read more »
On last week‘s The Real World: Sydney, Shauvon Torres made a tough decision to leave Australia and head home to work things out with her boyfriend, David.  For the last few episodes, David has been demanding that Shauvon leave as soon as possible and come home to him.  Shauvon‘s roommates were understanding and supportive as she said her tearful goodbyes to go home to the man she loved.  A new roommate will be joining the remaining six in Sydney.  Before we meet her, Shauvon called BuddyTV today to talk about her decision to leave and the status of her relationship with David today.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Real World, the new roommate, Ashli, arrives in Sydney.  Ashli‘s arrival makes Parisa feel further distanced from everyone.  Isaac gets close to woman he met a few weeks earlier.Isaac calls his Aussie lady, Noirin, after two weeks of ignoring her.  To be fair, sort of, he told her that he wasn‘t going to call her.  While on the phone, he fills her in on Shauvon‘s departure from Sydney.  She heads over to hang out with him and his roomies notice that he‘s a lot calmer when she‘s around.  On their date, she learns a lot more about him, and they seem to have a good time together. Read more »
This week, it looks like The Real World is taking a little detour to The Surreal World. And will the arrival of new young, adorable and frisky roomie Ashli upset the delicate balance of the house? Will Dunbar‘s love for his girlfriend Julie be tested?In the preview for this week‘s episode, we first see Isaac leaving a cryptic note to his roommates on their fridge message board (something about faxing himself to China?). Read more »
Jose Tapia was an understated presence on the Key West season The Real World, and he has seemed to return to a life outside of show biz since his time on that show. However, he still does use the relative level of celebrity he achieved to do some good.Most recently, he appeared at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA, with fellow The Real World alum Robin Hibbard (from the San Diego season), to talk to the students about the importance of voting.The event was associated with MTV‘s Rock the Vote, and aimed to illustrate for the students the power they have as voters. Read more »
On this weeks episode of The Real World: Isaac gets a bad omen, the group gets divided into work teams, and Ashli puts the flirt on Dunbar.This weeks episode begins with Isaac writing a note to the roommates on the dry-erase board. It says he‘s leaving. Read more »
Ashli‘s arrival at The Real World: Sydney house meant more temptation for Dunbar Flinn. She‘s a triple threat: cute, single and apparently not afraid to go after what she wants even if her target is taken. Actually, there‘s a fourth threat: she thinks Dunbar is cute too.This week‘s episode, airing on Wednesday at 10pm Eastern, will continue to follow this ominous development, while tensions of a different sort boil up between other housemates. Read more »
On this weeks episode of The Real World: Ashli and Dunbar continue their endless flirtation, and what we‘ve all being waiting for, Trisha‘s and Parisa‘s dislike for each other gets physical. Place your bets and pick your corner, this one should be interesting. Read more »
On this weeks episode of The Real World: it‘s decision time for Parisa. After Trisha pushed Parisa to the floor, Parisa will choose whether she stays or she goes. Place your bets. Read more »
If it‘s true that Trisha Cummings has never hated anyone like she hates Parisa Montazaran, then at the end of the last episode of The Real World, she must have been beside herself after her shove left her fate directly in Parisa‘s hands. What will happen next?Well, it looks like on the next episode of The Real World, not much is going to happen until there‘s still some additional – and ugly – angry words between the two mortal enemies. Read more »
You love them. You hate them. This years The Real World cast has had its share of controversy. But let‘s be honest, they‘ve also had their moments. Actually, so much so that this has been one of the most entertaining casts in quite some time. Read more »
The Real World isn‘t an elimination contest, but this season is sure starting to feel like one. We‘ve lost Shauvon Torres to a fiancé and Trisha Cummings‘ shoving of Parisa meant she got the boot. ‘Tis not the season to be blonde and female on The Real World.  I wonder how many times they‘re going to have to re-shoot the group shot of the housemates?Well, a shaved-headed guy is making his way back to the house. Isaac Stout returns to the happy welcome on the next episode of The Real World. Read more »
If you‘re a lover not a fighter, this season of The Real World must be a little frustrating. Just when you think, after last episode, that it‘s finally going to be all about the lovin‘, some drama pops up once again.Last week, Trisha Cummings‘ departure and Isaac Stout‘s return has a salutary effect on the group. Ashli reconsidered her anger towards Parisa Montazaran, and convinced Kelly Anne Judd to do the same. Kelly Anne made amends to Parisa and the two eased their way back to friendship. Isaac made friends with the goldfish when he took a dip in their tank, and everybody got into the hot tub together in a sort of rebirth-cleansing ritual, The Real World style, meaning with booze.But there are clouds on the horizon that might start storming again this week. Read more »
After being exiled from The Real World house by Parisa Montazaran, you might expect that Trisha Cummings would be digging her heels in even further about her stance against Parisa. However, it‘s clear that she is listening to the advice of her father, who advised her to take responsibility for her actions, no matter how justified she might have felt in her anger.She spoke to BuddyTV a while back about the fact that after the show, she and Parisa made amends. This fact has even more significance now that we know the full story. Between that interview and the recent episode‘s airing, however, she went even further, publishing another apology on her MySpace blog. Read more »
It appears to be a rite of passage for some of the women in The Real World: Sydney house. Meet Dunbar Flinn, become mildly infatuated, get treated with disrespect, become totally disillusioned. Now, after weeks of “spooning” with Dunbar for “comfort,” you can add Ashli to that list.Last week‘s episode saw the tension between the two growing and coming out into the open. They ended that episode with making some peace, but it looks like it won‘t last long. Read more »
While it might be hard to imagine a world in which you won‘t be watching members of the The Real World: Sydney house alternate between sleeping with and yelling at each other, at some point, you will, in fact, have to say good-bye to this crew, and meet the young men and women who will populate the Hollywood-based house for season 20.But if you‘re feeling like you‘re tired of just sitting and watching, and really want to start getting real yourself, The Real World is casting for season 21. Read more »