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Last Wednesday saw the premiere of Real Word: Denver, a season likely to go down, with Real World: Las Vegas, as one of the long-running series most debaucherous seasons. Really, words can‘t explain the things that went down in that first episode. The premiere episodes of Real World tend to follow similar scripts. We get introduced to the characters, everything is happy-go-lucky, the initial meet and greet is filled with hugs and jubilation, the cast members embark on the obligatory “first night on the town”, everyone gets drunk and they all start to really get to know each other, and towards the end of the episode we get the first inklings of conflict that end up plaguing the rest of the season. Let‘s just say the premiere Real World: Denver went a little further.  Read more »
MTV has posted the first five episodes of Real World: Denver on their website, giving fans the opportunity to catch up on any of the action they‘ve missed. This whole posting of full episodes online is a new trend this year that‘s being employed by, seemingly, everyone. It‘s a good ploy by the networks, allowing them to showcase their websites while providing a convenient service to fans.Oh, and, by the way, you may just want to check out Real World: Denver. It is setting the bar redonculously high in terms of poor behavior and drunken shenanigans. If you thought Real World: Vegas was debaucherous, you haven‘t seen anything yet. The amount of hooking up, fighting, and all around chaos that has ensued this early in the season is unprecedented in Real World history, which is crazy, because these are the things that the show is known for. Read more »
Reality Blurred is reporting that ads have begun popping up for production assistants to work on a new production of The Real World to be filmed in Sydney, Australia (Link courtesy of TVSquad). If this is true, then it will only be the third time that The Real World has filmed outside of the United States (although Las Vegas might as well be a foreign country). Australia fulfills all the necessary requirements for a Real World host. These requirements are:1. Full of young people.2. Non-Communist country.3. Readily available alcohol.  Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, April 18, 2006Episode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5)Episode Overview: Run out of Key West by Hurricane Rita, the castmates are forced to break in new bars in West Palm Beach. John, already on the outs with castmate Paula, makes a misstep with Tyler. Paula has another breakdown, and makes a painful disclosure. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, June 27, 2006Written by BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The gang returns to the Key after Hurricane Wilma. There‘s plenty of physical fall-out from the storm - and they also have to deal with the emotional fall-out of Tyler‘s treatment of Svetlana. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, June 20, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: More meteorology! Hurricane Wilma is bearing down on the Key and the castmates have to evacuate. Paula has a conflict with Tyler, but also gets a happy surprise in Fort Lauderdale. Read more »
Originally Aired Tuesday, June 6, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: * (1 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Zach is smack dab in the middle of an internal debate between his head and...well, let‘s just say another part of his anatomy. Svetlana gets some tragic news from home. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, June 13, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: John is feeling frisky for Janelle. The group prepares for the Key West "Fantasy Fest" (a Mardi Gras-style bacchanalia) but there are, once again, those dark clouds on the horizon - literally! Read more »
Originally Aired Tuesdat, May 30, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Paula prepares for an upcoming visit from her ex-boyfriend, Keith, who has been abusive to her in the past. Svetlana gets on Tyler‘s bad side by meddling in the tensions between him and John. Read more »
Originally Aired Tuesday, May 23, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: * (1 star out of 5) Episode Overview: The quiet ones - Janelle and Jose - finally get some screen time as tensions between them come to a head. The Mystic Tan salon has its grand opening. Read more »
Originally Aired Tuesday, May 16, 2006Written BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The Mystic Tan salon opens, and "Paulie Walnuts" and John have yet another confrontation after a night of drinking. Read more »
Originally Aired on Tuesday, May 9, 2006Written By BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: A quiet week on the Key: Tyler gets some action with a hunk of "Beef" and this Beef gives Svetlana some food for thought. Read more »
I used to not have a problem with reality TV casting. Really. I took it as a fact of life that without the irritating, the outrageous, and the attention-starved, reality shows wouldn‘t be worth watching and for the most part I accepted this simple truth. Then I met Paula, insecure, rail-thin, mentally unbalanced Paula Meronek from MTV‘s REAL WORLD: KEY WEST and I couldn‘t help but think, "Why is this girl on TV when she should be in a hospital?"Since arriving in Key West, Paula has confessed to having body issues (she‘s about a hundred pounds and looks it), starving herself and taking laxatives to maintain her absurd weight - and that‘s just when she‘s sober. After a few drinks (few being, like, two) she becomes a violent maelstrom of shouting, swearing, and crying on par with any tropical storm. Calling her "Hurricane Paula" is not too far out of bounds. More disturbing, the brunt of her attacks seem to be leveled at John, the rowdy but good natured frat boy, who vaguely reminds her of her abusive ex-boyfriend. Again, I was shocked to see someone this damaged make it to primetime - yet somehow not surprised. After all, it‘s not like the show hasn‘t been playing this card for years. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, 08/15/2006Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The house prepares for a last bash: "Fantasy Fest" is here at last! But the festivities are bittersweet as they will all soon be leaving MTV‘s THE REAL WORLD for the actual one.  Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, 07/11/2006Written by BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The REAL WORLD castmates are goin‘ to Spain! Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, July 18, 2006Written by BuddyTV Staff ColumnistEpisode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The Real World castmates return from their trip abroad to the good ol‘ US of A...and as usual, conflict ensues. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, July 25, 2006Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: It‘s Janelle‘s turn! It‘s been a while since she‘s had any REAL WORLD drama, so her on-again, off-again boyfriend Kasib flies in to stir things up. And if it‘s Janelle‘s turn for screen time, it‘s must be Jose‘s too: He meets a cute girl. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, 08/01/2006Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Tyler is running a marathon, and it‘s not just a monumental test of endurance and commitment, it‘s also a chance to foment unrest among the roommates! Meanwhile, while Tyler stirs things up with the roommates, Jose takes a few tentative steps to reach out to them. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, August 8, 2006Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: As this season of THE REAL WORLD winds down, milestones are reached and bridges are built for the return to the actual real world. Read more »
Stephen Nichols has been a divisive force among viewers of The Real World: Denver.  Known early on for his no-nonsense, outspoken political and social views, Stephen is nothing if not decisive.  Now finished filming his season of The Real World, Stephen is back at Howard University, finishing up his senior year of college.  He graciously stopped by and talked with us at BuddyTV last week about his time on The Real World.How did you initially get involved with Real World: Denver?I auditioned like everyone else.  They came to my school, I go to Howard University in Washington, DC, and there were auditions here on campus and I was actually urged by a few of my friends just to take a look at, you know, what it was about.  I wasn’t a big fan of the show myself, but I went to the interview, had a conversation with the people and just kind of went from there. Read more »
Brooke LaBarbera hails from Nashville, TN, the daughter of two clinical psychologists.  After moving out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, Brooke was discovered by MTV and cast in the 18th season of The Real World, which was filmed in Denver, Colorado.  Brooke took time out of her schedule to talk with us about her time on The Real World. How did you get involved with the Real World?Um, well, I was actually found on MySpace.  What happened was I had moved out to Los Angeles about this time last year and about two weeks after I moved to Los Angeles I got an email on my MySpace account and it was from Bunim and Murray and they just said that they were looking at different profiles and mine had sparked an interest for them and they were interested in me coming and trying out for the show.  So, a few meetings later I ended up landing it. I never thought in a million years that I would be interesting enough to get on the show so that’s why I never really tried myself to do it.  Read more »
Davis Mallory, a native Georgian, enter the Real World: Denver house as a newly out of the closet gay man, and has become a dynamic character on the MTV show.  Davis took some time out of his schedule to speak with us recently about his time on The Real World.BuddyTV:  How did you get started with the Real World?  Did you go through the audition process?Davis:  Yeah, I was in college in Florida and I had always wanted to be on the Real World before and I was getting ready to graduate and my degree was pre-med and I really didn’t want to be a doctor immediately and it sounded like a fun idea.  So I went online after one of my classes and saw that they were having open calls on campus and I went over and tried out and that’s how I got the ball rolling.  It was just an open call. Read more »
Alex Smith is the “playboy” of The Real World:Denver house.  While this might be partially due to MTV’s editing, Alex does admit that it is a part of his personality.  Alex took time from his schedule of procrastination to talk to BuddyTV about his love triangle with Colie and Jenn, his attempt to escape all of the drama, and who he disliked the most in the house. Read more »
Filming has just begun in Sydney, Australia for Season Nineteen of The Real World, and the producers are already starting the audition process for Season Twenty. So far the location for Season Twenty has not been disclosed, but rumors have begun swirling that this might be the final installment in this long-running reality series. MTV has only contracted for twenty seasons, and so far this has not been extended. Read more »
After 19 seasons, The Real World goes back to a more classic approach with its upcoming season twenty. According to The Real World’s supervising cast director Damon Furberg, “We‘re trying to get back a little bit to the roots of the show, getting some people on who come into the house with goals, career goals and certain things they want to achieve like way back at the beginning of the show.”The Real World, a reality show on MTV premiered in 1992. The show follows a group of teens, aged 18-25, brought together in one house. Throughout the show, the housemates are filmed to capture their everyday activities, as well as their intimate moments.  Read more »
Tonya Cooley, who made her MTV debut with The Real World: Chicago back in 2002, has since become a regular on the Real World/Road Rules Challenges participating in six challenges as of 2007. Tonya is currently and fittingly competing with the “Bad Asses” on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno III which airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Tonya took some time to talk to BuddyTV about the show, how it compares with past seasons, and what we can expect to see from her in the upcoming weeks.Read the full interview transcript and listen to the MP3 audio below. Read more »