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First order of business: Tamra is a "free bitch." Now that she is free, she‘s looking to making amends for all the bitch. Tamra‘s throwing a party for all her frenemies. The invitation leaves the rest of the Housewives wondering, "is this a trick?" But they‘ll worry about that later, for now it‘s time to worry about handbags.I don‘t know if you knew, but this is Gretchen‘s time. She‘s not after anyone‘s money except what‘s coming to her from her makeup and handbag lines. Oh, excuse me, she‘s selling a lifestyle. And Turbo Tax. Read more »
Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered this week and everything old is new again. Here‘s what‘s new, besides the season, in Orange County:New Face Line of Handbags: GretchenGretchen is the face of her own handbag line and something is different. I mean, the handbags look a lot like other handbags you might see in Orange County, but maybe like they‘ve had some work done? Particularly in the cheek area?  Read more »
Some shows are just best when you‘re getting your drink on, and the Real Housewives shows are no exception. I‘m not a sommelier, but I do know my Housewives, and here are my recommendations for drink pairings to go with each series.The Real Housewives of New York City: Pinot Grigio! Read more »
As Gretchen sleeps peacefully in her bed, Slade takes a shower and tries to remember which Housewife‘s home he‘s in. Just kidding, they‘ve been dating for a year and they LOVE EACH OTHER. Gross. Slade is gross. Also, it‘s part of Shawna‘s job as a friend and Gretchen‘s employee to keep people from calling her a princess. Is that so much to ask?!Fernanda visits Tamra, and she brought wine "to relax." But Tamra has other plans for how they can relax. Well, I don‘t think she has plans but she brought out a wine opener (ha ha it‘s like a giant vibrator!). Anyway, the ladies sit down with a glass of wine as Tamra announces that she‘s decided, "stupid sh*t doesn‘t matter anymore." Tamra is in love with this Eddie character, but she‘s not ready to introduce him to her kids. Tamra realizes that sometimes divorce is hard, but they decide to believe that everything will be fine. Then they kiss but it‘s not a big deal, okay? Read more »
Did you watch the "Queen of Jordan" episode of 30 Rock? It‘s a must for Real Housewives fans, as the episode is filmed and edited as Queen of Jordan, Tracy Jordan‘s wife‘s series on Bravo. The episode was fun, even for those who aren‘t very familiar with the Housewives, but there were lots of hidden treats for those of us who have watched and enjoyed The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, and New York City. The episode had electronic-cigarette-smoking psychics, table flipping, and a strip aerobics studio. Liz Lemon uses the infamous Caroline Manzo simile, "thick as thieves," and Angie Jordan is releasing a single ("My Single is Dropping"). Oh, and that strip aerobics studio belongs to "Randi" former Delaware call girl, who is a lot like Danielle, and the single release party is being planned by D‘Fwan, who is definitely Dwight. Have a look for yourself with this two-minute replay of the episode: Read more »
It looks like Alexis and Gretchen have made up, because Gretchen answered the door wearing a tiara, alluding to the "princess" comment she fought so hard to deny. Also, Alexis is scared of Gretchen. Gretchen drives Alexis in her new car to meet up with Peggy at shoe store. Gretchen and Peggy are nice to each other in person, but not so much in the interviews.Vicki is renovating her home so that they can eventually downsize. She needs a change! Nothing standard, everything custom! And Vicki will sell the house whether or not Donn is okay with it. Read more »
So last week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Peggy proved difficult to be around, especially on vacation. This week, even though she subscribes to astrology, numerology, and naturopathy, Peggy tells us she also "believes in" plastic surgery. It‘s her prerogative, okay?! Peggy has a point though, when she says,"If you don‘t like ‘em, don‘t get ‘em! Don‘t give me sh*t because I have ‘em!"Gretchen is working on an anniversary/vow renewal party for her parents, who have been married for, "like, an eternity." Gretchen and her assistant/friend got the dress, but I think they left the sliding glass door open.  Read more »
So much is happening for the Housewives! Bethenny‘s new book is doing well, she‘s getting a talk show, Gretchen is releasing a single ... and none for Gretchen Wieners (Real Housewives of DC). You‘ve probably heard by now that Bravo announced its first official Housewives cancellation. The Real Housewives of DC has been canceled, making it the first Housewives series not to make it to season 2. Is anyone that surprised, though? [TVSquad] Read more »
Vicki is relaxing with a day off and a family/work-family boat ride. Can Vicki ever relax, though? She‘s a workaholic. Also, she‘s having a bad time because she thinks Donn is being rude. But isn‘t it also rude to talk about work in front of your family on your day off? And to keep bringing up that Donn is an alcoholic? So much for relaxing family boat day.Tamra and Eddie are going to Spain. Remember how she brought mace to Alexis‘s party "as a joke"? Alexis didn‘t think it was funny. Tamra did. Alexis and Gretchen meet up and discuss how it was probably just Tamra‘s poor timing. Tamra doesn‘t have the great comedic timing like Gretchen does (or is convinced she has).  Read more »
Tamra‘s back from Spain, and oops, Simon found out she was there. Apparently he showed up and hung out with Tamra‘s mom and their kids while she was gone. Vicki has her 30th high school reunion and she‘s going without Donn. Before Vicki leaves, Tamra shows Vicki the text message from Alexis. Incendiary!Vicki heard that Alexis‘s house is in foreclosure, so that rumor is swirling around Orange County now. Tamra doesn‘t feel bad for Alexis. Vicki thinks everyone should work more. Read more »
Even after promising us there wouldn‘t be any new Housewives, we‘re hearing rumors that Bravo is continuing to cast in other cities. Also, people are buzzing about Jill Zarin‘s new look, and Gretchen Rossi‘s legal trouble. And finally, the moment you never knew you were waiting for: the release of Simon van Kempen‘s AWFUL song, "I Am Real."The Real Housewives of Where?According to Perez Hilton, Bravo has cast The Real Housewives of Scottsdale (Arizona) and has already started shooting, which is a lot further than a lot of Housewives they cast make it. The cast is rumored to include Alejandra Nash, wife of NBA star Steve Nash.  Read more »
It‘s Gretchen‘s birthday, so Slade is taking her on a surprise outing. On a side note, Slade has taken up naked painting and I could not be more grossed out. Meanwhile, Alexis is continuing her Confrontation Tour, talking to Vicki about the mace. She also makes sure to tell Vicki that she‘s launching her own dress line ("I do things, too!").Slade takes Gretchen to his art studio and brings out some takeout. He presents her with painter pants because her gift is for them to paint together. Gretchen isn‘t very excited about it, but Slade sure is. If Celebrity Apprentice has taught me anything, it‘s that they will create something that can sell for thousands of dollars. Except Slade wants Gretchen to keep it as her gift. Slade‘s painter friend, Daniel, also created a portrait of Gretchen. What is with all the Housewives having portraits of themselves made? Read more »
Peggy and Micah are hosting their big, exclusive dinner party (you know, the one they hired Susan Feniger for -- but they don‘t want to do tacos because that‘s for pool parties). Dinner parties are THE thing for rich people to do, but I feel like they never go well on this show. Peggy is hoping that the Housewives will leave their DRAMA at the DOOR. Not likely, Pegs. I call her Pegs now because I feel like we‘ve really gotten to know her over the last few episodes.Gretchen is getting her hair done for the party and wonders if Eddie will be there. She thinks that men might as well light themselves on fire if they‘re going to date Tamra. Her stylist asks if she‘s going to marry Slade, and she‘s like, "Uhhhhh ..." because come on, she doesn‘t want to. Slade can‘t go to the party.  Read more »
Oh god, Alexis and her husband Jim. In the wake of Peggy‘s dinner party, everything is the worst. Alexis and Peggy aren‘t really getting along (and Alexis won‘t speak on behalf of her husband because blah blah blah whatever), and Vicki is pissed at Donn for drinking too much and being rude. Vicki is really shutting down. Gretchen‘s going on a show called San Antonio Living to sell her makeup line and her handbag line. Slade is joining her for the first half, and Alexis, Peggy, and Fernanda are joining Gretchen for the second half. As Gretchen packs, Peggy is going wine tasting with Tamra and Vicki. Whose side are you on, Peggy? Read more »
The Real Housewives are starting to remind me of the Full House theme song, except that instead of there being a heart or a hand to hold onto "everywhere you look," there‘s a lawsuit or a foreclosure. Remember when Danny Tanner crashed DJ‘s "makeout party"? Good times.Before we get to the "legal woes, etc." part of this post, let‘s just have a moment of silence for the amazing wax-like pregnancy photo of Kim Zolciak and Kroy Bierman. Read more »
Yeehaw, yeehaw, the "girls" are going to Texas! Naturally, Alexis wants to find cowgirl boots to wear in San Antonio, but none of them are pink and sparkly and high enough. Having lived in Texas, there is nothing more annoying than an Orange County Housewife shopping for cowboy boots. In the lives of the Housewives not going to Texas, Tamra‘s ex-husband, Simon, is in jail. He threw a retractable leash at Tamra and because Spencer was there he got arrested.  Read more »
Donn and Vicki still aren‘t getting along. They rarely see each other, and Vicki feels sad. Gretchen is sad because Slade doesn‘t have any money. Also, he is not in shape. Gretchen is really determined to prove she is not a golddigger, but the time has come to decide if she can deal with her man not making any money at all. The child support thing is an issue.Peggy is throwing a Vegas weekend for Micah‘s birthday. She invited Tamra and Eddie, but not Jim and Alexis. Peggy and Alexis almost officially don‘t get along now. Peggy‘s friends Brady and Kirsten are also along for the trip. All the women are blonde, so Micah makes a tasteful joke about grabbing the wrong ass. Hey, what happens in Vegas and so forth! Micah is feeling like the birthday king, so he takes the opportunity to share some of his life philosophies. Read more »
Issues have reached a boiling point for the Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra hates Jeana, Vicki and Donn aren‘t getting along, Alexis and Peggy are mom-petitive, Gretchen doesn‘t like that Slade is basically broke, and Gretchen and Tamra still aren‘t getting along. It all concludes tonight! Remember how Vicki was in the hospital? It was because she had FIVE ulcers in her colon. She loves work, so what? Anyway, the ulcers gave Vicki the final push she needed to file for divorce. Despite the ulcers and the divorce and the crying, Vicki is having a fall party.  Read more »
What happens when the Orange County Housewives reunite for the sixth time? Well, it‘s the sixth time for Vicki, but all these ladies know how to do it. They also know to get all their plumpers and fillers done before the reunion show. I‘m looking at you (and your lips), Alexis!"Tamra, are you having a mid-life crisis?""Yes." Do you really think she cares what anyone thinks of her? She‘s got Eddie! Read more »
Put on your velour sweatsuit and grab a glass of wine (or throw one in your enemy‘s face), it‘s time for the dramatic conclusion of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 6! You will need the wine to drown out all the YELLING.One-UppedAlexis said she suffered from post-partum as well, then added on that her dad was dying at the same time. Oh my god Alexis, you will not quit. She can‘t keep herself from saying, "me too," and one-upping her fellow Housewives. Even when Andy asked Alexis if she had any final thoughts, she took it as an opportunity to dig at Peggy!  Read more »
Agreed, the point of reality TV competitions is to give the spotlight to a bunch of unknowns who are hoping to make it big in Hollywood. But they wouldn‘t really get anywhere without the guidance of professionals. We‘re dedicating this to the hosts and judges of reality television, who have given their support to dreamers all over the country. There‘s Big Brother‘s Julie Chen, the judging panel of America‘s Next Top Model, probably not Idol‘s Simon Cowell, and more.   Read more »
I know, I know, this article‘s title doesn‘t make much sense. "What‘s so real about reality TV?" you might ask. "It‘s fake situations involving not-so-fake people. I don‘t watch that sort of thing!"And yet we still do, which explains why Heidi Montag remains as (supposedly) relevant as ever. It‘s also the reason why we watch the Kardashians make an issue out of birth control. And also the reason why Team Cupcake exists. And why we hate Rachel on Big Brother. And why Paris Hilton survived that sex tape and managed to run for president of the United States. Read more »
Last season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki ended up in the hospital but still managed to host her fall party. Gretchen and Slade confronted their debt problems and so on. Things got catty among the cast and their former castmate Jeana Keough returned for more trouble.Look Back on the Season 6 Finale >>A lot has happened to the original series of the franchise, so await more twists on The Real Housewives of Orange County season 7. Read more »
Unfortunately for modern music consumers, it‘s only too well-known that cast members from the Real Housewives franchise often have devious desires to use their respective shows as a platform to promote worthless music careers.  Read more »