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Jill‘s out, Kelly‘s out, Alex is out, and Cindy was too boring to even remember. Meet your new nutbags: Aviva ("never underestimate a woman born and raised in New York City,"), Carole ("I may be a princess, but I‘m definitely NOT a drama queen," and Heather ("my success is built on making women look and feel their best. Hollaaaa!") At this point I feel most embarrassed for Heather.We have some of our old familiar nutbags, too; Luann ("to some people living elegantly just comes naturally,"), Ramona ("I‘m not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking,") and Sonja ("a little Sonja will spice up any party!"). Let‘s get down to business.  Read more »
Last night was the season 5 premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City, and boy, did we get an ear-full of pinot-fueled cray cray last night. Here are some of the housewives‘ reactions to the first episode straight from their Bravo blogs.  Read more »
We‘ve started fresh with three new cast members of The Real Housewives of New York City after axing three of the show‘s perennials. So what have they, and other former Housewives, been up to lately?  Read more »
Aviva is having dinner with her favorite person in the world: her husband! She adores him. They will also be joined by Heather and her husband Jonathan Schindler. They talk about The Hamptons and health, and whether or not Jonathan Schindler is related to the "Schindler‘s List" guy, who is not Jewish. Super appropriate. Despite Jonathan having a famous rabbi for a father, it seems that everyone knows Aviva‘s ex-husband.At least two of the other Housewives have slept with Harry, who was like Slade is to the RHOC, but before the show. LuAnn and Sonja have slept with Harry, which Heather tells Aviva and her new husband. This is awkward, and I‘m just on the edge of deciding I don‘t care for Heather. She talks about her son‘s liver transplant again, and Aviva advises them not to spoil him. Then they talked about Ramona, and I bet the husbands were enthralled. Read more »
The dog days of summer are just starting, and so are our hustling stars of Real Housewives. Here‘s what these busy ladies have been up to lately.  Read more »
Carole invited the ladies to brunch downtown and thank god Ramona and LuAnn were out of town. After brunch, Carole wants to go to a bar at the top of a hotel. Aviva wants to invite Reid because she‘s deathly afraid of heights. Carole still can‘t believe they aren‘t taking the subway, which Aviva ALSO has issues with. Is it still paranoia when you lost your leg in a confined space?Then the ladies realize that half the table has slept with Harry, Aviva‘s ex-husband. They raise a glass to Aviva‘s discomfort.  Read more »
It‘s three weeks into season 5 of Real Housewives of New York City, and while that may not be long enough to have formed solid opinions on the three new housewives, it is enough for a RHONYC gossip roundup.  Read more »
Aviva, Ramona, and Carole meet for lunch, because it‘s better to start out with Ramona on the right foot (no pun intended, Aviva). Ramona got them gifts--her skincare products! Then she told them that she‘s meeting Heather for drinks, hoping for an invite to London. Carole jokingly said that Heather "talks a lot" and Ramona pounced on it, not realizing Carole‘s attempt at calling her out. They all agreed that Heather rambles and has no ability to edit. Ah-HA, Heather is the worst and they are the best, right ladies? Here‘s to us! At least we‘re not Heather!Sonja, who must be feeling better, and LuAnn meet for tapas. Sonja wishes that LuAnn and Ramona got along, because she likes both of them. Later, Carole meets her gay friend/neighbor, Tripp. They go to the Wallstreet protests, and Carole gets painted by a hippie. They realize at lunch that they are part of the 1%.  Read more »
What‘s going on in the glossy lives of the Real Housewives lately? Well, you might be surprised how unglamorous even their lives can be at times:  Read more »
Previously on The Real Housewives of New York: LuAnn is happy that Heather didn‘t invite Ramona to London, and Ramona reacts to her non-invitation by crying pinot grigio tears and, literally, nearly biting the head off her BFF Sonja like an angry little Bichon Frise for not being mad at Heather for not inviting her to London. Got all that? Good, because these ladies aren‘t about to slow down.  Read more »
You don‘t have to worry about a BFF breakup when it comes to Real Housewives of New York City stars Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan. Read more »
The Real Housewives, minus Aviva and Ramona, are finally in London. Yes, the much-anticipated, drama-producing girls‘ trip to London is finally here. In the car, they discuss hats and head sizes. Carole notes that it‘s hard to get a word in edgewise with LuAnn and Sonja, a popular complaint amongst these women. In London, every guy is super cute and charming and accent-having.Heather is in London on business, with Yummie International. Women the world wide need their shapewear. Sonja and Carole and LuAnn try on their fascinators, arguing about how they all call them fascinators. LuAnn has adopted this fake British accent, because when in London! It‘s awful. Read more »
The ladies minus Ramona and Aviva, are in London still. Hollaaaaa! Right away, Sonja is icing her face in the bidet. Yeah, she knows how to party. And what is this? Mommy Dearest? Her face did look better after withdrawing it from the bidet, though."Sometimes when you‘re traveling with friends, their little quirks can become irritating, like when LuAnn barged into my room to wake me out of a dead sleep," Carole notes. What a quirk, LuAnn has, for barging in and pissing Carole off! LuAnn also has the quirk of stealing Carole‘s outfit ideas. The cape ...  Read more »
The Real Housewives of New York has three new girls in town, but Aviva Dresher has quickly set herself apart from the updated cast. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Aviva talked about how her life has changed since season 5 has started airing and about the message she hopes to get across.  Read more »
Uh oh, Carole is meeting Ramona and Sonja for drinks. She might be playing both sides! The conversation is aimed at Heather, but naturally turns toward LuAnn, who is a constant one-upper. I am not sure that Ramona has ever complained about that, but she readily agreed. Ramona thought they could all rally around hating Heather, but she‘ll settle for LuAnn.Aviva arrives on the scene, having been icing her ankle from that terrible fall all day. Aviva is planning a trip to Miami. Carole, it turns out, will be there anyway to meet some of her actually fabulous friends, like that jewelry designer. Sonja and Ramona are invited, so it‘s going to be a blonde party, plus Carole occasionally. And Aviva has someone to set Sonja up with: her dad. She has a very high opinion of her dad! Or maybe a low opinion of Sonja.  Read more »
Some of the Housewives are in Miami, having a very bright time. Carole is operating under extreme pressure to finish her new book. You know, because of television. Oh my god is that Carole‘s apartment? It is exquisite.Carole‘s truly fabulous friend, Ranjana, has invited all the girls over for cocktails and enhanced fabulousness, Carole tells Sonja when they meet up to go to Miami.  Read more »
On last week‘s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, viewers were treated to some quality entertainment via Aviva Drescher‘s sex-crazed father George. It seemed that his presence as well as Ramona Singer‘s maniac behavior is starting to put a wedge between Aviva and Ramona, who were formerly allies.  Read more »
So this whole wine tasting thing was not going to be a thing, but then Ramona was told that it was a thing, so now it‘s going to be a thing forever. Meanwhile in even-less-of-a-thingsville, Sonja and Heather are talking Sonja‘s logo. To make things more interesting, the producers told Sonja to bring Ramona along, in the hopes that maybe sparks would fly between Heather and Ramona. Passive-aggressive sparks at the very least.And this graphic artist is stuck in the middle. Naturally, Ramona is bullheaded and impossible to work with, even when the decision has no impact on her whatsoever. The graphic artist presents his favorite ideas, which they had decided on before, but Sonja doesn‘t like any of it. She wants it to be sexier. Maybe if it had more of that clipart girl? More boobs? They argue about it until the graphic artist gets uncomfortable, and Ramona has decided it‘s about her and how intimidated Heather is by her ("because I‘m also a strong and successful business woman").  Read more »
On last night‘s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, The Countess LuAnn de Lesseps was caught on film making questionable (if not completely racist) remarks about Native Americans, which she claims her father was (even though she‘s said he‘s French Canadian--it‘s all a bit confusing). Now, of course, she is denying there was anything wrong with her comments.  Read more »
We would feel guilty about enjoying such juicy gossip at the expense of The Real Housewives‘ personal lives, but they‘re the ones who decided to put their lives on television, right?  Read more »
Last week, not much happened, but everything was just stirring the pot for the rolling boil that is coming soon. For whatever reason, Carole and LuAnn are hanging out still. She can‘t be rude. Carole is throwing a dinner party for the ladies at Hotel Griffou. The "quintessential New York watering hole." And George, Aviva‘s dad, is coming! He already came this morning, too.LuAnn, like all the other women, enjoys the attention George affords her. And Jacques isn‘t coming. Sonja is wearing an adorable headband for the holidays! And George is sitting next to LuAnn. Delightful. At the white elephant gift exchange, George turns everything into a sex thing. Granted, one of the gifts was a ball gag.  Read more »
Last week, everyone got mad at a party, and this week, they will still be mad at the party. And Heather is still wearing that god damn sparkly long-sleeved t-shirt when everyone else is wearing cocktail dresses. I swear to god that shirt came in a swag bag. So Heather was confronting Aviva about talking about people behind their backs, but this is Ramona‘s party, and if anyone is going to get mad about talking about someone behind their backs, it‘s going to be Ramona. She points at Heather and walks around.Then Heather said Ramona was acting crazy, which she was, and Aviva says "you can‘t tell Mario his wife is crazy." "She was acting like a crazy person," Heather corrects herself, but it‘s too late. Ramona and Sonja are drunk, Heather is whining, and Mario is ready to stand up and act like Ramona in Ramona‘s stead.  Read more »
The day the Real Housewives gossip ends is the day the world stops turning! What have these ladies been up to lately you ask? Well look no further!  Read more »
The women are going to St. Barths, in that little plane. Even Sonja is scared/nervous, so obviously Aviva is not there with them. Carole‘s best friends died in a small plane, so she‘s not too happy to be on it but she doesn‘t draw attention to herself. LuAnn just can‘t believe that Heather has never been to St. Barths, being as well-traveled as she is. Everyone is being a big pain in the ass already.The place where they‘re staying is stunning. Stunning pools, closets, bathrooms. Ramona wanted the master suite, so Carole gave it to her and Sonja. Heather wants to be as far away from that room as possible. Then she ran into a glass wall. Read more »
You may think you witnessed the Countess LuAnn de Lesseps stepping out on her French honey, Jacques, and then trying to cover her tracks on last night‘s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, but you, most assuredly, thought wrong.  Read more »
These ‘wives sure can turn the tiniest morsel of gossip into story lines for TV shows, and we love them for it! Here‘s some of that gossip that ever Housewives fan should read up on:  Read more »
Last time we checked in with the Real Housewives of New York, LuAnn wanted to keep her wild night in St. Barths a secret but "Johnny Depp" is the same in any language. What happens in St. Barths will not stay in St. Barths. Especially not if you get Sonja and Ramona ("Ramonja") involved. So this woman Cat and Tomas, Luann‘s secret one-night-stand, show up to this big house party they‘re throwing, and the house party turns out to be, like St. Barths and the plane in to it, very very small.But if Luann wants to keep things a secret, she shouldn‘t act like Tomas belongs to her, telling him not to get too friendly when he kisses Ramona on the cheek. To that, he responds, "Money can‘t pay you class." Ramona decides this is a fun game to play, and now it is clear that Luann and Tomas had a midnight rendezvous. So she makes it her mission to get it out of Tomas, but he made it quite clear with his previous statement, that his English is not so good, so it will be difficult to tell whether he‘s being coy, or just doesn‘t understand what she‘s asking.  Read more »
On Monday‘s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, the tension between Ramona Singer and Aviva Drescher came to a head. The screaming match made for great TV, but now Aviva is talking about the damage that has been done.  Read more »
Hey remember halfway through last week‘s episode when Aviva arrived at St. Barths and started acting all salty for no reason? Yeah, me too. That was some good Real Housewives. The kind of stuff we can only hope will happen under just the right combination of anxiety, medication, and expectations. Anyway, Aviva called Ramona and Sonja white trash and regretted it a little but didn‘t apologize or take it back. And that‘s where we‘re at!"The group became co-ed," Aviva says smugly, as Russ has sat down for breakfast with her, Carole, and Reid. Ramona says in a confessional that it‘s "Psychology 101" that when a man enters a group of women, EVERYTHING CHANGES. Ramona tells Sonja, incensed, that "THE BOYS" were having breakfast there. Sonja will not apologize for venting her anxiety on her vacation. "What about me!" Sonja asks, and it‘s about time these women started asking that, right?  Read more »
Hahaha, remember what a shockingly awful person Aviva turned out to be in St. Barth‘s? Remember how Luann hooked up with that guy Tomas, who butt-effed Sonja the next night? And remember how Sonja is still a drunk mess on the verge of a breakdown? OK good, we‘re all caught up. Oh, and Ramona? Still awful!Chapter 1: Ramona is hosting a "nice, friendly, no-drama dinner" that forces the men to cook. But LuAnn and Jacques are there so it‘s immediately awkward. LuAnn doesn‘t want Jacques to get "the wrong impression of what happened from the girls" so she‘s being overly-affectionate and attentive toward Jacques. Sonja arrives in a fabulous sparkly headband worn the wrong way, and the girls leave the kitchen to gossip.  Read more »
Ugh, Aviva at a health store? I can‘t stand it. At least her father is there, and dating a black model in her 20s. Fantastic. The banter seems forced on Aviva‘s end, though.Isn‘t Christmas over yet? I feel like the Housewives have been building up to it for so long. Sonja arrives at her town house from her settlement meeting. She appears wasted in every sense of the word. Apparently the settlement happened in two separate rooms, and this hurt Sonja. Ramona calls Sonja to check in, and Sonja tells her everything she just told us, and her unpaid interns.  Read more »
Reunions, re-casting, and setups (the RHONJ buzz-word of the moment) are what make The Real Housewives shows exciting to watch even though it‘s hard to keep up with at times. Here‘s what‘s been going on lately:  Read more »
We‘ve been pretty heavy on the Real Housewives of New Jersey coverage lately, but how about some news from the other franchises? Okay ... and a little from Jersey as well. Sorry, things are just so crazy over there, we can‘t resist!  Read more »
You know what? If there‘s one thing I never get tired of it‘s watching women yell at each other. Knowing my unquenchable thirst, Andy Cohen put together these reunion shows so that we might all remember the times these women yelled at each other, then watch them yell at each other about it some more.Sonja Morgan looks awesome. Heather starts out defending her use of "holla" as "real," "organic," and a positive shout-out. LuAnn breaks in, "WHAT DOES IT MEAN?"  Read more »
It‘s not all rainbows and butterflies being a Housewife. Here‘s some of the trouble our favorite cast members (and ex-cast members) have been getting into lately:  Read more »
After Aviva Drescher spent the second half of The Real Housewives of New York City season 5 trashing co-stars Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan, they weren‘t too keen on accepting her apology at the reunion. But Aviva continues to assert that her apology was and still is genuine.  Read more »
Part 2 of the RHONY reunion jumps right into the fray with LuAnn and Tomas and what may or may not have happened in St. Barths. "Allegedly," the Old Housewives couch continually corrects Andy. Evidently Jacques "politely declined" to be on the reunion show (wisely declined), but he and LuAnn are still together and he trusts that what she says is true and not what the cameras caught.LuAnn had prepared this preposterous, bullsh*t lie to tell everyone. We‘re obviously not going to get the 100% truth of what happened there. Even Andy, who is usually neutral-ish, seemed highly skeptical. LuAnn‘s French was also under scrutiny. She‘s really full of crap, isn‘t she.  Read more »
It was about this time last year when Bravo shocked The Real Housewives of New York City viewers by getting rid of half of their cast in an attempt to put a new spin on the franchise. Last night, the most vocal of the fired wives, Jill Zarin, returned to Watch What Happens Live for an honest (if somewhat delusional) chat with Andy Cohen. Read more »
With the conclusions of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and The Real Housewives of New York City happening simultaneously, there have been plenty of rumors circulating on which cast members would stay and which would leave for next season. Now come the tales of an ex-housewife from each of those shows making a return after being fired.  Read more »
It‘s been a big premiere week for The Real Housewives, so besides getting the drama started on the beginnings of their respective seasons, here‘s some of what has been going on behind the scenes.  Read more »