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For those of us who have been subsisting off of Mob Wives and news bits about Kim G. and Michael Lohan (oh yes, and it is thoroughly disgusting), The Real Housewives of New Jersey is finally back for Season 3! Danielle is gone, Kim G. is not a new Housewife (I bet she‘s so pissed! She was working hard for the money last season), and we‘re meeting two new Housewives. Will either of them be likable or are we just going back to thinking that maybe Jacqueline and Caroline are OK/the least evil? With Danielle gone, Teresa needs a new enemy. Her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, looks like a likely candidate. Teresa and her brother, Joe don‘t exactly get along, either, from what we can tell from their brief interaction at his son‘s christening:  Read more »
Sometimes when a cast changes, the show suffers for it. But The Real Housewives of New Jersey just got more interesting with Danielle Staub‘s departure and the introduction of Teresa‘s first cousin, Kathy and Teresa‘s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga. Don‘t worry about Danielle, though, she‘s still keeping it real, having signed a three-year deal with Scores Gentleman‘s Club. Danielle will be appearing on, and I am totally grossed out. [TMZ] Read more »
Hahahaha, ahhhhhhhh! You guys, I saw this video and I had to share it because, A) I‘m obsessed with Kim G. and, B) Real Housewives of New Jersey is going to be so awesome this season. Please enjoy this video clip of Kim G. (in Posche, of course) trying to get some camera time. Read more »
It‘s time to take a closer look at the Bravo Summer Lineup. I think there will be some new favorites emerging, and some shows that are just OK. If I know Bravo, they would never do something completely awful! Here are my picks to watch and miss (or maybe just not watch religiously. Let‘s be honest, we‘ll probably end up watching at least one episode of all of these at some point).Shows to Watch Read more »
It‘s Halloween. Wait, is it? Yes -- pumpkins clear that up. At a pumpkin carving party, Family Friend Dolores brings up the christening. We will be talking about it for weeks. Way to bring down the Fall Activities, Dolores! Nobody knows what/who caused the fight yet. Maybe Joe is jealous of Teresa‘s cookbook? That must be it.As dictated by the script, Caroline brings up that the Posche Fashion Show (YES YES YES!) is coming up in two days. Posche + Fashion Show = Gloriousness. Meanwhile, Melissa and her Joe go to Kathy‘s for dinner. They‘re still feeling butthurt about the christening, too. Joe and Melissa are wearing matching beanies to prove it. Evidently they are going to burgle a jewelry store after this. Read more »
Kathy‘s soup-sipping accountant husband asks her about the fashion show. He can‘t be bothered to go to events like fashion shows. He tells her not to beat herself over it. For whatever reason, Kathy wants to make nice with Caroline now. Teresa has some thoughts about the food stylings for her new cookbook, "Fabulicious." Teresa‘s cookbook doesn‘t have "like, a million ingredientses" or any bullsh*t spices like cumin, which she pronounces, "comin‘." Speaking of which, Joe Gorga is complaining of blue balls. Aww, that was really foul and I‘m sorry about it. Not sorry enough to delete it, though! Read more »
It‘s Thanksgiving, which is all about family. So it will be all about drama, too. Teresa is planning Thanksgiving with her friends, because she doesn‘t want to deal with her brother and Melissa. Kathy is taking on the family, and dessert. For whatever reason, Joe and Teresa have elected to "meet it before you eat it," meaning they could choose the live turkey they wish to slaughter and consume. It‘s too weird, even for the Giudices, so they buy a turkey that‘s already dead and plucked.  Read more »
Caroline got her own radio show! She will be giving advice, but now to strangers instead of just all the other Housewives and their kids. Caroline practices giving advice to Teresa (her friend pretending to be Teresa), who is still not getting along with the Gorgas. Joe is going to meet Teresa, and I don‘t know that it will go well, since they‘re both expecting apologies. Joe brought the letter Teresa wrote for reference, or talking points. I‘m not even totally sure the problem is between Joe and Teresa, since it seems like Teresa has issues with Melissa and Joe has issues with Joe (other Joe). Teresa also blames Kathy for telling her to put her husband ahead of her brother.  Read more »
This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Gorga sat down with Teresa Giudice to hash things out. They hashed out pretty much every recent detail of their feud, from the letter, to the card, and of course the christening. But did they resolve anything? Here‘s each person‘s list of grievances:Teresa Read more »
When we last saw our New Jersey Housewives, Melissa and Teresa were having a sit-down. It really seems like the Joes are the problem, and it‘s something they need to work out. But maybe Joe Giudice doesn‘t care enough. I‘m also pretty sure this fight has so much history that we haven‘t even seen, so it‘s hard to tell what exactly this is about. The wives agree that it‘s time to repair the family. Teresa went in for the weird hug, trying to end the conversation, but things are still tenuous. Jacqueline enters the room to diffuse the situation with cookies, which gives Melissa the opportunity to bring out some old pictures of Teresa and Joe. Jacqueline tells them to get their stuff together, and invites Melissa and Joe Gorga to her cocktail party. Good job, Jacqueline.  Read more »
Are you ready for the craziest collection of reality stars and tabloid fixtures ever? On Sunday, July 10, VH1 is premiering its newest reality series, Famous Food, where seven celebrities try to open a restaurant in 28 days, and the one who does the best job will become a partner with restaurant investment gurus The Dolce Group.  Read more »
Agreed, the point of reality TV competitions is to give the spotlight to a bunch of unknowns who are hoping to make it big in Hollywood. But they wouldn‘t really get anywhere without the guidance of professionals. We‘re dedicating this to the hosts and judges of reality television, who have given their support to dreamers all over the country. There‘s Big Brother‘s Julie Chen, the judging panel of America‘s Next Top Model, probably not Idol‘s Simon Cowell, and more.   Read more »
It‘s truly Christmas in July, as the Real Housewives of New Jersey prepare for the winter holidays--Jersey style! Jacqueline is having a holiday cocktail party in the hopes that it will reunite the Giudices and the Gorgas. And what‘s going on with Ashley? She‘s looking orange, and her eyebrows are looking dark. The new Carrie Bradshaw!Caroline‘s daughter, Lauren, is upset that Chris and Albie are living a life without her. Is Caroline wearing a WWHL shirt?  Read more »
Tonight at 9pm HGTV Design Star returns for its sixth season. Hosted by Tanika Ray and mentor David Bromstad, who won the first season of HGTV Design Star, will challenge and guide a new set of contestants competing for their very own show on the network.  To help kick off the show right BuddyTV is giving away an AMEX gift Card.How to Enter:  Read more »
Since the bankruptcy, the Giudices have cut back to only several trees and solid gold ornaments. Just kidding, solid gold would be too heavy! That tree is huge, though. Wait, is that a tree or is that Joe Giudice in his Christmas tank top? The Gorgas have two trees, one real, one fake. But they‘re throwing a big gaudy Christmas party, so they need multiple trees. I think something Teresa and Melissa might not be understanding is that their husbands are the problem. Or maybe just Joe Giudice? Well, that‘s not totally fair. There were like, twenty people involved in the christening fight.  Read more »
Last time we saw our New Jersey Housewives, Kim G. was causing a stir at the Gorga Christmas party. They‘ve already kicked Monica out, and now it‘s time to put Kim G. out as well. Every Kim G. episode is my favorite. "Kim G. is harmless," Melissa tells Teresa, but Teresa disagrees. And by the look of Kim G‘s red, blotchy face, a drunk Kim G. will be trouble. Teresa is only fueling the flames, poking fun at Kim G. when she‘s only feet away. Lauren and Caroline take matters into their own hands, putting Kim G. in her place. Teresa and Joe Giudice make a quick, wise exit. Read more »
Christmas Eve continues, as Joe Gorga opts to leave for Kathy‘s party. Joe Giudice was saying some pretty sheisty things about him and Melissa, so yeah, they should leave. Teresa disagrees with his decision because, "Kathy is evil, right?" She tries to get Joe to stay, but it just makes things even more uncomfortable. Teresa even tried bringing the kids into it, but it was a no-go (or rather, it was a go-to-Kathy‘s). The giant gilded doors shut for one last time on the Gorgas.In a delightful Christmas farce, Jacqueline‘s son spies Chris Manzo laying on the grass shaking bells, trying to pretend Santa was outside. The magic is still alive. Read more »
I know, I know, this article‘s title doesn‘t make much sense. "What‘s so real about reality TV?" you might ask. "It‘s fake situations involving not-so-fake people. I don‘t watch that sort of thing!"And yet we still do, which explains why Heidi Montag remains as (supposedly) relevant as ever. It‘s also the reason why we watch the Kardashians make an issue out of birth control. And also the reason why Team Cupcake exists. And why we hate Rachel on Big Brother. And why Paris Hilton survived that sex tape and managed to run for president of the United States. Read more »
Happy New Year! In Real Housewives of New Jersey time, that is. Everyone is making resolutions and listening to Caroline‘s radio show about them. Melissa has resolved not to let Teresa get to her. Teresa has no plans to resolve anything of the kind.Jacqueline would like Ashley to resolve to work harder. It turns out Ashley is a good artist, but doesn‘t want to do anything about it. She just gets bored with everything. Lauren Manzo invited Ashley to do some work on her brand t-shirts, but Ashley didn‘t do any of that. But Ashley is like "whatever!" Read more »
This week the New Jersey Housewives rang in the New Year, but we didn‘t get to hear much about their New Year‘s Resolutions. Melissa resolved not to let Teresa bother her, and that‘s just about all we heard. So, I‘ve taken the liberty of writing some resolutions for them. These are either what I assume they have resolved, or what I think they should resolve to make for better television.Melissa: Buy More Hats! Read more »
Teresa is taking pictures for her new cookbook, "Fabulicious."  The pictures are not coming out so fabulicious, though. But Teresa can‘t help that she looks dead in the eyes in every picture. They got the shot!Kathy and Rich worry that their daughter, Victoria, may be ready to live life a little too fabuliciously. Well, Kathy is worried. Rich is in denial. God forbid VIctoria turn out like Ashley, though. At 20, she‘s having shots in Hoboken. But it‘s cool, she‘s at the bar to meet her estranged father.  Read more »
Jacqueline has been reduced to ugly, gasp-y tears by Ashley‘s flippant behavior. Jacqueline is ready for Ashley to move out and figure her sh*t out. Ashley‘s father forces her to apologize, which she does, reluctantly. APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED. Go buy another fedora with someone else‘s money, Ashley.By the way, Ashley‘s dad? Still a badass.  Read more »
Keeping it all in the family, Chris and Albie are starting some generic entrepreneurial group called "New Star Group." Its a buncha yuks. Hey, way to keep it classy with some soft porn on the wall, New Star Group! Speaking of classy, Rich is wearing a white vest for his birthday party. And it wouldn‘t be a party if Teresa wasn‘t there to ruin it.ROSIE! Oh I‘m so glad Cousin Rosie is at Rich‘s party. Caroline likes the vibe and the way the music "envelopes" you. As in put the mail in these envelopes (along with Caroline). Everyone gets happy with the hookah and Joe shows Caroline Melissa‘s scar from her open-heart surgery when she was seven.  Read more »
Last week, the Joes collided a bit on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Also, Joe Giudice got drunk and tumbled around the house until he chipped a tooth. This week, the Jersey ‘wives are walking a 5k. Caroline and Jacqueline pull up to Jacqueline‘s snowy driveway, and Teresa is there, sitting in her car. Once inside, Teresa tells them about the book signing, Joe vs. Joe drama. Real men text fight. Truth bomb: Caroline tells Teresa that Melissa is the key to building the bridge between the families. Teresa calls her and says it‘s time the Joes got it together. Somehow it starts a fight. The family has to get it together, somehow, in time for Milania‘s birthday party.  Read more »
The Real Housewives of New Jersey are going to Punta Cana! And we all know how well these trips go. Melissa knows, so she‘s trying hard to avoid anything that might cause a fight ... like football. She wants to bring back the spirit of the old days, when she, Teresa, and Kathy, would go to the Dominican Republic together. Many noses and breasts ago.Teresa is focused on who will look the best. And she wants to set a good example for her kids by getting along with her brother. Teresa, I can‘t say this enough: YOUR HUSBAND IS THE PROBLEM. The Manzos and the Laritas are also going, because it wouldn‘t be a fun trip without Jacqueline and the Manzos. Caroline just needs to make sure Lauren doesn‘t get eaten by sharks, who like shiny things. Ashley won‘t be going because she "didn‘t feel like " getting her passport. Too bad, I was hoping she‘d get eaten by sharks. Read more »
An insider has revealed to that Jacqueline Laurita has decided to leave The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Tensions have been running high on the series and behind the scenes, as evidenced by the star‘s Twitter account. According to reports, Jacqueline Laurita has hinted departing from the show for good. She didn‘t even want to show up for the season 3 reunion because she felt "nauseous and feverish" that night. But she also teased that there was suspicious activity going on among the cast.  Read more »
We‘re still in Punta Cana, still talking about the fight over what happened at the christening. The Real Housewives of New Jersey have moved on very little, actually. The worst part about these episodes in Punta Cana is that you know there‘s no chance Kim G. will show up. Okay, VERY LITTLE chance. Last time we saw the New Jersey Housewives, Teresa and Joe were stomping away from the group toward their own side of the private island. Well, they stomped into the bathrooms. Chris, Albie, and Greg spie on them relatively unsuccessfully. How many bathing suits did Teresa bring on this trip? Read more »
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The season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is here and I doubt anything can top the episode that started it all ... the christening. But we can hope. It‘s all been leading to this (and the reunion!). Now, long after the last family gathering gone wrong, the Gorga family is trying to get together for a family portrait.Whoa, check out Chris and Caroline‘s brother, Jamie! This guy is a lot of look. He has come to talk to Ashley. Some day, Ashley, you too can look this "LA" and like a total douchebag. Way to make a blow job joke to your neice, Jamie. Ashley got so many secret bird tattoos! They ask Ashley how moving to California will change everything, and she stomps off crying. Go get a tattoo about it, girl. Read more »
Last night‘s Real Housewives of New Jersey finale put a fittingly dramatic stamp on season 3, and proved that -- if not a complete illusion -- happiness is but a fragile, fleeting pit stop in the Jersey wives‘ perpetual cycle of lies, pettiness and overreaction. It‘s the circle of life, and it moves us all.In other words: Who needs an accurate family portrait depicting togetherness and love when there are cookbooks to sell, RIGHT, TERESA?Read our recap of the ridiculous cookbook drama in our RHONJ finale recap, "The Cheap Shot Heard ‘Round the World," and then check out this sneak peek (plus some web extras) from next week‘s reunion special: Teresa and Melissa are at each other‘s throats! Caroline wonders why everyone thinks she‘s a man! Jacqueline is missing and Jay Mohr is a bitchy blogging kitten! It‘s gonna be, dare I say, Fabulicious? Read more »
If you‘re not too busy planning your own Beverly Hills-style Game Night from Hell, why not take a few minutes to find out what‘s new with some of our favorite ‘wives? Kim Zolciak is Engaaaaged!After having their first child together in May, 26-year-old Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann has decided to make an honest woman of Kim, 33. Congratulations to the happy couple, and I‘m putting this in the same sentence because it‘s THAT important: Will we or WILL WE get to see the wedding on The Real Housewives of Atlanta?  Read more »
Usually by the time the reunion shows roll around, I am exhausted by whatever set of Housewives we‘ve been watching. To sit with them for another three hours and recap the drama we just watched seems torturous; but not this time. For whatever reason, I can‘t wait to see how this Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show unfolds. Is it because Jacqueline didn‘t even show up? Is it because it‘s only an hour long this time? Is it because the finale just set the stage for an interesting reunion in which everyone finally turns against Teresa? I don‘t know, but bring it on!So, they all look great, and each of them is wearing their own version of a jewel tone cocktail dress and sparkly, dangly earrings. But Jacqueline is missing. They‘re shooting Season 4 right now (and were shooting it before the reunion, which has never been done before!) and something happened that we‘ll have to wait until NEXT season to see! Something so bad that Jacqueline couldn‘t even be near Teresa! She‘s "so betrayed, so hurt," according to Caroline.  Read more »
There were so many great moments in The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 3 (so many and so great that we made a list of them!), but only one character was consistently awesome the entire season: Milania Giudice, Teresa‘s four-year-old daughter, whom Teresa has described as a "terror." (And we all know where she learned that from.) Milania proved herself a master terror, so often and so well that as the season went on, I began to think that she‘d been sent to Earth specifically to make Teresa‘s life miserable, and ours more WONDERFUL, with her antics. A comforting thought, especially in those frequent moments when Teresa was causing drama and picking fights with the other adults. Even if I couldn‘t reach through the TV and punish Teresa myself, I always knew that when she got home, Milania would be there waiting. To make Mommy pay.Watch Milania‘s Top 10 Moments on The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 3:  Read more »
Unfortunately for modern music consumers, it‘s only too well-known that cast members from the Real Housewives franchise often have devious desires to use their respective shows as a platform to promote worthless music careers.  Read more »
The matriarch of Real Housewives of New Jersey took to the Gayle King Show to deny rumors that she is planning on leaving the show. "Right now we‘re in season 3. We‘re currently filming season 4. They don‘t think that far ahead. Anything could happen. So that is nothing more than a rumor."  Read more »
Last time we left the Real Housewives of New Jersey, tensions were high. Caroline was ready to tell Teresa off and get her out of her life for good. So Andy Cohen changed the subject to Horny Joes and Jersey sex. Ahh, Joe Gorga‘s poison. Nice way to start Part 2! And Melissa says that no, she and Joe don‘t have an open relationship, and she has never taken a dip in the lady pond. Caroline is grumpy, though, and not even a lighter topic can cheer her up. She got a clip package about her radio show and her family and she was still cranky. I guess that clip package also showed the Kim G. scandal. Teresa somehow comes out in defense of Kim G., just because she‘s against Caroline. So wait, are Teresa and Kim G. going to be friends in Season 4?  Read more »
On last night‘s second part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show, tensions grew even higher than Teresa Giudice‘s hair when ex-housewife and Caroline Manzo‘s sister, Dina Manzo, was brought into the discussion.Despite trying to keep the specifics of the issue quiet in the tabloids and the Internet rumor mill, Caroline didn‘t have any trouble laying all of the blame on Teresa.  Read more »
Here‘s the latest from the sparkly, shiny land of the Housewives...Keep on HealingReal Housewife of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong has done her first official interview after her estranged ex-husband Russell Armstrong‘s suicide. The interview in Life & Style magazine his hitting the stands tomorrow, eerily in time for Russell‘s first posthumous appearance on the show on Halloween.   Read more »
The Real Housewives of New Jersey are getting a lot of attention from the tabloids by doing what they do best: fighting (I know--you thought it was singing). Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo grace the cover of this week‘s edition of In Touch magazine in a photo that depicts much happier times when they all used to like (if not like, then at least tolerate) each other. Read more »
Financial trouble just seems to keep finding the Real Housewife of New Jersey stars. This time it‘s Jacqueline Laurita and her husband Christopher Laurita that find themselves slapped with a $7.8 million against their clothing company. Radaronline is reporting that Jacqueline, Chris and Chris‘ brother, Joseph Laurita, are all being sued for mismanaging their formerly profitable company, Signature Apparel Company in New York City, for their own personal gain.Chris and Joseph Laurita started the business together back in 2005 apparently to support their own luxurious lifestyle by improperly using money. Signature Apparel Company made the Laurita brothers more than $250 million between 2005 and 2009. According to court documents, the business partners ended up laundering approximately $7,804,227. Read more »
Although most of the Real Housewives of New Jersey don‘t seem to be getting along very well these days, two have just become roomies. Due to severe power outages in Franklin Hills, Jacqueline Laurita and her husband Chris Laurita (and ten other family members!) have temporarily moved in with Caroline Manzo."I love having everyone at my house," Caroline told the Huffington Post. "We have babies and pets and people all over my house. I‘m lucky that I have my own generator so we have power." Read more »
One wife wines, another one whines, and one Richards sister talks about the other. Oh yes, it‘s a typical day in Real Housewives land!Let Her Cup Runneth Overflow with PinotOne of the Real Housewives of New York City‘s few remaining stars, Ramona Singer, has been accused of acting like a diva (shock!). It seems that not only has Ramona been bringing her own bottle of her Ramona Pinot Grigio to the restaurants she visits, but she is also demanding that upscale restaurants include her product on the menu while her show is shooting. She, of course, denies such willful behavior.  Read more »
Whether the housewives are defending strippers or denying accusations of being strippers, they really know how to bare all.  Read more »
It‘s the most wonderful time of the year, and the stars of the Real Housewives are celebrating the holidays in their normal dramatic fashion. Here‘s what our little reality TV sugar plums have been up to lately. Read more »
Surprise, surprise. Joe Giudice, a.k.a "Juicy Joe," husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, has run into more legal trouble. Joe Giudice was indicted in New Jersey Tuesday for fraudulently obtaining a drivers license that led to an arrest in March, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reports.  Read more »
While some of the Real Housewives received diamonds for Christmas, one received an indicted husband. No matter what was under these housewives‘ trees, their holiday drama is a gift to us. Here‘s what‘s going on in the crazy world of the ‘wives this week: Read more »
Despite reports earlier today that she‘d checked out, People says that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is still in rehab, and received a visit from her sister Kyle today. And People‘s anonymous source on the matter doesn‘t sound very optimistic:"She‘s doing okay," the source tells the mag. "Everyone is hoping for the best."We hope, for her sake and ours (she better be at this season‘s reunion!), that the best happens and Kim makes a full recovery. Read on for more of the latest from the land of the Housewives: Read more »
So Joe and Melissa are just hanging out/playing with the kids when Melissa just decides to start singing "Amazing Grace." Why she did that, we may never know, but it leads to discussion of Melissa‘s future as a singing star. I think she also has a future in songwriting, as she decided to insert "that saved a wench like me," into her pirate-y rendition of "Amazing Grace." Long story short: SHE LOVES TO SING.Now that Albie and Chris have moved out, things are a lot boring for the Manzo family. And for us. So we get bored watching a segment of Caroline being bored. There‘s talk of empty nest syndrome, then writing a book. Every Housewife should write a book -- it‘s just simple logic.  Read more »