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As reported before, Bravo is working on a new cycle of its its popular docu-series and this time it‘s set in the nation‘s capital --- The Real Housewives of D.C., which is the latest addition to the franchise which already includes reality shows in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta and Orange County."We‘re tapping personalities who are among Washington D.C.‘s influential players, cultural connoisseurs, fashion sophisticates and philanthropic leaders -- the people who rub elbows with the most prominent people in the country and easily move in the city‘s diverse political and social circles," Frances Berwick, executive vice president and general manager of Bravo Media, said in a statement back in May. Read more »
Three months after we last saw The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Bravo decided to finally renew the show for season 2. While the pick up was expected, it was long overdue, considering the show delivered gossip-worthy ratings ever since it premiered in May and has attracted nearly 3 million total viewers during its explosive reunion special, becoming the most watched Housewives reunion special ever. Read more »
There‘s always something to talk about in the social circles of the Real Housewives, whether it‘s in Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Beverly Hills or D.C., and this week‘s round of gossip proves that the rumor mill will never stop churning as long as women like Kim Zolciak, LuAnn de Lesseps and Danielle Staub are around. Read more »
Danielle Staub is arguably the most controversial cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She‘s  a mother of two daughters, Christine and Jillian, but that hasn‘t stopped her from being a party girl and enjoying the single life. In the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle discussed having phone sex with a man for 2 years, though she never knew his name. She also went on to offer a man a blow job in a restaurant by the second episode ---all while trying to prove that she is a fit parent after her husband left her. Read more »
There‘s another group of housewives taking over the season and this time, they‘ll be hitting the nation‘s capital by the storm. Beginning Thursday, August 5 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo, five women with colorful personalities will be taking center stage on The Real Housewives of D.C. as they give viewers a peek at their thriving careers, and complicated domestic lives, not to mention the unwritten social rules of the Beltway. Read more »
 I hope you watched the premiere of The Real Housewives of DC because, personally, it gave me hope that the firm moral foundation on which this nation was built is still alive and well in our capitol. Okay, not really, but I think this season could shape up to be hilarious. Here is a study guide to familiarize yourself with DC‘s Housewives before the drama lets loose like it just got emancipated. Mary Schmidt AmonsA big deal because: she comes from a good family. Her dad was a lobbyist and she partied with the Kennedys. Now she has approximately one million kids (five).Fun to watch because: she gets drunk and says inappropriate things. Also, she tries to assimilate to whoever she‘s around, which gives her a weird Madonna-like British accent around Cat, and causes her to call Stacie "girlfriiieeend!" all the time. Bonus: get drunk and try to tell Mary and her oldest daughter apart.Housewife most similar to: The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Caroline. She‘s got too many kids to keep track of and is well-connected but doesn‘t have enough substance to stir the pot yet. Read more »
"To make it here you have to watch what you say and watch what you do." It sounds boring, but The Real Housewives of DC are working overtime to make sure you don‘t give up on their show. This season of Top Chef certainly hasn‘t helped DC‘s television reputation, but we‘ll see what these five Housewives can do. Let‘s meet them!Mary is the daughter of a lobbyist and her family photo shoot with the white shirts and jeans made me gag. Something about her family creeps me out; maybe it‘s that they all have sugar eyes, or that she and her daughter look almost identical. Read more »
It‘s Michaele‘s birthday (her 44th, props to her for admitting it). As a present, her husband presents her with a collection of accessories and tells her to "pick one," which turns into "you can pretty much have all of them." Then he gives her a horse. Seriously, asking for a pony is not a joke anymore. And Michaele names the horse Sparkle. Might I remind you this is her 44th birthday, not her fourth. Mary, an equal opportunity jackass, gets frustrated with her housekeeper Rosa, who is cleaning tufts of dog hair off the floors. Mary levels with Rosa, speaking in broken Spanish and telling Rosa, "mucho mess," "shampoo the rugs if posible, the perro peepee.  And we need to . . . limpia the walls." The subtitles were being kind in their translation.  Read more »
Rumor has it this may be the worst Real Housewives series yet (at least Jersey girls fight dirty!) since DC is, supposedly, all about class and social standing. Oh, the politics of being a Housewife. Well, I‘ve created a drinking game to make your Thursday nights (or whenever you watch a re-run or recorded episode) more enjoyable. Hey, by the end of it, you might be shouting, "this is the best season of The Real Housewives ever!" from the rooftops. Just don‘t jump into any pools or anything. Here it is!Take 1 Drink whenever:*you see a horse*one or more of the Real Housewives go shopping*Cat gets away with being a bitch because she‘s English.*Michaele fails to understand social cues or social graces.*a Real Househusband gets his own scene. Read more »
We just saw The Real Housewives of New Jersey visit Italy, but that was just for two episodes. For years now, the Real Housewives franchise has been as American as baseball, apple pie, and over-indulgence. But according to, Bravo has plans to expand the franchise overseas.Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves for The Real Housewives of Athens, which is set to debut this fall. According to The New York Post, "this version will follow affluent Greek ladies as they bustle about the cradle of democracy."  Call me stupid but I‘m a little confused about how this is going to work. Granted, you can barely understand some of the Housewives when they‘re adding words to our dictionary, but will the Real Housewives of Athens be speaking Greek with subtitles? Do they even speak Greek anymore? Or are they wealthy American ladies who have moved to Greece? Read more »
Wine Isn‘t Just WhiteCat meets with the editor of her book and she (Cat) is so excited about it, she almost smiled. Meanwhile, Stacie is meeting with her friends who own SugarLeaf, the only African American-owned vineyard on the East Coast. Not that wine is a race thing all of a sudden. For whatever reason, Tareq and Michaele were invited along and brought a bottle of their white-people wine. Tareq took the opportunity to prove to everyone how much he knows about whine, and Michaele just repeated certain words. "Citrus," she said, then she drunkenly rambled some nonsense about Obama (I think?).As it turns out Adam, Stacie‘s brother-in-law, has the number one single in Paris (I smell a record deal in the works for one of the DC Housewives!), so Stacie invites Michaele and Tareq to Paris three days before. It was one of those things where you invite someone out of courtesy, thinking there‘s no way they could possibly go, but Michaele and Tareq were all about it. Uh oh. Read more »
Some people say that reality television melts your brain, that it can‘t be an educational experience. I disagree! This week I learned DC social etiquette, as well as a few things DC and The Real Housewives of DC are and are not. Without further ado, here are ten lessons I learned from just one episode.1. Cat is "so not" Sex and the City and shopping bags. She is a leopard trench and Louis Vuitton bags coming up an escalator. Figure it out, book people! Read more »
While Lynda‘s cooking up some chili (she‘s Southern, y‘all!), Stacie is cooking up some family drama! Stacie confesses to her girlfriends that her birth mother is white and had a secret relationship (and love child) with a Nigerian man in the Peace Corps. Is ironic the right word? Scandalous? Either way it‘s very Thomas Jefferson, to tie it back to DC. Mary is helping with Ted Gibson‘s new salon opening in Washington DC, and Michaele will pretend to host it but not pay for anything. I wrote that as a joke, but it‘s actually true. Mary is determined to prove that DC is not "Hollywood for ugly people." All the Housewives arrive for the salon opening and even Lynda and Michaele make nice. We learn from Mary that to "make it" in DC you need to demonstrate integrity and decorum. We also learned that Cat hates social climbers.  Read more »
People have already complained that this series of The Real Housewives is a bit lackluster (they‘re just getting started, give them a chance!). But I would contend that DC has one of the most interesting supporting casts of all the Housewives. There‘s an angry friend, a model boyfriend, and not one but three sassy gay guys! Let‘s get to know some of the supporting characters on The Real Housewives of DC.Paul Wharton, Celebrity StylistFriend to all the Housewives, Paul is easily one of the most likable characters on the show. It seems almost like he‘s an honorary Housewife, getting his own parties and storylines. Paul has been a model coach on MTV‘s Made and a makeover expert on The Ricki Lake Show.  He works with various modeling agencies and is a big name in DC.  Somehow, he manages to get along with every single Housewife without causing friction between them (we‘ll blame the whole party hosting debacle on his PR rep). Read more »
Last night on The Real Housewives of DC, Michaele compared herself to Cinderella. She sees herself as Cinderella because Lynda, Cat, and Mary are picking on her like the wicked stepmother and the evil stepsisters. But really Michaele is nothing like Cinderella, because Cinderella was forced to do heavy manual labor for her step-relatives. Cinderella didn‘t own a winery or marry a squatty nincompoop. Cinderella did sneak into that ball at the fancy house, though . . . Anyway, regardless of whether woodland creatures help Michaele get dressed in the morning, it got me thinking about comparisons. Also, some of last night‘s moments seemed right out of the Real Housewives playbook. Here‘s an examination of what shows The Real Housewives of DC is like (and how it‘s different).Top Chef: DCRHoDC is like it because: it‘s set in DC, and is arguably one of the weaker seasons in the series.RHoDC is not like it because: it just follows rich people around and they don‘t compete with any marketable skill set. Read more »
Two weeks ago the Real Housewives of DC left us mid-argument at the Salahi‘s vineyard. I‘m sure you were all on the edge of your seats wondering how things would resolve. I sure wasn‘t. Anyway, Mary looks at Tareq and says, "you have something to say!" and Tareq starts whining about a stolen car from the polo cup. Tareq says, prefaced by how forgiving he and Michaele are, that Mary‘s daughter stole the car and was seen with it and his polo gear on Facebook. Oh great, another adult vs. teen Facebook debacle. Oh, and the Salahis are having the FBI investigate it. Stacie‘s husband, Jason tries to level with Tareq: "are we really talking about polo gear?" but Tareq takes his polo, his gear, and his wealth very seriously. And he‘s acting like a total turd about it. Jason, you are my new favorite DC character. Also, Tareq is wearing a Cosby sweater. I hate when they talk about stuff we didn‘t get to see on TV. To quote Mary, "I don‘t know what the f**k is going on." In the aftermath, Mary, Jason and Stacie drunkenly say a lot of words without actually saying anything.  Read more »
Think fast! Here is today‘s latest TV news. Enjoy!Beware: Bones SpoilerIt looks like Angela and Hodgins‘ trip to Paris was quite fruitful. We find out in the season premiere of Bones, September 23 at 8pm on FOX, that (spoiler alert) Angela is pregnant! This is great news for the newlyweds but what does it mean for Brennan‘s onetime quest for a child? Time to dust off last season‘s Brennan wants a baby plot. [TV Guide]  Read more »
In the first part of this episode, Cat visits Mary, who greets her with a phony British accent (oh, Mary, you‘re at it again!). They discuss parenting, the Salahis, and how Lolly breaks into Mary‘s closet. We also find out that Mary‘s sister and her daughter are the same age. And she is her own grandpa (that part is not true). Meanwhile, Michaele calls Stacie to talk about buying a house in the city. Stacie is uncomfortable, but at the end of the day she‘s about business, so she‘ll take the job.  The last time the Salahis tried to buy a home, they had to put their energy into a lawsuit filed by Tareq‘s mom. What is going on with that? I have to say, after finding out that Michaele has MS, I understand her almost overly-positive outlook a bit more. Lynda is afraid of a break-in, so she‘s looking for a German Shepherd puppy to act as a watchdog (somehow that little truck of a pug isn‘t doing the job). Read more »
Real Housewives releasing terrible dance hits is soooo last season. Now it‘s all about books, because books are classy. Teresa Giudice has a cookbook on the NY Times Bestseller list called Skinny Italian: Eat It and Enjoy It Live La Bella Vita and Look Great, Too! and Bethenny Frankel has built an empire that includes books around being Naturally Thin. And we can‘t forget about Danielle Staub‘s mention in Cop Without a Badge, which led her to release The Naked Truth: The Real Story Behind the Real Housewife of New Jersey--In Her Own Words (Jersey girls love a long title).  With the release of Cirque du Salahi: Be Careful Who You Trust this week, and Cat‘s talk of her book, Inbox Full, let‘s take a look at your Real Housewives of DC Reading List (I‘m going to make up some books, too).Cirque du Salahi: Be Careful Who You Trust by Diane DimondDimond, an entertainment correspondant, was allowed an inside look into the lives of Michaele and Tareq Salahi to write a book defending them. The book reveals that Michaele has been living with Multiple Sclerosis. It also talks about that "White House Gate-Crasher" thing, that nobody cares about anymore. While she defends them, Dimond is a bit skeptical of some of the Salahis‘ facts. She tells that she doubts there‘s any truth in Michaele having ever been a Redskins cheerleader, or having dated Journey guitarist Neal Schon. Fellow Housewife, Cat Ommanney revealed to Andy Cohen on this week‘s Watch What Happens Live that she might even doubt that Michaele has MS. A bold statement! The book is real, and available exclusively through Read more »
Cat has finished Inbox Full (in tv time, in real life the book won‘t be out until December). It‘s interesting to hear Cat say that her marriage with Charles "not all as rosy and sparkly as it may seem" with the revelation of her recent divorce (two months after filming ended). It would be difficult, as Charles‘s schedule is so crazy that he only has hours in DC at a time. Speaking of crazy, Michaele is talking about being a Redskins cheerleader again, which is completely unconfirmed. It‘s an enticing mystery, as Michaele seems to know some of these women at the former cheerleader event. She doesn‘t seem to know the routine, though. We learned on Watch What Happens Live that the Redskins Organization has confirmed that they have no record of Michaele being a cheerleader. You can buy your way into the alumni association. Read more »
"Only five?!" you say? True, the whole show is one big awkward moment, but I had to choose the best five from this week‘s episode, and I‘m not even including the moment when I realized less than 100 people probably watch this show ever. 5. Erika‘s son asks "who‘s the oldest mommy?" and the Housewives make them guess. Hint: it didn‘t go well for anyone because there‘s no way it could have. Read more »
How about some of today‘s TV news in 300 words?The Office May Get a HeroHeroes‘ alum Jack Coleman, who played Noah Bennet on the NBC series, is in talks to guest star on an upcoming episode of The Office. If he takes the role, Coleman (who just shot an upcoming episode of The Mentalist) will play a wholesome government agent. What in the world is a government agent doing on The Office? I wonder if a government agent‘s presence has anything to do with the malfunctioning Sabre printers? Or, perhaps it has to do with Michael Scott‘s exit? The suspense is killing me! [Ausiello] Read more »
At the beginning of this episode, Lynda is actually doing some work instead of lamenting about her new house or talking about being from the South. Meanwhile, Stacie is still looking for her birth father‘s identity . . . on Facebook. Lynda, Mary, and Cat meet for a casual lunch but the conversation soon turns to Michaele and her LIES. She was not a Redskins cheerleader, or a model with Lynda‘s agency (or any agency?). It‘s also still unclear where their money is coming from. Lynda says she is "very disturbed" and predicts that "the best is yet to come." Oooooh, foreshadowing!Michaele and Tareq have (singlehandedly, I presume) been working on America‘s relationship with India through polo. I think. I never really know what they‘re saying. BUT they totally love India and Michaele learned how to wrap a sari there. Bottom line: the State Dinner is very "significant" for the Salahis. My brain explodeth with foreshadowing. Read more »
The other DC Housewives seem to think so, but I wanted to do some hardcore surface level research on the matter. Basically, I googled "pathological liar" and read about how to tell if a person is one. So here are the signs of a pathological liar (compiled from several different sites), and how Michaele (or the Salahis) measure up."Whatever you do, they can do it better." Check. Michaele and Tareq Salahi are known for doing everything over-the-top and extravagant on The Real Housewives of DC. Stacie and Jason go to Paris so the Salahis meet them there on a whim, Lynda hosted Paul‘s birthday party last year so they "hosted" (and refused to pay for) an even bigger one this year. And we can‘t forget Michaele‘s famous quote, "I‘m the prettiest, I‘m the hottest, and I have the most friends. I‘m Miss DC." Read more »
Last week was just a tease as Michaele put on the infamous red sari and "couldn‘t find" the invitation to the White House State Dinner. This week it‘s happening! It‘s not very often a Housewife has a scandal before she‘s even a Real Housewife, so knowing what‘s about to happen and watching it unfold is very exciting. It‘s even more exciting that this episode is happening Law & Order style! Bum-bum!The EventThe Salahis are in the limo and it really doesn‘t seem too suspect; Tareq‘s no more shifty-eyed than normal, that is. So they arrive and a blurry-faced lady checks them at the gate. She doesn‘t find their names on the list and sends them off to wait saying, "You can go ahead and stand down there, and I‘ll have them figure it out." This woman shirking her obligation resulted in a big-time fiasco. Read more »
I‘m still having a hard time processing everything that went down in last night‘s Real Housewives of DC party-crashing finale so I thought I would try to process it by creating a picture book of everything that went down. The only thing is, this story starts with the ball and then just sort of fizzles out at the end.So it all started when the Salahis went to the White House State Dinner uninvited. They weren‘t on the list, but a lady told them to step aside and they somehow got in anyway. And the whole time they were like this: Read more »
I‘m so ready for the Real Housewives of DC reunion. Michaele might actually crack that plastic face into a frown, Lynda calls Michaele‘s MS "BS," and its just getting crazier.  First of all, Mary and Lynda are registered Republicans (wha?), and Stacie and Michaele are Democrats. I‘m so confused. But let‘s talk about MS. Michaele says she came out with it to get a jump on the media. She was "healthy" during filming and off steroids and this and that. I don‘t know if we can believe anything she says, though! Also, the other Housewives are rolling their eyes. I feel bad, I want to believe someone when they say they have MS . . .Lynda says, "MS are her initials and the rest is BS . . . it‘s a very serious disease and to use that in any way to promote fame or your book is very disturbing to me." Eeek I don‘t know! Lynda says doctors she‘s spoken to doubt it. And then Michaele made fun of Lynda blessing her house. This is still quite civil, but the most cutthroat we‘ve seen the DC Housewives. Mary says she wants Michaele use it as a platform and Michaele says (in a Freudian slip?), "I already have for the last twelve of my lives." ACK! Yes, Michaele is delusional but I don‘t know about doubting a serious medical claim. Read more »
The Real Housewives of DC Reunion was way crazier than I thought it was going to be. Usually these ladies are quite cordial to each other, at least to each others‘ faces. But all DC broke loose in part 1 of the reunion special when Andy Cohen brought the women together to yell at each other and argue. In a previous episode of Watch What Happens Live! Michaele had told Andy that she was going to start standing up for herself and we‘d see that in the reunion. It made for some deliciously awkward moments and here are my top 5.5. Stacie makes it clear that she never said "the ‘R‘ word." She‘s super defensive about it but very careful with her words, still trying to call out everyone else‘s latent tendencies. We‘ll leave the unharnessed rage to Erika, I guess. Read more »
As threatened at the end of Part 1, Tareq Salahi comes out on his own to talk to Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives of DC. Tareq thinks it‘s shameful that they don‘t believe that Michaele has MS, which is SO last week we‘re over it. Then he accused Lynda of being "obsessed" with Michaele! What a Regina George thing to say. And the lies continue, they didn‘t pay for Paul Wharton‘s party and claim to have donated wine but the venue said they didn‘t get any wine. Then they never provided Stacie with a line of credit or anything. SO crazy.Then the house they were in for their audition video wasn‘t even theirs! What! And Michaele accuses Cat of living in Lynda‘s basement. It‘s such craziness and can never be reconciled because the Salahis are . . . pathological liars? Whatever they are, it‘s creepy. Andy Cohen said it best: "I don‘t think we‘re getting anywhere." Read more »
Part 2 of the Real Housewives of DC Reunion was mostly people yelling over each other. So much yelling! But we were able to boil it down to five crazy moments that weren‘t "everyone raises their voice and keeps talking."#5 The confrontation between Cat and Michaele over Cat getting un-invited to the White House Christmas Party. First of all, it was nuts for Michaele to say that anyone can go to the White House (clearly, they believe that!). Then Michaele posited that Cat‘s husband un-invited Cat from the party, and called her "barbaric." At least it didn‘t seem to bother Cat much, and she took Michaele down. Read more »
In news that is too amazing to let slide, New Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice is teaching a seminar. The seminar is titled, "How to Have it All," with no follow-up (ie; "... and lose it all, too," or "... Or At Least Lie About Having it All,"). The class will be taught at the Learning Annex in midtown Manhattan on Jan 10, 2011 and women can participate for just $44.95 each. That‘s a small price to pay for "it all." The seminar advertises Teresa as, "a hero to modern women," and adds that, "Whether you want to get on a reality TV show, write a book, start and run a business, change careers, this inspiring evening with a woman who has 377,000 online followers will get you going in the right direction." [Radar Online]  REALLY? Does the seminar also include how to look completely dead in the eyes in photographs? Or proper table manners? Read more »
Why is it that every series of The Real Housewives features at least one Housewife who makes stuff up like it‘s their job? More often than not, it stems from just the right combination of delusion and paranoia, and the other ‘wives call them out on it. Here‘s a look at our favorite Houselies:Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer: what Kyle said.Camille accused Kyle of saying, "why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey there?" and calling her "insecure." Both of these were taken out of context, even though we didn‘t see the first comment, it just doesn‘t seem likely. The newest addition to the Liars‘ Club has a lot to learn about the power of a good rant but she‘s got the accusation part down. So far, Camille is only guilty of hearing things incorrectly and then twisting them around to reveal her insecurities (but don‘t tell her that). But it‘s still early in the season and I have a feeling Camille has a lot of crazy to give. Read more »
The Real Housewives are taking over television, one cross-over at a time! I was so excited to see Atlanta Housewives on Ghost Hunters last night, even if they weren‘t there for very long and didn‘t see much. Next week, on The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection, the fashion houses will be designing clothes for the Real Housewives of New Jersey and the Real Housewives of Orange County. I‘m all about it! I love when we see the Housewives outside of their natural show habitat (showbitat? Let‘s just let this one go). In the past we‘ve seen the Real Housewives of Orange County (and their kids) on Shear Genius, and Kim Zolciak just made an appearance as a guest judge on Hair Battle Spectacular. Here are some shows I‘d like to see some Real Housewives cross into.  Read more »
Are you stressed out about finding gifts for the holidays? Or maybe you‘re just looking for a good book to curl up with by the fireplace. These books by Bravo-lebrities will either solve all or none of your problems. Either way, here is your Bravo-lebrity book list and gift guide. Get ready for lots of long titles with colons!It‘s Not Really About the Hair: The Honest Truth About Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty by Tabatha CoffeyThis book has not been released yet, but is available for Pre-Order. It is described as, " Part memoir, part business manual, and part coaching guide on achieving self-acceptance and love," and encourages readers to find their inner "bitch" ("Brave, Intelligent, Tenacious, Creative, and Honest"). Uh ... want it!The perfect gift for: Anyone who works in the beauty business, fans of Tabatha‘s Salon Takeover, or your favorite "bitch." Read more »
Do you have a New Year‘s Resolution? Around this time, most people make resolutions to lose weight or go to the gym more, or at least to shave off some "holiday pounds." Sometimes we wish TV shows would make similar resolutions. If they would only trim a little fat, or cut out certain aspects all-together! Here are some shows we wish would trim up a bit.Dexter: trim the LaGuerta/Batista romance subplot. At the end of Season 5 they were like, "let‘s start over," and we were like, "Noooo! Let it die!" Because there was nothing less interesting than their marital problems when killers and vigilantes were on the loose. Make it stop, or at least don‘t let it take up half of an episode.  Read more »
It‘s almost the New Year: The exciting time of change and new beginnings, yes. But in order to make that change happen, we also need to make it the time of honest self-assessment and (hopefully) absolution. And so I must come clean: Among these TV-themed bad habits, I have been guilty of at least five. OK, more like seven. Fine, nine. Screw it, I‘ve done ALL OF THEM. Nobody‘s perfect, and me, even less so. But I hope that laying them all out here will put us (talking at you, my fellow mistake-making TV fans out there) on the right track to a better relationship with our shows and screens going forward. It‘s important work, and that‘s why we do it.So here I come, New Year. Here are the TV habits I hope to kick in 2011:  Read more »
TMZ reports that an inside source at Dr. Drew‘s Celebrity Rehab has leaked the identities of the celebs who will be checking in and trying to kick their habits in season 5. And they are:Michael Lohan, who‘s apparently addicted to more than shaming his daughter Lindsay on her drug use. Two weeks ago he was in Florida giving interventions to troubled teens, so maybe he‘s addicted to being a hypocrite?Michaele and Tareq Salahi of "White House Party Crasher" and Real Housewives of D.C. fame, who must be addicted to more than pathological lying and negative attention. Dwight "Doc" Gooden, former New York Mets pitcher who was banned from the MLB in 1995 after twice testing positive for cocaine. The "Doc" nickname seemed tragically ironic then; even more so now.Bai Ling, "actress" better known for her addiction to outrageously ugly clothing. So a drug addiction actually explains a lot.Jeremy Jackson, who has transitioned from one form of "washed up" to another since he played Hobie (David Hasselhoff‘s character‘s son) on Baywatch. Since then, he‘s been notably addicted to mullets and also crystal meth.  Read more »
The Real Housewives of Miami is tanking in the ratings. How badly? It‘s doing worse than The Real Housewives of DC. The premiere brought in only 1.21 million viewers, as opposed to DC‘s 1.6. It‘s not just the ratings, either, it seems like across the board viewers and critics agree that this series is just not doing it for them. So what gives? [Reality Tea]Personally, something bothers me about the series but I can‘t really put my finger on it. Is it that I don‘t relate to Miami, having never lived anywhere near Florida? Is it just that the timing is off? That no one feels like watching a TV show about Miami before spring has even hit? Maybe it‘s a revolt against bumping The Real Housewives of New York season 4 back. What is it? Read more »
So much is happening for the Housewives! Bethenny‘s new book is doing well, she‘s getting a talk show, Gretchen is releasing a single ... and none for Gretchen Wieners (Real Housewives of DC). You‘ve probably heard by now that Bravo announced its first official Housewives cancellation. The Real Housewives of DC has been canceled, making it the first Housewives series not to make it to season 2. Is anyone that surprised, though? [TVSquad] Read more »
Agreed, the point of reality TV competitions is to give the spotlight to a bunch of unknowns who are hoping to make it big in Hollywood. But they wouldn‘t really get anywhere without the guidance of professionals. We‘re dedicating this to the hosts and judges of reality television, who have given their support to dreamers all over the country. There‘s Big Brother‘s Julie Chen, the judging panel of America‘s Next Top Model, probably not Idol‘s Simon Cowell, and more.   Read more »
I know, I know, this article‘s title doesn‘t make much sense. "What‘s so real about reality TV?" you might ask. "It‘s fake situations involving not-so-fake people. I don‘t watch that sort of thing!"And yet we still do, which explains why Heidi Montag remains as (supposedly) relevant as ever. It‘s also the reason why we watch the Kardashians make an issue out of birth control. And also the reason why Team Cupcake exists. And why we hate Rachel on Big Brother. And why Paris Hilton survived that sex tape and managed to run for president of the United States. Read more »
Unfortunately for modern music consumers, it‘s only too well-known that cast members from the Real Housewives franchise often have devious desires to use their respective shows as a platform to promote worthless music careers.  Read more »
While some of the Real Housewives received diamonds for Christmas, one received an indicted husband. No matter what was under these housewives‘ trees, their holiday drama is a gift to us. Here‘s what‘s going on in the crazy world of the ‘wives this week: Read more »
The three-ring circus that is (or was) the marriage of former Real Housewives of Washington D.C. stars Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi continues to unravel in the public eye. Just the way they like it.Tareq has filed a $50 million lawsuit against Michaele and her new boyfriend, Journey lead guitarist Neal Schon.  Read more »
It‘s been a busy week for the Housewives of Bravo getting engaged. Just earlier this week, news of Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge‘s engagement surfaced, and now it seems that former Real Housewives of Washington D.C. Michaele Salahi and her Journey boyfriend Neal Schon are ready to tie the knot.  Read more »
Just because some of the cast of the Real Housewives franchises aren‘t filming right now doesn‘t mean they‘re not getting into trouble. Here‘s what‘s been going on off-camera.  Read more »
Update: Andy Cohen, executive VP of original programming and development at Bravo, has denied the claims of a new Real Housewives franchise on Twitter. Apparently the new show is not officially confirmed, but we can still dream, right? According to a source at, Bravo is planning on an addition to the Real Housewives franchise by adding a Real Housewives of Dallas.  Read more »
The enormous Real Housewives franchise is about to get a little bigger. Bravo has announced its adding two more shows with The Real Housewives brand. They are the very much expected The Real Housewives of Dallas and the much more surprising The Real Housewives of Potomac. Read more »
Bravo exec Andy Cohen confirmed that Real Housewives: All Stars will eventually happen but don‘t hold your breath.    Read more »
Every Real Housewives installment has their fair share of catty friendships. Here‘s the best of the worst from each series. Read more »
Reality TV isn‘t quite what it used to be. Whether it‘s the premises of current shows, or the stars of the shows themselves, a lot of series just need a fresh start. For instance, The Bachelor is still immensely popular, but after over 20 seasons, there are some things about it that should probably change. Here are seven reality shows that are in desperate need of a spin-off or reboot. Read more »
One of Bravo‘s most profitable series of shows, The Real Housewives franchise, has spawned some of the most unlikely stars in reality television. The housewives have become part of pop culture through their actions, styles and real-life drama. Many of the more popular housewives such as Teresa Giudice and NeNe Leakes are regular fixtures in the tabloids as well as on television shows such as Fashion Police. But what has the life after reality TV held for some of the departed and most controversial housewives of New Jersey, Atlanta, Orange County, Washington and New York franchises? Find out what they‘re up to below. Read more »
There‘s been a lot of talk about "prestige" television, and the fact that we‘re living in the age of "peak" TV. Most of the conversation focuses on hour-long, scripted dramas that feature tortured, rich, white people struggling in various ways. But prestige TV doesn‘t necessarily have to be this, and Bravo is making a significant contribution to the peak television moment with its Real Housewives franchise. Read more »
This week‘s casting roundup includes a famous reality TV host, an Emmy winner, a daytime soap veteran and several celebrities who are set to revisit old roles for an NBC revival. Read on to find out more. Read more »