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Oh my god Season 2! I absolutely can‘t wait to see what Bravo is doing, especially in the wake of the real life drama of Russell Armstrong‘s recent suicide. To open the season, the Beverly Hills Housewives gathered at Adrienne‘s house to discuss the suicide (without Taylor). Kyle was well-spoken, and Mauricio was as awesome as ever. I‘m just so happy to see all of them again! Sorry, I know this is serious. Lisa Vanderpump kept it honest, that she never felt connected to Russell, nor did she want to after the information she had about him from Taylor. They were all worried for Taylor, and didn‘t know Russell very well. They all had a big cry for Taylor. AHHHH how do you handle this? I think Bravo did a good job. Now let‘s get this season going! Read more »
Another awkward party dinner later, it‘s business as usual in Beverly Hills. This week we get the theme sequence! Isn‘t Taylor‘s phrase pretty much the same as Alex McCord‘s from Real Housewives of New York? Taylor‘s is, "I‘ve finally found my voice and I‘m not afraid to use it." Alex‘s was, "I‘ve always had opinions, but now people know it." That‘s pretty much the same. But Lord help Taylor if she‘s this season‘s Alex.Kyle and Mauricio are moving into their new home. It‘s only 7,000 square feet and seven bedrooms plus a gym. The morally corrupt Faye Resnick is back! She‘s here to help Kyle want to buy furniture.  Read more »
Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is just getting started, but it already feels different from the first season. Granted, there was a lot of media attention around this particularly series just before the premiere aired, but that‘s hardly the only factor lending Season 2 a different tone. Let‘s see what‘s new and different for each of the Beverly Hills Housewives this year.Lisa Vanderpump"Life in Beverly Hills is a game and I make the rules." Read more »
So, last time we left the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, they were at Camille‘s home in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Taylor got very emotional in the hot tub, and Lisa thinks this might be the wine talking. She‘s also SO thin, so it wouldn‘t take much wine in a hot tub to get the tears flowing, right? Then Kim was trying to take a nap, and drunk Taylor lies down on the bed crying. She‘s like, "I‘m drunk and a mess. You can relate, right, Kim?" All of Taylor‘s secrets are coming out. But let‘s not lose sight of the fact that Kim‘s wearing cheetah print pajamas. Taylor begs Kim to forgive her and Kim is like, "whatever!" And they burst into a gale of forced laughter.  Read more »
The last two episodes, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills went to Camille‘s cabin in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Though they weren‘t exactly snowed in, the altitude made some of them crazy, and the ladies got cabin fever. They reacted in such different ways, it made me wonder, which Housewife would be the best to be stuck in a ski chalet with? None of them have survival skills, but there are other advantages and disadvantages ...Lisa Vanderpump Read more »
Last week, Taylor went nuts in Beaver Creek. It was a really messy episode. This week, we‘re back in Beverly Hills and we get to meet the be-crutched Brandi Glanville. The morally corrupt Brandi Glanville? We don‘t know yet. So Kim is still on her way to Paul and Adrienne‘s private jet to see the Kings. She also still doesn‘t quite know what‘s going on or who is calling her. Some person named "Adrienne" she‘s planning to see!  Read more »
Can you believe how nicely this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is developing? I saw a preview for this episode and was that Kim flopping around in a mermaid costume? Please let it be Kim. Anyway, Kyle and Taylor go to this Dana woman‘s house to hang out and see her boobs and lavish wedding stuff. Dana‘s 18-month old counts, reads, and speaks Thai. Dana asks Kyle for help shopping, and Taylor says, "we‘ll help you shop." Not the one who‘s too skinny! Don‘t bring her. Read more »
Sometimes it‘s hard to keep up with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and what they‘re really saying, especially when Dana‘s running around wearing a tiara. We‘ve put together this helpful dictionary of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills terms and phrases. Maybe if Brandi had this, she‘d be fitting in better. Here‘s what we learned in episode 5:He Speaks Thai; exaggeration meaning the baby speaks gibberish. Read more »
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Tonight, Brandi is going to say some more inflammatory stuff on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! The best/worst part is that it‘s against Kim, but at least someone is saying something, you know? I want to get to the bottom of why Kim is acting more and more like Paula Abdul. Lisa is making dinner for Pandora, her daughter, who is probably getting engaged soon. Her son Max is getting serious with some girl, and it warms the cockles of Lisa‘s heart. Read more »
So you watched the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode and want to throw an uncomfortable, unpleasant or otherwise unbearable game night of your very own? Who DOESN‘T? Luckily, it doesn‘t take a professional party planner with King Tut‘s wealth and Burger King‘s culinary prowess (ahem, Dana) to throw the ultimate Game Night from Hell. You, too, can alienate your frenemies and ensure that none of them will want to come over to your home ever again by following these simple Game Night steps that really put the "FUN!" in "fundamentally the worst." Read more »
If you‘re not too busy planning your own Beverly Hills-style Game Night from Hell, why not take a few minutes to find out what‘s new with some of our favorite ‘wives? Kim Zolciak is Engaaaaged!After having their first child together in May, 26-year-old Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann has decided to make an honest woman of Kim, 33. Congratulations to the happy couple, and I‘m putting this in the same sentence because it‘s THAT important: Will we or WILL WE get to see the wedding on The Real Housewives of Atlanta?  Read more »
Unfortunately for modern music consumers, it‘s only too well-known that cast members from the Real Housewives franchise often have devious desires to use their respective shows as a platform to promote worthless music careers.  Read more »
Dana‘s Game Night: Part Deux! Last time we left the ladies, they were all pointing at Brandi and Kim was saying at least she doesn‘t wear cutoff shorts that show her @$$. Brandi calls for a time-out, and defends herself by saying that she‘s a model AND a mom! Kyle mentions that her son peed on the grass at Adrienne‘s BBQ, and then the whole thing goes to a whole new circle of hell."Don‘t talk about my kids," Brandi says seriously. But Kyle continues to chastise Brandi‘s parenting. Brandi has been backed so far up against a wall, all she can do is be defensive, saying things like, "I don‘t think it‘s a bad thing." So awkward. Save us, Dana!  Read more »
For someone who wants their ex to stop talking about them publicly enough to issue a gag order, Kelsey Grammer is sure doing his fair share of smack talking his regarding ex-wife and Real Housewives of Beverley Hills star Camille Grammer. On Monday evening‘s Piers Morgan Tonight, the former Cheers and Frasier star admitted to knowing their marriage was doomed basically from the start.  Read more »
Rumor has it that Real Housewives of Beverley Hills star Taylor Armstrong has been dating a fellow Bravo celeb: Most Eligible Dallas hottie Matt Nordgren. Earlier this week, reported the two were spotted getting close in Dallas when Matt took Taylor as his date to the Cattle Baron‘s Ball in Dallas (where else would there be a ball with the word "cattle" in it?).  Read more »
Lisa is teaching Adrienne how to cook as Bernie looks on disapprovingly, literally lurking around the corner. Classic Bernie! He hates Lisa, but doesn‘t care that Adrienne put hand soap on her chicken to wash it. And why is Bernie there at all? Is he getting paid to laugh at them? Oh, he‘s getting paid to show Adrienne where the salt and pepper is. Adrienne is basically Amelia Bedelia-ing this whole thing up.Taylor, Kyle, and Dana all have children around the same age, so they‘re meeting up for a playdate and gossip. It turns out they still all agree that they hate Brandi. Except Taylor might secretly not hate her? They analyze Brandi‘s behavior and decide that it‘s insecurity/jealousy/what have you making her act this way. Read more »
Welcome to the Real Housewives Spa, the most exclusive spa in all the world! Let us clothe you in blue cashmere robes and high-heels and send you into a state of deep, deep relaxation. Let us prepare you for a cryogenic hibernation, after which you will wake up and your enemies will be old and rotting down to their silicone parts; but not you. You will be young forever. Pay no attention to that man frozen in the carbonite block. This is about you! Keep your full face of makeup on and have a seat. Read over our menu of services and tell us what you‘d like to start with ... Read more »
One of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ newest cast members Brandi Glanville is making the talk-show rounds this week. First she appeared on Watch What Happens Live, sans crutches, to answer questions about her plastic surgery procedures and her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian."He was actually really good in bed. Hello? Thirteen years? And clearly he had a lot of practice outside of the marriage."She also acknowledged having her lips plumped when she was in her ‘20s as well as breast augmentation (shock!).  Read more »
Last season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we got a huge dose of crazy drama that was distinctly 90210. Kim and Kyle Richards were at odds, Camille Grammer‘s husband wanted to end their marriage, while Taylor Armstrong struggled with her marriage. From botox injections to dinner parties from hell, this docu-drama proved that there‘s never a dull moment with the housewives. Read more »
Here‘s the latest from the sparkly, shiny land of the Housewives...Keep on HealingReal Housewife of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong has done her first official interview after her estranged ex-husband Russell Armstrong‘s suicide. The interview in Life & Style magazine his hitting the stands tomorrow, eerily in time for Russell‘s first posthumous appearance on the show on Halloween.   Read more »
After a series of episodes on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in which star Kim Richards seemed to be intoxicated, Kim finally took to her Twitter account to explain her actions. First, she defended herself against being accused of using crystal meth by co-star Brandi Glanville.Read the recap of the infamous Game Night fight, and then learn how to throw your own Housewives-inspired Game Night from Hell! Read more »
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are preparing for Pandora‘s engagement party, which is on a Tuesday. Who has parties on Tuesdays?! (said the lame old lady, clutching her bathrobe). But here in Beverly Hills we have parties on Tuesdays, spas in our homes, and we don‘t swear or put hand soap on our chickens.Lisa wants to invite Taylor to the party, but the host, Muhamed and Taylor‘s husband, Russell had a falling out. Another season, another Kennedy‘s birthday party. Yay! Taylor and Dana are going cake shopping for this year‘s party, which is ranch-themed. The cake needs to feed 200. The actual cake, that is, and the show cake costs $2,000. Yes. You know who I like? This cake lady.  Read more »
Remember Kim Richards‘ secret boyfriend? How could you forget? Well the secret‘s about to come out and it seems these two are on the fast track. They‘ve been dating secretly a year! He‘s already wearing her bracelet! Wait, that‘s a dude‘s bracelet. Anyway. For the moment when these two inevitably get engaged, we have taken it upon ourselves to be Kim‘s Mohamed and plan the strangest, most lavish engagement party imaginable in their honor. Here‘s to you, Kim and Kim‘s Boyfriend!What do we know about the couple so far? Not much, except that they met at a mailbox. Whose mailbox? Not sure. Maybe a PO Box. Anyway, we‘re taking a mile from that inch, and making the engagement party Post Office/Mail themed. Once Ken puts a ring on it, then it‘s time to... Read more »
Nooooo! They‘re at it again. Who keeps telling the Real Housewives they can sing? Someone must be held responsible!This time, Lionel Richie is to blame. After Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump gave him a recording of her song set to karaoke backing, he re-mixed it and sped it up to create a more up-beat version of Carole King‘s ‘60s hit of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" The song debuted on the the Ryan Seacrest Show earlier this week.  Read more »
Last night was the premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta, so we lucky viewers finally get to experience the happy limbo that exists while two Housewife series are airing at once. But the housewives aren‘t sticking to their own co-stars when starting cat fights any more, now it seems they‘re crossing over to start beef with other series cast members.In the most recent issue of Life & Style, the ladies of Atlanta express their "concern" with the ladies of Beverly Hills being "too skinny." Read more »
Paul is having a night of beauty for the ladies! Paul‘s Night of Beauty sounds likes the most delightful, preposterous thing/"party" yet. Kyle wants to get her "love handles" taken care of with one of those laser things Kim was using on Real Housewives of Atlanta while eating pizza.Taylor is getting a bunch of filler done, but not filling herself out with food. Taylor can‘t help that her face is "genetically thin." Lisa is just a spectator for Paul‘s Night of Beauty. And Kim is late as usual. We finally get to see Kim on the live action end of her strange, disjointed phone calls. Kim decides she wants to blow up her lips some more ... a little. Read more »
One wife wines, another one whines, and one Richards sister talks about the other. Oh yes, it‘s a typical day in Real Housewives land!Let Her Cup Runneth Overflow with PinotOne of the Real Housewives of New York City‘s few remaining stars, Ramona Singer, has been accused of acting like a diva (shock!). It seems that not only has Ramona been bringing her own bottle of her Ramona Pinot Grigio to the restaurants she visits, but she is also demanding that upscale restaurants include her product on the menu while her show is shooting. She, of course, denies such willful behavior.  Read more »
This week, we discovered that Kim is on a combination of strong medications that make her appear drunk, tired, and nuts. Adrienne‘s husband, Paul, suggested Kim consult her psychiatrist or physician to re-evaluate this combination of meds. I say don‘t see a physician. I‘ve got all the meds the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills need right here at the BuddyTV Pharmacy.JEALOUSEC Read more »
On last week‘s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards dropped a bomb on her sister Kyle Richards when she told her she‘d was moving in with her new secret boyfriend of one year, Ken Blumenfeld. Read more »
The time has come for Kyle to meet Ken (Kim‘s secret boyfriend). Will he ALSO be wearing a white button up shirt? No, he‘s wearing a T-shirt and brought a handyman named Beto. Surely Beto will ease the tension! Kyle‘s trying so hard not to cry, and she notices Ken‘s wedding band promise ring. Promise ring, Kim? Kyle excuses herself to cry, and Ken thinks it went well. Maybe they are a good match!Apparently Kim‘s kids have told Kyle that they don‘t like Ken because he‘s controlling. Or maybe they don‘t like his crappy haircut. Aw, I don‘t know Ken. Maybe he‘s great. Kim should definitely get her meds reconfigured before she gives away too many promise rings. Read more »
It can be difficult to watch women yell at each other so much. Sometimes, it‘s easier to understand things in a different, more digestible format. Maybe a light-hearted limerick could elevate the mood! If you missed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, "Tempest in a Tea Party," here‘s all you need to know (this, and that Taylor got Paul to check her cosmetic rash through Lisa Vanderpump‘s gate, but I‘m getting ahead of myself!)Truth With a Capital Tea Read more »
The Real World has been doing it practically forever, but we‘ve now reached the point in reality television‘s life cycle when every show wants to bring back its ALL-STARS. And since Jon and Kate‘s eight kids aren‘t old enough yet, TLC has officially decided to jump on the bandwagon with Extreme Couponing All-Stars. Each episode of the seven-part series that will pit two of the original‘s most hardcore couponers in a head-to-head shopping battle. The rules are simple: Whoever can buy $500 worth of items at the highest percentage of savings in only 30 minutes wins. Thankfully, unlike regular Extreme Couponing, on which we frequently see the shoppers hoarding their purchases in an at-home stockpile, often with no intention of ever using some of the items ("but they were free!"), these grocery gets will all be donated. In the end, the best super-saver will be crowned after the top three couponers face off in one final bulk-buying battle.Watching Extreme Couponing get even MORE extreme will obviously be entertaining -- at least judging from this preview clip on -- but is it really necessary? Of course not. I consulted my co-worker Carla, and together, we thought of a few reality shows that would benefit a whole lot more from an all-stars season. If this all-stars trend is going to continue, here are some suggestions for shows that should consider bringing back their best of the best for an ultimate reality TV throwdown: Read more »
Lisa Vanderpump, star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is known for her sharp and often witty criticisms of her fellow housewives. And in true housewife fashion, she doesn‘t necessarily limit her snark to just the TV show.  Read more »
Oh god, we‘ve had a week away, but now we‘re right back at Lisa‘s tea party, being "honest." Why did Taylor put air quotes around "honest"? Anyway, Camille cut loose on Taylor and it was awesome because she was being all crazy. So Camille tells Taylor they never know if what she tells them about Russell abusing her is true because they never see any signs of physical abuse on her so they don‘t know what to believe.Oh yeah? Taylor just got a cosmetic surgery consultation at the gate while they were jibber jabbering, so you don‘t know what her maintenance schedule is like! Anyway, Camille gives one last point, "YOU need to be honest, because that‘s not cool," to Taylor and walks out. Taylor recovers, and makes it more about Lisa, her royal highness.  Read more »
Well now you can add Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof and her husband Dr. Paul Nassif to the list of people who aren‘t fans of Kim Richards‘ new boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld."Kim is a fantastic lady and Adrienne and I adore her. When I met Kim‘s new boyfriend, I had mixed feelings." Dr. Paul told Us Magazine, falling in line with other sources that have described Ken as "controlling." Read more »
On August 15, 2011, Russell Armstrong, husband of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong, took his own life. Besides the obvious tragedy that his family and friends had to deal with, Bravo was faced with setting a precedent about how to deal with the dark issues of real people in a reality TV medium that is often full of manufactured, lighthearted drama.After making the decision to salvage the footage they had been shooting since June 2011, Bravo aired a special ahead of the RHOBH season 2 premiere that showed fellow housewives Kim and Kyle Richards, Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer and Lisa Vanderpump along with their husbands gathered to discuss some of their feelings on Russell‘s death. By doing this, Bravo proved that they were not classless enough to ignore the entire situation or merely capitalize on the viewers the "drama" would bring in. They also pushed back the premiere date in order to edit some of the scenes that contained Russell and Taylor arguing. Read more »
Kevin Lee is the wedding planner who just won‘t go away. Why did they decide to hire him? And why did they go with those giant box invitations? Oh, they‘re not as big and pink after Kevin Lee put them together. They were each $150, but what does it cost to mail? Do you just have your own butler deliver them by hand? Then Kevin Lee ordered some kind of exploding pink vodka sorbet because he loves it and this is really Kevin Lee‘s wedding. Adrienne is working on her shoe line. She wants to design a shoe that she loves but is "practical for everybody." Practical like a 9 inch platform! Everybody can wear that every day! Practical like a diamond in the logo! Everyday women! Preposterous. Anyway, Adrienne is organizing a fashion show for a charity that benefits Women and Women.  Read more »
From the sublime wedding looks to the tragic aftermath of a troubled marriage. These housewives got it covered.One, Two, Three Times a JumpsuitThe Real Housewives of Atlanta star and newlywed Kim Zolciak received a lot of attention for her $58,000 wedding dress earlier this month. And that was just the first dress! Apparently the diva bride needed not one, but three wedding looks on her special day. Earlier this week, she tweeted a picture of the third wedding look. The Pnina Tornai is a Sworovski studded jumpsuit from Kleinfeld Bridal, of TLC‘s Say Yes to The Dress fame. Kim Z. fans will get to see more of her and Kroy‘s wedding when Bravo airs their new spin-off, Don‘t Be Tardy for the Wedding. Read more »
The Real Housewives of Miami may have gotten off to a lackluster start, especially compared to other cities in Housewives franchise, but if cast member Adriana De Moura has anything to do with it, that will change with the next season. Read more »
In this week‘s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Adrienne Maloof debuted her shoe line at the fashion show she hosted in her home. Of course on paper this sounds like quite a lovely event full of champagne and glamour, but to the housewives, it‘s just another excuse to start more drama.  Read more »
That was fast. Only four months after her husband‘s suicide, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong has announced she will release a memoir that shares details of her marriage to the late Russell Armstrong. Read more »
Kim Richards, star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has checked herself into rehab, Entertainment Tonight reports. Richards, 47, entered a treatment center for undisclosed issues, but has previously battled with alcoholism.  Read more »
Oh my god, after last week‘s shoe parade (snore), I have been anticipating this week‘s complete meltdown at Brandi‘s party SO hard. Who thought that Camille would be the reasonable one this season? Diamonds aren‘t a girl‘s best friend, D.D. is.First, more wedding planning with Krazy Kevin Lee! He has table settings to show them. The first is "King Arthur" and it has goblets and thrones and an overhang and a pink sword in a pink stone of roses (no, it doesn‘t have that). "Bling bling bling, we love the bling bling look." ‘Nuff said.  Read more »
Whether the housewives are defending strippers or denying accusations of being strippers, they really know how to bare all.  Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was explosive, to say the least. What at first glance seemed like a tiff between Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer -- in hindsight, with the knowledge of Russell Armstrong‘s suicide and Taylor‘s abusive marriage -- became the clear meltdown of a tortured woman. Read more »
This week‘s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was absolutely batsh*t insane. It was exciting to watch, in an "oh my god I can‘t believe this is happening" way, and uncomfortable to watch in a "sometimes I forget these are real, living people, not my Barbie dolls" way. But come on, not even our Barbies got into sh*t this real.And how real are these people? It‘s easy to forget, as we watch the Housewives lead their glittery lifestyles, booking camels for their parties and launching shoe lines and debating whether or not to choose the "King Arthur" place-setting for a pink and diamond-themed wedding. I think that‘s one of the reasons why we watch, though, because their problems aren‘t ours. Read more »
After Taylor Armstrong‘s meltdown on this week‘s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it‘s not surprising that her castmates would have plenty to say about the issue. Yesterday, a few of the RHOBH ladies took to their Bravo blogs to express their feelings about Taylor and the incident at Brandi‘s friend‘s Malibu home.  Read more »
Last week‘s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a hot mess. Who knew throwing a party would cause so much tension and rising tempers? Oh, wait, anyway...On tonight‘s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Pandora takes Lisa with her as she begins looking for the perfect wedding dress and Kyle and Kim do a little shopping of their own until a heart to heart leads to Kim breaking down. This emotional episode is destined to be great which is why we‘re doing a special giveaway! What is it? Read more »
Taylor went so nuts the last episode, I almost forgot about this whole Las Vegas thing. But we have to deal with it now. Do you want to win a Kooba bag, though? Click here to take the quiz about this episode, and you‘ll be entered to win. This bag is super cute, I want it, and there are only three questions for the quiz. If you already entered through watching RHOA, you can have a second entry with this quiz! Before Vegas, more Taylor stuff. Taylor and Lisa meet for lunch at Villa Blanca and Taylor is clearly hung over. She‘s not wearing much (any?) makeup, she ordered a pizza for herself, and she‘s making excuses.  Read more »
It‘s Tuesday, and last night the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills went to Vegas.  Here‘s the latest on what‘s going on with one RHOBH star who probably won‘t be hitting Sin City anytime soon, plus more from the other crazy realms of the Real Housewives: Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies split into two groups to visit Las Vegas on the same weekend. So, because everything with the ‘wives is a competition, which was the better Vegas party: Adrienne Maloof‘s just-for-the-hell-of-it girls‘ weekend party? Or Lisa Vanderpump and daughter Pandora‘s Bachelorette party? Let‘s do this incredibly necessary in-depth examination.  Read more »
Taylor Armstrong, star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has had a rough year. After the airing of season one, in which viewers saw troubles with her marriage to Russell Armstrong, he tragically took his own life after filming the Bravo series‘ second season.But will she return to do another season, after dealing with such trauma so publicly?  Read more »
Last week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the ladies jetted off to Vegas, separately. Lisa and Taylor hit up Pandora‘s bachelorette party while Adrienne and the others went for some casino fun. BuddyTV is in the holiday spirit this week  (again) and is giving away another Kooba bag! That‘s right, you have a second chance to win a must-have purse.  Read more »
For every Las Vegas episode and shoe fashion show, there is a Malibu party from Hell and a lawsuit from Russell. Well, Camille‘s number has come up, and now Russell is claiming that Camille made "false and slanderous remarks" that could hurt his business. Taylor told everyone about what Russell was doing, and then told Russell what Camille said. Adrienne and Paul are the ones relaying this information back and forth, and all this is happening right before Kyle‘s White Party. Now people don‘t want to go because they feel weird around Taylor and Russell. And what about Hawaii? Oh my god, Hawaii! Russell is ruining everything. Friends don‘t let friends threaten to sue friends.  Read more »
It‘s the most wonderful time of the year, and the stars of the Real Housewives are celebrating the holidays in their normal dramatic fashion. Here‘s what our little reality TV sugar plums have been up to lately. Read more »
While some of the Real Housewives received diamonds for Christmas, one received an indicted husband. No matter what was under these housewives‘ trees, their holiday drama is a gift to us. Here‘s what‘s going on in the crazy world of the ‘wives this week: Read more »
Despite reports earlier today that she‘d checked out, People says that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is still in rehab, and received a visit from her sister Kyle today. And People‘s anonymous source on the matter doesn‘t sound very optimistic:"She‘s doing okay," the source tells the mag. "Everyone is hoping for the best."We hope, for her sake and ours (she better be at this season‘s reunion!), that the best happens and Kim makes a full recovery. Read on for more of the latest from the land of the Housewives: Read more »
Weeks ago, we witnessed the horror of Kyle‘s White Party. They had to tell the Armstrongs to leave, and yet Kyle managed to make it about her. It is HER party, after all. So the Armstrongs closed the door on their limo, and Russell stares into the distance like the sociopath we all now know him to be. He threatens to fly Taylor back to Vegas, and she looks less than thrilled.But let‘s get to the real issue at hand. Who is this Dwight person, besides "Taylor‘s best friend," according to the caption? And why is Dana involved in all this, just jumping on board this whole conversation in her t-shirt dress that is too tight? Read more »
The new year has only just begun, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville barely waited until the stroke of midnight to start causing a stir. The former model and ex-wife of actor Eddie Cibrian got herself a new husband for 2012 after getting married in Las Vegas on New Year‘s Eve. Read more »
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards visited the Wendy Williams Show yesterday to chat about the important things in life: Brandi Glanville‘s drunken Vegas wedding, her sister Kim Richards‘ stay in rehab, and her sister‘s relationship with Ken "the gay bull mastiff" Blumenfeld.  Read more »
Life is good for the ladies of the Real Housewives! Fancy parties, exorbitant vacations, glamorous cover shoots, fabulous/drunken weddings -- how could life get any better? Here‘s what‘s going on in our favorite privileged ladies‘ universe lately.  Read more »
Since her husband Russell Armstrong‘s suicide, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong has been quite open about the tragedy and how she‘s dealing with it by appearing on several talk shows and even publishing a book, due out next month. Since Armstrong‘s death in August, other Bravo personalities have treated the subject with much sensitivity. Now, two of them are speaking out about the dark incident that has clouded this second season.  Read more »
After entering into rehab in early December, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has checked out, US Weekly is reporting. Read more »
As Adrienne and Paul hold hands on a rocky shore, Kim tries to pretend her relationships aren‘t rocky. She finally arrived in Lanai! Then she went into the room next to Kyle and Mauricio and didn‘t stop by to say hi! THEN she told everyone that Ken, who is retired, had to work on the day of their flight and that‘s why they were late. Even though everyone knew that Kim couldn‘t find her passport and rarely attends anything on time. It was just "easier" to make up a stupid lie!And it all comes to a head at Mauricio‘s birthday party. Lisa and Brandi make a funny pair, and I‘m glad they like each other now, just like we like Camille now! Everyone has a seat and after Kim flounders a little bit, Mauricio brings the full table‘s attention to Kim‘s dishonesty. Kyle calls it bullshit, and then the sisters side-eye one another‘s childishness.  Read more »
We love us some diva housewives (and former housewives). Here‘s what some of Bravo‘s fabulous wives and mommies have been up to since the new year.  Read more »
We‘re back from Hawaii just in time for the opening of Sur, Lisa‘s new bar/restaurant/whatever. It‘s for rich people! Kyle tells her daughter, Farrah, about Taylor leaving Russell as though it were an afterthought. But more importantly, Kyle has "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" thanks to her fight with Kim. Way to make light of PTSD, Kyle, it‘s cute and fun.Powder on the floor, must be Kim‘s hotel room as she prepares for the party! And also she accidentally put a vibrator in her purse that she didn‘t remember purchasing? Anyway, the hotel room is a mess and Kim asks Ken, in a quavery voice, to charge her phone as she gets her makeup done. Ken offers her a soda with ice, and she rolls her eyes because she doesn‘t like ice.  Read more »
It‘s been a very dramatic week in the world of the Real Housewives. Here‘s some gossip to hold you over until next week‘s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale. Read more »
This week‘s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had a high concentration of drama, even compared to other Housewives standards. Lisa Vanderpump‘s SUR restaurant opening reunited former adulterers, drug addicts and con-artists alike. Now Lisa is opening up about the the crazy evening on her Bravo blog.  Read more »
These days it seems that every Bravo Housewife feels entitled to her own spin-off show. Bravo currently airs only one successful spin-off, and that‘s former Real Housewives of New York City Bethenny Frankel‘s show, Bethenny Ever After. Our question for today: Which other housewives are rumored to be getting their own shows, and more importantly, which ones actually deserve it? (And no, being on Celebrity Apprentice does not count.) Read more »
After a tumultuous and sometimes torturous season, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will end on a high note Monday night. The blessed event of Lisa‘s daughter‘s wedding has finally arrived. But will all the arrangements and decorations at Vanderpump Manor come together in time? And will Lisa survive the wedding prep without killing Kevin Lee, the world‘s weirdest wedding planner? We‘ll have to wait and see. And things won‘t be quite so rosy elsewhere in the episode, as Bravo reveals that Taylor Armstrong will "reveal the unvarnished truth about her marriage." Watch a preview and two sneak peeks from Monday‘s RHOBH finale: Read more »
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale! The tuna tar-tar! The big Sur opening would have been a nice ending to things, but this way we get a wedding, and we can re-visit the meeting of the Housewives that happened at the beginning of the season, just weeks after Russell‘s suicide. Now we‘ve seen the season; now we have more information. Will it be weird to watch this extravagant Kevin Li wedding juxtaposed against the news of Russell‘s death? We will see!Before we can see all that, though, Paul has to get a colonoscopy. Then we have to hear him fart. More like colon open-parentheses! :( Read more »
Last night marked the explosive rather dull conclusion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 2. So of course, rumors about which Beverly Hills housewives will return for next season are already flying like crazy. Let‘s break down each of the ladies‘ chances of returning. Read more »
Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended last night, or rather, fizzled out slowly. What good can an episode really be without Kim Richards? At least we got a brief shot of La Toya dancing at Pandora‘s wedding. All that remains now is a messy, hellish reunion. There‘s rehab, a suicide, a domestic abuse memoir and all kinds of really dark things to talk about. But will Andy Cohen ask the questions that MATTER? Here is my list of questions I would like asked of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at the season 2 reunion.WHERE IS KIM? Read more »
The season ended with a whimper -- a beautiful, blessed whimper -- but The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills isn‘t over just yet, and there‘s more drama to be had in the two-part post-season reunion special.Grillmaster Andy Cohen will do his best to bring out the uncivil sides of this season‘s attendees -- Camille Grammer, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong, Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville -- whether it means asking them flat-out to rehash old arguments or to do silly impressions of each other. Sadly, the RHOBH castmember fans most want to hear give her side of things -- Kim Richards -- wasn‘t in attendance, and it looks like her sister Kyle will take the high road when it comes to discussing Kim‘s issues. Still, there‘s plenty for the ‘wives to dish -- and disagree -- about. Check out these clips from Monday‘s "Reunion Part 1."  Read more »
It looks like the chance of Taylor Armstrong returning for another season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just got even slimmer. The New York Daily News has new details about Taylor‘s late husband Russell Armstrong‘s $1.5 million lawsuit that may mean bad news for Bravo, which in turn could be bad news for Taylor.  Read more »
After checking herself into a rehab facility in December, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards missed the series‘ season two reunion taping. In clips from the special, Richards‘ co-stars, including sister Kyle, say that she‘s been doing well since seeking treatment, but that any further explanation should come from Richards herself.And that‘s exactly what viewers will get in a new third segment of the reunion special. Today Bravo released a preview revealing that Andy Cohen filmed a sit-down interview with Kim after she left rehab just weeks ago. In the preview (below), Cohen asks Richards why she entered treatment, and Richards admits, "I‘m an alcoholic. I‘m an alcoholic." Read more »
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong had been quite open about her husband Russell Armstrong‘s abusive behavior since his suicide last year. Now Us Weekly has an excerpt from her book, Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within, that goes into graphic detail about Russell and Taylor‘s destructive relationship. Read more »
If there‘s any member of the Housewives cast that may be able to remotely understand what Taylor Armstrong of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has gone through this season, it‘s Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kandi Burruss.  Read more »
After a strange, dark season, it‘s time for a strange and even darker reunion. Normally, this is when the women just get together to yell at one another. But this time, someone is in rehab and someone else killed himself, so ... Ha ha Adrienne put soap on the chicken! Some more observations on Part 1: I guess we can‘t get right into the suicide/abuse stuff, so that‘s why we‘re starting out with Camille and Brandi dancing and Kevin Li?  Read more »
What? Could some of the drama on the Real Housewives be less than real?In an unexpected turn during last night‘s first part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, the ladies of the cast ganged up on Lisa Vanderpump, seemingly trying to dethrone the Queen Bee of the Hills. And FOH (friend of the housewives) Brandi Glanville, never shy to  speak her mind, says that the ‘wives met before the reunion to devise a strategy to make Lisa look bad.  Read more »
Just like the wicked, there‘s no rest for the housewives. They‘re open for drama ‘round the clock. Here‘s some of the trouble they‘ve been getting into lately.  Read more »
Last week after the first part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion aired, Brandi Glanville claimed that her co-stars met before the reunion taping to plan an attack on Lisa Vanderpump. Now Kyle Richards, a friend of Lisa‘s and one of her foremost critics during Part One of the reunion, is saying that Brandi‘s statement is completely false.  Read more »
The drama on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is coming to a head, with only two reunion episodes left until season 2 wraps. The off-screen drama, however, never stops.  Read more »
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2 is afoot and this time, Brandi‘s in! That‘s good, because Part 1, although peppered with unabashed disdain for the late Russell Armstrong, was too much forced ganging up on Lisa, no? Now that Brandi is on the right couch, the sauce is a little more tempered. Let the games begin! Some observations as we navigate this portion of the reunion:I am so over the Kyle, Taylor, and Adrienne couch. It‘s like, as Brandi reported, they all got together beforehand and decided to be nit-picking bitches. Read more »
The Real Housewives of Orange County season 7 premiered last night, and cast member Alexis Bellino is hoping for a fresh start. She opened up about her journey this season in an interview with Celebuzz.  Read more »
In Monday‘s final leg of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 2 reunion, Kim Richards will join Andy Cohen to discuss her recent trip to rehab and shed light on her erratic, troubling behavior leading up to her admission that she is, indeed, an alcoholic.This sneak peek of the interview shows a more lucid, more serious Kim Richards than we‘ve seen this season. The conversation turns to season 2‘s infamous game night, when FOH Brandi Glanville accused Kim, who spent much of the night in the bathroom, of being on crystal meth. Andy asks Kim whether she owes Brandi an apology for the fight that ensued, to which Kim responds, "She owes me one, and I owe her one. The difference is that I owe her one for moving her crutches. She owes me one for basically hurting all the people I love."WATCH:  Read more »
Our little housewives are growing up! Here‘s a look at what some of the Real Housewives have been doing to keep busy outside filming their shows. Read more »
With only a little more than two weeks before the Dancing with the Stars season 14 cast is announced, it‘s high time that we start paying attention to some of the DWTS casting rumors floating around out there. Who might we see on the dance floor this spring? Which rumors seem more realistic than others. Keep reading for the full rundown on the Dancing with the Stars season 14 rumors. Read more »
Finally, at long last, the conclusion of this three part, mega Reunion. It hasn‘t been without its moments, though. I think Brandi is a really nice addition to the mix. Anyway, back to all the books Taylor has to sell! Some observations on the conclusion of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.Taylor would like to think Russell‘s death was a murder. But this is not as shocking as the revelation that Russell used to record and monitor her secretly. What the ffffffffffffivehundredthousanddollarsunglasses.  Read more »
Yesterday we celebrated our favorite Real Housewives couples, but not all is warm and fuzzy in these ladies‘ land of luxury. Let‘s get to the dirt on the latest Housewives gossip: Read more »
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong is all over the tabloids once again. This time, just six months after the death of her husband Russell Armstrong, RadarOnline is reporting that Taylor is having an affair with the attorney who is aiding her in the multi-million dollar lawsuit against Russell‘s company.  Read more »
We love the Real Housewives gossip almost as much as we love the shows themselves! Here‘s a look at what‘s been going on in the lives of our favorite fabulous first ladies of Bravo. Read more »
After experiencing a rough year with on-camera alcohol abuse and some time in rehab, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards says she is doing much better and wouldn‘t shy away from another season of the Bravo reality show.  Read more »
After a rough year dealing with divorce of her famous husband Kelsey Grammer, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer has finally come to a settlement in the battle of custody for their two children Mason, 10, and Jude, 7.  Read more »
The ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta are always getting into so much trouble, it‘s sometimes hard to keep track. That‘s why we do it for you. Here‘s what some of our favorite Rich Bitches have been up to lately.  Read more »
Still dragging from Daylight Savings Time this weekend? Here‘s some Real Housewives gossip to pick you up.  Read more »
It‘s the newest Beverly Hills trend! Get on a reality TV show and write a book to further rake in the dough. Brandi Glanville of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is literally taking a page out of her co-stars‘ books to write one of her own.  Read more »
Drama, drama, drama! Do these ladies ever stop? Ain‘t no rest for these wicked housewives. Here‘s what they‘ve been up to lately.  Read more »
The Real Housewives franchise is a little less bright today, as Saint Camille Grammer told US Weekly this weekend that she would not be returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for its third season.  Read more »
Last week, Camille Grammer announced that she would not be returning for the third season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now a source at RadarOnline is confirming which of the ladies will be back for another season.  Read more »
Did you catch what happened when all of the ladies of the Real Housewives gathered in NYC this week for the Watch What Happens Live All-Stars event? In case you missed it, here‘s some of the juicy gossip that was revealed about our favorite Housewives.  Read more »
In this month‘s issue of Glamour, the magazine conducted interviews with five of the daughters of the Real Housewives from their five major franchises. Here are some highlights from the interviews of what it‘s like for these girls to have their lives documented on reality TV.  Read more »
After much speculation on who would be returning for a third season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the departure of Queen Camille Grammer, insiders tell WetPaint that the new season has begun filming.  Read more »
Last week, rumors started circulating that although Taylor Armstrong would return for season three of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bravo was looking to phase her out during the season. Now a source at says that part of the reason they don‘t want her on the show is her drinking problem. Read more »
While it‘s an exciting new time for some housewives and their new shows, it‘s the curtain call for others. Here‘s the 411 on the most recent casting news and housewife drama.  Read more »
Yolanda Hadid, the former Dutch supermodel and fourth wife of music mogul David Foster, is set to join the cast for season three of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, according to RadarOnline.  Read more »
Just because some of the cast of the Real Housewives franchises aren‘t filming right now doesn‘t mean they‘re not getting into trouble. Here‘s what‘s been going on off-camera.  Read more »
The ladies of the 90210 have been keeping pretty busy, even in their off season. Here‘s what has been going on with our tanned Bravo goddesses lately.  Read more »
They may lead crazy lives in front of the camera, but most of these ladies are mothers too, and that‘s a full-time job, cameras or no cameras. Here‘s what some of these mommies have been up to lately.  Read more »
It‘s been almost a whole year since Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong‘s husband Russell Armstrong decided to take his own life. Yet Bravo executive Andy Cohen is still fielding questions about the network‘s involvement in Armstrong‘s death..  Read more »
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is known for her brutal honesty and now she is admitting to having violent feelings toward her ex Eddie Cibrian‘s new wife, LeAnn Rimes, according to RadarOnline.  Read more »
In this week‘s Housewives roundup, Taylor digs herself into a deeper hole, Sheree is still talking about her exit, Brandi goes to therapy and Teresa visits the Today Show.  Read more »
Soon after the wrap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 2, Camille Grammer announced she would not be returning for season 3 due to her wish to keep her children and new relationship more private. Now Queen Camille is changing her tune and saying she will come back next season. And the peasants rejoice!  Read more »
In this week‘s Real Housewives roundup, Kim has a fire scare, NeNe dispels rumors, a Housewives house is for sale and Bravo has a new summer ad.  Read more »
What‘s going on in the glossy lives of the Real Housewives lately? Well, you might be surprised how unglamorous even their lives can be at times:  Read more »
Being a Real Housewife has its ups and downs. Sometimes there are family troubles with the law, but they know how to goof off sometimes, too. Plus, you can always get a cosmetic procedure to boost your mood. Here‘s what the housewives have been up to lately.  Read more »
Update: Andy Cohen, executive VP of original programming and development at Bravo, has denied the claims of a new Real Housewives franchise on Twitter. Apparently the new show is not officially confirmed, but we can still dream, right? According to a source at, Bravo is planning on an addition to the Real Housewives franchise by adding a Real Housewives of Dallas.  Read more »