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The franchise moves towards the South, with BravoTV taking its audiences for a look at the posh lives of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Strong female minds continue the drama from Orange County and New York, and bring us a new perspective from the largest metropolitan city of Georgia.   Five glamorous Southern belles are featured, and we‘ll be getting to know DeShawn, Kim, Lisa, NeNe and Sheree throughout the show‘s run.  The series premiere will first be giving us a sneak peek into the lifestyle of DeShawn, the wife of professional basketball player Eric Snow of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  For the very first time, DeShawn sees her custom built mansion and marvels in it.  Meanwhile, Lisa the real estate maven attempts to juggle her family life and her numerous careers.   Busy with her vocations, she also manages a jewelry line, a baby clothing line, and dabbles in acting, modeling and writing as well. It seems like it needs a firm hand to administer all of this, and we might just learn a thing or two from Lisa‘s ways. Read more »
What‘s better than the on-screen drama is the behind-the-scenes conflicts that reality TV shows edit out.  Such is the case for BravoTV‘s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which had enough camera-worthy scenes left on the cutting room floor.  The drama already began even before the series aired, which makes us question just what they don‘t let us see.  Lisa Hu Hartwell, one of the women on the reality series, has revealed that she and her ex-husband, Keith Sweat, didn‘t agree on allowing their children on the series.  She wanted all three of her kids to be seen on the latest Real Housewives incarnation, but the RnB hitmaker Sweat got in the way.  Hartwell was hoping that she could share the experience with the kids, but Sweat didn‘t sign the waiver.  Read more »
Tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies encounter a psychic phenomenon, which will only add to the tension on this reality series.  The housewives must embark on a journey only to discover the inevitability of drama they are to face.  But if you‘ve seen this show before, you‘d know that that‘s nothing new.  They have to confront the high-class tears and trauma everyday anyway.On “Who‘s Your Poppa?,” the housewives travel to the countryside.  If that isn‘t enough of an ominous sign for you, then their reason for doing so shouldn‘t come as a surprise.  The Atlanta women set out to meet Kim‘s spiritual advisor.  The psychic reveals a prediction to them, which serves as a sort of warning.  The tension escalates and the ladies can‘t help thinking that bad news is on the way. Read more »
On the next episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the classy Southern belles are going to work together to raise some money for charity.  We‘ll have to see whether or not they can take all the hard work and produce a gala fit for royalty. For “Bring on the Bling,” DeShawn basks in the social scene of Atlanta by throwing a glamorous affair at her estate.  The housewives try their best to work together, doing what they can to put the “fun” in “fundraising.”  NeNe has volunteered to be the host of the event, but it takes so much effort for the other girls that they think they need some time off.   Read more »
No matter where they go, it seems as though the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta take their fame and glory with them.  They‘re everywhere these days, and they‘re definitely not slowing down.  Having since launched the show, they‘ve appeared with several celebrities to promote the reality TV series.  They hung out at television personality Andy Cohen‘s office, while later making an appearance on The Tyra Banks Show.  Now, they‘ve managed to find their way to E!News during the weekend.After their special dose of sass on The Tyra Banks Show, the Southern belles gained further success by accomplishing the events on their social calendars.  Die-hard fans will note how the classy ladies have been keeping busy with balancing their multi-faceted lives.  With a hit show like theirs, it‘s never going to be a question of stopping to smell the flowers. Read more »
Friendship is a funny and fun thing, but you‘re not going to laugh if you‘ve been the victim of a backstabbing blow.  You‘d think things couldn‘t be worse than having someone you trust betray you, except there‘s actually something far horrible: seeing it on reality television.  This is one hard lesson learned by two of the ladies on Bravo‘s The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  It was the camaraderie of Kim and Nene which was greatly tested, all because of a little music and alcohol.During the last episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Deshawn, Kim and Nene went out to dinner with their spouses.  The rift was caused because NeNe had too much to drink, leading her to make fun of Kim and her country singing career.  Everyone was laughing at the song NeNe created on the spot, which consisted of lyrics like “I‘m 29 but I look 89.”  You can see how this probably damaged Kim‘s ego, especially when NeNe belted out “Dallas Austin is helping me because of my mannnnn.”  Things weren‘t as heated until Lisa told Sheree about it, and she told Kim.  Read more »
If you think losing your cool on national television is well, cool, just ask Lisa Wu Hartwell how it‘s done.  Though the levelheaded wife of NFL player Ed Hartwell hasn‘t exploded on The Real Housewives of Atlanta yet, she surely will in due time.  She‘s done her best to stay away from the drama, but she assures viewers that she has her limits.  Straight from Lisa herself, news are buzzing with the information regarding the show‘s upcoming reunion special.  Even if it‘s set to air on November 25 on Bravo, the mother of three has already confirmed that her co-star Kim Zolciak has pushed her buttons far too much. Read more »
The Atlanta catfight has just evolved to an entirely new level of drama.  It doesn‘t seem as terrible when you see what‘s going on while the camera is rolling on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  However, the backstage backstabbing seems to have gone too far.  The conflict between Lisa Wu Hartwell and Kim Zociak just keeps getting worse, especially when threats are being sent through voicemail.  TMZ has released this video interview with The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kim, revealing a voicemail she received from her co-star, Lisa.  This is surely a surprise to many, as Lisa has been viewed as one who could handle her emotional outbursts on the show.  Most people would expect either Sheree or NeNe for this kind of thing, but apparently Lisa found that things were getting out of hand.  She needed to take control of matters, and realized that the best way was to confront Kim. Read more »
If there‘s one breakout star of Bravo‘s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it might be Sheree Whitfield. The ex-wife of an NFL star got off to a great start as the new queen of mean on reality TV when she threw a huge birthday bash in the series premiere, and though NeNe Leakes was invited, her name wasn‘t on the guest list, causing quite a scene.BuddyTV spoke to Sheree Whitfield about her experience on the show, the things not shown on TV, and her inspirational message for viewers. Continue reading to listen to our exclusive interview and to read the full transcript. Read more »
The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the third incarnation of the Bravo hit reality franchise, following Orange County and New York. What sets Atlanta apart is the diversity, as nearly all the housewives this time are African-American. Real estate entrepreneur NeNe Leakes got off to a rocky start on the show when she was blacklisted from Sheree Whitfield‘s fancy party.BuddyTV spoke to NeNe Leakes about her decision to participate on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, dealing with her new celebrity status, what the cameras didn‘t show, which of the other housewives she‘s closest with now, and her future plans in television. Continue reading to listen to our exclusive interview and to read the full transcript. Read more »
Though it feels like it just started, tonight makrs the first season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Real Housewives franchise is a bonanza for Bravo, so another season of the Atlanta ladies is not out of the question.BuddyTV spoke to DeShawn Snow, one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, about her experience on the show. She spoke about watching it with her family, her NBA husband, and her relationship with the other housewives. Continue reading for a full transcript and to listen to our exclusive interview. Read more »
It‘s no surprise that The Real Housewives of Atlanta made it this far.  The first season finale, “Best of Enemies,” just aired last night to a fair amount of success, and already the fans are yearning for more.  BravoTV has the solution, as usual.  It has recently launched preview videos of next week‘s hugely anticipated reunion special.  “Best of Enemies” marked the appearance of Project Runway designer, Mychael Knight.  Sheree‘s failed fashion show taught her that it‘s best to start small, so she seeks advice from experts in the field.  Read more »
The women of The Real Housewives of Atlanta might have had enough of each other, but their fans surely want more.  After the network released the series‘ season finale last week, they‘re bringing back the ladies for a reunion.  This is one confrontation special you wouldn‘t want to miss.  Southern belles NeNe Leakes, DeShawn Snow, Sheree Whitfield, Lisa Wu-Hartwell, and Kim Zolciak reunite to finally set things straight among themselves.  Prepare for the drama, breakdowns and showdowns, because the ladies are giving a full-on battle.  Fans expect to see Kim tearing up with NeNe and Lisa unleashing their anger.  Read more »
The first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta couldn’t have survived without the drama brought full-swing by Kim Zolciak.  In just a few months, we witnessed her turn her back on her best friend NeNe, find solace in Sheree, and face the wrath of the country music industry.  She also boosted ratings and her popularity with her romance with the mysterious millionaire Big Papa, while raised a few eyebrows with claims about her age and her hair.  After hearing about her from a melee of sources, we finally get a chance to listen to what Kim has to say.  She recently addressed the rumors during an interview, beginning with the most heated topic of all: NeNe.  Read more »
It was the reunion special that did it for The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  The strategy was simple for the showrunners, relying heavily on drama and the conflicting nature of the ladies they cast in the show.  With much of the hype dragging in viewers for that single episode, the ordeal brought about much success. It‘s no surprise that audiences tuned in to the hit series.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta was packed with petty arguments among the privileged, a recurring and popular theme in this day and age.  Viewership for the reunion special easily outdid its previous season finale, and produced more than double the average ratings for the season.  Read more »
Known as the self-proclaimed “breakout star” of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes has reportedly lost her posh 5-bedroom home.  She and her real estate investor husband, Greg Leakes, moved out of their residence after they were given an eviction notice for failing to pay $ 6,240 in rent.  The couple was said to have left the Duluth, GA house, which was featured in the Bravo reality TV series, in November.  According to several sources, Winwood properties filed an eviction notice last September.  The house‘s broker, Daryl Pierce, revealed what supposedly happened.  The notice informed the public that “The tenant said they would move by Sept. 14th because they could no longer afford the house.”  Read more »
It seems that The Real Housewives of Atlanta has emerged as the most successful Real Housewives franchise thus far.  The show was Bravo‘s first docu-drama ever to break the 2 million viewer mark among adults 18-49.  The series also averaged 1.13 million adults 18-49 and 1.495 million total viewers, with the reunion special garnering the title as the highest rated Real Housewives franchise telecast ever among adults 18-49 and total viewers, with 2.055 million adults 18-49 and 2.817 million total viewers tuning in.  Given its groundbreaking performance, it‘s no surprise that Bravo has decided to renew the hit series. Read more »