Articles for The Rachel Zoe Project Season 1

It seems networks can’t get enough of reality shows nowadays.  From surviving the outdoors to taking on the civic industries to living the insane, chaotic college life, cameras have now made it a habit to follow both celebrities and non-celebrities alike.  In fact, Bravo has cooked up yet another reality series for those who are craving for a fix.  The network says that they’re bringing us a “docu-drama” which follows celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, the renowned name behind stylish celebrities Anne Hathaway, Lindsey Lohan and Cameron Diaz.The new series is titled The Rachel Zoe Project, and debuts tonight on Bravo.  While Rachel Zoe might be blamed for the “size zero” trend in Hollywood, she hopes to shed some light in her real life plight as a high-profile stylist working hard to deliver the best. Read more »