Articles for The Practice Season 8

Lisa Gay Hamilton was noted for her role as Rebecca Washington on the television series The Practice.  Initially, she worked as the firm’s receptionist and occasional paralegal.  But unknown to anyone at the firm, she attended law school at night for a several years and even passed the bar exam.  Subsequently, she worked for Bobby Donnell when he opened his first practice as a solo practitioner.  In the long run, producers had to let go of her character due to plot changes and budget cuts. Read more »
Dylan McDermott drew attention when he was cast on the legal drama The Practice.  From 1997 to 2003, he portrayed the character Bobby Donnell for which he earned several nominations and a Golden Globe award.  He worked as a senior partner of the firm who appeared to be passionate in his profession and sensitive to his coworkers.  Throughout the series, he was torn between his personal moral principles and his ethical obligations to his clients.  Eventually, this struggle led to his departure from the show as he suffered from a nervous breakdown.  In the end, he returned as a guest star for the show’s final two episodes. Read more »
Steve Harris was popularly known for his role on the legal drama The Practice.  His character, Eugene Young, was an attorney who struggled with his conscience, but was more strongly devoted to the letter of the law than Bobby Donnel (Dylan McDermott) or Jimmy Berluti (Michael Badalucco).  From 1997 to 2004, he was part of the principle cast of the show as the second highest-ranking partner at the firm who eventually became senior partner during the show‘s final season.  In the coming months, the 41-year-old African-American actor will be gracing several acting projects set for release within the year. Read more »
Camryn Manheim became a household name when she was cast on ABC‘s The Practice.  Best known for her award-winning role as Ellenor Frutt, she portrayed another partner at the firm and a single mother who often struggled with issues related to her weight and appearance.  She provided comic relief on the legal drama with the fact that nearly all her friends were murderers, and lingered on the show until the end of its run in 2004.  At present, the 46-year-old actress continues to be seen onscreen with her guest roles, regular television gig, as well as her upcoming TV-movie project. Read more »
The Practice star Kelli Williams hasn‘t been as successful after her run on the successful legal drama ended.  Her most recent appearances were in less successful television programs such as Medical Investigation and the recently-cancelled Men in Trees.  Now, she‘s been given another role, this time in an upcoming pilot to be aired on Fox.Williams was cast as the female lead in Lie to Me, a television pilot co-produced by 20th Century Fox and Imagine Productions.  The series hopeful marks the debut of veteran British film actor Tim Roth as an American series regular.  Here, Roth plays Cal Lightman, a researcher in the field of “deception detection.”  Williams plays her colleague, Dr. Gillian Foster, who assists him on his cases.  Also cast in the pilot are Brendan Hines (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Monica Raymund (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit). Read more »
Over the course of most of this summer, thinking about the season 3 finale of Fringe has caused a mental condition most accurately described as silent screaming. Don‘t get me wrong -- it‘s been a good kind of screaming. The silent screams were mostly of "What happened there?", "What are they going to do next?" and "Peter!!!" variety. It‘s now time for those silently-screamed questions to be replaced by answers. Spoilers involving Peter‘s return, new relationships between old characters and some guest casting do this well. Read more »
Steve Harris would do well to look on the bright side. If his show, Awake (which airs Thursdays on NBC at 10pm), is cancelled during or after its critically-acclaimed first season run, he can certainly fall back on a career in sales.In a scene that evoked memories of Ben Affleck in Boiler Room, Harris met a trio of reporters at 30 Rockerfeller Plaza on Monday, and made a sales pitch for Awake that rivaled anything Affleck offered in the 2000 cult classic. Read more »
CBS isn‘t doing a whole lot with dramas for the 2013-2014 TV season. With only three new dramas ordered, it‘s the smallest scripted drama order in more than five years. But they don‘t need it.  Read more »