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 When The Originals Season 2 begins, Marcel is in a very different position than he was back when the series initially premiered. He‘s no longer the King of New Orleans and instead finds himself in exile on the other side of the river.Charles Michael Davis spoke with reporters this summer about Marcel‘s situation, romantic possibilities, relationship with Davina and more in our video interview. Read more »
Over the last ten years, TV viewers have been treated to some incredibly dynamic, engaging and downright threatening bad guys for our heroes to toil against. A select few of them, like Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time and Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, somehow, against all odds, not only became a good guy but even the love interest for a main character.This coming Thursday on The Vampire Diaries, Elena will continue mourning the loss of Damon, who, in the first season, had to be locked up by Stefan because of all the people he was murdering in Mystic Falls. He went from being a monster to being an essential hero and the current love of Elena‘s life. Read more »
In this week‘s episode of The Originals, "Every Mother‘s Son," Esther arranges to have dinner with Klaus and Elijah. Vincent‘s true identity is exposed. Elijah turns to a witch for help. And Esther makes Haley an offer she may not be able to refuse.Martha Stewart doesn‘t have a thing on mama Mikaelson. When she invites her boys to dinner, no ordinary phone call will do. Just a bit of magic and a hand-delivered invite complete with live animals. Read more »
In this week‘s episode of The Originals, "Alive and Kicking," Cassie tries to find out what Davina is hiding. Marcel and Elijah join forces. Hayley returns to the bayou to recruit allies. And Klaus figures out Cassie‘s true identity. Read more »
When we left Crescent City last season, baby Hope was handed off to Auntie Beks to raise while the rest of the city was led to believe the miracle baby died. Klaus and Marcel mended fences. Hayley was a hybrid with no remaining signs of baby weight. Davina resurrected Mikael. Francesca and the Guerrera wolves were running the city. And Esther was back. In this week‘s season 2 premiere of The Originals, "Rebirth," Klaus and Elijah set about retrieving the moonlight rings. Hayley adjusts to life as a hybrid. Marcel begins recruiting a new army. And Esther, Kol and Finn settle into their new identities. Read more »
In this week‘s episode of The Originals, "Live and Let Die," Vincent‘s plan to recruit new werewolves creates an unlikely alliance. Klaus discovers Davina and Mikael‘s whereabouts. Cami tries to help Klaus work through his daddy issues. And Elijah is taken prisoner.While Marcel and his new posse are currently content to hang on the other side of the river, the werewolves have other plans. Now answering to Lenore, they crash a very chill vamp gathering to issue a warning: leave town or else. Read more »
It‘s that time of the year again as some of our favorite shows wrap up for the holidays and go on hiatus but not before leaving fans with shocking and agonizing cliffhangers. The CW already released the fall finale dates for its eight scripted dramas including The Originals, The Flash, Supernatural, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Reign, Jane the Virgin and The 100. Though it seems like some of these shows just started or just came back,  fans will soon have to bid farewell as their favorite shows take a break.  Read more »
In this week‘s episode of The Originals, "Red Door," Lenore plays some serious mind games with Elijah. Klaus is forced to hunt down Mikael when he takes Cami hostage. And Davina learns Kaleb‘s true identity. With the demise of poor Tom last season on TVD, and the mass exodus of Markos and the Travelers, it seemed as if the doppelganger storylines were finally finished. Turns out, not so much. In this week‘s episode, we get to meet the "original doppelganger," Tatia. This is just an excuse to lure TVD fans into watching The Originals by doing a crossover of sorts. Read more »
In this week‘s episode of The Originals, "Wheel Inside the Wheel," Hayley is reunited with Jackson in her effort to save Ollie. Cami learns Vincent‘s true identity. Lenore has a heart-to-heart chat with Klaus. A big Mikaelson family secret is revealed. And Klaus is shaken to his core by an encounter with a stranger.The search is on for Elijah. Klaus knows Esther is holding him captive, but where is the big question. Hayley wants to help, but Klaus benches, her seeing his baby mama as a probable liability. Read more »
In this week‘s episode of The Originals, "Chasing the Devil‘s Tail," Kaleb and Davina grow closer. Hayley seeks revenge against Esther by going after something the witch holds dear. And Klaus goes on a hunt for a cure for Elijah and encounters an unexpected companion.Elijah may be home, but he is still fighting his inner demons, locked in battle inside his own mind. He‘s dreaming of his younger self, warning pre-vamp Elijah of the monster he will become. Klaus tries to get into his thoughts. Klaus tells E that their mother thinks she will win because he is on his own. All Klaus wants to do is help end whatever torment his mother has forced upon his older brother. Read more »
In this week‘s episode of The Originals, "The Brothers That Care Forgot," Klaus tries to convince his brothers to abandon their mother and align with himself and Elijah. Jackson and Hayley find a way to unify the wolves. And Rebekah is forced to go on the run with Hope. Never one to miss an opportunity, Klaus urges Vincent and Kaleb to side with him and Elijah against Lenore in this most recent Mikaelson family squabble. Kaleb isn‘t the problem so much as Vincent. Even though Klaus tries to play the brother card, Vincent isn‘t as forgiving as his other siblings when it comes to Klaus‘ constant daggering over 1,000 years. Vincent, a complete mama‘s boy since TVD, doesn‘t see the benefit in putting all his eggs in Klaus‘ basket, citing that loyalty to Klaus is necessarily rewarded. Vincent then questions the whereabouts of their sweet sister. Read more »
Klaus and Hayley will be reunited with their daughter, Hope, on The Originals Season 2 Episode 9, "The Map of Moments," when they meet up with Rebekah and Elijah at the safe house. They have plenty of threats to worry about and important decisions to make. Read more »
In this week‘s mid-season finale of The Originals, "The Map of Moments," Klaus and Hayley are reunited with Hope. Hayley tells Elijah she‘s planning to marry Jackson. Kaleb gets a little payback. And Rebekah and Klaus come up with a plan to take down Esther.When we last left off, Klaus and Hayley were racing off to meet up with Rebekah and be reunited with their baby daughter. Elijah was indiscriminately killing thanks to Esther. Cami found out she was to be the vessel for Beks. Everybody, except Vincent, decided to put their differences aside and vowed to work together to take down the Original witch. Hayley and Jackson announced they would marry in as part of an ancient werewolf ritual, therefore combining their powers and enabling all wolves who attend the ceremony to absorb Hayley‘s ability to change at will. And a bunch of other stuff. It‘s fall finale time, which means a show needs to cram as many shocking plot twists into an episode to tide viewers over until January. So, away we go. Read more »
The CW was extremely busy on Sunday, renewing all eight of its scripted shows from the fall for next year. That‘s right, Jane the Virgin and The Flash were both renewed for second seasons, The Originals, Reign and The 100 were picked up for season 3, Arrow is coming back for season 4, The Vampire Diaries will enter season 7 and Supernatural is returning for season 11.  Read more »
The Original family has expanded during The Originals Season 2 and it hasn‘t been a positive reunion for Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. The situation for them is only going to get worse. BuddyTV spoke with Executive Producer Michael Narducci about the decision to bring back the Original parents and siblings, the extent of their stay, the challenges facing Rebekah in her new witch body and Finn‘s plans. Read more »
On this episode of The Originals, "Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire," Hayley and Klaus return to the city to deal with Finn. Rebekah learns more about her new surroundings and tries out her new powers. Finn casts a dangerous spell. And Klaus learns of Kol‘s betrayal.Klaus may have defeated Esther, but his family troubles are far from over. Because Finn is on the loose thanks to Mikael, he has brought love interest Cami to the safe house in Arkansas where Elijah and Hayley are still holed up with Hope. Cami is thrilled to see the baby is alive and well since she was harboring some guilt over what she believed to be her role in the infant‘s (fictitious) death. Read more »
The Mikaelson family first arrived in New Orleans back in 1722. Their first stay in the Louisiana has been briefly shown through flashbacks on The Originals. The show‘s creator and executive producer, Julie Plec, has written a series of novels to delve deeper into the family‘s history. Read more »
On this episode of The Originals, "Brotherhood of the Damned," Marcel struggles to lead the vampires while suffering from a wolf bite, Finn gathers his brothers together in an unorthodox fashion, and Hayley and Jackson move forward with the wedding.Marcel, his newbie vamps and Kol all remain trapped in the compound. Whatever mojo Davina and Kol did to temporarily lift Finn‘s spell apparently can‘t be replicated. To make the situation more dire, Marcel got bitten by one of the wolves and is in need of some Klaus blood, stat. Read more »
In this episode of The Originals, "Sanctuary," Beks makes a new and powerful ally. Finn interrogates Marcel. And Klaus forbids Hayley to marry Jackson.The Originals has been a bit of a sausage fest of late, so it‘s nice to see attention shift back to my favorite Original sibling, Beks. Still trapped in the Dowager‘s Cottage, a sleeping Beks dreams of the mysterious girl in black, who we all guess by now to be her long-lost sister Freya. Freya looks very similar to the girl in The Ring movies, and girlfriend could definitely stand to run a comb through her hair. Read more »
In this episode of The Originals, "The Devil is Damned," Finn and Freya join forces to find Hope. Jackson and Hayley‘s wolf pack grows larger. And Kol and Klaus are forced to trust each other in order to stop Finn. Now that Finn knows Hope is alive and well, he‘s desperate to locate her. Because she is under the protection of a cloaking spell, he‘s having a difficult time. He‘s interrupted by Freya, who has had an extreme makeover since we last saw her, and she‘s as gorgeous as the rest of her siblings. Read more »
In this episode of The Originals, "I Love You, Goodbye," Jackson and Hayley tie the knot. Klaus reveals his latest sinister plan to Elijah. Davina and Beks work to save Kol. And the werewolves learn that Hope is alive and well.Cami is on the run with Hope. After watching the safe house blow up, she‘s understandably freaked. She stops at a deserted roadside place to make use of something called a pay phone, a quaint free-standing phone that you can feed change into in order to make a phone call. All but extinct in this country, apparently a few can be found in less technologically advanced, rural areas in places like Arkansas. Cami gets the bejesus scared out of her when one medium rare Elijah creeps up on her. Read more »
In this episode of The Originals, "They All Asked for You," Freya reunites with family members in preparation to battle Dahlia. Beks finds out the identity of the body she‘s occupying -- the news isn‘t good. And Klaus tries to fracture the wolf pack. Not  a lot of attention has been paid to the woman whose body Kol commandeered for his dear sweet sis, but it looks like we‘re all about to find out. While out in the Quarter, Beks has an encounter with some shady guys. She takes off and winds up cornered in an alley. Girlfriend has not figured out how to use her power, so she‘s basically a sitting duck. Lucky for her, Marcel sweeps in and saves the day. Rebekah also learns that Marcel already knows her true identity. Read more »
The CW has announced the season finale dates for seven of its current shows. For two weeks in May, the CW will end its current line-up of scripted shows, starting with the ends of Jane the Virgin and The Originals on May 11 and ending with the season 10 finale of Supernatural on May 20.  Read more »
In this episode of The Originals, "Save My Soul," Klaus spends some quality time getting to know big sister Freya. Marcel looks to Vincent for information about Eva Sinclair. Jackson realizes his Alpha status may be in jeopardy. And Rebekah finds it increasingly difficult to suppress Eva.At the end of the previous episode, Eva Sinclair emerged and was up to her old tricks. Unlike the other bodies that the Mikaelsons have commandeered this season, Eva isn‘t letting hers go without a fight. This puts Beks in a bit of a pickle since it‘s going to be tough for her to keep a low profile. Not to mention that it puts Elijah‘s deal with Josephine LaRue in jeopardy. Read more »
In this episode of The Originals, "Exquisite Corpse," Eva Sinclair‘s true intentions are revealed. Klaus is forced to ask Freya for help in rescuing Rebekah. Freya is reunited with Esther. And Josephine foretells of a big bad coming to NOLA.While Rebekah is rattling around somewhere in the recesses of Eva Sinclair‘s body and mind, the body‘s rightful owner has re-emerged full-time and is singular in focus. True, Beks has grown increasingly soft over the years and, since leaving Mystic Falls, has become almost as docile as a pussy cat, but even at her worst, Rebekah didn‘t target children like Eve -- Miss Sinclair if you‘re nasty. Read more »
The threat of Dahlia becomes real on The Originals Season 2 Episode 18, "Night Has a Thousand Eyes," when she shows up in New Orleans with one thing on her mind -- Baby Hope. Will the Original Family be able to band together to protect the youngest of their clan? Read more »
In this episode of The Originals, "Night Has a Thousand Eyes," Aiden‘s allegiance to Jackson grows shakier. Freya is reunited with her aunt. And Klaus chooses an unlikely ally to help him defeat Dahlia (Claudia Black). We‘ve been waiting with baited breath for the arrival of the infamous Dahlia, and at long last, she has arrived. Like some other Mikaelsons we know, she‘s big on showmanship, so she doesn‘t just show up on the doorstep of the Mikaelson fortress with a bundt cake, but she makes her presence known in other ways. She uses proxies, or any poor sap in the Quarter, to watch her enemies from afar. Read more »
In this episode of The Originals, "When the Levee Breaks," Klaus clashes with Elijah and Hayley on how to best protect Hope. Aiden finally picks a side. Freya gives Rebekah and Elijah an ultimatum. Dahlia gets dangerously close to Hope. And Josh suffers a devastating loss.Dahlia‘s thrown down the gauntlet to Klaus and company. Either hand over Hope or suffer the consequences. Even with the wicked witch breathing down his neck, Klaus is in an exceptionally good mood. It is most likely to do with the fact that he finally got rid of Mikael for good. His siblings don‘t share his carefree mood. Elijah is anxious to talk strategy, and Beks is mildly traumatized after witnessing her brother kill her daddy. Read more »
In this episode of The Originals, "City Beneath the Sea," Dahlia gives Klaus a glimpse into her and Freya‘s past and reveals some startling information about Hope. Elijah is determined to fight Dahlia without Klaus. And Vincent helps Rebekah and Davina with a spell.If you thought that since Klaus was daggered it would provide his "friends" and family ample time to completely screw the pooch when it came to dealing with Dahlia, you were wrong. Dahlia wouldn‘t allow something like unconsciousness get in the way of her evil machinations. So while Klaus slumbers, Dahlia does a spell that transports his consciousness into hers in order to continue negotiations regarding Hope. Read more »
In this episode of The Originals, "Fire with Fire," Klaus and Dahlia join forces to find Hope. Davina campaigns to become regent of the nine covens. Rebekah takes a huge risk. And Cami takes on a pivotal role in the battle against Dahlia.A storm is brewing in the French Quarter, literally and metaphorically. Dahlia‘s up to no good, and apparently she needs thunder and lightening to make her even more ominous. Yes, she also whips up a nasty squall to keep Jackson and Hayley from going off the grid, but the storm is a nice backdrop for all the drama. Read more »
In the season 2 finale of The Originals, "Ashes to Ashes," a new plan to defeat Dahlia is revealed. Rebekah and Elijah must overcome their anger at Klaus to conquer their shared foe. And Davina finally has everything she needs to resurrect Kol, but her plans are unexpectedly derailed. Klaus may have exacted some serious payback against the people who betrayed him -- Hayley, Jackson, Rebekah and Elijah -- but it was an added bonus because his despicable actions were also part of his grand master plan to protect Hope from Dahlia and get rid of his aunt for good. Her offer to let him single parent his daughter while she channeled his daughter‘s magic wasn‘t as tempting as we might have thought. Read more »
The Upfronts are finally over with the CW becoming the last network to reveal its line-up for the 2015-2016 TV season. With nine returning hour-long scripted shows (Hart of Dixie and The Messengers were the only programs the CW cancelled this past year), there‘s very little room on the schedule for new content.  Read more »