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 When The Originals Season 2 begins, Marcel is in a very different position than he was back when the series initially premiered. He‘s no longer the King of New Orleans and instead finds himself in exile on the other side of the river.Charles Michael Davis spoke with reporters this summer about Marcel‘s situation, romantic possibilities, relationship with Davina and more in our video interview. Read more »
When we left Crescent City last season, baby Hope was handed off to Auntie Beks to raise while the rest of the city was led to believe the miracle baby died. Klaus and Marcel mended fences. Hayley was a hybrid with no remaining signs of baby weight. Davina resurrected Mikael. Francesca and the Guerrera wolves were running the city. And Esther was back. In this week‘s season 2 premiere of The Originals, "Rebirth," Klaus and Elijah set about retrieving the moonlight rings. Hayley adjusts to life as a hybrid. Marcel begins recruiting a new army. And Esther, Cole and Finn settle into their new identities. Read more »
Over the last ten years, TV viewers have been treated to some incredibly dynamic, engaging and downright threatening bad guys for our heroes to toil against. A select few of them, like Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time and Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, somehow, against all odds, not only became a good guy but even the love interest for a main character.This coming Thursday on The Vampire Diaries, Elena will continue mourning the loss of Damon, who, in the first season, had to be locked up by Stefan because of all the people he was murdering in Mystic Falls. He went from being a monster to being an essential hero and the current love of Elena‘s life. Read more »
In this week‘s episode of The Originals, "Alive and Kicking," Cassie tries to find out what Davina is hiding. Marcel and Elijah join forces. Hayley returns to the bayou to recruit allies. And Klaus figures out Cassie‘s true identity. Read more »
In this week‘s episode of The Originals, "Every Mother‘s Son," Esther arranges to have dinner with Klaus and Elijah. Vincent‘s true identity is exposed. Elijah turns to a witch for help. And Esther makes Haley an offer she may not be able to refuse.Martha Stewart doesn‘t have a thing on mama Mikaelson. When she invites her boys to dinner, no ordinary phone call will do. Just a bit of magic and a hand-delivered invite complete with live animals. Read more »

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