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Adam Brody & Rachel BilsonCharacters: Seth Cohen & Summer RobertsShow: The OCThese two have kept The OC afloat during rough creative stretches and have generally been the highlight of the show over its first three seasons. Their chemistry is palpable and are the sources of often raucous humor. Start Page / #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
Last week, we had the honor of sitting down with Josh Schwartz, the mastermind behind The OC, for an exclusive BuddyTV interview. Josh created The OC at the age of 26, becoming the youngest person to ever be in charge of the day-to-day operations of a major TV show. We talked about the origins of The OC, the creative resurgence of the fourth season, and the the show‘s future.The OC airs on FOX every Thursday at 9PM ET/PT.BuddyTV: You were the youngest person to ever be in charge of a prime time network TV show. How did you get into the business at such a young age? Read more »
Well, so it begins. The carousel is getting started and the under performing television programs are meeting their inevitable fates. I don‘t totally disagree with anything that either FOX or NBC are doing, but I always question the point of producing shows that any normal guy could see were destined for failure.Who on earth thought that the Lithgow/Tambor golden years comedy 20 Good Years would succeed? Anyone? Well, no more. 20 Good Years has been given the old boot and will be replaced by, to add insult to injury, a special two-hour edition of The Biggest Loser. Ouch.Here‘s the complete rundown of the changes: Read more »
We just got this tip from The CW Source, a blog that covers all things CW. They cite this story from TVGuide‘s Michael Ausiello, that hits on the possibility of The OC moving to The CW Network following this season. I‘m not sure what to make of this right now, except to say it wouldn‘t be the first time something like this has happened. Buffy the Vampire Slayer moved from the WB to UPN late in its run. The move went seamlessly.FOX has showed very little faith in The OC over the past two seasons and it‘d be nice if the show went to a network that actually cared. The OC has been absolutely spectacular this year and it‘d be a real shame if it were to end after this season.  Read more »
Variety has announced that NBC has ordered production of three high-profile pilots. All three are dramas that are quite unlike anything NBC currently has on air. NBC, despite what I believe to be a severe improvement in the quality of its shows (just this year, they‘ve brought us 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and Heroes), the Peacock still toils away behind ABC and CBS. NBC has begun taking chances, which is admirable, and they seem to believe that ratings will eventually be born of quality. This is the correct state of mind for a network. It‘s nearly impossible to predict what show will be a hit, especially at the script stage.These are the three pilot orders: Read more »
Who would think that being geeky can be so sexy? For Adam Brody, life as a geek turns out to be triumphantly sweet. He proves that his wit, humor and ability to deliver Seth Cohen‘s character on the popular series The O.C. earns him the right to be called one of the "25 hottest stars under 25" in 2004 and 2005 by Teen People. Moreover, his nerdy and comical character comes out to be sexily appealing to the viewers as this upshot numerous recognitions like "Young Hollywood Hot 20" by US Weekly, Elle Girl Magazine Coolest Guy Celeb and Coolest TV Star, and winner of Teen Choice Awards for Choice Actor for Drama in 2004, 2005 and 2006.  Read more »
Charming, alluring and attractive, Rachel Bilson is definitely one of the hottest items on television nowadays. Her inclusion in the popular drama series The O.C. got her three awards such as "Choice Hottie Female", "Choice TV Actress (Drama)" and "Best Onscreen TV Chemistry" (with former boyfriend Adam Brody).  Read more »
FOX has made it official: The OC will end after four seasons. In an announcement that has been expected for some time, with the fate of the once popular teen drama long being the source of much speculation, FOX has finally hammered the final nail in The OC‘s coffin. The season and series finale will air on February 22.Creator Josh Schwartz, in our interview with him last month, expressed that he would be open to a season 5, but it became fairly clear that a fifth season was unlikely. FOX has not been supportive of The OC over the past couple years, which is a shame. This was evidenced, quite clearly, when FOX ordered only sixteen episodes of the show this season, instead of the typical twenty-two. Read more »
Every time a show is canceled, be it an underdog like Surface, or a legendary dreadnought like The O.C., stalwart fans will launch into action threatening the offending network with email and snail-mail campaigns of epic proportions. The O.C.‘s bid for continued life began when the cancellation was a mere murmur with the defiant, and aptly named, Save The O.C. blog. The site has generated a fervent following of O.C. zealots, but is it having an impact?  Read more »
December is one of the more interesting TV months of the year. It‘s not the summer, when most shows are off the air, but it might as well be. With far more reruns than original episodes, December is a month that allows TV watchers to catch up with episodes of their favorite shows that they‘ve happened to miss. Viewers also want to prepare for the big shows that will be either premiering or returning in January.Our BuddyTV Fan Popularity Rankings (FPR) reflect this. Last month, we took the FPRs and juxtaposed them with Nielsen ratings to get a truer look at the actual popularity of a TV show. This month, we‘re going to look back at the weekly FPRs in December and see if we can decipher their meaning. Read more »
Next week will be the final episode and series finale of The OC. Last week we were left in a state of shock as an earthquake shook up Newport. In tonight‘s penultimate episode of The OC, "The Night Moves," everyone tries to find their way to their loved ones after the earthquake. *Spoiler Warning* Read more »
The series finale of The O.C. airs tonight, February 22. You probably remember that for the previous season finales, hardly any of the spoilers turned out to be accurate – that‘s because The O.C. producers made a point of throwing out foilers to keep the finales a surprise.Some of these possibly-fake spoilers include Taylor flying to Paris for a funeral, and Taylor and her mother going to San Diego to buy a house that looks just like their old one. Some sources claim there are going to be flashbacks to Marissa‘s funeral. Are any of these for real? I guess we‘ll find out tonight. So what do we know for sure? Well, the promos for The O.C. have certainly revealed a lot.  Read more »
Tonight, we must say goodbye to The O.C.  In its 4 year run the show has guided its audience through the often-tragic world of California living, adding romance and comedy along the way. All along the show has featured popular artists and newcomers alike, adding to the drama of each episode.  It is only fitting that tonight’s episode features Patrick Park’s “Life is a Song,” as we find out the conclusion in the lives of these characters we have followed for the past four seasons.  He is the singer-songwriter of the critically acclaimed album Loneliness Knows My Name. Patrick took time to talk to BuddyTV about his roots, emotion factors and the learning power of bad music.Since you are originally from Colorado, how does the music scene differ in LA and which do you think is more conducive for an artist? Read more »
Mischa Barton, former cast member of The O.C. dismissed rumors about her dating Jamie Dornan, ex-boyfriend of actress Keira Knightley, stating that she is single and loving it. She explained, "I think I‘m too busy for men. I‘m a single girl right now. I‘m hoping to spend more time in England, so who knows about the future and if the right guy came along. My mum and sister live in England and I love to spend time with them. It‘s important to be with people who understand my commitments." Read more »
Rachel Bilson, the star of teen drama The O.C., has been living the single life for nearly six months now since her split with ex-boyfriend and The O.C. co-star Adam Brody. And even though she’s quite content with being single, she admits that she gets lonesome at times. She said, “The nights can get lonely, you know. I‘m happy being single, but sometimes you need someone to cuddle." Bilson, a 25-year old native of Los Angeles, California, is an actress best known for her role as Summer Roberts on the television series The O.C. In addition, she also worked in films like Unbroken and The Last Kiss. Her escalation to fame was brought about by her on-screen romance with actor Adam Brody, who plays Seth Cohen on The O.C. Eventually, their tandem developed into a more serious off-cam relationship which sprang during the first season of The O.C. and lasted for three years. The two reportedly split up last winter. Read more »
Adam Brody, known for his inclusion on The O.C., stars in the drama romantic-comedy movie entitled In the Land of Women. He plays the role of Carter Webb, a young television writer, who is devastated with his breakup with his girlfriend. He then finds solace at his Grandmother’s suburban home and forms a special bond with a family that lives across his Grandma’s house. The said film, which hits theaters on April 20, 2007, is written and directed by Jonathan Kasden. The film also includes Meg Ryan, Sofia Buñuel, Rob Reinis, JoBeth Williams, Kristen Stewart, Dustin Milligan, Olympia Dukakis and Makenzie Vega among others. Read more »
Despite her extensive modeling portfolio, Mischa Barton was best known as Marissa Cooper on the popular Fox television teen drama series The O.C. Playing an attractive socialite engulfed with depression problems, she became a household name even though her role on The O.C. only lasted for three seasons. Read more »
Benjamin McKenzie became a well-known actor as cast member on the teen drama The O.C. Playing Ryan Atwood, he became a notorious icon as the troubled teenager from Chino thrust into the privileged community of New Port Beach. In his four-year stint on the show, he earned four nominations for Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV Actor: Drama, Choice TV Chemistry (shared with costar Mischa Barton), Choice Breakout TV Star – Male, and Choice TV Actor - Drama/Action Adventure. Read more »
Melinda Clarke was famous for her role on The O.C. as Julie Cooper. Initially a guest star on the Fox drama, she eventually became a regular cast member due to viewers’ positive response to her character as a crafty socialite who marries for money. She portrayed the provocative and devious mother of Kaitlin Cooper and the late Marissa Cooper. Since her acceptance of the role, she became an integral part of the storyline, popularly known for being involved with Jimmy Cooper, Caleb Nichol, Luke Ward, Dr. Neil Roberts, Spencer Bullitt, Gordon Bullitt and Frank Atwood. Read more »
Alan Dale drew much attention when he was cast as Caleb Nichol on the drama series The O.C. He started as a recurring character on the first season and eventually became a regular cast member during the show’s second season. As the father of Kirsten Cohen, he had an on-going feud with son-in-law Sandy Cohen and generally disliked his adoptive grandson Ryan Atwood. He was also known to have relationships with Rose Nichol, Renee Wheeler, and Julie Cooper. As the CEO of the Newport Group, he appeared to be one of the richest and most powerful men in O.C. until he died from a heart attack, which later revealed that he was actually broke. Read more »
The O.C. may be over, but the rich lifestyle that served as a backdrop for many of its’ stories may still prove real for actress Kelly Rowan. Kelly Rowan, known for her portrayal of Kirsten “Kiki” Cohen on the defunct drama series, recently got engaged to Canadian billionaire David Thomson. A representative for the 41-year-old actress confirmed the engagement to People Magazine last month. Read more »
Life goes on for Peter Gallagher. Following the cancellation of his most recent television series The O.C., the 51-year old actor will now grace the Lifetime original miniseries called The Gathering.Peter Gallagher, who portrayed Sandy Cohen on The O.C., will depart from his idealistic public defender image to explore the mysteries of the upcoming horror-thriller themed show. In The Gathering, the former O.C. stars as the lead character Dr. Michael Foster in search of his wife after she vanishes without a trace. His search eventually leads him to a handful of cryptic clues and sinister findings, including the existence of a cabal of witches in modern day New York. Read more »
Mischa Barton hasn’t been as much visible on-screen as  when she was still part of the teen drama The O.C.  Nevertheless, she has been preoccupied with modeling projects and has worked on several films that are awaiting release.  Currently, she can be seen on the cover of Elle UK’s August issue, which also includes an article about her rise to fame and her sentiments on being linked to the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan."It is a persona. It‘s not me. I think, ‘Who the hell is that girl?‘ I‘m so low-key and chilled.  But the media has created a fake ‘Young Hollywood‘ where everyone hangs out together and everybody knows each other.  It couldn‘t be further from the truth.  I feel so, so different from those girls," Mischa Barton revealed to Elle magazine. Read more »
The O.C. may have ended but that doesn’t mean that Autumn Reeser’s career is over too.  The 26-year-old actress, who played Taylor Townsend on the FOX teen drama, is set to star in a new tele-film called Nature of the Beast.In Nature of the Beast, Autumn Reeser will be playing the role of Julia, joining Eddie Kaye Thomas (American Pie) and Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty). Read more »
Rachel Bilson, popularly known as Summer Roberts on the teen drama series The O.C. has a landed a role in director Doug Liman‘s new film called Jumper. The movie is Bilson‘s first big screen exposure following the conclusion of the FOX drama.The former O.C. actress plays Millie, alongside Hayden Christensen (Star Wars) who plays the lead role David.  Both actors have been taken in as a substitute, replacing original cast members Tom Sturridge (Being Julia) and Teresa Palmer (The Grudge 2).  Meanwhile, several photos of the pair in Canada and in Los Angeles have recently fueled rumors that the two are currently dating. Read more »
Following her exposure on The O.C., Mischa Barton‘s career has been thriving with acting projects.  She hasn‘t been much visible on television but that‘s just because she‘s busy filming a string of movies, which includes Finding t.A.T.u., Malice in Sunderland and her latest movie Assassination of a High School President. Assassination of a High School President features the former O.C. actress as a popular high school girl who teams up with a sophomore newspaper reporter to investigate a case of stolen SAT exams.  After targeting a suspect, larger conspiracies are unearthed. Also starring in the film are Bruce Willis and his daughter Rumer Willis. Read more »
After his stint on the teen drama series The O.C., Benjamin McKenzie has been preoccupied with several film projects.  His latest endeavour involves playing the lead role in the remake of Johnny Got His Gun, a 1971 anti-war film based on the classic 1939 novel of the same name. Slated for release in 2008, Johnny Got His Gun explores individual morality and the interplay between science, medicine, religion and politics.  It revolves around Joe Bonham, played by McKenzie, as a young American soldier hit by an artillery shell on the last day of the First World War.  As a quadruple amputee who has lost his eyes, ears, mouth and nose, he lies in a hospital bed but remains conscious and is able to reason.  He struggles to communicate to his to his doctors his wish to be put in a show in a carnival as a demonstration of the horrors of war. Read more »
Good news for Shannon Lucio fans.  After being cast and replaced by Sophia Myles on the upcoming CBS drama pilot Moonlight, the 27-year-old former actress of The O.C. will be featured on the big screen in the upcoming movie Feast of Love. Lucio, who grabbed the romantic attention of Ben McKenzie‘s character as Lindsay Gardner on The O.C., will star alongside Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear and Selma Blair in a romantic drama based on the novel by Charles Baxter of the same name. Read more »
Ever since The O.C. got canceled, many have been waiting for Josh Schwartz‘s next teen drama creation. His upcoming series, Gossip Girl, in which his fellow O.C. writer-producer Stephanie Savage is also credited for, has created such a buzz of excitement that the CW decided to move its premiere from September 27 to September 19 at 9pm.  But while many are eager to catch the controversial show, there are also those that refer to Gossip Girl as “The O.C. with winter coats.” Read more »
Fans will finally be able to relive the drama that was deemed one of the most popular new shows of 2003 and popularized the world of Orange County, California.  On November 27, Warner Home Video will release The O.C. – The Complete Series on DVD. Running from August 5, 2003 to February 22, 2007, The O.C. followed the fictional lives of a group of teenagers and their families residing in Orange County.  It primarily featured an idealistic public defender, Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher), his wife Kirsten (Kelly Rowan), his quirky son Seth (Adam Brody) and Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie), the troubled teenager from Chino who was eventually adopted by the Cohen family and taken into the privileged community of Newport Beach. Read more »
Finally.After a month of holidays, egg nog, and more Snoopy and Ralphie Parker than one knows what to do with, we‘re finally back to normal. January is upon us, 2007 has begun its tyrannical, 300-plus day reign, and our favorite TV shows will no longer bludgeon us with repeats. Tomorrow, January 3rd, brings the return of a couple of our favorites, as well as two brand new shows.After that, the flood begins, and over the next month virtually every original program will air new episodes. A full list of the returning dates for most every show on television is after the jump. Read more »
The holiday season is different for everyone. What you and your family celebrates might have a long tradition, or might have no tradition, or maybe it‘s ever evolving.  The correlation between religious beliefs and holiday rituals has become more and more blurred as commercialization has permeated the holiday landscape.  Mostly, there is a lot of gift-giving, a lot of shopping, office parties, excess drinking, and time with the family (sometimes needed, sometimes unwanted).  On television, there are two brave TV shows that have chosen to buck the conventional rituals and traditions of Christmas and the schmaltzy “holiday episodes” that every single eighties sitcom aired once a year.  On The OC, Seth Cohen gave us Chrismukkah and on Seinfeld, Frank Costanza brought us Festivus.  Today, once and for all, we look to answer the question that has plagued our society for roughly five years: Which is the better TV holiday – Festivus or Chrismukkah? Read more »
Mischa Barton, actress and former star of The OC, was arrested for DUI, possession of narcotics and driving without a valid license early this morning.  The actress was pulled over somewhere in West Hollywood early on Thursday morning and may still be in custody, awaiting $10,000 in bail to be posted.  Since Barton‘s departure from The OC, she has garnered a lot of negative attention for her hard-partying ways.  There have been numerous paparazzi pictures of Barton looking blatantly intoxicated in public, as well as rumors of drug use.  Barton‘s booking photo that you see here is from this morning‘s arrest and it‘s nice to see a mug shot that‘s not completely disgusting.  Mischa Barton is no Nick Nolte.  Read more »
Mischa Barton, who soared to stardom as Marissa Cooper on The O.C., pleaded no contest to drunken driving charges and was sentenced to three years of unsupervised probation in a Beverly Hills courtroom last Thursday. As a result of the plea deal, Barton‘s jail time was spared and the marijuana possession charge was dropped, while the charge of driving without a license was reduced to an infraction. Read more »
The summer months are upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to escape back to a simpler time when a comic book-loving nerd lusted after the popular girl, the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks tried to get a fresh start and the time was always good for surfing and a schmeer. California, here we come…it‘s the BuddyTV What Character from The O.C. Are You? personality quiz!Answer 15 questions to reveal if you‘re most like brooding Ryan Atwood, conniving Julie Cooper, uber-nerd Seth Cohen or any of your other favorite characters from The O.C. Rediscover to the origins of the genius of Josh Schwartz with this fun throwback to one of the best teen dramas of all-time. Read more »
<<PREVIOUS          NEXT>>One of the coolest dads ever on TV, The O.C.‘s Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher) was an aging hippie, a free spirit who wanted to use his law degree to help the underdog. This pursuit didn‘t curtail his other passions, surfing and singing, both of which make him instantly hotter than most boring dads who wouldn‘t know Kelly Slater from Sleater Kinney. Yes, his eyebrows could use a tweeze (or a weed wacker), but we‘d still gladly try to steal a car if it meant we could live in his pool house and enjoy a breakfast bagel with a good schmear. Read more »
One of the hottest points of discussion during CW President Dawn Ostroff‘s session at the Television Critics Association press tour was the decision to outsource Sunday nights to Media Rights Capital. Though the shows had no panel presence at the tour, premiere dates and descriptions of the four new shows were revealed.The shows range from reality to sitcom to drama and feature Full House‘s Bob Saget, Roseanne‘s Laurie Metcalf, Judge Reinhold and Autumn Reeser (best known as Taylor Townsend from The O.C.). The current schedule includes programming from 6:30-10pm, though MRC will also have programming from 5-6:30pm to be announced later. Read more »
Whoever thought that the High School Musical is nearly over is dead wrong.  In fact, the overly successful Disney movie is hitting the big screen soon, with the film being released in October.  Now MTV is getting into the game with The American Mall, a new movie musical premiering tonight at 9pm.Tired of the same old cheesy inspirational songs and love duets in the youthful High School Musical? Don’t give up just yet. MTV‘s The American Mall is an edgier, sexier version.  In fact, the setting of the movie is not in high school, but—you guessed it—at a typical American mall, where the older crowd go for retail therapy and relaxation while hanging out with their friends.  So what exactly separates this film from the gigantically successful High School Musical (aside from its setting)? Read more »
Where has Ben McKenzie gone?  The brooding star of The O.C. disappeared from our TV sets when that series bowed out after an abbreviated fourth season.  To be fair, he has been doing work both on the stage and in films.  Now, it appears that he‘s coming back to television.  NBC has picked up a pilot entitled LAPD from Jon Wells Productions and Warner Brothers.  It‘s an ensemble drama about the life and work of various LAPD detectives.  Regina King (24), Kevin Alejandro (Shark) and Michael McGrady (Daybreak) have already signed on for the pilot.  McKenzie has yet to officially sign for an as yet unspecified role, but talks are said to be in advanced stages.  Read more »
The world of Gossip Girl can never stay happy for long. Though the season 2 premiere featured Jenny (Taylor Momsen) finally getting some respect as a fashion intern and Dan and Serena putting aside their nonsense to get back together, the recent announcement of two new recurring characters will certainly put a stop to that.Willa Holland and John Patrick Amedori are joining Gossip Girl in recurring roles that will provide some trouble for the Humphrey children. Holland will play a 16-year-old model named Agnes in at least three episodes while Amedori will show up as Aaron Rose, a potential suitor for Serena. Read more »
College admissions time—it‘s a stressful time for any high school senior. It‘s also a time when you‘re forced to make choices that will change the course of your entire life. On last night‘s episode, “You‘ve Got Yale,” Blair, Serena and Dan all grapple with big anxieties about the changes that go along with college: Blair‘s got a case of Senioritis (and a tad of an entitlement issue) that threaten her dead-set hopes on Yale, Serena tries to decide which Ivy is the best fit for her, and she and Dan both worry about how choosing different colleges will affect—or possibly end—their relationship. Read more »
In just a couple weeks more, Gossip Girl fans can go back in time to witness Lily van der Woodsen during her younger years.  As reported previously, the May 11 episode of Gossip Girl will take the form of a prequel, laying the groundwork for a spin-off that could start as soon as the fall.  So far, we already know that Brittany Snow (American Dreams, Nip/Tuck) will be playing the younger Lily, while Krysten Ritter (Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad, ‘Til Death) has been cast for the part of Lily‘s troubled older sister, Carol.  Moreover, Jericho‘s Shilo Fernandez has also signed on to play Owen, a brooding valley punk.But that‘s not all.  According to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Josh Schwartz and co-creator Stephanie Savage are contemplating on the idea that Lily may have crossed paths with characters from their previous hit, The O.C., which ended its run on FOX in 2007. Read more »
The Gossip Girl spin-off, set to take off via a 20-minute flashback on the CW series‘ May 11 episode, hasn‘t even received an official pick-up, but executive producer Josh Schwartz already has a lot of ideas for it.For instance, according to Schwartz, since the spin-off took place in the 80s when Serena‘s (Blake Lively) mom Lily (Kelly Rutherford) was in high school, it‘s very possible that she‘ll meet and even hang out with several characters from The O.C.“What we know is [O.C. characters] Kirsten Cohen, or Kirsten Nichols as she was born, and Jimmy Cooper lived in Newport Beach in the ‘80s,” he said.  “So there‘s a total possibility that in one episode, Lily could have been friends with Kirsten or Jimmy Cooper when they were young.  I would love to do that.” The CW has previously said that the spin-off will receive the green light depending on how the particular episode would fare in the ratings as well as the general public reception. Read more »
Last week, Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello reported that Kaley Cuoco, who plays lead female character Penny on The Big Bang Theory, will be gracing Grey‘s Anatomy for its fifth season finale. This was supposed to mark the latest season finale casting news for the medical drama following the casting of Debra Mooney (Everwood) and Liza Weil (Gilmore Girls, The West Wing), who have signed on to respectively play the mother of Kevin McKidd‘s emotionally plagued character Owen and a cancer patient who crosses paths with Izzie (Katherine Heigl). But as it turns out, Cuoco won‘t be appearing on Grey‘s Anatomy after all. Now, there‘s a rumor going on about CBS seemingly derailing Cuoco‘s guest gig, as well as the mystery role that has now been offered to actress Shannon Lucio. Read more »
Coming on the heels of the news that Mischa Barton landed in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center‘s psychiatric department last week, People reports that the troubled 23-year-old former O.C. actress, who ironically stars as a supermodel struggling to stay on top of her game in the face of fierce competition on the new series The Beautiful Life, has struggled with fluctuating weight and body image. Read more »
Aside from some serious mother action and a musical courtesy of Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother has something else in store for fans for its 100th installment. Rachel Bilson, who is most famous for her role as Summer Roberts on the drama series The O.C., has booked a guest spot on the milestone episode as yet another possible candidate for the show‘s titular mystery. Read more »
Vampire Diaries fans have another reason to celebrate when the show returns with new episodes beginning Thursday, January 21. According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, Melinda Clarke, who is perhaps best known for her role as Julie Cooper on The O.C., is heading to Mystic Falls. She‘ll be stirring up trouble as Kelly Donovan, Matt‘s irresponsible, hard-drinking absentee mother. Read more »
Mother‘s Day. It‘s that time of the year again, where we pay tribute to our moms--and what better way to honor motherhood than to recall TV mothers that make us realize just how blessed we are with the ones we have. We asked our readers and Facebook followers who they thought TV‘s worst mom ever wasand compiled the short list.  Read more »
The CW is filling up its schedule with two new shows that have earned a lot of buzz early on. The network has picked up Secret Circle, the new witch drama based on a series of books by the author of The Vampire Diaries and adapted by Kevin Williamson, and Hart of Dixie, a drama about a female doctor who moves to the south from the Gossip Girl team of Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz.  Read more »
No show is complete without the element of romance. TV history is rife with supercouples, friends who end up dating and, of course, the love triangles. No matter what pairing you‘re rooting for, there‘s bound to be a third party thrown in. That‘s how all exciting storylines begin after all. Read more »
Hart of Dixie marks the return of Rachel Bilson to television. You know her as Summer on the FOX hit, The O.C.  This time, she‘s heading over the the CW, but not without bringing some of her O.C. family along, like Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz who created/produced The O.C. and the CW‘s current hit, Gossip Girl.  Here‘s what I learned at today‘s Television Critics Association (TCA) panel, which included Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights), Rachel Bilson (The O.C.), Jaime King (Gary Unmarried), and Leila Gerstein and Len Goldstein, the executive producers of the series. Read more »
On Tuesday‘s Good Morning America, ABC officially revealed the 12 celebrities and their professional partners who will compete on Dancing with the Stars season 22. While several stars were announced ahead of time and nearly all of the names had been spoiled online, it was the first chance to get them all together.  Read more »
Spoilers for Dancing with the Stars season 22 are coming fast and furious. We‘ve previously reported on six couples who will be competing for the Mirror Ball Trophy, and now come two more pairs. There aren‘t many spots left open, especially for female stars.  Read more »
The cast of Dancing with the Stars season 22 has been announced and the 12 new couples are all preparing to take the ballroom floor for the first time. But before the dancing begins, let‘s take a deeper look into each of these stars.  Read more »
High school can be a rough time in our lives. We‘re feeling awkward, our bodies are changing and we don‘t really know who we are. No one prepped us for this. Luckily, TV has always been there to offer us insight into how we‘re meant to handle these rough adolescent years. We‘ve seen pretty much every possible scenario that could happen to us played out on the small screen, so at the very least, we know it can‘t get worse than that. From breakups to deaths, here are the biggest lessons about high school that TV has taught us. Read more »
It‘s a tale as old as time. Girl meets boy. Girl falls for boy. Then girl meets another boy, and is super confused about her feelings. Throughout TV history, there have been countless love triangles, but it takes a special female character to declare she is not going to pick either boy and spend time on her own. It doesn‘t always stick, but it‘s the thought that counts, right? Read more »
Mischa Barton has been released from the hospital after the O.C. alum was admitted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the morning after she celebrated her 31st birthday. According to the actress, someone gave her GHB, also known as date rape drug, while drinking on Wednesday night.   Read more »
A human enters the world of The Originals, the zombie apocalypse makes room for a new character and Designated Survivor finds Kiefer Sutherland‘s on-screen brother. Read on to find out more about the latest casting on TV. Read more »