Articles for The O.C. Season 3

Mischa Barton said farewell to THE OC in May, giving the cold shoulder to the TV show that made her a star. Or that‘s what FOX wants you to think. More likely, the show‘s writers and producers worked out a mutually acceptable deal with Mischa and her people to kill her character off. Why would they do this? Well, besides the Kool-Aid drinking middle-school girls who adore her, no one else can identify a redeeming value in her acting. She is awkward in front of the camera, delivering lines like my grandma reading a buffet menu from her seat at the slot machines twenty yards away, and her movements are gangly-armed and disorienting. "But," you might say, "She is quite attractive". Yes, Mischa Barton is beautiful, but so is everyone else on the show.  Read more »