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Season 8 of Food Network Star has officially begun, and this time it‘s all about the food celebrity-led teams. Much like NBC‘s The Voice, the Food Network has decided to get food icons Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and Alton Brown more involved as mentors/ leaders of their own teams, giving the stars a personal stake in the competition. In a jam-packed ambitious challenge, we get our first look at this season‘s 15 Food Network Star hopefuls - some who quickly emerge as contenders, and others who fail to rise to the challenge (for a quick run-down of the contestants, check out our slideshow). Read more »
This week proves first impressions can be deceiving when some of the strong contestants from last week‘s premiere struggle with their second challenge. As we‘re just getting to know this newest batch of Food Network Star candidates, it‘s clear every week sheds new light on who is most likely to make it to the end.  Read more »
Star Challenge: Chopped DessertsEven with this special 1.5 hour episode, there‘s no time to spare, so the FNS contestants are given their star challenge straight away with the ominous entrance of Scott Conant, Alex Guarnaschelli and Marc Murphy - the judges of Chopped, "the one show that scares the daylights out of me," according to Josh.  Read more »
Now that three weeks have passed, we‘ve become fairly familiar with the finalists of Teams Bobby, Giada and Alton on Food Network Star. Each of the famed cooking personalities started the season with five contestants and each has lost one, leaving 12 hopefuls still vying for the coveted spot of the Food Network‘s next star. Let‘s take a moment to review each team‘s top contenders, as well as the struggling candidates during this new and intimidating season.  Read more »
Star Challenge: Reinvent Unappealing Dishes for the RunwayBecause it‘s Fashion Week and Food Network Star is in New York, they obviously have to do a fashion-related challenge. The contestants are tasked with taking ugly, plain dishes (think ham steak with pineapple and maraschino cherry) and making them appealing (both to the eye and to the palate). They will each describe their dishes as they are carried down the runway by models, and this week, there‘s an added motivating boost: the winner gets $10,000! Read more »
Now that the remaining contestants have been in the game for four weeks of intense back-to-back challenges, the three Food Network Star mentors visit their apartment for a little one-on-one time to assess their progress. It is during these personal feedback sessions that I notice different categories developing amongst the hopefuls: there are those who are open to advice and attempt to grow; there are those who are set in their ways; and there are those who seem to hear advice, but make zero improvement. Obviously, I think those who fall in the first category have the best shot at winning. Here‘s a brief breakdown of the remaining finalists:  Read more »
Compared with some of the tougher challenges of this season, this week was fairly straightforward. This is not to say there weren‘t a few surprise twists and last-minute kitchen hysterics, but overall the contestants seem to be improving their culinary execution and presentation skills as the search for the next Food Network Star whittles down.  Read more »
It‘s week 7 and the competition has whittled down to three finalists on each team, so it‘s time to take the show to the next level. From this point forward, every contestant will be judged on their own merit (which means no more relying on your team to carry you). Teamwork gone--just your own Food Network Star potential to stand on. Who will be exposed this week?  Read more »
This week, the remaining eight finalists bid farewell to the Manhattan rush and head to the sun-soaked beaches of Miami. While some of the contestants are still straddling in the middle, perhaps a change of scenery will help some reach their Star potential (Ippy in particular seems more than ready for a warmer climate and some sunshine).  Read more »
Food Network Star is in Miami for the South Beach Food and Wine Festival and we can feel the weeks ticking down to the finale, with only two members left for Teams Alton and Bobby, and three for Team Giada (which will most likely change after tonight‘s episode).  Read more »
The time has come for the culmination of Food Network Star: the pilots. After weeks of grueling challenges, personal revelations and mentorship by Food Network hotshots Bobby, Giada and Alton, the remaining six finalists have one final stretch to make their cooking show dreams come true.  Read more »
In the Food Network Star finale, all 15 contestants are brought back to reminisce in a fancy studio along with the network and, of course, the show‘s mentors/producers/team leaders, Bobby, Giada and Alton. The 4.5 million votes have already been cast, so tonight is about reviewing the season‘s highlights before the ultimate reveal.  Read more »