Articles for Food Network Star Season 6

Let‘s meet the twelve chefs who are hungry to be The Next Food Network Star!   We‘ve got Doreen (the asian food rebel), Aarti (the fun one), Paul ("the funny guy"), Herb (the personal trainer), Brianna (a self-proclaimed diva), Tom (unemployed), Alexis (a ladies‘ man), Dzintra (crazy), Brad (the professional), Serena (the gorgeous Italian), Darrell/"DAS" (the bachelor) and Aria (the mom).Right away, Bobby Flay entered the kitchen to introduce the show and the other members of the Selection Committee, Susie Fogelson and Bob Tuschman. Then Giada De Laurenti walked in to serve as a mentor and not, surprisingly, to poison Serena. Read more »
Last night‘s premiere of The Next Food Network Star gave us plenty to wince at, with the chefs‘ first on-camera challenges in conjunction with twelve people desperate to make an impression.  I‘ve singled out five moments from the first episode that made me particularly embarrassed for the person(s) involved.5.  Upon seeing Serena, Wolfgang Puck asks if there is room on the Food Network for two Italian Princesses, to which Giada responds, "the more the merrier!" and uncomfortably claws at her head.  I think we all know she didn‘t mean that.4.  Doreen is given thirty seconds to talk about her dish, so she talks for ten seconds, stumbles for ten, and finishes with, "and I love butter?" Most of the these dish intros were bad, but this one ended on a high note.3.  Props, props, props.  For the Star Challenge, the contestants were given just enough props to hang themselves.  Just say no to novelty sunglasses and pink rotary phones!2. Herb does push-ups for Wolfgang Puck.  We get it, you‘re a personal trainer!  A desperate personal trainer.   He‘s really glad he did it, though.  Just ask him.1.  Paul "the improv guy."  Aside from his extremely annoying use of the word "any-hoos," every interaction involving Paul went like this: "I do improv.  Tons of it,"  "Really?"  Paul and his "improv background" need to exit stage left.(images courtesy of Food Network) Read more »
Tonight‘s camera challenge was kind of lame. Talking and cooking at the same time, okay.  Giada‘s lasagna recipe, fine.  But no, Doreen, this challenge is not "SOOOO crazy." Brianna put it best, though: "I know I can cook and talk at the same time. It‘s the CAMERA part that‘s got me messed up." I hate Paul, he thinks he is SOOOO crazy. Giada likes him, though. I guess. She doesn‘t like Serena, though, you can tell. What‘s not to like?It looks like Dzintra is allergic to acting normal. Maybe she wasn‘t socialized as a child? She‘s coming across as crazy, but maybe she is, so she‘s coming across accurately. Brad is so "nice."  Herb is so "into himself." I have to say, though, Giada is a really good mentor for these people. Read more »
For your drooling pleasure, here are some of the best dishes from last night‘s Sweet to Savory Carnival. Regardless of how you feel about the chef behind the dish, these were the tastiest plates at the carnival and the most successful at the "sweet to. savory" challenge. And no, you won‘t see Paul‘s Caramel Corn inspired Caramel Corn here. You can get the recipes for all the dishes at the Food Network‘s website, on the official page for The Next Food Network Star.Aarti‘s Scallion and Ricotta Pancake with Chicken Tandoori SauceBased on funnel cake, diners said they could feel the love in this winning dish. In a good way! Read more »