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Predict who will be eliminated every week and compete against other fans with BuddyTV‘s:The Next Food Network Star Fantasy TVThe Food Network is apparently still on a lookout for yet another star.  Following Party Line with The Hearty Boys, Guy‘s Big Night, The Gourmet Next Door, and Will Work for Food from The Next Food Network Star‘s first four seasons, the reality show will feature ten new finalists to compete to star in their own series.  The premiere of season 5 will premiere Sunday at 9pm.The reportedly star-studded fifth season of The Next Food Network Star is back to give aspiring chefs the chance to get the ultimate dream job: his or her own Food Network shows.  Iron Chef Bobby Flay leads the selection committee en route to finding the lucky man or woman to get his or her own show. Read more »
While other cooking reality shows offer a cash prize, a-year job as executive chef under the tutelage of a renowned chef or some seed money to open a new restaurant, The Next Food Network Star gives contestants a chance to star on his or her very own TV show ---a window to a seemingly endless buffet of opportunities that could lead to cookbooks, house wares, and other ventures. "A whole career is at stake," Food Network star Bobby Flay said. "It‘s like Disney World. There are so many things now that revolve around food." Read more »
Predict who will be eliminated every week and compete against other fans with BuddyTV‘s:The Next Food Network Star Fantasy TVWe‘re down to nine aspiring TV chefs on The Next Food Network Star and the competition isn‘t getting any easier. A new challenge is in store for tonight and, as expected, one unfortunate contestant will be eliminated. But before anything else, here‘s a quick refresher of the premiere, in case you missed it. Season 5 opened with 10 hopeful chefs struggling with their first challenge: catering a press party for the Food Network‘s 16th anniversary. The contestants tried to impress members of the national press, as well as some of the Food Network stars, including Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Alton Brown, Duff Goldman, and Aaron McCargo, the 2008 winner of Next Food Network Star. In the end, one chef emerged as the Selection Committee‘s least favorite and Jen Isham was sent home.  Read more »
If the ten chef-testants on The Next Food Network Star are the kings and queens of their respective kitchens, on the reality show, they have to impress and are in the mercy of judges (that would be merciless Bobby Flay, Bob Tuschman, and Susie Fogelson).  For one of the contestants Brett August, it is a gamble for an entirely different reason."I‘ve been the head cook at the hotel for 11 years and had vacation and sick time stored up," he says.  "I had to use all of it to do this show. I can‘t afford to get sick any more." Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Next Food Network Star - "Dinner at Ina‘s - the finalists demonstrate their ability to gab and grab for Tyler when they grocery shop on-camera.  They then take off for the Hamptons where they are tasked to cater an elegant meal for Ina and her guests.Last time on the Food Network search, two sister magazines Esquire and Good Housekeeping host the finalists, with challenges that range from gender- and holiday specific ones.  First up, they had a manly meal challenge, followed by holiday-themed cuisines which put to test their culinary points of view.  On the second episode, young New York-based Brett August became the second person eliminated from The Next Food Network Star. Read more »
Brett August, a native New Yorker and executive sous chef at Doral Arrowwood Hotel in Rye Brook, New York, didn‘t think he would be leaving The Next Food Network Star in week 2. He struggled with the Esquire challenge in which he was supposed to create a recipe for the magazine‘s "Recipe for Men" section and was consequently sent home. And if he had the chance to redo the challenges from the second episode, August reveals that he would have made different dishes."I needed to infuse my personality into the dishes I made, not just into the presentation of them. However, I was glad that my high energy level came across during the Esquire presentation, even if Bob Tuschmann referred to my presentation as ‘landing on Planet Brett.‘ I can think of worse places to land," August wrote on his blog. Read more »
We‘ve seen them cater for the Food Network‘s "Sweet 16" party, create holiday-themed recipes, as well as lavish meals on a budget. This time, the remaining contestants will put their culinary point of view on a classic American dish! When we last saw The Next Food Network Star, the eight finalists were tasked to shop for a family dinner and create a menu-plan while presenting money-saving tips to the camera. They also went to the Hamptons to visit Ina Garten where they‘ll be working in teams to plan menus and create a lavish meal for Ina and her friends. In the end, apprentice chef Eddie Gilbert was eliminated. Read more »
Halfway through The Next Food Network Star‘s fifth season, the high-rating Food Network reality cooking show is already on a lookout for the next batch of contestants, chefs or not, to compete on the show for his or her own Food Network program.Casting call auditions for The Next Food Network Star season 6 have been announced in Phoenix, Arizona, Chicago, Ilinois; Austin, Texas; San Francisco, California; West Hollywood, California; San Diego, California; and Atlanta, Georgia. The nationwide auditions will be held throughout July and August.  Read more »
After the Rachel Ray episode last week on The Next Food Network Star, the four remaining finalists pack their bags and prepare to head to Miami for the next challenge. Before taking off, however, they meet food and wine connoisseur and Queer Eye star Ted Allen and OTG Concept Chef Michael Coury and were surprised when the two tell them their next challenge - create a dish for one of OTG Management‘s restaurants at JetBlue Airways  Terminal 5 at the JFK Airport in New York.After the presentation of their dishes, the four wannabe hosts still in contention are told that once they get to Miami, they‘ll be catering a swanky party at the fabulous Nikki Beach nightclub. The JetBlue challenge winner assigns roles for each finalist, and the team scrambles to pull off an extraordinary party, and another finalist is eliminated. Read more »
After her surprise elimination on The Next Food Network Star, certified nutritionist Philadelphia native Katie Cavuto reveals her plans for the mean time include working on a new cookbook."I just started," Cavuto tells the Examiner. "It will have a ‘farm to table‘ seasonal approach. I actually focus more on tasty foods that do not contain pesticides, hormones and the things that are really bad for you, as opposed to fat and calorie content. I enjoy a good burger and brownie just like the rest of us. You just need to know what to choose! I will let you know how it is going!" Read more »
Despite her shocking elimination on The Next Food Network Star last week, Katie Cavuto nevertheless credits her Next Food Network Star experience for giving another dimension to her passion, despite not going home with the top prize - her own Food Network show."I am more inspired then ever to use TV as a medium to share my passions for healthy eating!" she says. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of The Next Food Network Star, the four remaining contestants are told that they must do live demos for a Miami morning television show. The challenge then is to keep their cool when things start to fall apart during their segments - it‘s live television after all. Also, Bobby Flay, Iron Chef Michael Symon and Red Lobster‘s Senior Executives Chef Michael LaDuke surprise the finalists when they tell them that they need to participate in an Iron Chef-style challenge. They are given access to a lavish seafood pantry, and must survive a beachside wood-grilling challenge. Read more »
Twenty-eight-year-old Michael Proietti was sent packing on the last episode of The Next Food Network Star, barely making it to the show‘s final four contestants. The flamboyant "global a go-go" chef was eliminated when he revealed, perhaps unwisely, that he couldn‘t deal speaking directly to the camera. He later revealed that he was just joking, and he admits being surprised at the elimination."I was, yes - in the elimination room, that is," Michael told The Examiner. "I did not see it coming. I had a great time with the Miami challenge, and I really don‘t think I was focused on the big picture. When I watched the episode back I understood a little better." Read more »
For a lot of fans of The Next Food Network Star, it was her frustration - not her cooking or showmanship - that sent Jamika packing on the last episode. The 30-year-old Atlanta native for her part didn‘t deny that it was indeed her disgruntled comments that might have spelled her downfall on the show."As far as the comments I made, I tend to come off that way when I am focused--that does not mean I was upset. Also, I am the type of woman that if you ask me how I am feeling, I will tell you flat out! And if I love something, I will let you know ten-fold!" Read more »
And then there were three.For giving the judging panel a "dour and sour" attitude, Jamika bids goodbye to her Next Food Network Star dream as she got the axe on the last episode of the cooking show. Too bad, because with her winning smile, sassy attitude, and yummy-looking dishes, Jamika started off as a fan favorite.  Read more »
As we inch closer and closer to the Next Food Network Star finale on Sunday, the contestant who was this close to becoming part of the final two says that while she was surprised at her elimination, she is nonetheless very thankful for the experience."I believe it was a clarity issue that had to do with a few misunderstandings. But overall, I don‘t think it contributed to my elimination," Debbie tells The Examiner. "I am so grateful to be given the chance to be where I am today. It was the wildest journey of my life. Thank you so much to all of my family, friends, and fans. Sharing my food and my story was a very powerful thing." Read more »
A few days before we determine who gets his or her own on The Next Food Network Star, fans of the two finalists are understandably vouching their support for their respective bets, notably two critics who list down five reasons each why either Melissa D‘Arabian or Jeffrey Saad should win.TV Squad‘s Allison Waldman lists five reasons why Jeffrey 42-year-old restaurateur Jeffrey should win The Next Food Network Star as a response to Food Network Addict‘s Jacob, who first listed his very own five reasons why 40-year-old stay-at-home mom Melissa should win instead. Read more »
This is it, foodies. Tonight we will see who gets his or her own show on The Next Food Network Star. Following the elimination of the show‘s supposedly most polarizing contestant Debbie Lee, two people remain, a charming stay-at-home mother of four and a trained chef. Will this be a battle between storyline versus skill? Already, the online world is already abuzz with factions and reasons why someone should win, from Team Melissa to Team Jeffrey. There‘s only one way to find out. Tune in tonight 9pm on the Food Network. Read more »