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BuddyTV is looking at the 17 new shows the major networks will premiere this Fall to see which ones are worth getting excited about and which ones we have low expectations for.Show Description: Simon Baker stars as Patrick Jane, a star detective for the California Bureau of Investigation.  He is known for his remarkable ability to solve crimes with his incredible insight, but also tends to mislead and get on the nerves of his co-workers and investigative team.  Read more »
Today was my first day at the Television Critics Association summer press tour as an official TCA member. Arriving at the massive ballroom at the Beverly Hilton, it‘s a tad intimidating to see about 200 fellow TV critics (nearly all lit by the glow of their laptops) facing the stage where the new shows will attempt to explain why we should care about them.I‘ll be here in Los Angeles for the next five days covering all the hot panels, attending the swanky parties and set visits, and reporting back on what happens when TV critics and stars collide. Read more »
Though I was only in Los Angeles for four days of panel sessions at the Television Critics Association press tour, it was enough to glimpse the utter insanity that is the event. Days are packed with session after session as more than 100 TV critics ask questions to the new stars and showrunners as well as network executives.Some panels aren‘t quite as packed as others, which makes it easy to notice TV critic biases. Getting the press to ask questions to The Real Housewives of Atlanta was like pulling teeth. However, if you stick around long enough you‘re bound to get a few hilariously off-the-cuff quotes. Culled from four days and more than 30 panels, I present my 10 favorite quotes from my time at this year‘s press tour. Read more »
As early as now, critics are already predicting that the CBS series The Mentalist will prove to be a major force to reckon with come fall.  While pleased at the positive reactions, The Mentalist‘s lead actor Simon Baker admitted being hesitant to do the series.The Australian actor is no doubt happy now that he decided to agree to the project.  However, he had to overcome some initial doubts, mainly because his stint on The Guardian, another CBS series which aired from 2001 to 2004, left him utterly exhausted. Read more »
The upcoming CBS police drama The Mentalist revolves around a former faux-psychic, played by Simon Baker, who now works as a consultant for crime investigators, using his sharp observational skills to solve serious crimes.  This may sound like a new idea, but The Amazing Kreskin thinks otherwise.Wait—the Amazing Kreskin who?  Born George Joseph Kresge, Jr., he is a mentalist who is known for his television performances in the 1970s, and later, in his appearances on Late Night with David Letterman in the late 1980s.  He still does live performances, staging his mind-reading acts across the nation.  He also appears on CNN to give his New Year‘s Day predictions for the coming year. Read more »
For exclusive on-set videos and hot features on the new TV season, check out BuddyTV‘s Fall 2008 Preview.Network: CBSPremiere: Tuesday, September 23, 9pmCast: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Amanda Righetti, Owain Yeoman, Tim KangPremise: Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane, a private consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation.  He enjoyed a past of semi-fame as a psychic, but has now admitted that his paranormal abilities were faked.  Jane does, however, have the ability to solve high-profile crimes with his unparalleled observational skills.  Jane is a useful tool for the CBI, but also a major pain.  He lacks protocol, is needlessly theatric and a total narcissist. Read more »
Just in time for the premiere of The Mentalist, CBS has teamed up with a leading United Kingdom-based psychologist to create three unique brain teaser videos that will hopefully test viewers‘ wit and challenge their powers of observation, as well as get them hooked on The Mentalist.One of the network‘s highly anticipated series this fall, The Mentalist stars Simon Baker as Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), who has an extraordinary track record for solving serious crimes by using his sharp skills of observation. Toying with the program‘s premise, CBS has launched several videos with a unique theme, a card game, a football game and a gathering of security guards, to challenge viewers to keep count of a particular activity. Read more »
Debuting on the CBS tonight is the new police drama The Mentalist, starring Golden Globe Award nominee Simon Baker.  Portraying Patrick Jane, he has to get into the minds of people not by telepathy, but through a keen eye for detail.  He uses his razor sharp observation skills to team up with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), while trying to get over his troubled past.  With seemingly psychic abilities, Patrick Jane cracks a series of tough high-profile cases starting with tonight‘s pilot episode.  Audiences are first introduced to the complex life of Patrick Jane, a former celebrity psychic turned sleuth and CBI independent consultant.  The first case he has to handle involves a man and a woman, who have been found dead in their very home.  Though many of his colleagues believe they were victims of the serial killer Red John, Patrick thinks otherwise.  There‘s more to what the eye can see, and no one knows this better than The Mentalist. Read more »
CBS police drama The Mentalist, which stars Golden Globe Award nominee Simon Baker as titular character Patrick Jane, has recently been picked up for an additional six episodes after its initial order of 13.  Debuting on September 23, The Mentalist, which follows NCIS, has averaged 15.4 million viewers, an impressive feat for a freshman series.  It‘s somewhat strange that CBS only ordered six more episodes rather than nine, which would give it a full season, but it‘s hard to imagine CBS won‘t order more as long as the show continues to pull in those numbers.Created by Bruno Heller, The Mentalist is an hour-long procedural drama follows Patrick Jane, an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation, who has very keen skills of observation.  Jane is known for his past as a fake psychic, but his skill for cracking mysterious cases is well appreciated by his team.  Despite being a loose cannon at times, Jane impresses the rest of the Bureau with his excellent work. Read more »
After a staggering average of 16.1 million viewers, the CBS procedural The Mentalist was recently picked up for a full season following its previous order for six new episodes.  Back then, fans and observers were actually wondering the apprehension for a full-season order in light of the show‘s outstanding performance, especially for a new season.  The Mentalist has been seen as a more than able company with another hit procedural for CBS, NCIS.  And with the two on the network‘s Tuesday line-up, it has become virtually unbeatable.  Similarly, The Mentalist has emerged on top of its 9pm timeslot.The Mentalist is an hour-long procedural drama that centers on Golden Globe nominee Simon Baker as Patrick Jane, an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation.  Jane has very keen skills of observation, whose skill for cracking mysterious cases is well appreciated by his team.  Despite being somewhat of a loose cannon at times, Jane impresses the rest of the Bureau with his excellent work Read more »
As The Mentalist heads further into the season, the police drama continues to see bigger and bigger audiences, hitting yet another series high.  The pilot episode attracted an audience of 15.6 million in its first airing, and 7.8 million in a re-airing three days later.  Since then, the show has earned considerable numbers and in its recent “Flame Red” episode, which aired December 2, it drew 18.77 million viewers, making The Mentalist the highest-rated television show of the week and marking the first time a freshman program had a achieved that distinction since Desperate Housewives four years earlier.Hopefully, tonight‘s episode will provide a suspenseful and intriguing storyline, enough to equal if not surpass previous ratings.  Read on for a preview of "Red Brick and Ivy." Read more »
Before the CBS procedural The Mentalist went on its holiday hiatus, we saw Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) struggle as he dealt with his professional and personal life.  Sure, he had a very remarkable track record for solving serious crimes via his keen observation, but when he encountered a leading scientific researcher killed by poisoning, we realized this wasn‘t your run-of-the-mill case.  True enough, he found out that the primary suspect is the victim‘s wife and his former psychiatrist.This special role, Sophie, was played by Law and Order alum Elisabeth Rohm and forced Jane to confront his past.  According to some fans, the fact that the role was played by someone as big as Rohm was a give away that, well, she did it. Read more »
Patrick Jane and the CBIs investigate the murder of a high school football star and a self-proclaimed witch who claims she put a death spell on him, on The Mentalist.Patrick Jane sets a mentalist trap to find out who is responsible for the murder of a high school boy who antagonized the local self-proclaimed witch by killing her cat, on The Mentalist, Tuesday, January 13 (9:00-10:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Read more »
At first glimpse, FOX‘s Lie to Me appears to have a similar premise to CBS‘ The Mentalist.  That‘s because both series revolves around a main character that makes use of his powers of observation to uncover the truth and solve crimes.  But there‘s a big difference between the two and executive producer Brian Grazer reveals the answer."I‘m not really interested in The Mentalist‘s process," Grazer told TV Guide.  "I mean it might be good — I mean I think it is good, it‘s doing really well — [but] I‘m actually interested in whether people are telling the truth." Read more »
CBS had a problem last season - it‘s the only broadcast network which saw more viewers from last year, but it still had less advertising revenue than its previous year because of a "depressed market."  One of the changes it is affecting then is moving The Mentalist, described by critics as broadcast TV‘s only real new hit this season, from Tuesday to Thursday nights at 10pm.  The reason for the move, as expected, is strategic, because Thursdays are important for networks as they seek income from advertisers such as film studios looking ahead to the weekend.  CBS adds that it sees Jay Leno‘s new comedy, set for a 10pm airing every night, on NBC as an opportunity to win the hour."No matter how well he does, there‘s going to be more (audience) share available at 10 o‘clock for people who put on great dramas," CBS Corp. chief executive Leslie Moonves said, "and that‘s what we do." Read more »
Continuing in this exciting week of Fall schedules, CBS revealed its lineup today, and while many shows remain fixed, there are some big moves.  The Mentalist, this past season‘s top new show, will get the coveted post-CSI timeslot Thursdays at 10pm.And one day after NBC officially cancelled Medium, CBS scooped it up and Patricia Arquette will now see ghosts right after Jennifer Love Hewitt does the same thing on Ghost Whisperer.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW  Read more »